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10 Best Anti-Valentines Day Movies

If the lovey-dovey mushy kissy stuff isn’t really your bag this Valentine’s Day, try some of these anti-Valentine’s Day movies that are all about love gone wrong. There is something for everybody from every generation (well, maybe not children), so grab your popcorn! And if we are going to crown the King and Queen of Bad Love, let’s give it to Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, both of whom make multiple appearances on this list of ten unromantic movies to celebrate you anti-Valentine’s Day.

The Break-up, 2006: Jennifer Aniston, who some might consider unlucky in love off screen, and Vince Vaughn play a couple who splits because of different lifestyles. Neither of them, however, wants to give up their great condo in Chicago so they remain roommates through the break-up. They try to drive each other out of the condo with outrageous acts and immaturity. Though this film wouldn’t be considered great by any means, it is a comedic spin on a situation that many find to be very real.

American Beauty, 1999: Lester (Kevin Spacey) and Carolyn (Annette Benning) appear to have the perfect life together, but inside, Lester is experiencing a mid-life crisis. His wife, Carolyn, is less than pleasant and his daughter (Thora Birch) has instituted a rebellion. His wife begins having an affair and, eeking attention, Lester sets his eyes on his daughter’s sexually promiscuous teenage friend (Mena SuvarI). Nothing says love like affairs, teenage soul mates and underage lust.

Basic Instinct, 1992: Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is assigned to a murder case involving a rock star who was killed during sex. During the investigation he meets a female author named Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), the rock star’s girlfriend at his time of death and a key suspect. When Curran fails to find enough evidence to arrest Tramell for the murder, he gets involved in a tangled web of seduction and manipulation. Is the attraction between Curran and Tramell hindering the investigation and putting Curran himself in danger?

Fatal Attraction, 1987: This is a story about a love so crazy that a woman will stop at nothing to win the heart of the one she loves. Sounds warm and fuzzy, right? Wrong. A family man and lawyer named Dan Callagher (Michael Douglas) has an affair with a colleague named Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) over a weekend. He thinks it is just a fling and will return to his family, but she has other ideas. She’ll do anything, including attempt suicide and kidnap his child, to gain his attention and affection.

The War of the Roses, 1989: This story line is very similar to The Break-up. A married couple (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) decide to divorce and what follows is bitterness and spite. Neither wants to give up the house they share and either will go to extreme lengths to keep it, as divorce lawyer (Danny DeVito) finds out. And don’t forget the kiddies! This is a humorous take on divorce and materialism.

Far From Heaven, 2002: In the 1950s, a successful wife ran a good house, had a successful husband and enjoyed a good social life. Cathy Whittaker (Julianne Moore, Academy Award Best Actress Nominee) has that life until she catches her husband Frank (Dennis Quaid) kissing another man. In trying to cope with this shocking discovery, she falls into the arms of her gardener, who happens to be black. In case you are new to what was deemed to be acceptable in the 1950s, neither of those two pairings fall into the ‘acceptable’ category. See? Love is not always pleasant.

Reversal of Fortune, 1990: This film is based on a true story about Mr. Claus von Bulow (Jeremy Irons, Academy Award Best Actor winner), who was convicted of attempting to murder his wealthy wife (Glenn Close), who now lies in a coma. Did he drug her, hoping to take all of her money? Or did she bring this on herself, taking drugs as a way to experience some release from her oh-so-stressful life of the rich? We see her life through a series of flashbacks leading up to her collapse into a coma. This movie epitomizes the classic love-or-money marriage.

Closer, 2004: Forget the love triangle, try the love square. The all-star cast of the love square includes Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Jude Law and Natalie Portman are couple, but each falls in love with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Each person becomes consumed with trying to hurt their significant other and nobody really ends up happy. “Why isn’t love enough?”

Suspicion, 1941: An oldie-but-goodie featuring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, the plot centers around a gambler (Grant) who meets a lady (Fontaine) on a train. They marry quickly but she soon finds out that he is a gambling man, often borrowing money from friends to live a life he can’t afford. He becomes a suspect in the murder of his friend and she becomes suspicious, fearing for her life that she is the next victim.

Revolutionary Road, 2009: Kate Winslet won a Golden Globe, and Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for one, for their performances in a tragic film about a couple living the expected life of a 1950s suburban family. Frank (DiCaprio) hates the job he commutes to daily in New York City, and April (Winslet) has given up her dreams to be a housewife. And for what? April decides they should move to Paris where she could work and Frank could find his passion. But she finds out she is pregnant with their third child and will do anything to rid herself of her unhappiness. This ultimately leads to shouting matches, infidelity and death.

So if you are bitter, lonely or just don’t buy into the Valentine’s Day hype then pop one of these movies in and revel in the characters’ demise!

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