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10 Interesting Facts About Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera who was born on January 7, 1962 at Fort Ord, California. He is the Head Coach for the Carolina Panthers and has been playing and coaching in the NFL since 1984.

10 interesting facts about Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera


Ron Rivera as a military brat grew up around the world in Panama, Germany, Washington D.C., Maryland, and California.


Ron Rivera played for the University of Southern California, Berkeley. Ron was an All-American linebacker he last three years of his college career. He held the records for career tackles and all-time sacks at one time. He still holds the single season record for tackles for loss on a play.


Ron Rivera was the MVP of the 1984 East-West Shrine Game and was the country’s top linemen in 1983 winning the Lombardi Award.


Ron Rivera was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 2nd round, the 44th overall selection of the 1984 NFL Draft.


Ron Rivera was the first Puerto Rican football player to win a Super Bowl in the FL when the Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots 46-10 at Super Bowl XX.


Ron Rivera played for only one team, the Chicago Bears for his entire nine season career which lasted from 1984 to 1992.


Ron Rivera from 1993-1996 worked as a sports TV analyst covering NFL and college games in the Chicago area for SportsChannel Chicago and WGN-TV.


Ron Rivera got his first job coaching in the NFL with the Chicago Bears in 1997 as a Defensive Quality Control Coach. He stayed thru the 1998 season until offered a Linebacker coaching position with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 where he stayed thru the 2003 season. During his years at Philadelphia, the Eagles made three consecutive NFC Championship games. In 2004, Ron returned to the Chicago Bears to become their Defensive Coordinator. The 2005 Bears ranked 2nd in the NFL overall and in 2006 the Bears defense was ranked 3rd and gave up the fewest points in the league. Apparently he Bears GM and Owners upset that Ron Rivera was interviewing for head coaching positions with the San Diego Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys decided to not renew his contract for the 2007 season. Ron became the San Diego Chargers inside linebackers coach in 2007. He was promoted to defensive Coordinator in October of 2008.


Ron Rivera in 2011 was named the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. He is the 4th Latino Head Coach in the NFL. Thru the 2013 season, Ron’s Panthers have compiled a 25-23 cumulative regular season record and a 0-1 playoff record. 2013 season was the first time during Ron’s tenure that the Panthers have made the playoffs, winning the NFC South.


Ron Rivera nickname is “Riverboat Ron.” He was labeled that for his propensity to go for it on 4th down or to try a play that had a high risk factor.

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10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee is an “eye-opening” way for an estimated 4 out of every 5 Americans to start their day. In fact, Americans enjoy drinking a “cup of Joe” most anytime, day or night. In fact, besides Americans, the three largest consumers of coffee include the French and the Germans. Combined, these people drink about 65% of the total coffee that’s consumed in the world. Here are 10 interesting facts about coffee:

1. How Much Caffeine Does Coffee Contain?
The amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee contains depends on the type of beans that are used, how they were roasted, and even how the beverage was brewed. On the average, a small, eight-ounce cup of coffee contains anywhere from 65 milligrams of caffeine if it’s “instant”, to 115 milligrams if it’s drip brewed.

2. Coffee Has Its Own Designated Holidays
In Costa Rica, it’s September 12; the Irish celebrate it on September 19, and October 1 is designated as “Coffee Day” in Japan.

3. Where Did the Term “Cup of Joe” Come From?
Another interesting fact about coffee is that it’s long been a favorite drink among American soldiers. Soldiers in the Civil War, for example, were issued rations of coffee which they brewed in water over camp fires. During World War II, American soldiers found Maxwell® Instant Coffee in their rations. Since these soldiers were known as “G.I. Joes”, and were known to consume large amounts of coffee, the phrase “cup of Joe” was adapted to describe a cup of coffee.

4. Coffee Ranks High in the World of Commodities
When you think of the most popular commodity that’s traded across the globe, what comes to mind? If petroleum was your first guess, you’re right on the money! But, what commodity holds the number two spot? You guessed it- coffee. Coffee may be just a drink to you, but it’s actually a $60 billion dollar a year industry.

