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10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier

This breed of indoor dogs is great for smaller houses. They have a very good children tolerance but they need to be outside and taken for a run or walks almost every day. Rain or shine for these dogs is not a problem because their fur is water resistant. The maintenance level is relatively low but they need to be brushed a lot.

Boston Terrier

With this dog you must think of them having asthma because technically they do. They need regular exercise but not extensive, because they have a tendency to get overheated in which they have difficulty breathing which strains their heart. They adapt to changes very well and are fairly easy to train. They get along with other pets but aren’t very friendly to strangers (part of that can depend on how they are trained). Some dogs of this breed tend to bark a lot.


This dog is likely one of the best indoor dog breeds for a family because of their devotedness, but on the other hand they are very independent, harder to train and not very tolerant with strangers though they get along with other pets. They require very little exercise, get along well with other pets and have a high tolerance level. But it is best to keep this dog inside one cold and rainy days because they are more prone to catching colds or respiratory problems.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This adorable dog enjoys everything at its most spoiled peak (hence the name). the perfect lap dog but also attentive and one of the smarter toy breeds. They are sweet and loving, enjoy short brisk walk s every day and have a high tolerance level of people and other dogs. This dog is also good for families with children or time for loving and playing with the dog.

Toy Manchester Terrier

This dog is very friendly and playful with its family but sometimes it can be unfriendly or even timid with strangers. They are best with indoor environments but they often chase small pets and don’t like to live with other pets as their character is protective to their family. They are best for people without children.

Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs are very adorable and children love them but they are very high energy so they need someone to constantly love and play with them. They will protect at all costs such as George in 2007, found small children being attacked by pit bulls, he held them at bay long enough for the children to get away. Unfortunately he was killed by the pit bulls but he protected them without even knowing them. In 2009 he was awarded the PDSA award and a former U.S. Marine donated his purple heart to George’s owner. But they should be properly trained because if they aren’t they can get aggressive towards strangers and other animals.


These dogs are very dossal, quiet and patient. These dogs are appropriate for people that won’t be home in the day because they often like to rest during most of the day. They are in the Great Dane family so they may need to run every once in a while. But they are very polite and good with older children.


These dogs are perfect for apartments or not very active owners. The only exercise they require is traipsing around your home all day. They are charming and loving making them the perfect lap dog although they are sometimes stubborn on some things. They do tend to snap sometimes around smaller children if they are bothered, though if they are trained well they will be almost perfectly behaved.

Mini Doberman Pinscher

These dogs are best to be gotten if you don’t have another pet because some of them tend to get jealous as they like having their own space but sometimes they will get along very well with other pets. Sometimes Pinschers don’t see themselves as small and will often challenge other breeds bigger than themselves so they are best kept inside away from big dogs and animals. They need a good diet because they can get overheated if they are overweight.


This certain breed can become very attached to their owners and may follow you everywhere. They are good indoor dogs because they don’t like to run around outside because it appears to overwhelm them and sometimes they tend to run off if let out. They are very loyal and are the perfect definition of lap dog. Though they sometimes tend to yap they aren’t very obnoxious.

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