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10 Great '80s Movies Available on Netflix Online

Recently Netflix gave movie lovers another reason to choose them over other online video rental companies. On Netflix there are now certain movies and television shows that members can watch online so they don’t have to wait for their movies to be sent to them. One of my favorite Associated Content Content Producers, Timothy Sexton, recently did a series of articles listing some of the movies in each genre that members can watch online at Netflix. Timothy covered all my favorite types of movies except for one, 80’s movies. So here I have made for all you movie lovers a list of 10 classic 80’s movies that you can watch online at Netflix.

The Never Ending Story
Okay, I never claimed that all of these 80’s movies available online at Netflix were masterpieces but every kid in the 80’s saw The Never Ending Story. Who here didn’t love the flying dragon/dog thing? Who didn’t think that Atreyu was the coolest guy ever? Who didn’t cry when Atreyu’s horse Atrax died? Oh, you didn’t? Well…neither did I…

Karate Kid
If you want to see the greatest video highlight package of the 80’s, Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best” durin the karate tournament, then you must watch Karate Kid online at Netflis. I don’t care what anybody else says the greatest 80’s villain of all-time is none other than William Zabka. No villain has ever made the hero feel pain like when Johnny swept the leg.

I remember seeing Beetlejuice at a friend’s house. I actually didn’t like Beetlejuice that much but I did have a good time that night so I associate it with good memories. I’m pretty sure that others did like beetlejuice though so those people can watch Beetlejuice again online at Netflix.

Stand By Me
Many movies use the cliché of calling their movie a great “coming of age story” but Stand By Me was truly one of the greats. The cast was a great group of young talents. River Phoenix was being touted as the best young actor of his generation. His friends were played by a pre-Star Trek Wil Wheaton, a then chubby Jerry O’Connell and the 80’s king Corey Feldman. The movie also included another actor that had a pretty good run during the 80’s named Kiefer Sutherland.

Escape From New York
There are rumors of a Escape from New York remake being in the works but nothing can beat the original. Admittedly if someone went to Netflix online and watched Escape from New York for the first time then the movie is a little rough around the edges but if you watched Escape From New York when it originally came out then it is a classic. After watching Kurt Russell in all those Disney movies as a kid it’s pretty amazing that he eventually turned into Snake Pliskin in the Escape movies.

The Secret of NIMH
There’s been a lot of great animated movies throughout the years. The Secret of NIMH might not be the best but it’s certainly in the running for most underrated. What’s most impressive is that it is actually a great adaptation of a book and a Newberry Medal award winning book too. Some people maybe haven’t even seen the Secret of NIMH and they should watch it online at Netflix immediately.

Short Circuit
Johnny Five is alive online at Netflix! Short Circuit is another movie that might not be great but it’s classic a 80’s movie. After that movie I was telling people that their mother was a snowblower and was asking people for more input for months. It didn’t hurt that it had the very cute Ally Sheedy and another 80’s icon Steve Guttenberg.

Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon eventually suffered from too-many-sequel-syndromes but the first Lethal Weapon was a classic. Go to Netflix online now if you want to see Mel Gibson’s rise to stardom and team up with Danny Glover to form one of the best buddy cop duos in movie history.

Blade Runner
Harrison Ford had quite a run didn’t he? Harrison Ford had the three Star Wars movies and then the three Indiana Jones movies…wait, hold up. Harrison Ford had so many hits that sometimes it is easy to forget that he also had Blade Runner during the Star Wars trilogy as well. In my opinion Blade Runner was better than two out of the three Indiana Jones movies (Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade) and at least one of the Star Wars movies (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi).

When anyone talks about classic 80’s movies one of the first movies that will come to mind is Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is truly one of the crowning jewels in the Netflix online library. It thrills me to know that at any time I am just one click away from seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow man in all his glory. I’m not a big fan of what Hollywood tries to pass as comedies these days so Ghostbusters might be what I consider to be the last great comedic movie.

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