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10 Things You & Your Prenatal Care Provider Should Know

Birth is highly medicalized in today’s society. The C-section rate is double what it should be, and our intervention rates are high. Most interventions are overused and abused, putting the mother and child at risk without necessity. Care providers may be motivated by ignorance, greed, or impatience–just like any other fallible human being. There are a few things that all women and care providers should know. Knowing these things decreases your risk of premature birth, an uncomfortable and painful delivery, unnecessary and dangerous interventions, and various other things.

A woman does not have to deliver within a time limit of going into labor. Too often care providers expect labor to progress within a specific time frame. Each phase is only supposed to last a set number of hours. If a labor is not proceeding fast enough for their liking, they will augment labor with pitocin. This can cause the contractions to become more intense and painful than natural ones that build gradually, and it increases risk of fetal distress and various other things. All women labor at their own pace. It is normal for some labors to be quick, some slow. It is also normal for labor to slow down, speed up, stop, start, and even regress. You do not need to deliver your baby within a certain time period of labor starting. This is true even if your waters have broken, as the placenta continues making amniotic fluid until the baby is born, and this steady trickle will prevent bacteria from entering the womb–unless it is aided by human fingers.

A broken bag of waters can repair itself, and the placenta continues making water throughout the pregnancy. If your membranes rupture prematurely, you do not need to be hospitalized–unless they are going to monitor you to try to prolong labor. You do not need to give birth within 24 hours. Many times when the amniotic sac breaks too early, it will repair itself. There is no danger of having a dry birth, as the placenta keeps making fluid for the baby. The baby will not be in there without amniotic fluid just because your water broke. Moreover, while you do need to take precautions such as not bathing or allowing anything put into your vagina, you don’t need to worry about infection. Even if your bag of water does not fix itself, the slow trickle will push bacteria out of the vagina so that it does not penetrate the womb.

A women does not need to gain a specific amount of weight during pregnancy. Many women have found that their weight gain had little to do with the size of their baby at birth. Some women will gain a lot with one baby, not much with the next. Some women regularly gain only 20lbs. Others will gain in excess of 50lbs. It is when a mother exhibits signs of malnourishment or Gestational Diabetes that she needs to worry about her diet. Her weight should not be fretted over, her caloric intake increased and decreased to meet a specific weekly goal. Do not try to gain weight; do not try not to gain weight.

Some people question the safety of Doppler. One minute of Doppler is equal to 30 minutes of ultrasound. As we have not had this technology long enough to know if there are long-term effects on fetuses, Doppler should be used sparingly. Doppler is the only way to detect the heartbeat up until 18 weeks. After that, a fetal stethoscope can be used. It is far less invasive and completely safe. They do make versions of these where two people can listen at once. There is no benefit to using Doppler instead of fetoscope.

Postdate pregnancy isn’t dangerous until 42 weeks, and women can take to 44-45 weeks to go into labor naturally. While postdate pregnancy was once considered 42+ weeks, now women are considered overdue at 40 weeks. Most women go into labor naturally between 38 and 42 weeks, so there is no reason for a pregnancy to be considered post term so soon. It is at 42 weeks that risks of stillbirth, placental aging (and thus low amniotic fluid, oxygen and nutrient deprivation, etc), and meconium (baby passes a bowel movement in utero) increase. Even then, it isn’t by much. Due dates are based on the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period, but as all women ovulate at different times, due dates are never certain. Even ultrasound dating is not always completely accurate. Due dates can be off by a few days or even a few weeks. Some women will not go into labor naturally until 44 or 45 weeks! There is no reason to induce a postdate pregnancy until 42 weeks.

It is best not to induce labor or schedule a C-section prior to 40-42 weeks, except in case of emergency. Many times doctors expect the baby to be large or breech, so they schedule a C-section. Often this is scheduled for 37 weeks, the earliest a baby is considered term. This puts the baby at a huge risk of being born premature if the mother’s due date is off even by a week. Scheduling an induction or C-section for non-emergency reasons prior to 40-42 weeks puts the baby at an unnecessary risk.

Doctors are advising now that breech babies and twins be born by C-section. The risks with vaginal birth are increased in these cases, yet the risks associated with C-sections are much higher. If you feel otherwise, you can of course chose a C-section for these deliveries. However, you do not have to do so. Your breech baby can possibly be turned, and even if not, he or she can still be born vaginally. Twins can also be born vaginally, especially if the care provider is experienced and patient. Do not let a care provider convince you that you absolutely cannot have a vaginal birth if you have a breech baby or are expecting multiples.

A mother’s pelvis size is no indication as to how big of a baby she can deliver. The female pelvis is made to stretch apart to allow the passage of babies down the birth canal. Comparing her measurements to the baby’s estimated size, which is often inaccurate even with ultrasound estimation, will not tell if she can deliver the baby. When a big baby is expected, even if the mother is very petite, there is no reason to assume it will not come out of the vagina. Even if shoulder dystocia is encountered, often by changing positions or corkscrewing the infant out, vaginal birth is still successful. A mother’s pelvis opens far wider when she is squatting, sitting, standing up, or on her hands and knees than when she is lying back. There is no reason not to attempt a vaginal birth simply because your baby might be big. Big babies can be born vaginally, and often times doctors anticipate babies to weight 10lbs when they really only weigh 7lbs!

Never pull on an umbilical cord, as it can cause hemorrhage–not to mention extreme pain. If the placenta is taking “too long” to come out, patience is the best treatment. Certain herbs may help, as can breastfeeding. A shot of pitocin will also do the trick. A care provider should never pull on an umbilical cord to free the placenta. He should never try to dislodge it with his hands by sticking them inside the mother. This increases risk of infection. Both methods put the mother at risk of hemorrhage or of the placenta not coming out in one piece.

The baby’s cord doesn’t HAVE to be cut and should NOT be cut until it has stopped pulsating. Most providers cut the cord as soon as the baby is born. This is taking a risk. The baby continues receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord. Leaving the cord alone for a bit decreases risk of respiratory distress. Cutting the cord too soon increases risk of bleeding. The cord doesn’t really have to be cut at all. You can leave the cord alone and let it fall off on its own within a few days. This comes with a lower risk of infection. The baby gets all the nutrients and oxygen the placenta has to offer. The baby can have a bath right away, and there won’t be an ugly umbilical cord stump hanging around.

Whether you are birthing at home or in the hospital, you will benefit if you and your care provider know these things. You have a much higher chance of succeeding in vaginal birth if you know these truths. Your baby has a better chance of being born at term and healthy. There is no reason to allow a doctor to forbid you from vaginal birth for a large or breech baby, even a twin delivery. One of the best things your doctor can do for you is let nature take its course and intervene only when medically necessary. Moreover, he should keep his hands out of you to prevent risk of infection. If women and doctors knew these things, as most midwives do, then birth would be even safer for mothers and babies–and far more pleasant.

