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10 Reasons to Go Vegetarian in the New Year

A vegetarian or vegan diet is believed to be better by many, as we see the amount of people cutting out some or all animal products from their diet increasing year after year. People go vegetarian for a number of reasons – from animal rights issues to health issues to social issues. So, if you’re considering making the jump, here are 10 excellent reasons to go vegetarian in the new year:

1. To help animals. By becoming a vegetarian (or vegan), you are saving the lives of numerous animals each year that otherwise would have to suffer through an incredibly inhumane life and death.

2. To help people. To keep animals to be used for food alive, an infinite number of water and crops are used, when instead these could be use to nourish the innumerable number of starving people worldwide.

3. To lose weight. A healthy vegetarian diet is much lower in bad fats, so it is very likely that you will see a couple, or even dozens, of pounds come off after taking meat out of your daily diet.

4. To be happier. One of the best reasons to go vegetarian in the new year is that it’s likely that you will feel much happier without consuming all of the toxins found in meat products.

5. To live healthier. Many studies have shown that the chance of getting various illnesses and diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, is reduced in those who have adopted a vegetarian diet.

6. To be more eco-friendly. By now, nearly everyone knows that we need to take some crucial steps to save the earth. However, what many people don’t realize is that by supporting the meat industry, you are supporting an incredible amount of pollution being put into the earth’s atmosphere to keep the industry running.

7. To live longer. Another one of the best reasons to go vegetarian in the new year is to extend your lifespan. Many studies have shown that people who follow a healthy, vegetarian diet live years past their omnivorous counterparts.

8. To save money. With the economy still at a standstill, many people are looking for ways to save money, and with a vegetarian diet you can cut money from your monthly food bill, while upping your vitamin and nutrient intake.

9. To avoid toxic chemicals. Meat is often times loaded with toxic chemicals that are hurting our bodies and our health, so a vegetarian diet is much safer in this regard, as well.

10. To reduce the national debt. Treating diseases and illnesses related to the consumption of meat such as cancer and diabetes, has certainly contributed to the national debt, so going vegetarian in the new year will boost the economy this way, too.

Use these 10 reasons to go vegetarian in the new year to live a healthier, more eco-friendly, and cruelty-free lifestyle.

You can read more of my vegetarian articles here.

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10 Reasons Hugh Jackman was a FANTASTIC Oscar Choice

Is Hugh Jackman the BEST choice to host the Oscars? ABSOLUTELY!

1. He’s tall dark and handsome, and what a hunk and a heart-throb!. (Seen him in Kate and Leopold? Australia?)
2. Hugh’s an acclaimed singer and dancer, renowned actor (on stage and film) and a consummate entertainer. He’s delightfully fun to watch.
3. Slumdog Millionaire is a Oscar contender and Hugh sings and dances with the lot dancers from Mumbai. As tall as he is, he has great dance flexibility and dexterity and great posture.
4. Hugh has style, elegance and great sense of timing and entertainment. He sings, dances and charms the audience.
5. Hugh was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 2008, an stage eye candy
6. He’s a third time host for Tony Awards and entertaining to watch (youtube)
7. He’s a change from comedic hosts and their scripted jokes,
8. Love Hugh’s Australian accent, and I hope he falls back on that every so often at the Oscars.
9. Hugh has won Tony, Emmy and other awards and is no stranger to winning and perfect to host the Oscars.
10. He plays the tough guy in X-man, a gay in The Boy from Oz and a love interest in Australia and Kate and Leopold – he’s got the entire population covered.

For the past Oscars, I preferred to read about it or watch online clips without having to sit tediously through the entire show. However, this year for the first time, I actually thought of hosting an Oscar party to enjoy every moment of Hugh’s entertainment.

The article was submitted prior to the Oscars but it was delayed published at a later date.


Review of Hugh Jackman as Host to the 81st Academy Awards

* 36 million watched, 4 million more than last year’s

* Opened with a musical tribute spoofing this year’s best picture nominees (see

* New York Times praised Jackman as a “shrewd, even thrifty choice for a recession-era Oscar night – the hosting equivalent of a value meal.” Hugh is a versatile performer.

