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10 Diet Tips for Teens

Here are 10 tips for teen dieters.

Don’t feel guilty for eating. Depending on your muscle tone and body build, your body may need 1,500 to 2,400 calories just for living and breathing (with more needed for extra energy and proper growth).

For 1,500 calories a day, you can enjoy three fruit servings; six to seven servings of high fiber starch foods, such as whole-wheat products, rice, corn, potatoes; three to four servings of low-fat dairy products’; unlimited low-cal vegetables such as carrots, green beans, zucchini, deep green leafy vegetables, mushrooms; one to two servings of high iron foods, such as dark meat turkey, mature beans, lean beef, pork or chicken; plus a few eggs a week.

It is wiser (and more comfortable) than starving to take in all the good food and nutrients your body and mind require, and then work off extra calories through regular, enjoyable exercise.

Dancing to your favorite music for an hour can use up more than 400 calories. An after-dinner stroll can work off about 200 calories.

Don’t skimp on sleep. Getting enough rest can mean eating only for hunger, instead of eating constantly just to “rev yourself up” to get the energy you need to get through an ordinary day.

How about the “one-week strawberry and banana binge diet”? Or “the four-day soup and salad diet”? “The six-day shop, sit and sip diet”? The next time you see those ads, remember they probably were made up just as fast as these, so don’t be tempted.

If you are seriously wondering what and how much to eat and/or are finding yourself going on crazy binges or feeling like a martyr, you can get help: Ask your physician, school nurse, or local health department for scientific diet counseling. If you are troubled by life or by dieting, see that professional counselor now.

There are solutions to even the toughest problems. Sometimes just talking things out can help get a fresh perspective, however private or painful it may be.

Concentrate on all that you need to eat each day for shiny hair, beautiful skin, clear eyes and enough mental and physical energy to enjoy your favorite activities or learn new ones. You may find that after you’ve had three pieces of fruit, six to eight servings of high fiber starchy foods, three to four servings of low-fat dairy products, some raw or cooked vegetables, and a couple of servings of a rich iron food, you may not have room for empty calorie munchies.

But when munchies are needed, remember popcorn or those chewy puffy rice crackers – they’re low in fat and very high in fiber. If you skip meals, studies show, you may eat twice as much as usual at the next meal

If you can’t eat a regular breakfast, pack yourself something to eat nuts and raisins are easy to keep in a purse or pocket (replace them once a month or they’ll get rancid). Or try a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or cheese, crackers and fruit.

Be alert for social eating when you’re not really hungry. You can always have club soda with a splash of lime (or even milk with a dash of chocolate sauce).

Don’t let anyone force food on you if you are not hungry. Just say “I just ate,” or “Thanks, but I’m so full.”


Diet Information for Teens : Health Tips about Diet and Nutrition by Karen Bellenir (Jan 2001)

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