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10 Things that Sadden a Mom's Heart

As a child growing up, I would often think my parents didn’t love me if they wouldn’t do one thing or another. I would think they weren’t paying attention to me or that I just wasn’t important enough to them. Naturally, after having children of my own, I began to realize many things I had not seen from a child’s point of view. I began to apologize to my own mother for the pains I caused growing up, which in turn helped to bring us closer together as she saw me grow out of my own selfishness.

1. It really can hurt to discipline your child and watch that child cry. When my parents would tell me that my punishment for being bad was for my own good, of course I would think they were nuts. Even though I knew I had done wrong, punishment still seemed so unfair. I couldn’t see how my parents could be so cruel. Then I had my own kids and readily saw how it can hurt when I would have to endure the tears I knew I had caused from punishing their bad behavior. Even though it was truly “for their own good”, it hurt me as much to administer the punishment as it did for them to endure it!

2. Disrespect. This hurts because a parent has feelings, too. We feel that if our children love us enough, they will respect us. But children have to learn respect. Then when they do have a chance to learn and they hurt us anyway, it hurts even more because they should know better. It crosses boundaries that separate the parent and child in their order in the family. The parent, being older and wiser, feels that he or she deserves the respect and that it should come readily.

3. Rejection from peers. Most mothers want their children to fit in, to feel accepted and maybe even admired by their peers. Normally, this isn’t wrong unless the parent or child has gone overboard with it! But when the child comes home at the end of a school day or event or even a birthday party and is hurt because of peer rejection, it saddens the mother’s heart as well. She may even feel she has failed that child herself by not helping them become acceptable.

4. Independence. Even though independence is a normal, positive thing, it can sadden a mom’s heart when a child begins to pull away from mom. No matter what the age, when the child wants to shun mom and do his or her own thing, it still brings a bit of pain knowing it is best to step back and allow the child to have that space needed to grow.

5. Favoritism. It can bring sadness to a mother’s heart when a child begins to prefer another parent or another adult over them. If a parent and child have usually been very close, and the child begins to explore their relationships with a special aunt or grandparent or the other parent, it can sadden a mother’s heart to have to learn that she must allow the child to have other relationships and that she does not have to always be the main person at all moments to be just as loved.

6. Sarcasm. Sometimes teenagers do not even realize they are being sarcastic to a mom or they will not realize the bitterness that accompanies the tone. It becomes so easy to be sarcastic to their peers while joking around or during school or at work, that they don’t realize how they appear when they speak to mom in the same tone.

7. When mom is in the wrong. It hurts a mom when she realizes she has done something wrong to her child. If she has really come down hard on that child for something and then later sees that she was wrong, it can truly sadden her heart to know she was the cause of the humiliation or anger or whatever other negative emotion or situation that was caused by her actions.

8. Embarrassment. When a child is embarrassed, it can hurt mom, too. Often the mom will suffer just as heavily as the child for whatever embarrassment the child suffers. Mothers who love their children deeply do not want that child to be embarrassed unless it is a joke and is taken in a joking manner. Sometimes embarrassment is endured during a prank, and it causes no harm. But if one person sees something as a joke and it is taken in a painful way by the other person, it is not fun.

9. Money. When a mom knows she can’t give her child something that child wants strongly, it hurts. When a mom has a hard time making ends meet and can’t even provide the basic necessities, it makes her heart sad. Money can be a necessary evil. When a mom gives that child exactly what they want and the child just continues to want more and more, it also saddens mom. Or when the mom is truly doing the best that she can, yet the child is never happy because someone always gets something better, it saddens mom.

10. Criminal behavior. When a child engages in criminal behavior, it saddens a mom’s heart. The mother often thinks that she has erred in teaching that child properly. Sometimes it is a matter of the child being an individual and not the mother’s fault at all. But irregardless of the reasoning behind it, when a mother works so hard to try to instill good morals and values, only to have the child disregard them, it saddens her heart.

There are many ways a parent has to learn to “let go” and allow their children to grow and change in their own way so that they can become a well-rounded individual. Even during the times when happy things occur, a mom will suddenly realize the child is growing up and changing and the reality will cause sadness even while the mom is proud to be a part of the changes. Many times I have swallowed my sadness so that my own children will be able to enjoy their moments of glory and joy and accomplishments while deep inside, I would grieve the loss of the youth or innocence. I still wanted my children to be happy even though it secretly hurt to lose a part of them.

Parenting is not all sad, of course. I offer only one perspective on it that many overlook. Being a mom can be a truly rewarding and enriching experience even with all the sadness. And sadness helps us grow as well.

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10 Things About Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 is the latest soon-to-be-released version of Microsoft’s flagship messaging product. As with any new software release many new features have been introduced to assist, in this case, the administrator in the performance of their jobs. The purpose of this article is to introduce future adopters of Exchange 2007 to some of the changes in the new product.

1 Server Roles: With Exchange 2007 Microsoft has introduced the concept of roles in order to make deployment and management easier as well deal with security. In 2007 an administrator can choose the roles that they need to deploy in order to accomplish their specific goals and just install those roles. Have a small business with one site? Just install the Mailbox Server and Hub Transport role. Need that extra layer of message filtering between your company and the outside world? Deploy an Edge Transport server in your network perimeter. All server roles, save the Edge Transport Role, can be deployed on a single server.

2 Exchange Management Shell: In Exchange 2007 a new feature named the “Exchange Management Shell” has been introduced to assist administrators with various maintenance tasks. The EMS is similar to the Windows Command prompt, but much more robust as it is built on the power .NET technologies and Exchange foundation. With EMS administrators can write scripts to automate repetitive tasks instead of relying on the console to execute such tasks. EMS offers a powerful interface to Exchange as well as Active Directory support.

3 Exchange Management Console: The EMC is a replacement for the Exchange System Manager or ESM that has been a staple of Microsoft Exchange for several releases. The EMC offers a much improved and streamlined GUI over previous releases Exchange allowing administrators to perform the tasks that they need to carry out with fewer mouse clicks than ever before.

4 Unified Messaging: With Exchange 2007 Microsoft is offering improved integration with other forms of messaging in the Enterprise, namely voicemail and fax systems. By deploying the Unified Messaging Server role on Exchange Servers a company can deliver voicemail and faxes directly to a users inbox for retrieval from most devices including mobile devices.

5 Improved Availability: By leveraging the power of LCR and CCR organizations can keep their messaging systems online and available much more reliably than ever before. LCR or Local Continuous Replication allows for the creation of a continually updated copy of the production database on another physical volume on the server. CCR or Clustered Continuous Replication extends this concept by storing a copy of the production database on a different physical server altogether. With both technologies administrators can now bring a server up faster in the event of a failure by using a relatively switch-over process.

6 Autodiscover: By enabling the Autodiscover feature administrators can now simplify the configuration of messaging clients. In Exchange 2007 enabling the Autodiscover feature allows users to configure their email client by simply providing a username, email address and password which Exchange uses to locate the user’s mail server and configure the client; users no longer need to memorize or look up the correct mail server.

7 Spam Controls: To deal with the ever increasing amounts of spam Exchange 2007 includes controls out-of-the-box for the reduction spam. The new Smartscreen technology uses administrator configurable rules and builtin Bayesian filtering to reduce the overall threat of spam.