5. Who Invented Coffee?
This is probably the most interesting fact about coffee you’ll ever hear. The story goes, that many generations ago, in- what’s now – the African country of Ethiopia, a lowly goat herder noticed one day that some of his sheep were full of energy. They were giddy and, well, rather high-strung. Upon further inspection the man found out they were eating berries off a bush. The goat herder tasted the berries and he found that he had more energy as well! At first, the berries were eaten. It was later they were turned into a caffeinated beverage.

6. Is This Why Coffee Is So Pricey?
Coffee trees are not fast growers. In fact, it takes five years for a coffee tree to reach full maturity. Once it’s become mature, each tree will bear one to two pounds of coffee beans per growing season.

7. George Washington Invented Instant Coffee…
George Constant Washington, that is, an English chemist. Another interesting fact about coffee is that Washington, who was living in Guatemala in 1906, invented a product he called “Red-E-Coffee.” It was placed on the market in 1909.

8. Coffee Is Naturally a No-Calorie Beverage
Just like tea, if you prefer to drink your coffee “black”, or without sugar, milk or other additives, then it’s a no-calorie beverage. That’s why it’s a favorite drink among people who are dieting.

9. Coffee and Its Impact on Employment
An interesting fact about coffee is that this number two commodity provides jobs for about 25 million people in the world today.

10. Use Coffee to Grow Your Plants
Dump some cold coffee into ailing houseplants from time to time and it will help them turn green and healthy. Or, mix some used coffee grounds into the soil to help revitalize your plants!

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10 Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy

As the Christmas season is starting to arrive, I thought I would write about the topic of Joy. The Bible has many verses about the topic of Joy or that include the word Joy. I have picked out 10 Bible Verses that I hope to be an inspiration to those reading.

10 Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy

Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy- From the book of Psalms

Psalm 30:5

For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.

Psalm 16:11

Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; In Thy presence is fulness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.

Psalm 126:3

The LORD has done great things for us; We are glad.

Psalm 4:7

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, More than when their grain and new wine abound.

Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy- From the book of Romans

Romans 14:17

for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy- From the book of Acts

Acts 2:28

‘Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; Thou wilt make me full of gladness with Thy presence.’

Inspirational Bible Verses About Joy- From the book of James

James 1:2

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,

Inspiration Bible Verses About Joy- From the books of Proverbs and Hebrews

Proverbs 23:24

The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, And he who begets a wise son will be glad in him.

Hebrews 12:2

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

We receive Joy from the holy spirit that works inside of us. The Bible even tells us to give joy and rejoice in times of trial. I pray that these Bible Verses brought inspiration and joy to your hearts. Please add any other Bible Verses about Joy to the comments.

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New American Standard Bible

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10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray

Bill Murray, who was born on September 21, 1950, is an American actor who has been in many great movies. Some of the movies that he has been in are Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Lost in Translation.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the famous actor:

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #1:
The first interesting fact is that he has been married twice. He was married to his first wife, Mickey Kelley, from January 25, 1981 to January 29, 1994. They had two children together. As for his second marriage, he married a woman, Jennifer Butler, who he was with from July 4, 1997 to June 13, 2008. They had four children together.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #2:
One random fact is that he is an owner of a minor league baseball team in Charleston, South Carolina. The name of the baseball team is the Riverdogs.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #3:
He has commented about how he has controlled his desire for wanting an Oscar. In his words, “I’m over the Oscar thing. I feel that if you really want an Oscar, you’re in trouble. It’s like wanting to be married – you’ll take anybody. If you want the Oscar really badly, it becomes a naked desire and ambition. It becomes very unattractive. I’ve seen it.”

