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10 New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Sean "Diddy" Combs

Though out 2006 the name Diddy, 37 has been everywhere, from the pages of entertainment magazines to entertainment news shows. Some things just seemed funny to me from his home videos to his reason for not marrying his on and off girlfriend of 13 years Kim Porter. With a look back at Diddy’s 2006 here is what his 10 New Year’s resolutions should be for 2007.

1.) I will marry Kim Porter (one day).

2.) I will learn to be a better boyfriend.
Recently Diddy discussed the idea of marriage with Essence magazine and he said that ”I know she (Kim Porter) deserves to get married, but I’m just not ready.” Porter has a son already and is now pregnant with twins by Diddy. Not only is he not ready for marriage, he is also working on being a better boyfriend, since he recently said that while he was dating Jennifer Lopez he cheated on her with Kim Porter.

3.) I will stop dancing and realize that I am too stiff.
During the making of his video “Come to me” featuring Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, Diddy practiced in front of the cameras claiming that he was back and was showing his dancing skills that he was once known for, unfortunately he looked his age. He seemed tired. The dance moves were slow and stiff. Diddy did not seem to naturally flow with the chorography.

4.) I will obtain my degree from Howard University.
Diddy attended Howard University for a period of time, but he also became an intern at Uptown Records. He soon found himself travelling from Washington, D.C to Manhattan, New York every other day. With his ambitions being so high, he focused on working at Uptown Records and climbed the ladder to the top; in the meantime he did not get his degree. If Howard University has not yet given him an honorary degree than its time for Diddy to finish school. He may be worth $315 million dollars, but he could take time out to go ahead and finish school. The students will eventually get use to him being around and they will love his parties.

5/6.) I will stop making videos of my daily routines as if I am not a celebrity or I will stop thinking that I am such a great celebrity that everyone cares about my home videos.
During 2006 Diddy decided to show people that he was “regular” and began making a series of home movies featured on his MySpace page. Videos include him using the bathroom and showing stains on the floor with him explaining that he is just like “regular” people. It is questionable however, his motives as far as why he made these videos. Everyone uses the bathroom, but everyone can’t make a video about using the bathroom. Why would Diddy think that he is any different from any other human being?

7.) I will stop rapping altogether and focus on producing or being a mogul.
Diddy released “Play” October 17, 2006 and has done well as he does with his albums, but Diddy should focus on some of his artists on his label. His group Danity Kane came out and it was a big for about a three days and then they were out of sight. Then next thing to come from Diddy’s label was his own album. He should also focus on his clothing line.

8.) I will preserve my sexy by continuing my use of proactive.
Many were surprised to see Diddy promoting the Proactive skin care line or thought it was hilarious as he said that he had to “preserve his sexy.” A mogul should definitely preserve his sexy.

9.) I will be the first black man to play James Bond.
As another addition of a James Bond film was created Diddy told the world that he wanted to be the first black man to play James Bond. He had a role in the Oscar Award winning film “Monster’s Ball” and had a role in the Broadway show “A Raisin in the Sun.” His ambitious remain high even though he could probably retired today. With Diddy’s playboy like character he probably could be the first Black James Bond he even has the backing from Oscar Award winning actor Jamie Foxx.

10.) “I won’t stop cause I can’t stop.”
This is a famous quote from Diddy. Sean “Diddy” Combs should definitely continue to entertain the world in 2007 and continued to be an influence to the world.


10 Worst Things About Taking a Vacation with Your Family

Family vacations can be a great way to spend quality time together, it seemed like a great idea at the time right? Then you go on the actual vacation and realize what a nightmare it really is. Here are some of the reasons why.

You always get stuck being roommates with the relative that no one wants to room with. Whether it be your sister who has ocd about everything or grandma that snores so loud no one in the entire hotel can sleep.

Someone will embarrass the hell out of you. Your mom trying to dress and act like she’s your sister, your dad dressed in fishing gear with a gallon of sunscreen on his nose trying to act “cool” in front of the hot guy you are talking to. You will want to die of embarrassment at some point.

Someone on your family vacation always gets violently ill, which puts a damper on everyone’s trip. Not only do you have to watch them puke their guts out, you will have to listen to them whine about it for three days!

There never seems to be time during the vacation to do what you want to do. Everything you suggest is usually followed by “we will see but I don’t think we will have enough time.” Because god knows we just can’t pass up seeing the worlds largest rubber band ball or a collection of bottle caps.

You get absolutely no privacy when you vacation with your family. Every time you turn around there they are whining, fighting or complaining about something that you really could care less about. The only way you can get any privacy is to go to the bathroom, and even then someone is pounding on the door yelling at you to hurry the hell up.

