Thursday, January 12, 2017

$10 Dollar Store Gifts for Graduation: Complete Kitchen Rack

When someone is graduating it is likely that the event of them getting their own place will follow shortly after the school year ends. If you want to give a graduate a practical gift the Complete Kitchen Rack is a perfect choice and inexpensive. Just look at it as a gift basket of practical and useful items for the graduate’s kitchen.

Dish Rack
If your graduate is lucky they will have a dishwasher, but they may be doing all of their dishes by hand. A dish rack, which is actually the core piece here since it holds all of the gifts, can be handy for air drying anything that can’t go into a dishwasher or for all the clean dishes in a residence without a dishwasher.

You have to have a sponge in order to clean dishes. You’ll be able to find a six pack of sponges at the dollar store for only a buck and they will likely have scrubby sides as well.

Netted Sponges
Something that can be used to clean fruits and vegetables really well or pot and pans are netted sponges, they are often orange. You’ll be able to find these at the dollar store too, probably in a four pack.

Dish Brush
A dish brush will help a graduate, well anyone for that matter, go through washing the cups in their pile of dirty dishes a lot quicker than a sponge.

Dish Cloths
This is a great thing to add because the graduate that you are buying the gifts for won’t have to buy new sponges they can just rewash dish cloths. You’ll be able to find a four pack at the dollar store for a buck.

Dish Towels
It is a good idea to lay a dish towel underneath the dish rack, for any water that may drip on to the counter and these will come in handy for the graduate to dry the dishes with. If they decide that they want to let their dishes air dry they can use these to dry their hands off after they wash them. You’ll likely find them in a two pack, maybe a four pack, at the dollar store for a dollar.

Dish Soap
You have to have dish soap to be able to wash dishes. This is a great steal because it only cost a dollar and will last the graduate a long time.

Dish Gloves
For anyone who has sensitive skin or just doesn’t care to was dishes with their bare hands latex dish gloves can be a nice gift to add. You likely find a package that has two pairs at the dollar store for a dollar.

Dish Soap for Pots and Pans
Something that can make the dish soap the you added as a gift last longer is to give another dish soap that is strictly for pots and pans, tougher on grease usually.

SOS Pads
Sometimes when someone is first out on their own they may not be on top of those dishes. If they aren’t the best cook and there is potential that they could burn some of their meals SOS pads will be an ideal thing to add to the dish rack of gifts.

It is nice when you can find an inexpensive gift, it is even nicer though when you know that the gift that you are getting someone is a gift that they will most definitely use.

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