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #4:
Another interesting fact is that he was bitten by the groundhog twice during the making of the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #5:
One of his favorite sports is golf. He has appeared at several pro-am golf tournaments.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #6:
Another interesting fact is that he has talked about the “downsides” of having money. In his words, “There aren’t many downsides to being rich, other than paying taxes and having relatives asking for money. But being famous, that’s a 24 hour job right there.”

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #7:
He could have played the role of Boon in National Lampoon’s Animal House. The role was even created solely for him. Unfortunately, he declined it because of a scheduling conflict.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #8:
Another role that he turned down was Steve Carell’s part in the 2006 movie Little Miss Sunshine. He has commented that this role was one that he regretted not taking.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #9:
Fellow comedian Dan Aykroyd gave Murray the nickname of “The Murricane” because Murray often experiences mood swings.

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Murray #10:
The last interesting fact is that he has compared the two Ghostbuster movies. In his words, “The first 45 minutes of the original Ghostbusters is some of the funniest stuff ever made. The second one was disappointing because the special-effects guys took over. I had something like two scenes – and they’re the only funny ones in the movie.”


“Bill Murray Biography,”

Katla McGlynn, “Find Out What Your Favorite Bill Murray Movie Says About You! ,” The Huffington Post.

Stuart Heritage, “Bill Murray is 60! Celebrate with 60 Bill Murray Facts,” The Guardian.

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10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage

All couples get into a rut from time to time. Many of the mysteries have been solved and either, or both, of you have been complacent in your marriage. Marriage is like a garden. It needs to be given attention, sun, water. A lot goes in to creating a successful garden and you have to maintain it in order for it to continue thriving. When you feel you’ve slid into a rut, try out these tips for reviving the romance.

1. Roleplaying. Don’t afraid to do something different. That’s the pitfall of many relationships in a rut – people don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. If you had to eat vanilla ice cream the rest of your life, you’d get bored too. If you always liked the look of cowboys, ask your spouse to dress up for you, or dress up for them. You might find you enjoy playing out the boss-secretary fantasy, or the schoolgirl-principal fantasy. Be creative and experiement. Figure out what you’d enjoy. Remember, you are with someone you trust completely, your husband/wife. He is not going to think you are a weird pervert if you dress up as Pocahontas for him. In fact, I guarantee that he’ll be quite enticed at your getup.

2. Take roleplaying a step farther. If you are not interested in what some call ‘cliche’ or ‘cheesy’ roleplaying, why not go out on a date with your spouse – as a different person. Create an alter ego for yourself, dress differently than you normally would. If it helps you feel more into “character”, try a wig, fall, or hairpiece. Meet him at the bar or restaurant, so that he might not recognize you when you come in. If he’s game, have him come up with a persona for himself – neither of you know this “stranger” and so, with a general background of your “character”, neither one of you is going to know what the other one is bound to say. It eliminates the predictibility of relationships. You know all about that person…but you don’t know about this person. Encourage your husband (and yourself) to allow yourself to be more free in your alter ego. It’s not you, in a way, so you can be more daring with your flirting, etc.

3. Do a striptease. Set up a chair in your bedroom, some music to dance to, and wear something a stripper would. I recommend ‘Pump Up the Volume’ by MARRS for music. When you pick something to wear, find something that flatters you and makes you feel sexy. If you have a nice chest, but a stomach you’d like to supress, try a corset.

4. Do something romantic for no reason other than you love your spouse. Surprise them with a love letter from you (handwritten) and a rose in their car. I assure you, it will make their day to go to their car after a long day at work and find your surprise. You could even include a few “love coupons” for them to use at their discretion, such as “One backrub” or “A night under the stars”.

5. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror, the computer – anywhere, basically – for your spouse to find. Everyone likes to know that they’re being thought about and it’ll boost their day just knowing that you took the time.

6. Do something thoughtful, whether its buying them something you know they wanted, or taking out the trash, or washing their hair in the shower. The little things really do count.

7. Leave a trail of rose petals leading toward the bedroom. They will get the hint to follow. Have silk sheets on the bed and champagne or wine cooling on the nightstand. Tell them what you love about them.

