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10 Airplane Conversation Starters

Airports can be exciting places to start a conversation. People from all over the world gather at the airport. You never know who you might meet. There are numerous ways to physically leave if talk becomes sour in an airport. Airplanes however, are not that convenient. This article explains the differences in starting a conversation on the ground verses being in the air as well as ten ways to make great conversation that will have you fly’n through the sky.

Airport conversation is do-able. It seems more difficult than on the airplane because it is harder to get someone to actually talk. But if you do get someone to yak-it up then you have a greater chance for a mutually rewarding conversations. That is in part do-to-the fact that it’s easier to end the bad conversation compared to when you are stuck in your seat. Do not feel guilty for telling a stranger to have a nice flight, see ya in Denver, and hitting up the next magazine shop for a different conversation.

For instance, if you see a person and think, ‘they might be down for nice conversation a a good beer.’ Only it ends-up that they are a recovering alcoholic. Suddenly, your four hour layover has you knowing more about this person than either of you expected. Well you always have the option to fake your next flight, stumble away, and hide out until the coast is clear.

Unfortunately, there is not that much freedom on an airplane. The odds of have great conversation on the airplane are against you. There are too many variables involved. You do not choice who you sit next. The chances of having pleasant conversation on a flight depends on your odds of picking a good seat. If you really like to chat sit in the middle. You have two people to talk with, thus if one ends up being a dud than you have a whole new person on your other side.

You are on your flight, board as hell and want a little bit of conversation. Warning!!! You will have to sit next to this person the whole flight. If the conversation is good or bad that is your seat and you need to sit in it.

So, yeah you have to sit there. But so does everybody else. It is time to liven things up. First of all be observant. Is the person asleep. If so, do not talk to them. If they seem nervous or scared about flying do not say things like,’Sure hope we don’t crash. Looks like a long way down, yea?’ Bad move. Unless, you seek negative attention and want a different seat.

What should you say? Well, after you check to see that they are not going to start snoring on your shoulder. Start with a small conversation. This way it gives the person the choice to engage in more conversation or go back to the happy place inside their head.

Don’t ask where they are going and why, what they do for a living, or what they ate for breakfast. You are a stranger and that is none of your business. If you ask people you ask these kind of questions you create a situation where they are probably going to lie and then blow you off.

You will know you have been blown off by the awkward silence. If this happens respect the quiet moment by waiting a few minutes before you speak. Then muster up your courage to try again.

This time pick a topic circumstantial to the physical situation.

Here are ten ideas:

“I hope the turbulence stops cause I could really use a cup of coffee.” If you make a general statement and they respond then you have given them the choice to engage in conversation. If they do not say anything they probably do not feel like talking.

If you really need to make sure that they are not just good listeners then cut right to the chase by asking, “Do you drink coffee?” Talk about coffee for as long as you can or until they change the subject. If they do not respond, SHUT-UP. They do not have to talk to you. They don’t want to talk to you. If they did you would not like the conversation. Leave them alone.

Try this half-way through the flight, if the person next to you seems like they want conversation, “I love a good beer right before landing.” This lets them know that it is OK to talk to you.

If they agree and start small chit- chat, ask in advance, ” Towards the end of this flight would you like to have a beer with me?”

Ask about the movie, “Have you ever seen this film?”

Ask about the food, “What are you going to order?”

Tell them about the view out your window ask if they would like to see.

Ask them about the view out of their window. If they are eager to tell you about it ask if you can see for yourself.

Ask them if they have ever looked through the sales magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Then point out an item you think is a good idea.

Ask them if the time change works to their benefit.

These ideas make conversation easy. Conversation is easy when the people involved want to talk and listen. Just because you must sit next to a person does not mean that they must talk or listen. Keep it simple and the conversation with flow. Ask too much and you will scared people off.

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