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10 DIY Bridal Bouquet Choices for the Modern Bride

The modern bride is always looking for that one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet to make her special day stand out from the rest. These non-traditional bouquets are easy to make, and will give the bride a unique and stunning look that will set her apart from all the others. Most of these bridal bouquets cost under $15 to make, and take under two hours to assemble. Incorporate your taste and creativity into the bridal bouquet you choose to let your true personality shine through.

Magical Wand Bouquet

Sparkled stars wrapped in luxurious satin ribbon will make you feel like Cinderella as you walk down the aisle. Paint several wooden stars white, then sprinkle both the front and back with glitter. Glue each star to a piece of heavy florist wire. This will enable you to bend the stars into the bouquet shape you desire. Put all the wire stems together. Starting from the top and working down, wrap the stems together with white satin ribbon. Glue a satin bow at the top of the bouquet. Glue faceted faux diamonds down the front, center of the wrapped handle for added glamour. This bouquet would be perfect for an evening or formal wedding.

Lace Parasol

Turn up the romance by walking down the aisle with a decorated lace parasol. Glue flowers and ribbon at the top of the parasol. Glue a string of pearls draped around the bottom edge of the parasol for an elegant and romantic look. The lace parasol is a perfect bouquet choice for a country, beach, outdoors or Victorian wedding.

Pin Bouquet

This non-traditional bouquet makes a head-turning look. Purchase a satin wedding pillow. Glue or sew a piece of thick elastic to the center, back of the pillow. This will enable the bride to securely carry the pillow bouquet down the aisle. Attach embellished pins to the front of the pillow. Borrow pins from your mom or any special ladies in you life. You can find a great selection of pins at flea markets. This type of bouquet would look stunning for any type of wedding venue.

Lace Fan

Add to the the romance of your day by walking down the aisle carrying a lace fan with a dramatic cascade of flowers draping from the bottom. Glue a satin bow at the pointed bottom end of the fan. Glue florals so that they cascade approximately 12 inches from the bottom of the fan. A lace fan is a lovely bouquet choice for a country, garden or Victorian wedding.

Seashell Cone

A bride who loves the beach will adore the seashell cone bouquet. For this style of bouquet you will need a foam cone and a round foam ball cut in half. Glue and wrap the foam cone with satin ribbon. Glue one half of the foam ball to the top of the wide part of the cone. Glue and cover the half ball with green moss. Glue seashells throughout the entire top of the bouquet. Glue a satin bow to the top, center where the cone and ball were glued together. For added detail, glue a couple of seashells to the center of the bow. This bridal bouquet is perfect for an outdoors or beach wedding.

Pine Cone and Berry Bouquet

If you are a natural girl who loves the outdoors, this is the bouquet style for you. You can leave the pine cones natural or add some sparkle to them. To add sparkle, spray glue on each pine cone, then sprinkle each cone with glitter. Wrap the bottom of each pine cone with heavy floral wire leaving an approximate eight inch stem after each cone is wrapped. Twist pine cone stems together. Wrap and glue the stems with jute. Glue berries throughout the pine cones. This non-traditional bouquet would make a stunning choice for a fall or holiday wedding.

Feather Bridal Bouquet

A feather bouquet is a great choice for a bride who wants to get noticed. Gather a pile of feathers. Peacock feathers are a great choice for this bouquet style. Assemble the feathers so that they form a dramatic fan design. Wrap stems with a bold colored satin ribbon. Glue one bold flower at the bottom, center of the bouquet. Glue a bow below this flower. This bouquet design would be a great choice for any wedding venue.

Holiday Ball Wedding Bouquet

If you are a bride who is planning a holiday wedding, walk down the aisle with the ball bouquet. Purchase a round bouquet holder. Glue small and medium gold or clear ornate ball tree ornaments on the foam. Glue an embellished bow of rhinestones and glitter to the center of the arrangement. For added drama, cascade a few ornate balls from the bouquet holder.

Purse and Flowers

Add a touch of elegance to your gown by walking down the aisle holding a beaded purse with florals peeking out from the inside. Calla lilies or white roses are a great flower choice for this bouquet style. You can find beaded purses at flea markets, used clothing stores or yard sales. The style of purse you choose can be adapted to compliment your wedding venue.

Basket Bouquet

The basket bouquet is modern, simple and elegant. Purchase or paint a handle basket white. Wrap and glue satin around the entire handle. Glue a satin bow to the front, bottom of the handle. Lay flowers across the center of the basket. Instead of flowers, you could also use painted twigs or feathers. This bouquet style can be designed to compliment your specific taste and wedding style.

Enjoy creating your non-traditional bouquet for your special day. Check your local Dollar Store and the discount section of your craft stores to find supplies needed to make these bouquets. The website offers great discounts on bridal and craft supplies needed to make these non-traditional wedding bouquets.

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