8. Try to avoid doing the dinner-and-a-movie date. Go to a carnival. Have fun with them. Many rides will give you opportunities to break the touch barrier and have a enjoyable, intimate time with your spouse. Pick date ideas that are fun, different, and not typical. Go-carts is recommended, too.

9. Make them a candlelight dinner with their favorite meal. It goes along way to remind your partner that you care.

10. Kiss your spouse as if they are going off to war. Many of can fall into the trip of giving quick pecks on the lips before scurrying off to work. Take the time to show them you are still very much in love with them, and very much attracted to them.

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10 Illinois State Historic Sites Open 7 Days a Week

During this bicentennial year of 16th President Abraham Lincoln’s birth, 10 Illinois state historic sites, many with Lincoln connections, will open seven days a week this month for the summer tourist season.

This follows the reversal of disgraced ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich’s closing of what he said were the least-visited state parks and state historic sites through the remainder of the fiscal year. Blagojevich cited budgetary shortages for the closings.

Governor Pat Quinn recently ordered those state parks and historic sites to be reopened. A few had been reopened separate from government action, as in the case of the Vandalia Statehouse where Lincoln served as a state lawmaker, thanks to local efforts.

Generally, the sites reopened with their budget-saving five-day-a-week schedule, closing Mondays and Tuedays which are regarded as the slowest tourist days of the week.

Sites Staying Open

According to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, the state historic sites that will now open this summer seven days a week include:

the Bjorklund Hotel, Colony Church, and Bishop Hill Museum in Bishop Hill, a town founded as a colony by Swedish religious dissenters, May 25th until September 7th

Cahokia Mounds, site of the largest prehistoric city in North America and of the astronomical site Woodhenge, in Collinsville, open now through October 31, closing Mondays only after November 1st

Fort Kaskaskia in Ellis Grove, located on a bluff overlooking the island …accessible only from the Missouri side…where the first state capital is located, until further notice

the Lewis and Clark site in Hartford, where Captains Meriwhether Lewis and William Clarke’s expedition West was launched from their winter quarters at Camp DuBois where they recruited and trained, until further notice

the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices in Springfield, the only remaining location where Lincoln maintained law offices, May 15 through September 7

the Lincoln Log Cabin in Lerna, home of Lincoln’s parents after he moved to Springfield and which he occasionally visited, through September 7

Lincoln’s New Salem in Petersburg, a magniificent recreation of the village where Lincoln was a storekeeper, through September 14

Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, where the former president is entombed and the site of a bizarre plot by counterfeiters to snatch the late president’s body, May 14 through September 7

the Old State Capitol in Springfield, May 15 through September 7;

and the Vandalia Statehouse in Vandalia, through September 7.

Except where noted, the sites will revert to their five-day-a-week Wednesday through Sunday schedule through the remainder of the year after the summer schedule expires.


A supplemental appropriation bill passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Pat Quinn makes the reopening possible which not only paid for the expanded summer schedule but had been responsible for reopening the closed parks and historic sites.

The Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency operates more than 60 state historic sites and memorials as well as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library located in downtown Springfield.


Historic Sites Across the State Have Re-Opened!, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

Several States Historic Sites to Open Seven Days a Week for Summer, WandTV

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10 Hot Tips for Visiting Rome

Rome is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations and with over 3.8 million residents, there are a few things that you should know before arriving. Follow these tips for a fun and safe visit to the busiest city in Italy.

Tip 1
There are two airports that service Rome. The major one is Leonardo da Vinci, also commonly known as Fiumicino. The secondary airport is the one most commonly serviced by charter flights and the average discount flight that many airlines offer from various European cities. Ciampino is the secondary airport and though it’s less serviced by major transit, it’s easy to take a CORTAL bus to the Metropolitana station which connects with a train that ends at Stazione Termini. This train leaves from Fiumicino every hour. The station is located in the heart of old Rome and is the main hub for all trains, subways, and buses in Rome. It’s also surrounded by the cheapest hotels in the city.

