Friday, January 20, 2017

10 Best Chick Flicks for Valentines

There are some must watches for this Valentine’s Day and I have the Top 10 for the year. I love a good chick flick of course, cause I’m a chick. So, let’s not waist any time getting you the loving that you deserve for the year.

The Notebook

This is a very endearing story. The way that the guy goes after the girl in this movie is the same way that every girl wants to be pursued. Your girl will feel like you have pursued her after bringing home this flick for V-Day.

Watch The Notebook Trailer Here

The Titanic

I loved this long movie and its about the same premise as The Notebook. This love story is timeless where the young man dies for his love. So awesome. Every girl wants a man who is willing to die for her. Awesome!

Watch The Titanic Trailer Here

Gone With The Wind

This is a timeless classic. I think everyone knows or at least has heard of this 1939 film. It is the mother of all the great love classics in my book. If your lady likes the old movies, this one is for you.

Watch The Gone With The Wind Trailer Here

Pretty Woman

I think this classic made many men want to turn “whores into housewives.” It was a very good flick and any woman can feel the honor of being picked up by a prestigious man, even if she isn’t a lady of the evening. Be careful choosing this flick, even though it is in my top 10. Be sure your lady is into this type of movie. You don’t want any offenses on V-Day!

Watch The Pretty Woman Trailer Here

Legends of the Fall

Oh, God, I’ve been looking for this movie. I could not remember the name of it to save my life. But I loved the love stories that were in it. There was love, intrigue, betrayal. All the good mixing for a good chick flick. Your girl will think so too.

This is when movies were well thought out. How did they get so much into two hours?

Watch the Legends of the Fall Trailer Here

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I am so in love with this movie. What girl would not want a man to go as far as to change who he was for her. Your girl will love you for bringing this love story home. It’s a bit of a funny too. If you can get her to laugh, then she is smiling. If she is smiling then she is all yours.

Watch the My Big Fat Greek Wedding Trailer Here

Runaway Bride

Here is another movie where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts pull it off. Just like in Pretty Woman. This movie is quite different, but it is a blast and I am sure that most women will love this one. I know that I do.

Watch the Runaway Bride Trailer Here

50 First Dates

This is one of my favorite films. It is so funny and such a good love story. A man who has had problems with commitment is going through massive lengths to keep his girl who doesn’t even remember him the next day. Awesome!

Watch the 50 First Dates Trailer Here

Ever After

This is another movie with Drew Barrymore, but they had this beautiful princess in some good films. I’m telling you. This is another movie where a prestigious prince reaches and gets a commoner and loves her. Mmmm… good times.

Watch the Ever After Trailer Here

Never Been Kissed

Once again another Drew Barrymore film, but what can I say. This girl knows how to be picked up by the best of them or is she the one doing the picking up? This very weird intrigue ended in love indeed.

Watch the Never Been Kissed Trailer Here

Those are my top 10 in no particular order, but all will be good and she’ll be kissing you at the end. Happy love making!

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