Toronto Star complimenting Jackman for providing a “vastly more entertaining [show] than it has been in years”.

* The day after reviews from various talk shows and entertainment television raved Hugh’s hosting.

Less luster review :

* New York Post said that Hugh “performed like a cheesy cruise-ship entertainer to the endless hours of awards to dull men we’ve never heard of categories we don’t care about”

* The Los Angeles Times said it did not care for ‘chorus boy spaz-out” and found it “weird” when he sat on nominee Frank Langella’s lap.’ Weird in Hollywood tongue in cheek humor?

Regardless of public opinions, I enjoyed the entire presentation and looked forward to each of his appearance. I loved the opening musical tribute and his number with Beyonce

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman biography

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10 Reasons to Love 'Twin Peaks'

If you’ve ever watched “Twin Peaks,” most likely you fell in love with it for its unique attributes which can’t be found anywhere else, on television or otherwise. These go beyond the sheer brilliance of the plot- a seemingly cozy town with a seedy underbelly, showing its true colors amidst the murder of a seemingly innocent girl.

Here are ten reasons why I personally loved the show, as well as some things you may not have known about David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s creation (Possible Spoilers Below).

1. The Setting/Scenery

From the wind blowing through the Douglas firs, to the rustic look of the Great Northern, anyone who’s watched the show knows that one of its strong suits is the setting and scenery. Lynch made flickering lights, ceiling fans, traffic lights, telephones, and basic household items extremely creepy and surreal. And of course, there’re the woods, which host an often dark mythological and spiritual force, and One-Eyed Jacks, the rich-man’s whorehouse. And who can forget the Double R Diner, with Twin Peaks’ most famous staple: pie and coffee.

2. Quotes/Dialogue

“There was a fish in the percolator!”

“She’s dead…wrapped in plastic!”

“Black as midnight on a moonless night.”

“Do your palms ever itch?”

“The owls are not what they seem.”-

“Fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke.”

….And there’re plenty more.

3. The Music

Composer Angelo Badalamenti did virtually all of the show’s instrumental music, with Julee Cruise singing the vocals on a few of them (namely the scenes in the Roadhouse). From Audrey’s quirky dance, to the memorable introduction, to the creepy, daunting instrumentals, “Twin Peaks” would not be what it is today without the music (IMO).

4. The Details

One of the perks of “Twin Peaks” is being able to watch it over and over, despite knowing the answer to who killed Laura Palmer. The show is packed with details that you may not catch on your first viewing, or may not think hold importance until you solve the show’s main mystery. As always with Lynch, some of these details do hold clues, not only in regards to Laura’s death, but Lynch’s overall message regarding the White Lodge and Black Lodge, whatever that may be. However, some of them were probably thrown in as simple aesthetics, confusing viewers even more so than intended.

Here are some quirky details I noticed that may or may not hold symbolic value:

– Dr. Jacoby’s coconut and glasses (one lens is red- on his right eye, one lens is blue- on his left eye)

– The ‘firm tree pitch gum’ the Log Lady chews

– The Horne brothers being named Ben & Jerry (the ice cream)- not to mention the ‘E’ on the end of ‘Horne’ (maybe a ploy on the word ‘horny’)

– In several episodes we see Cooper wearing a ring on his pinky finger; Audrey wears a ring on her middle finger

– The Bookhouse Boys’ signal is swiping the right eye; the signal used for One-Eyed Jacks is the left eye.

– There are several instances of hand motions/symbols regarding right and left-hand sides.

– The show is based in a town whose prime business is a woodmill. This mill brings out the corrupt side of several characters, and several people die as a result. In this way, to some, people’s lives are as dispensible as logs.

5. Marilyn Monroe Similarities

The show’s creators initially wanted to do a show based on the novel “Goddess” about Marilyn Monroe, but chose to do “Twin Peaks” instead when they couldn’t get the rights to the book. Laura and Marilyn share many similarities.

