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10 Celebrities with Nipple Piercings, Body Jewelry of Famous Stars

Nipple piercings are popular among several famous stars and 10 celebrities are listed here who have body jewelry on one of their most intimate parts. Several actors, actresses, and musicians express themselves with tattoos and jewelry. Who are the 10 most popular stars with nipple piercings? Read on to find out.

10 Celebrities with Nipple Piercings:

1. Pink.
One of the most edgy performers on stage, Pink wasn’t shy about filming getting her nipple pierced backstage at a concert. The experience was taped as part of her Live in Europe DVD.

2. Janet Jackson. When Janet had her wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake during the Superbowl, a shield was over a piercing attached to her nipple when her breast was exposed.

3. Christina Aquilera. Christina is one the pop stars who are known for having nipple jewelry. Her piercing is on the right breast.

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4. Rihanna.
The singer has been photographed several times in sheer clothing which shows her right nipple piercing. BFF Katy Perry even tweeted the singer about seeing her piercing in the video for “California King Bed.”

5. Nicole Richie. It was learned that Nicole set off a security alarm at the Reno Airport because of her nipple piercing. She must not have been wearing any other jewelry and forgot to remove that piece.

6. Dave Navarro.
The host of “Rock Star” is pictured on Freshtrends with a ring piercing on his right nipple. He has a significant amount of body jewelry that go to large gauge ear piercings.

7. Tommy Lee. With all of the tattoos and body jewelry on this drummer of Motely Crue, it’s hardly a shock the rocker and ex-husband of Pamela Anderson has a nipple ring.

8. Dennis Rodman.
Known for his outrageous personality and bigger-than-life personality, the NBA great has multiple piercings on his body with an abundance of jewelry. He’s definitely makes the top 10 list of celebrities with nipple piercings.

9. Lenny Kravitz. He’s a well-known singer-songrwriter who can really play a guitar. Kravitz joins the list of celebs with nipple piercings and is another famous star who loves to wear flashy jewelry.

10. Axl Rose. In the video for “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” some close up shots reveal the Guns ‘N Roses singer was seen wearing a nipple ring on his left side.

There are unknown celebrities out there with nipple jewelry the press either hasn’t picked up yet or fans haven’t seen in revealing photos. With a little more time, the famous stars’ body jewelry will be scoped out.

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