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10 Best Retirement Gag Gifts

Retirement can be great for the person who is retiring but for those that are not it just reminds them that they still have to work. So if you are know someone that is retiring you might as well give them a gift that says, ” you don’t need a gift retirement is gift enough.” Of course if you really like the person then you may want to get them a legitimate gift on top of a gag gift. If you are having a hard time thinking of a good retirement gift then this list of the 10 best retirement gag gifts can help you out.

There are a couple of ways to go about getting one of the 10 best retirement gag gifts. You can get gifts that emphasize that the person is old. You can also emphasize a person is now tired. You can emphasize what a person will be doing once they are retired as well. One thing that all these 10 best retirement gag gifts have in common is that they are sure to get a good laugh.

10. The Bucket List DVD or Blu-Ray

The Bucket List is by far the nicest gift on this list. This is not a mean gift. The person who is retiring may really enjoy this gift but everyone should still get a mild chuckle out of it when it is opened.

9. Fart Machine

We all have heard the term an old fart well now you can make sure your retiree literally is an old fart on demand. If you really want to be original you can even take a fart machine out of the packaging and beat it up so that the machine itself looks old. Maybe get some wire and glue it to the outside of the machine so it looks like the machine has wires coming out.

8. Baby Clothes

You are probably wondering why baby clothes, well its the juxtaposition of the old and the new as well as the totally absurd. When having a retirement party you could act like you thought it was a baby shower. Or if the retiree has lots of grand kids who come over often this is a good way to say they will be seeing lots more of those kids.

7. Piggy Bank

Let’s face it, most people do not make much once they retire so a piggy bank is a good reminder of this.

6. Scythe

The scythe is often associated with Communist and the Grim Reaper. In this case its the Grim Reaper association that makes this funny unless the retiree is some hot shot businessman or politician. If the retiree likes to garden and will be spending more time in the garden then this is a good gift for the added association.

5. Singing Bass

If the person who is retiring likes to fish then a singing bass is a good gag gift. If you have ever actually seen or heard one you will know how annoying they are but gag gifts are meant to be funny in the moment but not seriously used beyond when they are opened.

4. Dentures

Dentures are of course another gift reminding them they are old.

3.Styrofoam Headstone

A Styrofoam headstone you can buy at costume stores, or even make yourself since you may not want to spend much on a gag gift that will not be used. This is another poke at the age issue.

2. Universal Remote

If your retiree is anything like my Dad then retirement means lots of TV watching. Now universal remotes are not just for TVs but can control all kinds of things in the house. This could be the most useful gag gift you could give. This also makes fun of the fact they may be to old to get up and change the TV, or even turn on a light if you get a control that is not just for TVs.

1. Depends

Depends is the ultimate old age gag gift. Depends are such a good way to mock old age SNL made an entire skit around them. You really can’t go wrong with Depends unless of course someone else uses it and that is a real possibility since it is such an obvious retirement gift.

There you have the 10 best retirement gag gifts. There is sure to be a gift to fit your budget. Some of these gifts will work better then others depending on your situation so make sure you consider that before you buy a singing bass for someone that does not fish.

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