Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Best Places for Valentine Day

10 Best Places for Valentine Day

Confused about where to go at Valentine Day? Here are some great ideas for you :

1. High place that can show cityscape

Seeing the cityscape in the night is something that is very amazing for the colorful lights in the dark night. It must be romantic to have a private candle light dinner with your lovely one on the top of a high building. Enjoying the cityscape at night and some delicious dinner meals will be very fantastic.

2. Beach

It is one of the most favorite areas for having vacation. Just choose any beaches to visit with your beloved one. You can have fun together there; sun bathing, enjoying beach sport, swimming and many more.

3. Village villa

Spending some times in a beautiful and natural village villa with fresh air surrounds it will be a great option for valentine day’s enjoying. The cool weather will be very suitable for your warm love. It will be a great place for spending the night of love.

4. Lakefront resort

It is also one of the most wonderful options. You can book a villa or a room in a lakefront resort then enjoys the beauty of the nature together with your beloved one. The lake view can be a beautiful and romantic support while having dinner.

5. High class restaurant for dinner

Most high class restaurant certainly have special events for Valentine Day. You can reserve a special table for having dinner with your beloved one. It must be wonderful to enjoy all the special menus together then spend the night till dawn.

6. Hill top

It must be never thought by you to have a unique gathering in a top of a hill. It will be special for the lovers of nature. Just find some information about an area that provides tourism area with the beauty of the hill top as the features. It must be a fantastic and lovely place to spend a night with your beloved one.

7. Romantic cities

Preparing Valentine Day vacation to a romantic city is certainly so wonderful. You can search the internet for the cities that provide special offers for Valentine Day. It can be very wonderful to enjoy the romantic city together. Just choose exotic cities to make it increasingly wonderful. The cities may be such as Paris, Egypt, Rome, and many more.

8. Place where you meet at the first time

The place where a couple meets always becomes a special and memorable place for them. You can also choose it as a special place to spend the night of Valentine Day. It must romantic to remind her/ him about the beautiful memories of yours while enjoying some dinner meals and the wonderful night.

9. Kitchen and cooking favorite foods

The simplest plan to have may be having some special time together in the kitchen. Yes, it is simple but will be very special and can be romantic especially for the couples that not always together. You can cook some favorite meals together. Your loves will make the cooking more special and delicious actually. Then you can hold a candle light dinner after cooking; enjoying the foods you served together.

10. Cinema for watching new released romantic movie

It must be the most common one done by every couple in a Valentine Day. This is the last choice if you don’t have any other options. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t be romantic and pleasing. Watching the most recent romantic movie will grow more love in both of you.

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