(For some reason, the plot here also reminded me of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams).

6. Behind the Scenes

As you may or may not have known, Lynch did not let his cast know who the real killer was till he was forced by the network to reveal the killer’s identity, episodes earlier than when he planned to. Even then, he wrote and filmed several different scripts and scenes so the ‘killers’ in question did not know they were the real killer while filming.

7. The Log Lady

Probably my favorite aspect of the show is the Log Lady. On certain channels (and on the DVD’s), the Log Lady provides telling introductions before each episode, which are essentially riddles- providing subtle clues to viewers as what to look out for in the episode to follow. You can read all of the Log Lady’s introductions here.

8. The Cast/Characters

From the sexy Twin Peaks’ ladies to the Bookhouse Boys to scary Bob, Twin Peaks contains an array of eccentric and memorable characters. Actors Billy Zane, David Duchovny and Molly Shannon also made guest appearances.

9. Soap Opera

With the insertion of the ‘Invitation to Love’ show being watched by several women in Twin Peaks, we are reminded that essentially we’re watching a soap opera. The Jade/Emerald character on the show reminds us of the duel personalities of Laura, as well as the duel nature of Twin Peaks in general.

10. Memorable Scenes

-Maddy being killed

– Leland being lowered on Laura’s Casket

-Shelley and Bobby having a party; Leo falling into the cake

– Pretty much every scene where Leland dances and sings

-Ben Horne’s war hallucinations

– Pretty much every scene in the Black Lodge/Red Room

…And there’re plenty more.

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10 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business

Relationships – Getting involved in a home based business you will have a great social network and meet people that will become great friends. You will be around like-minded people; people that are goal orientated and always strive to do and be more. Think about the people you are spending your time with. Are they a positive influence on your life? Do they have a positive attitude? Spending your time with positive people can have a huge impact on your life.

Equal Opportunity – It doesn’t matter your age, race, education background or experience, it is possible for anyone to be successful.

Low Risk – It’s an absolute no brainer, for a few hundred dollars and you can be in business. Compared to buying a franchise or starting your own business where you have high risk high reward, a home based business offers low risk, high reward.

Training – Companies help you develop your skills and their training is phenomenal.

Financial Security – I’m just going to say there is no security with social security and there isn’t such a thing as job security, not today. Business is changing!

Global – The trend is your friend, get involved with a business that is global. With technology it is easy to communicate with people all over the world. You’re not tied to your local economy, state economy or even the economy of your country. You have the opportunity to grow your business worldwide.

Recognition – You should be recognized for your efforts. In my opinion most traditional corporations drop the ball on this one. If you go above and beyond you should be rewarded for it.

Travel – You are able to operate your business from anywhere. If you ask people what they want to do when they retire most will say travel. You can travel and work as you please.

Unlimited Income Potential – Get paid what your worth.

Huge Tax Advantages – Speak with your accountant and have him explain the many benefits of having a home based business.

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10 Reasons to Hug a Runner on National Hug a Runner Day

It is National Hug a Runner Day. Below is a list of ten reasons to hug a runner, be he/she be a friend or a stranger (hopefully a friend).

1. Hugging can change the world. It’s free. It’s convenient. And it benefits all parties involved. You may not know what the recipient of your hug is battling, but your hug could make the world of difference. Running is therapy. So is affection.

2. Hugs boost Oxytocin, a hormone that promotes a positive attitude. This is the “love” hormone. It is the hormone that makes us feel warm and tingly on the inside. Warm a cold runner from the inside out with a quick hug.

3. Hugs drive away feelings of isolation and loneliness through the increase of seratonin and dopamine. Runners may seem solitary, but those long miles alone on the road can become tedious.