8 Improved Database Performance: Underneath the hood Exchange 2007 sports a greatly improved database architecture which results in large performance increases. Exchange has a smaller database size than previous versions of the product as well as a different structure that improves performance.

9 Routing Groups: Routing Groups have been eliminated in their previous form moving towards a greatly improved architecture in Exchange 2007. In prior versions of Exchange Routing Groups were used to control the flow of messages between different locations in Exchange 2007 Active Directory Sites are used in favor of the previous setup.

10 64-Bit Architecture: In Exchange 2007 a major change has occurred in the overall architecture of the product, namely the shift to 64-Bit shift. 2007 will require a 64-Bit Windows 2003 Server and 64-Bit Hardware to be installed, 32-Bit versions of Exchange will only be available for training and testing and will be unsupported in a “Live” environment. The shift to a 64-Bit model results in substantial performance increases such as faster disk access and greater amounts of physical memory.

While this list represents some of the bigger changes in Exchange 2007 it still only represents a small fraction of the improvements in the product. Please visit www.microsoft.com/exchange for additional info.

Sean-Philip Oriyano has over 14 years of experience in the IT field covering topics such as networking and security. Throughout his career he has held positions such as support tech, systems engineer/administrator, technical writer/content developer, CIO/ISO and instructor. He has performed freelance consulting and instruction for numerous clients and industries. Over the past few years, Sean has instructed for organizations such as United States Air Force , Northrop-Grumman, Autodesk, Lockheed-Martin, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard as well as the and US Air Force Academy. Sean has also authored or contributed to white papers in the field of IT and mechanical engineering and is currently working on his first book.

Sean is certified as a CEH, CISSP, MCT, MCSE, MCSA and MCDST as well as a member of the EC-Council and BECCA.

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10 Things to Pack for Your Cruise

# 1 – Power Strip
Most staterooms only have two outlets (and FYI, they aren’t in the bathroom). Make your life easier by bringing a power strip so you can plug in all your electronics such as battery chargers, cell phone chargers, hair straighteners, etc.

# 2 – Air Freshener
Bringing along a plug in or stick-up air freshener for your stateroom or bathroom can greatly improve your comfort level if the people who previously stayed in your stateroom happened to be smokers. A travel size fabric freshener is also a great idea!

# 3 – Sticky Notes
These handy little things are great for leaving messages for your traveling companions or for your room steward when you have special requests like asking for extra pillows, more ice, additional sodas in the mini-bar, etc.

# 4 – Highlighter
Each night a Daily Program will be left in your stateroom outlining dozens of activities going on the next day. Having a highlighter to mark the activities you are interested in is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss anything!

# 5 – Small Flash Light
Keeping a small flashlight on your nightstand can be a lifesaver when trying to navigate to the bathroom in the middle of the night without stubbing your toe, tripping on your suitcase or disturbing the other person you are traveling with by turning on the lights – especially if you are in an inside stateroom with no windows.

# 6 – Pocket Umbrella
Weather can be unpredictable everywhere, from Alaska to the Mediterranean. Be prepared by bringing a travel-size umbrella – the smaller the better. Cheap, disposable rain ponchos are a great idea as well.

# 7 – First Aid Kit
Hopefully you won’t have a need for any medicine while on your cruise, but better safe than sorry! While the gift shop onboard will probably have some of these items, the cost will be high. Better to bring a small supply (i.e. don’t bring the whole box) to have on-hand just in case:

– Band-Aids (including the kind specifically for blisters)
– Antibiotic cream
– Motion sickness tablets (or patches)
– Anti-diarrhea medicine
– Aspirin or other pain relievers
– Nasal Decongestant (in case allergies or sinus headaches kick in)
– Antacids to calm an upset stomach
– Pocket-size hand sanitizer

# 8 – Dollar bills
Bring $20-30 one-dollar bills to use for tipping room service delivery. They will also come in handy when shopping in local markets in foreign ports where credit cards likely may not be accepted.

# 9 – Hangers
There are never enough hangers in the closet, so bring a pack of lightweight plastic ones with you – you’ll be glad you did.

# 10 – Travel-size packets of laundry detergent and a stain removal pen
Whether you spill something on your favorite outfit or just need to rinse out your swim suit, having these items will come in very handy!

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10 Things Men Want from Women

Does it seem impossible? Not really, because after various studies, the scientists found the main 10 things men expect from women.

1. To be on her own. Ladies, this means to take care of yourselves, to be interested in your career and future. In other words, you must not depend of your boyfriend or anyone else than yourselves.

2. To not be the one who does the first move. It’s a debated issue and probably, the solution is subjective. We think that men prefer women who wait, not women who act from the first moment.

3. Being sexy without being vulgar. In other words, at least at the stage of flirt, it’s better to use only a nonsexual language.

4. To wait before doing sex. It’s recommended to wait at least 2 weeks before doing sex. If you give to a man too soon what he wants, he might not be so interested to know you very well.

5. A woman who does simple things to show him that she cares. Well, you probably knew this, but it’s good to remember about every time.

6. A woman who makes him look good. It would be preferable to laugh at his jokes and not to contradict him just for the sake of doing it. It’s good to compliment him every time you have the opportunity to do it.

7. A woman who never pressures him. This point is one of the most important. Men have an aversion to any kind of pressure, so don’t bother them with an idea at which they don’t react positively. This includes the pressure women usually exert when it’s about marriage or holidays.

8. A woman who doesn’t make compromises more than it’s needed. Men prefer women who do not accept anything from a man – in other words, women who believe in the motto “respect yourself and you will be respected.”

9. A woman who is attracted by good manners. Men will always respect a woman who knows how to appreciate good manners.

10. A woman who knows the importance of love into a relationship. Most men are romantic because love is not just a Utopian idea for them. The feelings and their expression represent an extremely important part of a relationship.

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10 Things to Never Say to Your Fat Friend

You all know this girl. Heck, you may even BE this girl. The fat girl. We all have our fun, outgoing fat friend. Though you may not see her weight as a problem and you may think she doesn’t either, there are certain things you should never under any circumstance say. And if you are her, like me, you know where this is going and where it is coming from. So friends of fatties or…FOF take note and be warned.

10. “At least you have a great personality”

Yes, we know we have great personalities, thank you. Apparently we are required to have them because otherwise no one would want to be in our presence.

9. “They’re only jealous”

No, they aren’t. And the sooner we can establish this truth is the sooner we can get girls to stop being so delusional. No wonder girls are in so much denial about how big they actually are! Quit feeding (pun intended) us lies and just be honest…or don’t say anything.

8. “You’re too good for him anyways”

Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. When is it a crime to want to be attracted to your potential suitor? Sure, maybe some girls (large or not) settle for some duds because they have a sparkling personality (or not) but that does not mean that we would ideally love to have a handsome man to carry us off into the sunset. We can all be a little shallow. But just because one man does not find you to be his cup of tea does not mean that others will not. There is someone who will love how you and how you look out there.