Tip 2
The quickest and cheapest way to get around Rome is by bus. ATAC is the main bus company servicing Rome, and two routes go directly through the historical district and the cultural center of Rome. The 64 is by far more popular, while the 40 has fewer stops but is an express and less crowded. Whenever possible, choose to ride the 40 as the 64 is famous for the professional pickpockets and shady characters constantly on board. This bus houses professional looking businessmen with suit jackets on their arms, which they use to cover their roaming hands and relieve you of your money, wallets, and anything else that might be within their reach. The 40 has fewer people and fewer tourists. Because the 64 is well-known as a popular route for visitors, it’s an easy target. Avoid the dangers of the 64 completely and take the 40 into the historic center of Rome.

Tip 3
If you’re looking to get into the historical center of Rome and the entrance to the Vatican, you’ll have to go by bus, taxi, or on foot. While Rome has a subway, called Metro, it doesn’t service the oldest parts of the city. The reasons for this are simply that too many archaeological treasures are found under the city and digging is often stopped before it really gets started. The Metro is the quickest way to get around, and since a day ticket or visitor’s pass is good on the trains or buses, you’ll be likely to use the Metro, but when heading towards the Vatican, the bus should be your travel option of choice.

Tip 4
Small fountains found along the streets of Rome, along with larger more decorative fountains are all flowing with cold, fresh water that flows down the mountain springs in the outer areas of the city. These fountains are safe to drink from unless they have a sign posted that reads “acqua non potabile” in which case the water is not safe for drinking. Although drinking is allowed from the fountains, bathing and swimming never is, so don’t dip in no matter how hot it is or how inviting the water is, unless you’re hoping to be arrested and charged at least 500 euro.

Tip 5
Since transit tickets can be used on the bus and the train your pass simply needs to be activated. There are metro ticket machines, however these only take exact change and are known to eat money and produce no tickets. Instead of using the machines, purchase your tickets at the station, from a newsstand, or a nearby tobacconist. Tickets start at 1 euro for 75 minutes of travel by bus or train. Visitor passes are available for 11 euro for three days, and a week-long travel pass is 16 euro. Make sure you have a ticket that is validated or you could face a 51 euro fine.

Tip 6
Street scammers, beggars, and thieves run abundant in the Eternal City, so make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. Always wear a money belt or secure money pouch under your clothing. Bags should have a secure zipper and if possible, a Velcro flap over the zipper as well. Never leave bags on the ground or walk away from your belongings. If you turn your head for even a moment, you may lose your belongings. Also be aware of scammers who present themselves as police and demand to know the pin numbers of your credit and debit cards. They scan your cards into a machine and then demand to know your personal identification number. These are not really police, the police would never demand your pin. As soon as possible, call your bank and report this activity to the real police. Any case of robbery should be reported immediately.

Tip 7
The most popular tourist months in Rome are between May and October, although August is usually a very quiet time. The heat is usually such that most Romans leave the city for a beach vacation and the city is far less busy and crowded. Several events still take place in August, but if you’re looking to travel with a smaller crowd, this may be the right time for you. Otherwise, the early spring to late fall months are less crowded than May and June. Winters are also mild and the build-up for Christmas is usually a great time to visit Rome.

Tip 8
No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the Vatican. This small country located within Rome is the home of the Catholic Church and a large number of historic buildings, churches, basilicas, monuments, and famous art pieces. Whatever your reasons for visiting the Vatican, keep this tip in mind. There is a dress code to the Vatican that is strictly enforced by guards outside St. Peter’s Square. For men, shorts are not allowed, nor are sleeveless tops. Slacks and t-shirts are acceptable. For women, no bare shoulders are permitted, no low-cut blouses, and slacks and skirts must cover the knees. Refrain from wearing attire that may have offensive or vulgar pictures or words. If your attire is not acceptable, you will not be permitted to enter. Several vendors outside the square have set up shop selling paper pants, shirts and shawls. However, unless you feel like purchasing these or changing in front of a crowd, make sure you’re dressed appropriately before leaving your hotel. Keeping a cover-up in a backpack isn’t a bad idea either.

