Friday, January 6, 2017

10 Future Treatments for Depression

When it comes to depression there are more people depressed in the world than those who are not depressed. Many people know what causes their depression while others have no reason to feel depressed but do. Women and men alike find themselves loving their job, the life, their family but still feeling depressed and frustrated.

Depression leaves a person feeling like there is no hope so why live.

Depression symptoms can be anything from just feeling blue to wanting to end one’s life. A person can become very unhappy in their daily lives and something they once used to enjoy very much has now become something menial in their life. Although there have been some helpful treatments in the past who have made people who were depressed feel better that are still many who live with depression daily who are not getting any better. So doctors look to the future to find out what is in store for depression treatments.

Nerve Pacemakers
This treatment implants a small pacemaker which will send tiny electronic shocks to the brain.

Electroconvulsive Therapy
This is a treatment that has been used to help with depressed patients. This treatment works by ECT causing an electrical shock which in turn causes a seizure. This seizure will release chemicals into the brain which will in turn make the brain cells work better which will ultimately help with depression.

Magnetic Brain Stimulation
This treatment is actually a replacement for electroconvulsive therapy. It will use magnetic stimulation to help with depression.

Light Therapy
This therapy involves light boxes which produce light at outdoor intensity which can help normalize melatonin production.

Gene Testing
This involves testing a person’s genes to find you what treatment or medication might be best for them.

This treatment targets the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which so far can happen by no other drug on the market. When it comes to the chemical norepinephrine many people have a shortage of this chemical up to 20 percent while others have a 20 percent shortage of serotonin that is related to depression and then 60 percent of people have a mixed situation.

Better Diagnostic Tools
When it comes to the future of depression treatments the problem could lie in old diagnostic equipment, therefore doctors and analysts are looking into assigning better diagnostic tools to weed out depression. The MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) helps to assess brain structure and can show many different medical issues related to the brain. Therefore, it only stands to reason the better equipment there is there more addressed depression can be.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation
This treatment sends electrical impulses to the brain in hopes that chronic depression symptoms will improve. This is a more modern way to stimulate brain function which can help treat depression.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy
This treatment has shown good faith in helping to reduce the recurrence of major depression in elderly people when used once a month along with anti-depressants. The future of this treatment could help people rid depression from their lives for good.

Herbal Remedies
There are many herbal remedies that can help with depression and one of those available over-the-counter is St. John’s worts which is a short term depression helper but a helper none the less. Doctors and analysts are looking to new and better herbal remedies for the future.

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