7. “Try exercising”

Where to begin. I think the majority of the public would be shocked to know that a lot of us chubs actually do exercise! No, that treadmill is NOT being used for a coat rack. Yes, I DO know how to use it, thanks. So many of us have a problem with this. We have the must stubborn metabolisms, apparently.

6. “Eat less”

Again with the stereotypes? How many times have we fat girls been told to eat less and eat right? Sorry if this lettuce leaf is considered a binge. I eat salads religiously. I drink water constantly. Am I skinny? No. Am I fat? Yes. People do not see what we eat, they just see us eating and assume it is our tenth meal of the day. This is not to say that all fatties are health conscious. I mean let’s get real, a lot of us are not. But that should not be made a general assumption. Again, many of us just have a diabolical metabolism!

5. “At least you are funny!”

Ah…to be the token funny blimp in your group of friends…is there any higher honor? As much as I love to be the heavy set wisecracking diva of the bunch, I do not need to be constantly reminded of my “place.” Well Shelly is the hot one…Tori is the deep thinkinker…they are both thin…so sorry Kimmie. That only leaves funny fat girl for you. Yes, we get it. We are funny. Along with the good personality. That’s just how it is.

4. “Don’t ask her, she doesn’t know what guys like.”

Isn’t this one a fun one to hear? You want to tell them that you have had boyfriends and are currently engaged. But if you say that, they can respond in a way that is even worse. They will then state that you don’t know what the kind of guy they like is in to. Apparently we chubbies attract a different species.

3. “Oh, so he is real.”

Along with number 4, a common myth is that we like to make up relationships. I have found that unless I actually introduce my fiancé to people, they think I have made him up. It’s true. A follow up to this would be “Wow! He’s actually attractive!” You don’t know whether to thank them or be offended. Or you could always pull the whole “Well thanks…HEY!”

2. “Don’t worry about what others think”

The more you tell us this, the more we are worrying about what people think. Believe it or not, I do not constantly worry about what people are thinking about me. I only start to wonder when someone tries to console me when I had no idea I needed to be consoled. Plus, if I were worrying, do you think telling me not to is going to actually comfort me and take away all my worries?

And the number one thing to NEVER say to a fat girl is….(drum roll, please):

1. “You have SUCH a pretty face!”

This could be the most detrimental of all things to say to a fat girl. This statement clearly implies that you definitely do not have a pretty anything else. There is nothing more that can bring a girl’s self esteem down. It is literally like a slap in the face to us all. To know that you could not simply say we are pretty, but you had to make sure we knew that our face is really the only thing going for us is just terrible. Please everyone, NEVER say this to anyone. Ever.

Hopefully these tips can prevent awkward silences and angry friends.

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10 Things a Teen Should Know About Money

I am a Financial Advisor in part because I want to help other peoples’ kids learn how to handle their money (my own three kids got off to a slow start managing their money). I was thrilled when I received an email from an 18-year old who had seen a video of me talking about teens and money. Following, for teens everywhere, is my response to his query about what he should do about his future finances.

Here are 10 things you should know about money:

Number 1 – Being good with your money has a great deal of sex appeal. Demonstrate to the opposite sex such things as saving, investing, frugalness, and she or he will be attracted to you. Also, seek a partner with good money habits.

Number 2 – Your best investment is a good education. Learn as much as you can for every minute in the classroom. If you can’t afford a four-year university, take appropriate classes in a Community College for two years and then switch to the university.

Number 3 – Never, ever spend more money than you make.

Number 4 – Think before you use a credit card. You must already have the money in the bank before you buy something with a credit card. If you cannot pay your credit card balance at the end of the billing cycle, you are in deep financial trouble. Avoid deep financial trouble.

Number 5 – Track your expenses monthly or each pay cycle. If you know where your money goes, you can set priorities.

Number 6 – Save at least 10% of your earnings. Start saving for retirement when you land your first real job. Also, put some of your earned income in a Roth IRA, the younger you are when you start, the better will be your future.

Number 7 – Get a job. The majority of financially savvy and successful 20 and 30 somethings I know started working outside the home in their early to mid teens. The money they earn buys things not available under the family budget and gives them valuable experience on how to handle money.

Number 8 – After you buy something, label it: “Needs” (food, shelter, transportation, insurance); “Wants” (video games, more clothes than you will ever wear, eating out); “DH” or Dangerous to your Health (tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, sugary foods, processed foods with unpronounceable ingredients). Review your list of purchases. Then next time you buy something, ask yourself, “Is this something I really need?” Use common sense when you buy stuff.

Number 9 – Do not loan money to friends.

Number 10 – Understand that you and you alone are responsible for your money. Take charge of every dollar.

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10 Things Men Hate About Women

1. She has a life- but it revolves around him!

Men can’t stand a woman who doesn’t continue to enjoy her own hobbies and take care of her own responsibilities while in a relationship. When he becomes her entire world, it puts too much pressure on him. He feels like he’s responsible for her happiness and sense of being fulfilled, which isn’t fair to either person.

2. She acts the wicked witch.

One of the biggest things men hate about women are the women who act rude, jealous, and bitchy towards other women. Criticizing other women’s sense of style or fashion, among other things, is one of the top things men despise. Women who do this are unattractive and often do well at repelling men.

3. She can’t fulfill herself.

When a woman doesn’t love and care about herself enough to have a fulfilled life without a man in it, she becomes very clingy and needy when a new man does enter her life. It is important to know this one thing. You can’t hope to have any man love you, if you don’t love yourself first. It is impossible. Without self love and respect you can’t and won’t receive it from any boyfriends permanently. Men hate a woman who is clingy and needy all of the time.

4. He is her emotional support.

Tying into the above, men hate women who use him to lean on all the time. Yes, if something in your life goes wrong its okay to need someone for a little while. But on a regular basis your family and friends should be your 24/7 emotional support, not the boyfriend.

5. The compulsive shopper.

There is little men hate more about certain women than the ones who must shop all of the time. When they can only think, breathe, and do shopping, severe irritation begins to set in with the man in her life. To be a well rounded woman means to have a wide variety of active hobbies and responsibilities both.

6. She’s too independent.

While independence is a quality men admire in a woman, taking it too far can cause more harm than good. Men need to be needed, to a point, to feel that they are a real part of your life. Men hate the overly independent woman because she accepts no compliments, acts indifferent, and makes no real space for a man in her life, even if there is a boyfriend in existence.

7. Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.

Men hate women who are jealous and act crazy because of it. The girlfriend who asks, “Do you think that girl is pretty?” is certainly not appreciated for it. It puts the man in a very bad lose-lose situation. Women who become jealous of other women and act rude, cold, or distant towards them and others because of it are quite unattractive to men.

8. The High Maintenance Woman.

While at first this woman may be quite appealing by her dazzling looks and ultimate self confidence, all men will come to find this woman horrid. The high maintenance woman is not appreciated by men in the least. She is unable to act laid back, relaxed, and enjoy the company of other men and women without taking over the entire scene. She demands expensive gifts and pretty words in exchange for affection from her man, and seems fake and uncaring towards him.