Tip 9
The Vatican Post office offers an alternative to the Italian Post which many Romans have discovered is too slow and lax in its services. While the Vatican postage costs the same and the Italian, the service is usually much faster. If you’re looking to send postcards home, try this post instead. You can also tell your addressee that they’re receiving a stamp which was blessed by the Pope!

Tip 10
In order to see Rome properly try to follow Roman traditions. For example, an early morning excursion, leading to lunch, a lengthy afternoon nap, and an evening excursion will fit well with Rome’s schedule. Many shops and eateries close in the afternoon hours for their own afternoon naps, reopening later in the day for the dinner hours. Tourists are in the street, battling large crowds by 10am, so the earlier you go to some things, the better. This practice is especially observed in the hotter summer months when a break from the heat is needed. Plan your days to include an early morning, a late night, and a long nap in the afternoon.

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10 Inexpensive Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell

When it comes time to sell your home, there are some easy cheap tips you can do to add value to the selling price.

  1. Paint – Pick a neutral color to repaint the rooms. This is one of the cheapest things you can do. It not only brightens up your rooms but gives a fresh look throughout.

  2. Professionally clean carpets. This will spruce up the carpets and remove stains that may be in there. This is not expensive to do, and will make your home show and sell better. Paint your front door a nice neutral color. Paint or re-stain garage doors, to brighten them up

  3. De-clutter: Pack up your personal items, leaving very little out for people who come to see your home. People want to be able to picture their stuff in the house, which is easier if you don’t have distractions out. You want people to look at the house, not your personal things. Less is better here.

  4. Replace knobs on cabinets, and doors. This is an overlooked item, but new knobs and handles can make an old cabinet look new again. Update the knobs for a whole new look. Replace light switches or paint them a compliment color to match your walls.

  5. Curb Appeal: Add new flowers, cut grass, and trim shrubs for instant curb appeal. Even a mailbox that needs painting can take away from the appeal of a house. Paint the house if you have to or the shutters to make the curb appeal even better. If the prospective buyer doesn’t like the look from the outside, they will never stop and come in. You only have one chance for a great first impression.

  6. Add higher wattage light bulbs. Prospective buyers want to see the house bright inside. No one wants to see a dark house.

  7. Clean – Clean out closets, pack up things you haven’t used for a long time, you want the closet to appear bigger, which it will with less things neatly stored. Clean the ceiling fans, behind the refrigerator and the oven. Make sure dishes are done, and laundry is folded and neatly put away. You want people to see your home as spotless as you possible can get it. Paying special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Clean out cabinets, and put everything in order. Remove items from a junk drawer and store them somewhere else. People will open cabinets and drawers. Invest in a cleaning crew to come in and clean for you.

  8. Remove dark curtains, replace with lightweight drapes, allowing the sunlight to come in. Again this is to make your home appear brighter. Make sure your blinds are cleaned. The easiest way to clean blinds is to take them to a car wash, and hose them off.

  9. Replace faucets with new ones if yours look a little dingy. Make sure they sparkle.

  10. Add some soft scents around your home, potpourri placed in rooms will make a room smell great, and get people in the mood to buy. Don’t use harsh scents, use more natural scents.

Little details do not have to cost a lot of money but will go a long way. While it will take a little time and elbow grease to spruce up your home, it will pay off in the end with a quick sell with a higher profit for you.

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10 Ideas for a New Year's Celebration at Home

Quite a few people choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve at their homes. You can plan different activities for your family to partake in while you all are waiting for the clock to strike midnight and ring in the New Year. This article contains ten ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve at your home.

Name That Celebrity

Each person will need a piece of paper and writing utensil. The object if the game is to write down a resolution that you think a celebrity should make. Have everyone take turns reading the resolutions and see if the other family members can guess which celebrity the resolution was written for.