At least two members of your family will end up duking it out, or at least have a verbal smack down. This always happens in public usually during dinner….when there is alcohol involved. With this one you get a little entertainment out of the deal.

Your parents will use this vacation to point out all of your flaws. “Don’t slouch ,stop twirling your hair.” “Well if you would have went to Columbia like I wanted you to you would have had a better chance at the promotion.” “That’s why your still single.” “Your sister doesn’t do things like that.”

Family vacations always come with itineraries. Itineraries are the root of all evil. If you don’t follow the itinerary your family will remind you of it for the remainder of your trip. Vacations are supposed to be fun not organized like a military boot camp schedule!

Plan to be at the airport at least a day in advance to make sure that everyone gets through security. One member of your family will look like a suspected terrorist and be pulled aside for the full body search because they forgot to take all electronics out of their carry-on and place them in the bins.

The worst part about family vacations is when you get home and your parents insist on telling anyone who will listen about all the “horrible” things you did. “Well we couldn’t go deep sea diving or fishing because she decided to have one to many drinks at dinner and spend the next day puking her damn guts out all over the damn place!


10 Ways You're Being Influenced by Things You Don't Know About

Most of us go about our days unaware of the myriad of things that effect out thoughts and behaviors without even realizing it. We make decisions or react to events with what we might think at times is clear objectivity. Yet, as science uncovers more information about how the brain works, we’re learning more about the ways in which things we didn’t know about are effecting how we see the world and work our way through it. Below are ten ways you’re being influence by things you probably don’t know about.

1 – Spheres of influence. Recently a study by Harvard professor of medicine , Nicholas Christakis, proved that people who are around other happy people, are more likely to be happy themselves. A lot more so than had been previously thought. And that wasn’t all. He also found that being around people who are themselves getting happier from those that are around them, can cause you to be happier too. Or to put it another way, if you’re the friend of a friend that is happy, that’s enough to increase your own happiness, even if you never come into contact with this other person yourself. In short, this means that we are being influence by people we don’t even know. And this is just one study. These findings indicate that the opposite is possible as well. And perhaps there might be other types of these spheres of influence we don’t know about yet, because no one’s thought about doing a study.

2 – Minority population and the theory of false numbers. We live in a society that is influenced greatly by our government. And out government is influenced great by small segments of the population. Thus we ourselves are greatly influence by a minority of the population. As an example, we all know there are political action committees (PACs) organized and supported for the express purpose of enacting new laws or doing away with others. These PACs have a very narrow agenda which doesn’t necessarily follow that of the rest of the country. Laws are passed or stricken down, whether we like it not, simply because we lack the ability or ambition to create a PAC of our own to counter-influence those that do the voting.

3 – Subliminal seduction. You may or may not have heard of this term but it is something that is quite prevalent in our society. It’s a tool used generally by those marketing products. What happens is, television or print ads have embedded images or sounds that are not readily recognized by the viewer. One famous example was a print ad back in the 70’s for a brand of whiskey. A glass was shown, full of whiskey, with ice cubes in it. That was what most people saw. What we didn’t know was that there was a outline of a naked woman amongst the curves of the ice cubes. Most advertisements today utilize this technique to get you to buy their products.

4 – Food additives. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not. But recent studies have shown that many of the chemicals that are added to our foods cause us to think or feel differently than we may realize. One simple example is the salt in many soda’s that causes us to feel thirsty, which causes us to drink another soda. Another not so well known example is the effect of hormones in milk and ice-cream. This is an indirect effect. Farmers give the cow hormones to make them grow bigger, faster. But what happens when we drink or eat dairy products is, we react to those hormones without realizing it. For example, many hormones in dairy products cause people to feel more aggressive. Just as they do when athletes take them to grow bigger and stronger.

5 – Atmospheric pressure. Most people don’t really stop to think about how the weather effects their behavior. Some may realize that high pressure systems make them more edgy or they might get head-aches. But what’s generally not known though is that the pressure in the air around us causes most people to think somewhat differently depending on how much pressure there is. And worse, it effects different people in different ways. Some find they make more snap decisions when pressed. Others find the pressure sexually arousing, which in turn can lead to impromptu decisions that might not have been made otherwise. Also, recent studies have shown that atmospheric pressure can actually speed up or slow down the speed at which the brain functions.

6 – Noise and sound. Most people have a pretty good understanding of how music can affect people, but what most don’t know is that certain tones can produce erratic brain wave activity that can alter the way a person thinks or feels. These tones can occur in nature, or in music. They can even be produced by human activity such as pneumatic drills. While little is known about the actually changes in people when these erratic brain waves occur, it is thought to alter perception and cognition, which means it might make you see things differently than you would have otherwise. Sort of like a mild form of hallucinogenic drugs.