9. The “femi-nazi”.

If you look around you, you will find that nearly all men believe women are equals. In today’s world, this is the norm. However, there are still a select few women known as “femi-nazis”, women who love to bash men while calling it what it really isn’t. Men love women who love men, in general. Women who take pride in themselves by belittling men and making generalizations about them are unattractive, rude, and not favored by men. Or most other women, for that matter.

10. The hysterical, emotional woman.

If there is one thing that men truly hate about women, its that many of them become emotional about absolutely everything. Be it a sappy movie, a broken nail, or the fact that they can’t find their car keys, women go crazy over the little stuff often. No one is perfect, but a woman who is constantly in hysterics over every little problem or inconvenience will have no brownie points with the men she interacts with.

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10 Things to Do when You're Bored

For some reason or another you might find yourself bored and not know what to do. Here’s a list of 10 things to do when you’re bored so that next time you when you find yourself bored you know exactly what to do.

1. Write a song.
You aren’t looking to become the next Taylor Swift here, you’re just looking for something to do with your time. Write about any topic you want. You can even write a song about being bored. If you don’t know how to play an instrument that’s fine. Just write lyrics that can be sung. If you can play an instrument try writing lyrics and music and record yourself doing both. If you really like what you made, post it onto YouTube.

2. Cook a new recipe.
Try something new. Either find a recipe for a meal you’ve never cooked or find a recipe for a treat you’ve never baked. Have fun experimenting and tasting a new dish. You can try selecting one cookbook and cook a new recipe from it every time you get bored so eventually one day you’ll have cooked the entire book.

3. Rearrange furniture.
Every now and then it’s good to reorganize your living space to make the whole entire place feel new again. When you get bored this is a great time to take on the big project of rearranging furniture. If you don’t have enough strength to move the bigger furniture pieces around just try rearranging smaller things such as decor accents, clocks, pictures on the wall, etc.

4. Watch several episodes of a TV show.
Is there a TV show you saw previews for and never got around to watching it? Netflix and Hulu are just two on-demand streaming websites where you can watch several episodes and seasons of a large selection of old and new TV shows. If you’re really bored subscribing to Netflix or Hulu will keep you occupied.

5. Take a class.
If you find yourself being bored often it may be because you have too much time on your hands. Fill up your schedule by taking a class. This can be a recreational class offered through your community or a college class at your local community. Pick something that will be fun for you and won’t be considered work.

6. Take up a skilled hobby.
Instead of doing a hobby that doesn’t take too much effort, such as building a puzzle or playing a video game, take up a skilled hobby. This may include canning , building and painting an advanced model, wood carving, etc. The point is to pick a hobby that takes skill so you’ll need to learn about it first before doing it. This will definitely take some time but it will be very rewarding.

7. Learn a new language.
Just like learning a skilled hobby this will take up some of your time. This is good though because whenever you are bored you can just learn more of a new language and keep learning it until you become fluent. There are many programs like Rosetta Stone or apps for smartphones where you can basically teach yourself a new language. Try one of those out or seek out a local language class in your community.

8. Learn a new physical activity.
Some physical activities that are great to learn include roller skating, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. These all can be done just by yourself so you can learn at your own pace. If you really want to learn one of these but are having a hard time getting the hang of it you might want to try and get lessons from a professional.

9. Go window shopping.
Go by yourself or take some friends with you. Go shopping but don’t buy anything. Try clothes on that you know are way out of your price range just for fun. Have fun just looking at things and it’s even OK to day dream about owning all of it. For more added fun take pictures of various “outfits” that you try on and post them to Instagram or Facebook.

10. Write a bucket list.
Sit down and write a bucket list when you’re bored. This is a list of things you want to do before you ” kick the bucket “. Now every time you get bored again you can look at this list and do something that is on it. Add more things to the list from time to time so you never run out of things to do.

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10 Things You "Should" Say to a Person Suffering from Depression

Depression is real and depression is crippling. Coming from someone who has struggled with long-term depression since an early age, I would like to address in this article 10 things well intentioned people “should say to a person suffering from depression.

People who have not truly experienced long-term depression cannot possibly understand how completely draining it is. It is literally a huge chore just to get out of bed, brush your teeth, wash clothes, bathe, smile, or simply function at anything that a non-depressed person is able to do without even thinking about it. Everything in a depressed person’s life is magnified and overwhelming. They feel guilty, because they can’t just “snap out of it.” They want more than anything to live a normal life, full of energy and on the go like everyone else, but unfortunately visualizing a solution and getting relief feels and seems insurmountable to someone experiencing long-term depression.

10 Things you “should” say to someone who is depressed:

1.) If you say “I’m here for you,” the depressed person will know you care and that you are not pretending you understand how they feel.

2.) Sometimes saying “nothing” is best. A hug or a smile is worth a thousand words.

3.) “You are important to me” can be beneficial for a depressed person to hear, unless you’re not sincere. A depressed person is keen on detecting people whom they feel are patronizing them and will withdraw if detected.

4.) Saying “You are not going crazy” may help a depressed person if you can tell they think they are in fact going crazy, or make comments such as “everybody thinks I’m crazy.” Simply hearing that they’re not “going crazy” can allay their fears of being viewed in this light.

5.) Offer some “hope” to a depressed person by expressing your willingness to remain their friend and to see them through their illness, no matter what. Depressed people are generally afraid of losing friends and family as a result of their illness. Depression is an illness and there is no fast cure, so knowing you plan to stick around will help relieve some of the pressure a depressed person feels to put on a façade. Having to “pretend” you’re happy when you’re not takes a lot of energy and that energy could be better spent trying to find a solution.

6.) “I’ll try to understand,” or “I’d like to better understand how you’re feeling,” will help a depressed person know you empathize with them even though you don’t truly understand. These statements come across to the depressed person as “non-judgmental,” which is soothing to them.

7.) “I can’t really understand, but tell me how you are feeling,” is a comforting statement to the depressed person. Again, this is a non-judgmental statement which will be received well by most people who are experiencing depression. Just to know that you don’t pretend to understand and you’re not “trivializing” their feelings will mean a lot.

8.) “I will pray for you,” is comforting to hear and not offensive, if the depressed person believes in God or some other “higher” power.

9.) “If you need to talk, let me know,” is a statement that a depressed person will appreciate. Many times a depressed person doesn’t want to or doesn’t have the energy to talk, but will appreciate knowing you are “willing” to talk should they want to.

10.) “Do you want some time alone to rest and think?” If the depressed person is constantly badgered to “perform” or “be there for other people,” they feel unloved and eventually angry at the person making the demands. A depressed mother or father, for instance may need time to be alone at times and not be burdened with the needs of others. They need some “time out.” Take over some of the daily responsibilities from a depressed spouse, so they won’t feel pressured or become a boiling pot waiting to explode.

If you know someone who is depressed and who is not under a doctor’s care, suggest that they see a doctor and offer to go with them. It will depend on the person whether or not they will follow your advice or be receptive to your help, but always try to get them to seek help. Long-term depression needs to be treated and will not go away by itself.


