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10 Best Organic Makeup Products

With concerns about chemicals on the rise, more and more consumers are choosing to go organic. Rather than trying to decipher a list of ingredients made in a lab, many prefer to know that the products they are using and the food they are eating come directly from nature. Below are 10 organic or mostly-organic cosmetic products for savvy shoppers.

Faerie Organic Foundation – Though mineral cosmetics can’t technically be organic, since minerals can’t be officially certified as such, they are certainly very natural. The Faerie Organic Foundation is more natural even than many other mineral cosmetics, including the popular Bare Escentuals. This is beneficial for anyone who has troubled or sensitive skin, or who may have allergies to the various ingredients in conventional makeup. This foundation is very light and airy, and comes in many different shades for all skin tones. First time users who aren’t sure which color to buy can purchase a very affordable sample kit composed of several shades in order to select the proper product for them.

Whole Foods Brand Lip Balm – This organic lip balm has the advantage of being very affordable and easy to find. It comes in multiple flavors, including a refreshing peppermint version. Fans of Whole Food in general will appreciate this addition to their organic and natural line of products.

Zuii Certified Organic Eyeliner – Made of certified organic and natural ingredients, this eyeliner comes in three different colors and, like other organic makeup, is perfect for sensitive eyes and skin. It is not waterproof, but this Australian brand prides itself on being cruelty-free, so no tears are necessary.

Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss – In addition to being certified organic, this lip gloss is also gluten free, perfect for anyone who has a sensitivity. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and, while slightly pricier than some conventional glosses, is still very affordable at only $24. The brand in general is full of great organic products, from hair care to makeup to natural perfume.

Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Finding a good organic mascara is difficult, but there are increasing numbers of choices on the market. The Pure Fruit Pigmented mascara comes in multiple colors and is gentle and non-irritating on even sensitive eyes. It isn’t waterproof, but it is light and natural looking, making it a great buy.

Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer – For days when a full face of foundation is too much work, this tinted moisturizer is a good compromise and is gentle on even sensitive skin. At 80% organic and 100% natural, it’s a popular choice for the health-conscious consumer. Not only that, but it is very affordable at only $11.

Nvey Eco Eye Shadow – With 24 colorful shades, this makeup line will have the perfect color for any skin tone or occasion. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, and while not 100% organic, it is nonetheless very natural and has multiple organic ingredients.

Faerie Organic Blush – Another product from the Faerie Organic brand, this beautiful mineral blush comes in 10 colors. Better still, $3 sample can also be purchased for anyone who isn’t sure which shade will go best with their skin tone.

Kroma Botanical Lipstick – This organic based lipstick comes in 19 colors and can list vitamin E and jojoba oil among its ingredients, though unfortunately a full list of the ingredients cannot be found on its website. However the brand prides itself on its natural ingredients, making this lipstick a safe bet for the organically minded.

Lavera Eye Makeup Remover – While choosing makeup to put on is important, equally important is choosing the correct product to take that makeup off again. This eye makeup remover is not only largely organic, but it is also vegan. Organic aloe vera leaf juice and fruit extracts are some of the natural ingredients found in this product.

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