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10 Best Video Games for Christmas 2010

Looking for the perfect video game for your son or grandson this Christmas? So many new video games come out every year it’s difficult to figure out the best ones. Zombie killers, war games, first person shooter, football, which to choose? I’ve picked ten of the top video games for boys to make your search easier and faster.

Mixed martial arts popularity continues to rise and with it come the video games. The UFC and THQ outdid themselves completely overhauling 2009’s version of the Undisputed video game with better game play and graphics along with online tournament play and career modes and introducing three more fighting styles.. To be able to throw down like many of the top MMA stars today is an unbelievable draw. UFC 2010 Undisputed is available on the XBOX, PS3 and PSP consoles.

A solid follow up to the original, Bioshock 2 video game delivers creepiness and exciting first person shooter game play in par with the best competition out there. The graphics are still superb as you explore Rapture fighting off splicers. Bioshock 2 is available on the XBOX 360, PS3 game consoles as well as windows based computers.

A follow-up to Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood starts immediately where the last one left off. This is a third person action adventure video game. The graphics and game-play remain exceptional and adds multiplayer mode, guilds, and virtual training. The only possible drawback is the storyline does not extend quite as expected and leaves you waiting for Assassin’s Creed III. The game is available on XBOX 360 and PS3.

God of War is probably the PS3’s best series and God of War III kicks it up a notch. The graphics and game-play are top notch and the story continues as Kratos storms Mt. Olympus to try and kill the Gods in this video game. PS3 probably does not have a better first-person/third-person combat game with the puzzle elements of the God of War series. Unfortunately, it is only available in the PS3.

Do I really need to explain this one? The original Donkey Kong Country was so much fun and addictive, I’m probably buying this video game for myself. With improved graphics from the original and a difficult game-play, Donkey Kong Country Returns should be on everyone’s list. Donkey Kong Country is available only on the Nintendo Wii.

Here’s another classic that needs little introduction. Ever since the game’s introduction in the mid eighties, Madden football has had no peers or competition. Madden 11 is a must have for any football fan and sports video game player. The graphics and game-play are cutting edge, making you almost believe you’re in the game. Madden 11 is available in every game platform.

One of the biggest sellers, Black Ops is a first person shooter with few equals. Highly anticipated, it sold 7 million copies within 24 hours. The game is set during the Vietnam war and follows a failed attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. For realistic, multiplayer shoot ’em up, Black ops is the game. It is available on XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Windows.

One of the best things about advanced gaming technology is how you can involve the whole family and be sure everyone will enjoy it. With Rock Band 3, all instruments are employed (guitar, drums, bass and vocals) and you can download more songs once you master the ones included in the game. I wouldn’t call this one a video game, more like a family night. So get ready to jam out to your favorites. It is available in XBOX360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and DS.

Much like Donkey Kong Country Returns, you really can’t go wrong with a classic character like Mario. More puzzles for you to solve and hours of addictive play will follow. The only drawback to this video game is multiplayer is not available. It is available only for the Nintendo Wii.

Bringing back a coveted classic like Goldeneye is a risky move for both Nintendo and Activision. While staying true to the original game and movie storyline, Daniel Craig has replaced Pierce Brosnan as 007. The first person shooter lives up to its predecessor and delivers a high quality game-play that all Goldeneye fans will enjoy. The graphics are superb and you will enjoy hours of gameplay. It is available for Nintendo Wii and DS.

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