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10 Essential Video Game Accessories

Video game accessories has grown into a booming business in it;s own right. There is no shortage of accessories that are absolutely useless, but some gaming extras can enhance your gaming experience no matter what games or platforms you prefer. Here is a list of 10 absolutely essential gaming accessories.

DS Screen Protector

The Nintendo DS is of course a must have item in its own right. The massively popular hand held gaming device has one of the most vibrant game libraries ever and provides an excellent mobile game experience. One of the unique features that sets the DS apart is the touch screen that is used in many creative ways in different games.

As great as the touch screen is, the constant tapping, stylus dragging and finger smudging can do a real number on the screen surface. With the amount of time you’re likely to spend on your DS it is no surprise that the touch screen quickly gets scratched and dirty. The solution is very cheap and easy; get a DS screen protector. A screen protector is a transparent film that sticks on the touch screen. If applied carefully it is invisible while protecting the screen from all sorts of damage.

A Gaming Chair

Many feel that a gaming chair is a silly product. They feel that any chair used to watch TV can be used just as well to play video games. There is one major difference between watching TV and playing video games however; watching TV is passive playing video games requires active participation. For this reason video gamers often find themselves sitting on the floor or something similar to avoid being hampered by armrests and footstools.

Gaming chairs are designed with this in mind. A good gaming chair will allow the gaming enthusiast to rock and sway with the action. They also make it easy to reach over and hit your friend in the shoulder when he blue shells you 5 inches from the finish line in Mario Kart.

Balance Board

The balance board comes bundled with Wii Fit. For this reason it sometimes gets a bum wrap from people not very interested in fitness gaming. This is a mistake though as the balance board is actually a very solid accessory.

The obvious application is in snowboard and skateboard games, and the Wii has some fantastic games in both genres that use the balance board brilliantly. The applications for the balance board are a lot more diverse than just balance games however. One of the best uses for the balance board is for the drum simulator in Wii Music. Wii Music is a game that got a lot more negative press than it deserved. The drum mode with balance board is simply outstanding and provides an amazingly accurate simulation of a drum set.

Battery Charge Station

No matter what console or consoles you have decided to go for a good battery charge station for your controllers is essential. Not only is rechargeable batteries going to save you some money in the long run, but never having to change batteries or worse run out of batteries all together is a huge improvement.

Classic Controller

Wii owners are treated to the most revolutionary controller ever created right out of the box. The Wii Remote and the nunchuck is a true generational leap forward in controller technology. The problem with the Wii Remote is that not all games created has made the same jump forward. Many games are still released that control better with a more traditional input scheme. Enter the Classic controller. Designed with the old standard double analog sticks, d-pad and an array of buttons the controller lets Wii gamers play traditional games in a traditional way. The Classic controller is a good controller, but if you can find the Classic controller Pro, that is the superior product.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a well known accessory for PC shooter gamers. Players who play less fast paced games often do not consider a mouse a necessary investment. In reality, a good precession mouse will improve any game experience. Even casual games like FarmVille will play better with a high quality mouse. Picking out the exact sheep you wanted from the herd without clicking on random flowers and farmers in the area is a great feeling.

Tastes in mice are very different and it’s impossible to give a one size fits all recommendation. Some gamers likes a mouse with programmable buttons, but in my experience this is not a needed feature. The ability to change the sensitivity of the mouse easily on the other hand is very important to me. In the end, the most important thing is that the mouse feels natural and comfortable in your hand and allows you to move it very rapidly.

Wii Motion Plus

Another Wii specific accessory makes it onto the list. The Wii Motion Plus adds true 1 to 1 motion sensing to the Wii and in many ways fully delivers on the original promise of the console. At the end of this year the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 will both introduce their own products to deliver similar motion experiences, but the Motion Plus remains the one to get. For one the technology is proven and is getting supported right now, second the Wii Motion Plus comes bundled with Wii Sports Resort which is the best motion game ever created.

Wireless Headset

For online games chat is not just a nice add on, it can be an integral part of the game experience. Players can plan strategies and give off-screen hints and tips. For intense battles you don’t want to risk unplugging your headset after a particularly impressive duck and roll. The answer is a wireless headset with attached microphone. If your console supports it, a bluetooth headset is very convenient.

Wireless keyboard

As consoles are morphing into entertainment computers the need for sophisticated input is growing. Many games already rely heavily on typed input either as part of the game itself or in interaction with other players. On top of this, most consoles are now providing more ways to connect with other gamers with chat applications and connections to Facebook and similar services. Using a control-pad to write anything more than a few words at a time is a nightmare, and this is where a wireless keyboard comes in very handy.

All modern consoles support USB keyboards so getting a compatible keyboard to your console is extremely easy and can be very inexpensive.

Mouse Pad

This might seem like a trivial inclusion, but nothing is more frustrating than having your $70 laser game mouse loose tracking as you drag it through strawberry jelly your brother left on your desk. Cheap fabric covered mouse pads are not immune to this either as they tend to get dirty and deliver poor performance. If you take your gaming seriously it is worth the extra cash to get a mouse pad that guarantees that your movements can be tracked.

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