Personal experience

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10 Things Your Local Library Offers for Free

Have you made a trip to your local library lately? If you haven’t, you might be surprised at what your local library has to offer in both services and materials to peruse. The services of your public libraries are there for free use. To take them home you have to become a member and get your own membership card.

Many libraries have much more updated systems than the libraries of old. Checking out any materials is very simple with a card that can be scanned in or typed in. You can even request and renew things online and receive e-mail notifications. They make it very simple.


This is what the library is known for, but it is really a beginning point for what the library has to offer. Besides reference books and popular books on the best selling list, the library houses every kind of book and reading material from magazines to a large children’s collection.

*DVDs and Videos

Many libraries now house a collection of DVDs and videos to check out. Like books in order to get the current and popular ones you may have to put a request in or get on a waiting list, but they will notify you when they come in. If your library is part of a county system, materials that can be checked out can be sent from one library to another by request.

*Music CDs and Books on Tape or CD

If you want to try some new music or check out a few classics, your library carries music CDs. If you are too busy to sit still and read a book, many are now offered on tape or in CD form so you can listen to the book of your choice being read to you. Again you can put in requests.

*Reading Programs

Most libraries have read aloud programs for young children. These are great for taking little ones on an outing to and a way for Mom or dad to get a little bit of a break and let the stories entertain the children while they enjoy the outing with their children.

*Computer Access

Many libraries now offer computer access. There is usually a time limit for computers. That way everyone can get a turn if they need it. Some libraries now have free wireless too, so you can bring you own laptop in and use it in the there.

*Visiting Speakers and Performers

Local libraries often have wonderful programs for all ages. There may be visiting speakers like local or well known authors in every genre. They often have special features that focus on a theme, like visiting firemen or local animal rescue groups, C.S.I. investigators, singers and everything and everybody in between. Make sure you check out your local library’s upcoming events calendar to see what they have on their agenda.

*Interest Groups and Activities
Your local library may be home to a number of interest groups and activities ranging from poetry and book clubs to teen groups, reading marathons, dance classes and free movie nights. Every library may house different activities at different times. Check yours out to find out what special activities they may offer.


Check in the library and online. They often have reading programs or contests that offer nice incentives and prizes. Many libraries have summer reading programs broken down into age groups with prizes at the end of accomplished reading goals. There are even writing contests sometimes.

*Volunteer programs and employment listings.

Some libraries offer volunteer programs for teens and adults. This is a great way for older kids to get some work experience under their belts while providing a service to their community. The library may also offer listings of local jobs that are available.

*Pamphlets and Flyers

There is often a lot going on in the local community surrounding your local library. Often they will carry flyer and notices of events , points of interest and local issues for you to read or take home.

Your local library is a world of free entertainment. It is geared towards every age group and many different interests. I f you haven’t been there lately, go give it another chance. The variety and scope available there may surprise you. The best thing is it is free for all to use.

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10 Things I Hate About Women

• They want to change their man

I’ve hardly found a man who is completely satisfied with his woman. But he never complains, at least openly. Just look at the other side. Throughout your life you’re told by a woman (may be more than one sometimes) that you’re horrible and need to change. Why? Can’t they look at themselves and change a little to adjust us in their life.

• 2. They think every outing is their wedding party

They take an awful lot of time to get prepared, doesn’t matter where they’re going to. Their five minutes takes an hour at the least. Look at us. We take exactly four smart minutes to get ready and still look at our best.

• 3. They look at the costume of a TV reporter

Yes, they do. How on earth can they comment on the costume of the TV journo? C’mon! She’s there to give us in-depth analysis about the global financial crisis and you’re talking about her lipstick. We never do that. We’re never interested in clothes. We’d rather prefer the absence of it.

• 4. They hate pornography

And secretly try and be like them. Can’t they enjoy it as a part of great fun? We’re in huge mental crisis whenever we have to hide our great porn collection from the women of our life. That’s something to be proud of, isn’t that?

• 5. They’re the least romantic species

Sometimes they are worse than lizards. I’ve found more romantic rats than romantic women. How come are they so prosaically practical? How often do you find a woman poet? They’re more interested in writing their story of child abuse by a pervert uncle. When we talk about the sunset, they say it’s late for home.

• 6. They’re afraid cockroaches

Why? What for? Or is it simply because of the first syllable of the word? Are they scared of that? Such tiny creatures that don’t even know how turn their body over if kept bottoms are one of the very few things that can really men.

• 7. They can religiously watch a soap for years

Should I call it their patience or the ability to make us patients? It any way shows their level of intelligence the way they watch the same thing thrice in the same episode. Everybody knows what’s going to happen and still they’re anxious about that. The men in the house have to wait for the dinner if a certain sad character has just entered the idiot box.

• 8. They think they can choose clothes for men

And they’re absolutely wrong. What you don’t know is that we hate those formal shoes and ironed pants to go out. We feel far more comfortable in a pair of jeans, a cool tee and awesomely funky shoes of rainbow colour. Who do you think we’re to wear your type of clothes? Barrack Obama?

• 9. They scare us by their cooking

Sometimes they scare us by saying it’s no cooking day today. And even worse, they scare us by cooking! They expect us to face their ‘experiments’ with open arms when most of the time, they taste worse than our nose-picks.

• 10. They complain against us of having too much sex drive

As if when we enjoy, they become the sufferers. C’mon it’s a two-way trapeze game. It’s not a hamburger that we can take it o the road and enjoy it whenever we want to. The truth is that you too enjoy equally at that moment. C’mon baby, it’s time to speak out the truth.

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10 Things You Can Do at Home to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Each and every person living on the planet plays a role in the way greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. The waste we produce, the fuels we consume, and the energy sources we exhaust all have an impact on the environment as a whole. By reducing your carbon footprint you can help to protect the atmosphere from the dangerous emissions that are causing our global climates to change. Here are some things you can do to help.

Change Your Lightbulbs to CFL

Invest a little extra in compact flourescent light bulbs the next time one of yours burns out. Incandescent bulbs use tons of power and don’t last nearly as long, creating an excessive use of our resources while at the same time creating extra garbage. CFL bulbs can last up to 15 times longer and will use less than half the electricity.

Buy Locally Grown, Organic Produce

Buying organic produce increases the odds that your food was grown without the use of pesticides and growing methods that are considered damaging to the environment. Buying locally grown food will help to reduce your carbon footprint because the food will not have to travel as far (buy plane, truck, car, etc.) to get to you.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

While convenient, bottled water has a huge impact on the environment. Most bottled water companies have one main plant and then send their water around the globe via plane, boat, and truck. The transportation has a huge impact on the environment, and so does the spread of all of those empty plastic bottles. Find an eco-friendly canteen and refill it at home. Attach a home filtration system if you need to clean up your tap water a bit.

Turn Off and Unplug

Did you know that most of your electrical appliances are using electricity even when they are not turned on? Turn off any appliance or electronic device you are not using and, if possible, completely unplug them.

Adjust Your Heating and Air Settings

Adjust the settings on your heating systems and central air systems. Lowering your heat setting by a mere degree can save you anywhere from 5-8% on your heating bill and will decrease the amount of fuel you are using. Keep the house a degree cooler in the winter and a degree warmer in the summer and you’ll begin to see a huge difference. Consider turning down the temperature on the hot water heater, too.

