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10 Best Butlers in Television History

The main job of a butler is to serve the household that they work for but television butlers must also serve the viewers at home. A butler on a television show is usually a character that adds support to the show whether it is being a sidekick of some sorts or serving comic relief. There have been some good butlers on television over the years.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 10. Aloysius Parker (Thunderbirds)
Aloysius Parker is a criminal-turned-butler puppet in the Thunderbirds television series. When Parker was a criminal in his previous occupation he was given the name “Nosey”. Besides being butler and chauffer, Parker also supports the Thunderbirds by using his old contacts from the crime scene.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 9. Duckworth (Ducktales)
Duckworth is the butler-duck on the show Ducktales. Ducktales stars Scrooge McDuck who naturally has plenty of money to have a butler. Duckworth doesn’t really have any other duties other than his regular butler duties.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 8. Lyn Belvedere (Mr. Belvedere)
Mr. Belvedere is the only character on this list that is not a supporting character. Mr. Belvedere is the main a character in his own TV show but we all know that Bob Uecker was the real star of the show.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 7. Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
Ianto Jones from the British BBC show Torchwood is not technically a butler, but is referred to as the “general support officer”. Ianto’s duties aren’t quite as menial as serving food or that sort of the thing but he has a similar supporting role as a butler.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 6. Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)
Alfred Pennyworth might be the most famous fictional butler of all but this list is not including movies or comic books. On his television work in the Adam West Batman series and Batman: The Animated Series, Alfred doesn’t quite make the top five.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 5. Max (Hart to Hart)
This Hart to Hart butler did the typical butler duties, such as cook, serve food and chauffer but was also vital in helping the Harts solve cases and help them escape from danger.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 4. Kato (Green Hornet)
Techically Kato’s job is a valet, which is a butler that is specifically assigned to one person and not an entire household like most of the butlers on this list. Kato was Britt Reid’s valet and sidekick of his crime-fighting alter ego Green Hornet. I think it is safe to say if these butlers had a large Royal Rumble that Kato would come out victorious.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 3. Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons)
Waylon Smithers official occupation is not a butler but is actually an executive assistant. Mr. Burns treats Smithers more like a manservant than simply an assistant though.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 2. Lurch (The Addams Family)
Visiting the Addams Family can be a strange adventure and it all begins with a tall Frankestein’s monster-like monster named Lurch answering the door. Even though Lurch is a large and intimidating figure he seems to be a gentle creature that is just taking orders from Gomez and Morticia.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 1. Geoffrey Butler (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Without a doubt the best butler in television history is Geoffrey Butler, or “G” as Will calls him. Not only does Geoffrey serve the Banks family but he also isn’t afraid to serve up an insult or two and to serve up some comedy to the audience.

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