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10 Best Songs by Jason Mraz - Mraz Mania Musical Stylings

If you ask any Jason Mraz fan to name Jason’s best top ten songs it would be tough to narrow it down to just ten. Jason Mraz has a musical styling that is all his own. Mraz is known for giving performances that are personalized to each audience that he plays for. The list is based on reviews from YouTube, and other various fan sites.

10. Rainbow Connection

The only song on the list that is not an original masterpiece by Mraz. Jason Mraz does an amazing cover of this song. The man has a perfect voice; it’s not easy being green, or even the Geek in the Pink.

9. Right Kind of Phrase

In this song, Jason Mraz describes perfectly being in the position of not knowing what to say to the one that you love to explain how you feel; being in the situation where you are at risk of loosing them. A perfect way for gentlemen to make their ladies feel special. Let them know that while the words may not always be there, the emotion is. Jason Mraz has a knack for emotional lyrics.

8. Dynamo of Volition

This is one of Jason Mraz’s more inspiring songs that challenges his listeners and fans to grab life by the horns and make the best of what it throws at you. There is never any telling what is around the corner, so make the best of everything.

7. Sewing Machine

Also known as Details in the Fabric, this is a song from Jason Mraz’s latest album. A song that is written to explain that there is no reason to freak out about every little detail in life. There is a plan for everyone and all you have to do is face what is there and follow the plan that is set forth for you. Everything will work out better in the end if you follow this simple advice.

6. Better

A very Jason Mraz take on a love song. If a relationship, or potential relationship, is something that is right and meant to be then it will only get better with time. Love ages like a fine wine.

5. Make it Mine

A celebration of life, living, and good times. Brings to mind driving the along the warm west coast with the top down, just hanging out with friends and making the most of everything.

4. I’m Yours

This is a song that reminds us to maintain an open mind and when the opportunity presents itself pursue the things in life that you really want.

3. Halfway Home

This was only the second song ever written by Jason Mraz. An emotion filled track, the basic idea of the lyrics is to let people know that they have to try to do for themselves. You will get a lot farther than just trying to wait for things to be handed to them.

2. Beautiful Mess

Jason Mraz has created true beauty here with lyrics that describe being able to love both sides of a person, both the good and the bad.

1. 10,000 Motherfuckers

The top choice from Jason Mraz fans, this song is nothing like the title implies. It’s a very spiritual and uplifting creation that is a perfect for those who may be feeling just a bit overwhelmed with life.

Loving life and living is central to Jason Mraz’s music as you can see in this top 10 list. It’s all about loving yourself, others, and making a life for yourself rather than making a living.

Selecting these 10 songs was extremely difficult. All of Jason Mraz’s songs are similar yet they all have a very unique quality all there on that makes each one special to his fans. Even if you are not a hardcore Jason Mraz fan, I suggest that you head over to YouTube and check out his videos and pay close attention to the lyrics. It is bound to give you a whole new outlook on whatever your situation.

Right Kind of Phrase

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