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10 Best Snacks for Dieters

When you are trying to lose weight, or even just eat right, sometimes it is hard to find something to eat when you are in the mood for a snack. Some people have it even harder, like those with certain food allergies or intolerance. Here is a list of great snacks that are low in fat, and may even have special benefits that will help you in your search for heart health and weight loss. Not all snacks are good for all people, but everyone should be able to eat a few of the things on the list, whether you have allergies, or are just a picky eater.

One of the best diet snacks out there are nuts. Some people have an allergy to them, so they are not good for everyone. But those of you that can eat them should. Always following serving suggestions, because although nuts are full of good fats they are also full of calories if you overdo it. Nuts give you energy and can help you stay alert too.

Buy some snack size packs of microwave popcorn, skip the extra or movie theater butter though. Popcorn is mostly air, so it does not have a lot of calories, as long as it isn’t buttered. Hold the salt too, because salt can help to raise your blood pressure.

If you are hungry for something crunchy skip the potato chips and go for some baby carrots. They will cure your crunch craving and they will help strengthen your teeth and your eye sight. Carrots are very healthy, it is important to get lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially when you are trying to get fit. Don’t dip, skip on the dressing, which is full of fat.

When I am craving a candy bar, I chose to have a spoonful of peanut butter instead. It takes care of my sweet tooth and helps give me energy. Stick with one spoon though because this is definitely a calorie-rich food.

If you love your veggies another great one to snack on is celery. Celery counts towards your liquid intake for the day too and is very low in calories. Eat as much as you want of this great snack food (just don’t make yourself sick)!

Feel like a kid again and have some Jell-O, because there’s always room for it. Go with sugar-free and you will be all set. This is a great snack for children and adults, alike. Add some canned fruit for a tasty cocktail. Follow serving instructions!

When you are craving something cold have some frozen blueberries on hand. They taste great ice cold and they are full of healing antioxidants. They freeze perfectly too.

Instead of chips or crackers try some dry cereal, like Cinnamon Corn Chex. They are tasty and without the milk they have less fat and less calories. This will also be great for getting the right amount of fiber in your diet. Fiber is one of the keys to weight loss. It keep our systems running smoothly.

If you like dried fruits take it easy. They can be packed with calories. Eat one box of raisins for a snack, but don’t eat more than the recommended serving suggests. That is the one thing that can not be stressed enough. Be a label reader.

Last, but not least, drink a cup of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants, it is great for dieting and counts as your liquid intake. It barely has a calorie in it and it will still make you feel full and refreshed! Sometimes when you feel like you are hungry you aren’t really, you are just feeling dehydrated. Try drinking that cup of tea and then when it is all gone if you still feel hungry have a snack!


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