Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1 Minute Makeover

Everyone wants a makeover. We all see the television shows that show dramatic differences in the before and after pictures. Not everyone will have these kinds of results. However, makeovers can make anyone look more alive and stylish. Unfortunately we don’t have the time and the money to get a makeover every few years. Instead, it is your job to make sure you always look your best. If you need some quick tips to look your best, here are some 1 minute makeover ideas.

Stand Up Straight
Slouching is a terrible habit many people in this world do. The shoulders sag forward while our belly hangs out and our head droops low. If you pull your shoulders back, and tighten your stomach muscles, you will not only support your back more, but also lose a visual 10 pounds. Posture can do a lot for your image.

Bra Straps
We all get into the habit of simply wearing bras that are comfortable and may not give us enough support. Breasts begin to sag and make us look heavy and old. A quick, 20 second fix is to shorten your bra straps ½ inch on both sides. This will give you a perkier look.

Flip Your Hair
When hair is left down, it tends to get heavier and flatter throughout the day. If you have an important meeting, you can easily liven up your hairdo by flipping your head upside down and massaging the roots for 20 seconds. You will be amazed how much body and bounce can be added by doing this simple trick.

Cheek Color
Whether you wear make up or not, adding color to your cheeks can do wonders for a personal makeover. Color makes us look younger, healthier, and more alive. If your makeup has faded during the day, or if you simply did not put on makeup in the morning, there is a trick you can do. Simply, pinch the apples of your cheeks a couple of times. This will give you a natural cheek glow.

Not everyone can be beautiful on the outside, but everyone can be beautiful on the inside. If you have confidence, people will look right past your physical features and focus on your thoughts and mind. However, if you would like to make more of a visual impression on your audience, try these simple 1 minute makeover tricks the next time you are caught in a bind.

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