4. Hugs strengthen the immune system. With cold and flu season in full effect, runners need all the help they can get.

5. Hugging relaxes muscles, and is a hell of a lot less painful than a foam roller.

6. Hugs build a sense of trust and safety. Under all that Under Armor and reflective tape is a person. That individual may appreciate

7. Hugging reminds us how to give. Giving to others has its own gratifications and makes us feel powerful and awake.

8. They also show us how to receive with gratitude. Receiving a hug can make us feel appreciated and more confident.

9. Hugs remind us to be centered in the moment. Being in the moment allows us to take in the entire picture, appreciate life on a broader scale.

10. Hugs help reduce blood pressure and lower heart rates. Don’t believe me? Hug a runner wearing a heart rate monitor. Instant gratification and proof positive.

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10 Reasons to Get the Inside Scoop on the Bling Ring

Dateline NBC has often been the go-to show for filling in gaps in NBC’s television show schedule. This Friday, Dateline NBC offers a special featuring an in-depth report on the Bling Ring, the story of a group of Valley teenagers turned renegade who boldly burglarize celebrity’s homes.

If you are blown away by what you see, and you very likely will be, tune in to 20/20 on ABC for another report on the Bling Ring.

Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Audrina Partridge of The Hills, and Paris Hilton are among the young celebrity’s homes robbed by the Bling Ring, who made off with over $3 million in clothes, jewelry, and electronics over the course of a year.

Discover how a group of wealthy, clubbing teens turned into criminals

It seems to have all started when the teens from The Valley started hanging out in the same clubs where young Hollywood celebrities were known to party. Once they observed the lifestyle and belongings openly flaunted, such as jewelry, Rolex watches, and fine fashions, they decided they would go for their fair share.

And while we love TMZ, for their tenacity in tracking down celebs to get the real scoop, find out how the popular website and late night television program played a part in unwittingly assisting the Bling Ring.

Gain insight into how young celebrities live

Based on thefts, we will learn a lot about how these celebrities live. For example, reports that two of the thieves found cocaine at Paris Hilton’s home. Pretty solid evidence about how we thought she was living.

The members of the Bling Ring went ahead and snorted the cocaine, then drove around the Hollywood neighborhood.

Bling Ringers – easy to blame peers and celebrity obsession

Having been exposed to the Hollywood lifestyle, it is a fair assumption that like many adults, the young people in the Hollywood hit gang were celebrity obsessed. With a little smart thinking and knowing how things work around Hollywood, it was an easy step into the celebrities’ homes to help themselves to some celebrity lifestyle.

Learn how the Bling Ring got around celebrity’s security measures

Sure, there were surveillance cameras, but the little gang of high class thieves waited until the celebrity was not home. Then, ABC reports, donning hoodies, which provide cheap, effective concealment from security videos, brazenly entered the homes and made away with all the goodies. At Audrina Partridge’s home, they pulled their hats down low and put on gloves. Even though it was caught on tape, authorities had no clues as to who the thieves were for a long time.

Watch for yourself, on NBC Dateline Friday night, and see video tapes of the audacious burglaries.

Join Dateline NBC’s answer everyone’s question: Why?

According to reports, as the young thieves roll over on each other they tell about their escapades. It began, not as petty larceny, but as obsession with celebrity lifestyle. In an interview with ABC, Nick Prugo, an original Bling Ring member said that in their minds the break-ins were more of a shopping trip than a crime. They were so obsessed with celebrities and celebrity fashion and style they took what they want, especially fashion and accessories, and wore it like it was their own.

Explore the question of where celebrity obsession is taking us

In the case of this young gang of good-looking, wealthy criminals, celebrity obsession is leading them to the slammer. Were they caught up in the same celebrity fascination that keeps us bound to tabloids and websites like TMZ and PopEater, or is there a point at which criminals, including thieves and stalkers break apart from reality and begin to merge their lives with their perception of celebrity reality?

Help prevent your teens from becoming part of a Bling Ring style gang

These teens only expressed remorse once they were caught. They weren’t sorry. They were sorry they got caught. Nick Prugo seems to be enjoying making the rounds talking about the high dollar escapades as if it was a crazy, wild adventure. I’m not sure the concept of humiliation, remorse, or the immorality of their crime has dawned on them.

