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10 Dog Fun Facts

A recent article in the fabulous Dog magazine, Dogs USA, was full of fun facts and trivia about dogs. Not the kind of facts that you memorize to be a responsible pet owner, but the kind that make you laugh out loud. Here are just a handful of amazing dog fun facts to brighten up your day.

#1. Dog Fun Facts: Richest Dog in the World

The millionaire club isn’t just for dogs. Gunther IV, a German Sheppard living in Germany, inherited a great fortune from his father, the son of Countess Liebenstien. Valued at 372 million Dollars, Sir Gunther owns properties worldwide, including an estate once owned by Madonna. (By comparison, Oprah Winfrey’s dogs will receive a mere 30 million Dollars upon her death).

#2. Dog Fun Facts: Most Expensive Dog Collar in the World

Not all dog collars come from Petco. With 52 carats of diamonds valued at 3.2 million Dollars, the most expensive dog collar in the world was designed by California jeweler, I Love Dogs. The store is looking for a dog owner insane enough to buy it.

#3. Dog Fun Facts: The Smallest Dog in the World

Keep the floor vents covered. The smallest dog in the world would have no problem falling into one of them. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Chihuahua, Heaven Sent Brandy, is only 6 inches long and weighs 2 lbs.

#4. Dog Fun Facts: Fido in the Whitehouse

Many US presidents have had dogs living with them at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. Abraham Lincoln was no exception. His dog was a mongrel named Fido.

#5. Dog Fun Facts: The Dominatrix Lassie

The famous Collie from the children’s stories by Eric Knight was a beautiful female collie. However all the dogs who have played Lassie in movies have been… you guessed it… males.

#6. Dog Fun Facts: Military Posh

The Great Dane, Just Nuisance, was enlisted in the British Royal Navy in 1939, and served his country faithfully until 1944 when he passed away. Just Nuisance was buried with full military honors, and his commemorative statue is a tourist attraction to this day in Simon’s Town, South Africa.

#7. Dog Fun Facts: Endless Love

The most famously faithful dog in the 19th century was Bobby, the Skye Terrier Greyfriars. After his owner and best friend, John Gray, died, Bobby sat guarding the grave for 14 years, until his own death. The two had been inseparable in life as well, working the beat in the Scottish police.

#8. Dog Fun Facts: What Were They Thinking

The most unusual recorded dog names include Rush Limbark, Low Jack, Meat-wad, Peanut Wigglebutt, and Admiral Toot. I personally have shaken paws with a Mr. Half A Gyro once.

#9 . Dog Fun Facts: Doggie Beauty Pageants

The most famous canine beauty pageant is held in California, exclusively for bulldogs. The Ugliest Dog Contest also takes place in California, offering the locals the best of everything.

#10. Dog Fun Facts: And the Winner Is…

The most prestigious dog show in the world is the Westminster Dog Show. And the breed to win the coveted title of Best in Show the most times is the Terrier, wining 44 times out of the total 101 times the prize was awarded.


Dogs USA. Dogs Rule. Dogs USA 2010 Annual, Special 25th Anniversary Issue, Volume 25 . PP. 112-119.

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