7 – Memory distortion. This one’s really interesting. There have been literally hundreds of memory studies over the past several years, and one of the things that is standing out, is something called memory distortion. What happens is, we unconsciously distort our own memories of things, while we are remembering them. For example, say you were witness to a robbery. While it was happening you made a conscious effort to memorize that person’s face. Then later, you bring that image to mind when talking to the police. But what you don’t realize is, when you bring that image to mind, it’s not one hundred percent accurate. It’s affected by the emotions you were feeling at the time, and also by the fact, that human memory is simply not one hundred percent accurate. So, now this new, somewhat altered image is stored away in your mind. Then, sometime later, say a few weeks later, you are asked again to describe this person. Once again you bring up the image, and once again, you distort the image because you now are affected by how you remember feeling when you were actually seeing that face. And on and on it goes. Studies have shown that because of this memory distortion, eyewitness accounts become less reliable every time a person is interviewed. And this happens in real life too. Witnesses have falsely identified people, or have overlooked people that were known to have been the perpetuator because of video tape.

8 – Smell. Once again, most people know that certain smells can elicit reactions in people; melancholy from the smell of bread baking, for example, or surges of excitement when breathing in a wisp of perfume when a woman walks by. But there are also other little-known reactions that cause people to think or behave in surprising ways. Pheromones are one example. They can cause males to become unexpectedly attracted to a female who is experiencing her menstrual cycle. Another is when smell is mixed with memory, or worse distorted memories. It’s been shown that experiencing an odor that causes an unpleasant memory can cause people to treat those in the vicinity differently than they would otherwise. The same goes for odors that elicit pleasant memories.

9 – Colors. Did you know that the color red causes the heart rate of those looking to rise and the eyes to dilate. Or that mauve causes the reverse? Did you know that advertisers and mental institutions know this and use these colors to excite or calm? It’s true. Most colors cause people to react in ways they might not ever be realizing.

10 – Touch. Several fascinating studies in recent years have looked at the effects of human contact. Scientists have discovered that babies who are seldom touched grow up to be insecure and usually angry. And adults that don’t get enough human skin to skin contact become reclusive and also generally angry. On the other hand, studies have also shown that touch can be used to manipulate people. Touching on the hand or arm causes a feeling of unwarranted intimacy, which can cause people to go along with whatever the toucher is peddling.

The ten ways you’re being influenced by things you don’t know about are intended mostly as items of interest, because science has also shown that even if people are aware of what is happing, they still fall under the influence. So, in closing, I hope these little known facts have amused or enlightened you.


100 Best Movies of All Time Review: 'City Lights'

There is no character better known around the world than Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp. This loveable ragamuffin in dusty clothes, oversized shoes, a tiny hat, and a toothbrush moustache that was so iconic Hitler imitated it to try to be perceived as a more likeable fellow has touched all kinds of audiences. Show a Chaplin film to the poorest of poor in an African country, and the audiences will laugh and smile. There’s no language barrier with Chaplin’s silent mimes, and the poor especially can relate to his character’s constant struggle with starvation.

When the film ‘City Lights’ came out, the talkies were just taking off, and Chaplin wasn’t too impressed with this new film format. So he rebelled with yet another silent picture, perhaps putting a little more into it to prove that adding voices to film didn’t make them better. And what a fine argument he made.

As usual, Chaplin’s meticulous attention to detail pays off; he not only wrote, directed, and acted in his own films; he scored them and added sound effects to them, as well. And while many of the premises of his films seem simple, as in this one where the Little Tramp falls in love with a poor blind girl and takes on a bevy of odd jobs to pay for her rent and an operation to get her sight back, Chaplin takes this simplicity, mixes in some pure cinematic magic, and creates a masterpiece.

Among some of the greatest scenes of this film are a very unique “nude scene”, a funny fixed boxing match, and Chaplin getting a taste of some spaghetti confetti. He also develops an odd relationship with a wealthy gentleman with a Jekyll/Hyde personality, and the Little Tramp has his usual brush with the law.

The film has a touching, poetic ending, and Chaplin’s face in the final shot says more than any words ever could. It’s such a shame that this amazing man was later ostracized during the Hollywood anti-Communist witch hunt, but now we can all still appreciate the legacy he left cinema as an art form and a way of speaking to the whole world.

Chaplin was not just one of the greatest directors of all time, but also one of the best composers, actors, and writers the film industry has ever seen. Even without words, when all of this talent is put together on the silver screen, the result is one of the 100 Best Movies of All Time.


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