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10 Features the Notion Ink Adam Has that the IPad Doesn't

The Apple iPad is being hailed (and “helled”) all over the “interweb,” but there is another tablet on the rise: the Notion Ink Adam. Notion Ink has developed one of the best tablets to compete with the iPad and these are reasons why it just may be better.

1. 10″ Screen

This might seem a bit minor, but the Notion Ink Adam features a bigger screen than the Apple iPad. Who cares if it’s only .3″ inches better (9.7″ inches on the iPad), it’s still better than the iPad’s screen and wins in the screen size competition.

2. Multiple OS Systems

The Apple iPad runs on iPhone OS 3.2, but the Notion Ink Adam features Android, Ubuntu, and Chromium operating system support which allows its users to use the operating system platform of their choice and one that they feel will be better for their tablet experience.

3. Multiple Browser Support

Using the Apple iPad will leave you stuck with the very strict Safari Browser, but like with operating systems, the Notion Ink Adam features multiple browser support. What browsers, you ask? The Notion Ink Adam features the two top web browsers (in my opinion) Firefox and Google Chrome for better web browsing on the Adam tablet.

4. Media Ports

One of the complaints about the iPad tablet is its lack of USB support, but the Notion Ink Adam one-ups (well, better than one-ups actually) the iPad again with it media port options. The Notion Ink Adam tablet features 3 USB ports, HDMI output, and an SD Card slot.

5. Inbuilt Camera

Despite the rumors and speculations about the Apple iPad having an inbuilt camera, it’s not one of the features of the Apple iPad. Unlike the Apple iPad, one of the Notion Ink Adam features is a 3MP Autofocus inbuilt camera with angle adjustment features for better camera views.

6. 16 hours battery life

The Notion Ink Adam tablet features more than 50% more battery life than the Apple iPad (10 hours) with its 16 hour battery life. Even better is that the Notion Ink Adam battery can last up to 160 hours (6.66 days in devil time) when the backlight features are turned off.

7. Multitasking

“Na na na-nana…” said the Notion Ink Adam to the Apple iPad, “I can multitask and you can’t do that.” With all of the cool features of the Apple iPad tablet, it lacks multitasking features and can only run one application at a time, but the Adam knew better than to disappoint its tablet fan base that way.

8. Flash

“Gee Willikers, Batman! Do you mean the Notion Ink Adam also supports Adobe Flash Player?” By now, everyone knows that the Apple iPad and Adobe have quarreled and Flash support isn’t featured on the iPad (like many other devices). Flash support is just another feature the Notion Ink features on the Adam to make the Adam a bit better than the iPad.

9. Price

Not only does the Notion Ink Adam tablet have lots of better features than the Apple iPad, it also has a better price. While the Apple iPad’s prices range from $499-$829, the Notion Ink Adam starts of under $150 less at $327 and only goes as high as $800.

10. Touchpad

Both the iPad and Notion Ink Adam have multitouch features, but only the Adam has a touchpad. On the back of the Notion Ink Adam is an inbuilt touchpad similar to the ones on modern laptops. The cool thing about this feature is that this is the first time this feature is being implemented in this way. It seems like a feature that will take time getting used to but it does provide a better alternative for those that don’t want to touch their tablet screens all the time.

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