It has dawned on their parents, who are ashamed and blame themselves for their parenting skills.

Learn what happened when the Bling Ring faced justice

Being brought to court and publicly charged with a crime may cause some to feel contrition, but members of this brassy group were more proud of their heists, than embarrassed or sorry for what they had done.

One of the girls had the brass to wear a necklace stolen from Lindsay Lohan to court, and now that D day is almost here, most of the gang are more than willing to roll over on each other in an attempt to save their own hide.

You’ll be astounded by the teen criminals’ excuses for their crimes

We’ve said before that there appeared to be no remorse, until the click of prison doors began to echo in their nightmares. Now, in addition to rolling over on their “friends,” members of the Bling Ring have concocted reasons for what they did.

Other than considering their crimes a shopping spree, the kids went into the crime spree believing they deserved to have what they wanted, regardless of who owned it. They felt a sense of entitlement.

There was also the thrill of the crime, but it quickly turned into greed as the amount of their thefts began to add up (as much as $3 million within a year).

Then, for those who have no other excuse, you’ll hear the standard excuse: They made me do it. Some are blaming peer pressure.

I’m not so sure it was as much peer pressure as benefits for all their peers, including themselves.

Dateline NBC may open your eyes to the ease of credit fraud

Consider what happens when someone steals your credit card or mine – not much until the we realize it’s missing and cancel the card or until the fraudulent charges show up on our credit card statement. It is probably pretty easy to carry a card in my name into any store and use it. The majority of clerks, though trained differently, do not check the name on the account with the signature on the back.

Clerks in Hollywood obviously do not check the name or look up from their work. They accepted celebrity credit cards carried by a bunch of kids using celebrity credit cards.

Now – Bling Ring goes to trial

Nicholas Prugo, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, Roy Lopez Jr. and Rachel Lee will all stand trial. Find out some of the gangs real celebrity connections, including a famous Hollywood fence who helped the kids sell the stolen goods they weren’t using and at least one other famous face who helped facilitate the Bling Ring.

Tonight is the night for the full story from Dateline MSNBC at 9pm. Then, catch a different angle of the story on 20/20, on ABC.

5 Things We Learned from the Bling Ring,
Bling Ring on NBC’s Dateline Friday,
Chuck, Elizabeth, Friday, April 9: The Bling Ring and a Pastor’s Demons, Inside Dateline MSNBC
Ghebremedhin, Sabina, Eamon McNiff and Jim Dubreuil, Exclusive: Inside Hollywood’s Bling Ring, ABC News
Netter, Sarah; Lee Ferran and Sabina Ghebremedhin, Exclusive: Accused Hollywood Bling Ring Member Says Peer Pressure Fueled Celebrity Heists, ABC News

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10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Like many Americans, you may not eat enough fruits and vegetables. With summer around the corner and seasonal fruits and vegetables plentiful, there’s no reason not to add more of these nutritional powerhouses to your diet.

Here are 10 reasons why you should eat more fruits and vegetables.

1. Fruits and vegetables are good for your health. They are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, which help to eliminate harmful free radicals called oxidants that result from the oxidation process. Free radicals are believed to contribute to a host of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Antioxidants also may help to boost the immune system.

2. There is something for everyone in the world of fruits and vegetables so arguing that you “don’t like them” doesn’t cut it. The variety of fruits and vegetables on grocery store shelves today is astounding, so you are sure to find some that you enjoy.

3. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is easy, even if you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to cook, since many fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw. Just wash them well and enjoy. As a result, they are great for busy people who don’t have a lot of time for food preparation.

4. They can help you stick to a weight-loss or weight-maintenance diet, since they are filling and, in many instances, have surprisingly few calories. Two medium-sized fresh apricots have only about 34 calories, five medium asparagus spears have only 16 calories, and a medium sized apple has less than 75 calories.

5. Many fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber, which is good for your digestive health. It is recommended that on average you should get 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day. A medium apple has about 3.3 grams of fiber and a medium banana has about 3.1 grams of fiber, so eating just one apple or one banana will provide about 10% of your daily fiber requirement.

