Friday, January 6, 2017

10 Gifts to NEVER Buy a College Student

It can be difficult to shop for a college student, as you are never sure of what they have and what the latest trends are. While I can’t tell you exactly what you get for your student, I can tell you some things NOT to get them.

1. Bath Salts-College students don’t have bathtubs. If you wish to purchase them something for the shower, go with aroma tabs.

2. Clothing-Unless you are going to buy them college apparel from the university or college they are attending, don’t purchase them clothes. The odds are you won’t get something they will where.

3. Gag Gifts-these are annoying. Not all college students get a thrill from a hand buzzer or silly string.

4. Anything not practical but worth a lot-This is mainly for things like expensive jewelry/pens/pins/whatever. Its not practical, dorms are tiny with people going in and out constantly. The item will likely be lost or stolen within a week.

5. Big stuff-If the student is into kickboxing, don’t buy them a punching bag. Dorm rooms are scarcely bigger than your bathroom. There is no such thing as “extra room.”

6. CD’s and DVD’s-these will likely end up lost or broken or stolen. Besides, most students don’t use CD players anymore, they use mp3’s. Purchase them a gift card for iTunes and

7. Computer Software-students get major software discounts, and will be able to get whatever software they need for next to nothing.

8. Gift Cards for specific stores-I know people mean well, but gift cards for specific places are annoying. They can only be used in one place. I may not need $150 dollars worth of clothes, but sure could use more gig on my laptop-which I can’t get with a Target gift card. If you want to give money, do it via a prepaid credit card. These can be used anywhere.

9. Posters-Trust me, by the time the first week of school is over, the wall will have all the posters it can handle.

10. Coupons for free junk food-Even if the student says they want these, don’t get it for them. College pounds add up fast, and the students don’t realize how bad they eat until it is too late. Send them bags of nuts, dried fruit, and different tea/coffee flavors. When its two in the morning, they’ll eat whatever is close, whether its pizza or apples.

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