Thursday, January 12, 2017

$10 Dollar Store Gifts for Graduation: Cleaning Supplies

There are a few essential things that anyone, in this case someone who has graduated and will be having their own place soon, needs in order to clean their home. Ten things come to mind, all of which can be found at a dollar store.

Ajax or Comet
Ajax and Comet can both be found at a dollar store and can be used to clean many different surfaces. Kitchen counters, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen stoves and more can be properly cleaned with either Ajax or Comet.

Bleach is great because when combined with water the graduate that you are giving the gift to will be able to sanitize everything in their new home.

For every floor surface that isn’t carpet in a graduate’s new home can be cleaned with a broom. It is likely the kitchen and dining area will not have carpets as well as the bathroom.

The key item that is holding all of the supporting gifts is the bucket, which will come in handy when the graduate needs to mop the floor.

Dust Pan
One thing that helps complete the tasks of sweeping is a dust pan. Compare the dust pan that you choose to buy with the size of the broom that you choose to buy because you will want to make sure that the dust pan is no smaller than the size of the broom.

One way to help the graduate protect their hands from the cleaning chemicals is to give them a pair of latex gloves, perhaps it will make them more comfortable about cleaning up.

When the graduate is done sweeping their non-carpeted areas of the home they can mop up the floor with a little bit of bleach and a lot of water, this is where that bucket that is holding all of these wonderful items comes in handy.

Paper Towels
Sometimes if you are lucky you’ll be able to find industrial, thicker, heavier and more durable, paper towels. This is great for cleaning jobs that take a paper towel.

When you are discussing cleaning products you have to bring up sponges. You’ll be able to find a variety bag of sponges at your dollar store and the graduate can use them for what cleaning task that they see fit. They will come in different shapes and sizes.

Perfect for window and mirror cleaning, a dollar worth of Windex can go a long way.

This inexpensive ensemble of gifts is a great way to give a graduate all that they will need to clean their new place.

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