6. Eating more fruits and vegetables will make you a good role model for your kids. You will have more credibility when you tell them to have an apple not a cookie as an afternoon snack if you have an apple in your hand.

7. Fruits and vegetables are delicious.

8. They are versatile. They can be eaten at any meal and at any time of the day, and they can be prepared any way you like, baked, fried, broiled, grilled, sautéed, boiled, micro waved or pureed, and, of course, many can be eaten raw. As a result of their versatility, they can find a place in any meal and any course.

9. You probably are not getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that most people eat at least 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

10. Eating more locally grown fruits and vegetables helps to support your local economy and your local farmers. It addition, it is good for the environment, because less energy is used to get these products to the local market than those grown elsewhere.

Sources:, What are Antioxidants?, Nutrition Chart/Dole Superkids, How much fiber to eat in your diet –

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10 Reasons to Practice Abstinence: Beliefs, Safety and More

Abstinence is a very important part of life. Although some people don’t practice it and some people do. What you decide is your decision, the purpose of this article is to put together a list of reasons that abstinence should be practiced, so if you haven’t made a decision yet then here is a list of reasons why abstinence is a positive thing.

1. The first reason and probably the most important is religion. As a Christian you are supposed to wait until marriage and it is a sin to practice premarital sex.

2. The biggest reason why some people practice it is pregnancy. Even though contraceptives can aid in the process but abstinence is the only one hundred percent positive way to prevent pregnancy.

3. The only way to one hundred percent prevent sexually transmitted diseases is total abstinence, you have to remember that you can contract sexually transmitted diseases from other sexual acts as well.

4. Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause infertility so that you can’t have children and even cancer. As you can see it is very good for your health to practice abstinence.

5. Another good reason to practice abstinence is that if everyone waited until they got married it would actually slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it if two people wait until they get married then obviously neither one of them have an STD so they won’t be passing it on. Even if one person in the relationship contracted an STD and the other waited until marriage the STD would only be passed to one person if they stayed faithful, instead of a bunch of other people. The more people that practice abstinence the better.

6. Abstinence is very important for relationships. If two people wait until they are ready then it makes for a happier and more healthy relationship. There is more trust, less emotional baggage, and more respect. If someone respects themselves and their morals they will get more respect back.

7. Studies have shown that when people practice abstinence they are happier as adults, more successful, and more financially successful as well.

8. Abstinence is also good for your relationship in other ways as well. It is studied that sexual activity can put a lot of stress on a relationship. It can cause arguing, extra pressure that is really not needed , and can ultimately end a relationship. Without all this extra stressfulness it makes for a happier, healthier, relationship.

9. Abstinence can also provide a deeper connection with the person your with and create a better relationship. You will both know the other person’s history and it will feel more meaningful.

10. The most important reason for practicing abstinence is if it makes you happy. If it is what you have decided to do and you are happy with it, don’t let anyone change your mind.

Abstinence is not necessarily an easy choice to make and usually not an easy decision to stick with. What you do decide to do is your decision I just hope this article helped out in showing that abstinence is not a bad thing.

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10 Reasons You Need an Electric Toothbrush

There is a great debate between using an electric toothbrush and simply sticking to the classic manual toothbrush. Some people are stuck in their ways and will only use manual toothbrushes, but they may not realize what they are missing out on by not using an electric toothbrush.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to be using an electric toothbrush:

1. Electric toothbrushes are able to get brush those hard to reach places that a manual toothbrush can not get to. Choose an electric toothbrush with a smaller head so that you can easily get the sides of the teeth and other hard to get places.

2. An eclectic toothbrush is easier to use than a manual one. With an electric one you simply hold it and it will do the work for you. Most people do not brush their teeth long enough, but when you don’t have to put much effort into the process, you are more likely to brush for the required amount of time.

3. No longer are electric toothbrushes unaffordable. You can get a good quality electric toothbrush for as little as $10 now. No longer do you have to sell out a hundred dollars for an electric toothbrush.