Install Programmable Thermostats

Another great way of reducing your carbon footprint is by installing a programmable thermostat to control your heat and air settings. Doing so will make it easier for you to regulate the temperature in your household so that you don’t have to leave your systems running when you are not home. You’ll live a greener life by using less energy and will earn significant savings on your utility bill as well.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Did you know that a leaky faucet, dripping throughout the day, can waste gallons of water? Take the time to fix dripping taps so that you can save the earth’s water supply (and save some money).

Choose Your Garbage Bags Carefully

Did you know that black plastic bags can’t be recycled? The black pigment used to dye the bags makes them dangerous to put in the ground. Try to find white garbage bags when necessary. Creating a compost pile will make it easier for you to reduce the amount of garbage you are creating, too.

Buy Reusable Grocery Bags

Most stores offer reusable shopping bags for only $1-2 each. Pick up a few and start taking them with you to the store. You’ll reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment and will create less waste.

Donate Old Clothing

While it may seem easier to simply throw away clothing that is old or no longer fits, there are plenty of others who could benefit from what you consider mere rags. Donating your clothing will reduce the amount of garbage (and transportation of that garbage) you are producing and will help others in need.

There are hundreds of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Think about living a green, healthy life and you’ll be well on your way to making better decisions for yourself, your family, and the environment.


  • Squidoo: 101 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Sustainability/PublicRadio: 15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Carboon Footprint: Carbon Footprint Reduction

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10 Things You Can Do for Free on Any Vacation

Can you remember when you were a child, and your mother would chase you out of the house yelling something about; “You need to get outside! Do something, you can’t just eat and sleep all day,” you had to find something to do, and be back by 9:00pm, no later. Okay, may be that was just my generation’s childhood, but we are a lot healthier, and living longer than quite a few of our younger counterparts! Most of the people my age share some of these things in common, but there are a lot of them that share another factor, one of greater significance. “Income!” (And the lack of it!)

So, how did we manage stay occupied? What did we do without money, and still be able to keep our selves busy? There were actually quite a few things, #1 was, we #1-worked! Now some of you reading this just fell out of your chair’s I know, others are gasping for breath just hearing this, but yes, you can work! And best of all, you won’t have to spend one penny of your own money to do it! Best part is, (if you do this right,) you may even get to spend someone else’s money! This brings us to #2, and all you ladies out there love to do this, when you get there money to buy what they need, you get to go #2-window shopping! Now believe this or not, Window shopping is a lot of work! It involves a lot of #3-walking in the mall!

So, we now know we can “Work” regardless if it’s free, or getting paid to do it, we can “mow a lawn, trim a shrub, carry out the trash!” There’s lots of opportunity’s out there, sometimes it is hard to find, but if you are walking in the Walmart parking lot, and you see some elderly lady trying to pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food, and you think she looks like she only weighs 40lb, then don’t hesitate to run over and offer her a hand! It’s actually easy, let me show you, repeat this after me, “Hello, Ma’am! Can I help you with that, please?” See, now that is not so hard.. And because you finish it with a “Please” she’ll feel obligated to let you help her.

So, you can’t do these things because why? I understand that if your over 40, your still younger than me, and I do these things every day I get the opportunity, and if your crying about this, I’ll bet your one of those people with skin hanging down under your arms, and it flap’s in the wind when you step too close to a fan, or when it gets a little windy outside! Toughen it up! Get your pasty bottom off that couch, out of that chair, and try it! You’d be amazed at how good you really feel after you’ve been doing these things for even one day.. Not to mention, helping other’s has it’s own addictive rewards! Even some nice perks too, if you catch my drift! (Brings me to number 10, but you got to wait for that.) Just taking the time out to open a door for someone else, or lending a hand with something heavy, this is the oldest form of association, it was used many years ago by everyone, and family’s taught it to there children.

When we kids gathered together, (kids our age,) it’s true, some times we’d get into trouble doing something we were not supposed to do, but as a young man, I mostly hung out with older men and women. Being a man now, I know there is two kinds of people I like to be around. Mostly, needy women. Yeah, I’m bad. But there’s more of that Opportunity I was talking about. The other type, was Old people. (Much Older.) My grandfathers old cronies! These people usually can find something for you to do, at a moments notice! And, 9 out of 10 of them will pay you, and be offended if you did not take the money. It’s still true to this day! Only difference is, we are no longer kids! So a really good spot to find something to do, to keep you busy, is to “#4-Volunteer!” may be at your local VFW lot? Local Hospital? Church? You can also learn a great deal of knowledge this way. That will have to be another story, so lets get threw these other 8 things you can do for free…

On a vacation, trying to save money, you can all ways try going #5-Swimming! If you can not afford the season pass at your local pool, you can all ways look to your wild life preserves, local farms, or rivers and lakes, most have a spot where the public is allowed to swim. And if your really interested in making a day of it, you’ll be able to go #6 hiking, if it’s not too hot, you can also turn your hiking into a #7-Jogging day, if none of the lakes, rivers, farm or Government reserves are close by, there usually is a #8 State Park, you can take a trip to, where you can outdoor BBQ, and if your dating or married, and finished with #9 Walking the Dog’s (They do not even have to be your Dogs!) and it’s late in the day, you can finish it all up with (Ta-Da!) #10, SEX! You and your partner can get some much needed exercise, and it’s free! (as much as can be,) The Doctors #1 recommended cardiology exercise, that has been proved to burn as much calories as walking 5 miles, or spending 40 minuets on the weight bench, and only takes on an average of 5 minuets!

So here we have 10 things you can do, at very low cost, or even free! #1-Work, #2-window shopping, #3-walking the mall’s, #4-Volunteer, #5-swimming, #6-hiking, #7-jogging, #8-trip to the park, #9-walking the dogs, and #10-Sex! So everyone, have fun, and enjoy your Vacation, I know if I spent all year working, and only got one or two weeks to unwind and relax, I’d be going at that #10 with my partner, like two drunk monkeys wrapped in cellophane, the entire vacation!

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10 Things I Hate About Food

We need food, we love food, we couldn’t live without food (literally), but there are just those things that get me angry at it. In order from the least amount of loathing to the maximum amount of malice, I hate food because…

10) …of my dependence on it.

Maybe it’s just a “me” thing, but I don’t like having to depend on something. If you look at it this way, we are always on the edge of death; a few days until we die of thirst and a few weeks until we die of starvation. Don’t get me wrong, living on the edge can be fun, but human kind is just too close for comfort!

9) …I will never be able to cook it as well as my mom… ever.

No matter how hard I try, no matter how closely I follow the recipe, or how many cute personal touches I put into a dish (a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper!) I will never be able to cook as well as my mom. My mom is a fantastic chef, who can whip up a gourmet dish from what’s lying around. Her talent is almost as infuriating as it is delicious! I know some of you out there have moms like this; isn’t it hard to know that on your best cooking day your cuisine just won’t be the same? I have this “mom’s cooking” theory: because you grew up on the specific way your mom cooked, your cooking, or anyone else’s, just won’t be the same. I hear tale of a few of you that can cook circles around your maternal figure, you lucky few! Perhaps you can send a recipe my way that will make me feel less substandard.

