Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Free Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

A lot of kids become attached to a blanket out of security. I know that my three year old has been attached to her blanket since she could be. Making a sentimental gift for a baby is a wonderful thing. You can make these as Christmas gifts for the new baby, or perhaps for a baby shower gift. Please also remember the unfortunate families out there that would love a special blanket for their baby, but need someone to help them out. Crocheting for charity is a very rewarding thing.

I always recommend using baby yarn for new born baby projects. The yarn is softer for their tender little bodies. One of my favorites is Vanna’s Baby. All local craft stores that carry yarn should have baby yarn.

Happy Crocheting!

Around the Rosy Blanket
This blanket is beautiful. It is crocheted in the round, and is very breathtaking. You can always change colors for a more vibrant blanket, or pink or blue to coordinate. Here is another blanket worked in the round where the colors are alternated.

Clusters and Crosses Blanket
This is a very warm blanket to make for babies. You can always change colors, or add appliques to your work.

Easy Blanket
This is a fantastic beginners project. There are step by step instructions with detailed pictures and information. It even shows you how to start a new row. So if you are brand new, I would suggest this one for you. You can always change colors and hook size to fit your needs.

Gingham Baby Blanket
I actually am expecting, and I have made this for my little one. I added a border in white around the outside, but you can make it however you like. This can also be done for a boy just by changing color. Here is a different variety of Gingham Blanket.

Log Cabin Baby Blanket
This patchwork baby blanket is the next to do on my list. I love how it looks quilted, and if used with the right yarns you can not even see holes. Change around and use different yarns for better looks, and fun textures.

Spiral Blanket
This blanket looks amazing. You could use a solid color if you desired, or make one in candy cane colors for a baby’s first Christmas. Use pink, or blue, or yellow.. Whatever your heart desires.

Their 1st Blankie
This is a great granny square pattern. You can always make it smaller or bigger, however you would like.

Zig Zag Blanket
This blanket is easy, and very nice to look at. You can add more colors to it, or lose a few. This is a very warm blanket for those winter months.

Lady Bug Quilt
Don’t let it fool you, it is crocheted. I think this is amazing to look at, and I would love to approach it as a gift for a family friend. This is an advanced project, so I strongly suggest that you work on something a bit smaller if you are new.

Hexagon Baby Blanket
This is easy after learning the stitches. I think it comes out to be very beautiful, and can be made for both girls and boys.

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