4. If you suffer from arthritis in your hands or multiple sclerosis and you have a hard time brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush, you should definitely look into buying an electric one. This way all you have to do is hold the toothbrush and move it slightly around your teeth and you can get your teeth just as clean as if you were able to physically brush them with a manual toothbrush.

5. An electric toothbrush will remove plague from the teeth just as well, if not better than a manual toothbrush. It effectively removes plaque and stains making your teeth them healthier.

6. An electric toothbrush feels a lot better on your gums than a manual one does. When you use an electric one it is almost like your gums are getting a massage.

7. They are gentle on your gums and teeth as applied hard pressure to your teeth and gums can actually cause damage and problems for those areas.

8. You can effectively clean the top of your tongue with an electric toothbrush. It is important that you clean your tongue as it also contains bacteria and germs that can harm your teeth.

9. When you use an electric toothbrush, you end up using less toothpaste since the surface are of the head of the brush is smaller than most manual toothbrushes. This can save you money on our toothpaste.

10. Finally, you should use an electric toothbrush because it is a lot more fun to brush your teeth with than a boring old manual toothbrush.

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10 Reasons to Visit Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco has been dubbed “the pearl of the Pacific” for its wondrous beauty. The perfect year round tropical climate. makes it a perfect place for all kinds of activities. Being there is so much to do and see in Acapulco, here is a list of the ten most popular.

1.Acapulco is well known for its beaches. The most popular is Caleta Beach, a calm beach with lapping waves. Hornos Beach also has soothing tides and Hornitos is great for fishermen. Lcacos is popular for renting sailboats and Pie dela Cuesta is great for contemplating those perfect sunsets and waves that can reach over twelve feet high.

2.Enjoy hiking and sightseeing through Veladero National Park. Fishing and hunting enthusiasts will love the Tres Polos Lagoon, while historians can marvel at the Sabana, an archaeological site filled with Tlahuica pottery heads.

3.One of Acapulco’s main attractions is the world famous divers of La Quebrada. These fearless divers soar from 136 foot rocky cliffs into a narrow inlet, where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks. There timing is very crucial and must be executed perfectly.

4.Sail through the jungle of Coyuca Lagoon. Here you will discover several islands that you may have seen in movies. There is the Island of the Man with Seven Wives, Birds Island, the channel where Rambo II was filmed, and La Barra, where the TV series Tarzan was filmed.

5.Fuerta de San Diego, with its singular pentagon shape, has always been an essential part of Acapulco’s architecture. This restored monument now houses the new History Museum. This fortress has been witness to many events of Acapulco’s part: the pirates of the Pacific, south seas conquest and many other interesting historical events.

6.Fishing in Acapulco is an unforgettable experience. Deep sea fishing is the most famous type of fishing. The best time periods is between November and May. Enjoy the exciting sport at the Bay of Puerto Marques, Tecomate and Chautengo Lagoon. Fish for marlin, tuna, sailfish, dorado and other varieties of fish abundant in the Pacific waters of the region.

7.The Cici Aquatic park is Acapulco’s resident theme park, designed for both fun and education.There’s a wave pool to swim in, two water slides, seal, dolphin, diving and bird shows. There is a large aquarium and a private beach club where you can relax and eat.

8.Papagayo Park is a garden area totaling 52 acres, and filled with exotic birds. Inside the park is a life size model of a Spanish galleon, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a lagoon with bumper boats, botanical garden and various rides.

9.Enter the calm waters around La Roqueta Island. Snorkel in and around the abundance of marine life. The warm waters are complete with small coral formations, jacks, trumpet fish, barnacles, sea stars, gorgonians, and sea horses. Keep an eye out for turtles and stingrays.

10.The Cathedral on the Palace is a beautiful example of Acapulco’s history with Spanish, Moorish and native influence. Its distinctive sky blue dome dominates the downtown plaza. Step inside the cool, quiet church and admire the collection of religious statues.

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