8) …of those people with high metabolic rates.

I have been of average build for all of my life, and I am quite happy with myself, but I have my limitations when it comes to eating. Unfortunately for me I know way too many people who can eat as much as they want, for as long as they want, and not gain an ounce. What I keep on telling myself is that those people tend to have higher cholesterol so they have to eat carefully in the end, too!

7) …it is just everywhere, in my face!

The moment I wake up, before I put on my make-up, I pass my refrigerator! While combing my hair now, I think of what cereal to eat now, I pass by Mickey D’s on my way to work! You can’t escape food, whether it is vending machines, fast food chains, or simply commercials, which brings me to number 6 on my list.

6) …Food + TV = Annoying.

From those commercials which remind me of food or yummy food I’m too inadequate/lazy to cook, to those cooking shows which really makes me want to turn in my frying pan, TV not only always reminds you of food (and hunger) but it always wants you to base your life around food. Buy this frozen pizza – 24 hour breakfast – The way to his heart is his stomach – TV seems to be a non-stop food advertisement, especially when you begin to feel hungry.

5) …of in inequalities with the world wide distribution of it.

Thus far in the article I have complained and moaned about my own petty misgivings about nourishment, but on a serious note; the way developed nations circulate food around the world is disgraceful. The planet makes enough food for everyone to have more then their fill, yet there are storage houses all over the developed world filled with rotting grain and crazy statistics like “every seven seconds a child in Ethiopia dies of starvation”. Take the mentality Americans and Rwandans take to an all you can eat buffet (I say this because I have had extensive conversations about this with 3 different Rwandan ladies); An American would grab a bit of everything, and if he or she didn’t like a certain dish, he or she would simply push that plate to the side and get something new. The Rwandan would take only what they can eat and would try the food before heaping it onto their plate to ensure the nourishment would not be wasted.

4) …of digestion. Yuck.

Do I need to say more? What your stomach does; the gas exchange, and all that stuff involving toilets (from both ends) is disturbing. Digestion is seriously gross, but necessary.

3) …of how expensive it’s getting.

As I am writing this article, avocados are three bucks a pop at my local super market. We all are feeling the brunt of food and gas prices. Any one of us could write a rant about how this is affecting our lives; instead I’ll just leave a suggestion to maintain a vegetable garden. At least you know what you put on your own tomatoes.

2) …of eating disorders.

This is a very serious matter. I have never had an eating disorder and I may not be at liberty to write about them, so I won’t. There are enough people ready to criticize or talk about this problem that have had more experience with them then me, but I would like to remind readers that all these disorders are serious afflictions that should be handled with care and compassion.

1) …it makes me unjustifiably happy.

No matter all of the mean and negative things I can say about food, my love for it far outweighs my hatred of it. The tastes, the textures, how it makes you live and thrive; food is a thing to cherish and enjoy as well as a means of survival! I have been suggesting things this entire article and as I reach the conclusion of my second to last sentence all I can leave with the reader is one word that sums up my love for food; bacon. As both a necessary component to life and as a delectable form of art, food is just so good!

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10 Things that Men Find Sexy!

Across the years I’ve had many conversations with my male acquaintances about what they feel makes a women sexy, and I’ve been observing a list on the remarks. The list below, and its attached explanations, might surprise you. But remember, this is an collective list, given in descending order, and collected from men with various personalities and backgrounds.

10 Things That Men Find Sexy!

Number 10. Physically pleasing…This likely doesn’t come as a surprise. The interesting thing is that it’s number 10 on this list. Being physically appealing is seemingly the golden ticket to enter the sexy girls club. So how is “physically attractive” outlined by men? The means that you likely believe. Yes, it’s stereotyped… Hip-to-waist ratio, school girlish facial characteristics, and balance (how shapely a woman is). These physical qualities still dominate in what men find attractive.

Number 9. Accessible…Ironically, the more physically appealing a woman is, the less men approach her. Many gorgeous and/or prosperous women will concur. It’s not that men choose blemished women, they’re simply more at ease approaching a woman who doesn’t look to be “perfect,” And may be more acceptant to them…and their faults.

Number 8. Unemotional personality…Although it’s true that men mature desiring the cheerleader/model/stripper, they also prize the “girl next door,” who’s solid, realistic character is appreciated. When being with her He may experience the time spent as with “one of the guys,” she will always remind him that she’s a woman…And a sexy one at that.

Number 7. Broad-minded…There are many reasons how come men desire a woman to be broad-minded. The 1st is that it implies she will harbor different ideas and views which could go a long way towards building up and maintaining the relationship. It also signifies that she might look at the possibility of a threesome…No matter how removed of a possibility.

Number 6. Competitive…Women are competitive with one another when they’re unattached. They must keep that equal rivalries spirit while in a relationship. The type of fight that men find hot is when their women can discover another sexy woman’s traits, and then improve her own sexiness. In other words, knows what her man finds sexy about different woman and emulate it.

Number 5. Self-confident…Being around a uncertain woman is as if you’re in a boat with a slow leak…Sooner or later it will fill up with water and sink. So will the relationships that men attempt to have with such women. Men see confidence as sexy…Particularly in the bedroom.

Number 4. Great hygiene…Sexiness is good health. It’s also cleanliness. From sexy smelling hair and breath, to every cleft of a woman’s body. Extremities should be clean and desirable during intimate times, and fragrances should awaken and arouse.

Number 3. Orgasmic…Plainly said: Nothing is more exciting to a man than the clear memory of his orgasmic lover during their last sexual encounter…Except the encounter he’s going to have with her next. Women who recognize how… And expect to have orgasms during every sexual encounter are positioned in his sexual hall of fame, giving him his bit of ego knowing that his is the man…Giving his women sexual pleasure!

Number 2. Forceful sex drive…Believing that just about all men sense that women don’t desire sex as often as they do, it only causes sense that a women who want sex would be 2nd on this list. For a man, a woman who loves lots of sex, is sexy. A woman who desires lots of sex is a keeper.

Number 1. At ease with her own sexuality…A woman who’s at ease with her sexuality is given to be at ease with all matters sexual. She can talk about her sexual wants, experiences, and desires. She has extraordinary, sexual exuberance and isn’t worried with her man’s past lovers for she is competitive.

As a matter of fact, she feels sexy all by herself, but she enjoys the intimate attending that her man gives to her, and of course her man loves the fact that she doesn’t have sexual hang-ups. She’s at ease making love in the bed, or in a car, and she’s not concerned in having a philosophical discussion about the conflicts between the two. She’s sexy as hell, and her man loves her a lot more for it.

I hope you have found my list of the 10 things that men find sexy helpful. Just remember…Always be you! Have you ever thought about talking dirty to your man? If you’re looking for a way to increase the intimacy in your relationship…I highly recommend you visit my Site Talking Dirty. Have Fun!

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