Pass the Resolution

Everyone will write down a New Year’s resolution onto a piece of paper. After all of the papers have been folded and placed into a large bowl or hat, pass them around, have each person pick a random resolution and then try to guess who wrote it.

Best of 2009

Each family member should gather together a memorable photo that was taken in 2009. Before the clock strikes midnight, share the photographs and the stories behind them with each other. A great way to remember 2009!

Video Time Capsule

Walk around the house with your video recorder and talk to everyone about the most significant moment of 2009, along with their goals for 2010. This is a terrific way to capture bits and pieces of 2009. Afterwards, copies of the video can be made for everyone.

Game On!

Have the ultimate family celebration by breaking out a variety of board games available or card games, too. Die hard board game players will most likely jump for joy if you plan a championship game for the winners of the board games.

Make a Celebration Beverage

Make a celebration beverage to toast with when 2010 arrives. Decide if you want to make a party punch, mixed drinks, or even a hot beverage. There are a variety of websites, such as What’s Cooking America, that will have a great mix of beverage recipes.

Below are kid-friendly activities:

Make a Noise Maker

This activity is super fun for kids to do while they are waiting on the arrival of the new year. Dried beans, craft beads and tiny bells can added to the inside of a toilet paper or paper towel roll. Secure one end of the rolls with aluminum foil and tape, then add the items to the roll, and close up the open end.

Have a Dance Off

The adults can be the judges of the dance off. Grab some CDs or play music from the internet for the kid’s dance off. Decide if you want to theme the dance off with a certain genre of music.

Cookie Challenge

Prepare for the kids to decorate cookies for the family. Provide an assortment of toppings for cookies, like sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, shredded coconut, nuts and sanding sugar. After they bake, each family member should taste test the cookies and decide who chose the best combination of toppings.

Making Goals Through Art

Set up a place in your home where the kids can create artwork that portrays the type of goals that they would like to accomplish in 2010. Paper, colored pencils, markers and crayons are ideal supplies to have out for the children.

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10 Inexpensive Gifts for Women

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year trying to find the cash to buy presents for everyone on your list without breaking your budget. There are many things that you can get that will be inexpensive but women will love.

1. Gift Certificate for personal care so that she can pamper herself: These can be getting your nails done to tanning bed time. If you get a gift certificate for places like a department store more than likely it would be used on the family. Make sure you get a Gift Certificate for something that would be just for her.

2. A Journal – Everyone loves a journal to write their thoughts. Get a nice pen so that she can use to write in her journal daily. She will not only enjoy writing in the journal daily but also rereading it throughout the year. If the journal has dates in it, write on those dates so that when she gets to that date she will know that you remembered it.

3. Personal Calendar with family photos, or photos to make her smile daily. These are easy to create and she will love it. When she looks at it daily to check her schedule she will enjoy it.

4. Scrapbook starting kit. Everything that she would need to start a personal scrapbook of her life. This is a great and fun way to organize photos.

5. Bubble bath and Wine basket: Include the wine, the book and the glass so that she can relax in the tub and have some time to herself. In the gift basket you can add stuff for her to do a pedicure and a manicure. Include things that she will be able to pamper herself.

6. A CD of her favorite music. You can even make this yourself choosing only her favorite songs to include on the CD.

7. Her favorite Movie on DVD, if it’s a sad movie include tissues, you can also make this a basket, giving her wine, and wine glasses and snacks.

8. Her favorite song, poem printed out on fancy paper and framed.

9. Purse size digital camera so that she never misses those important shots that just can’t be captured with a cell phone camera.

10. A Gift Certificate for her favorite restaurant along with a coupon of someone to babysit so she can enjoy the night out with another adult.

Getting great presents doesn’t have to be expensive but they should be thoughtful enough so that the person receiving the gift enjoys it.

Labels: 10 Inexpensive Gifts for Women

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