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15 Latin Quotes with Their English Translations

Using my latest find, “A World Treasury of Proverbs” edited by Henry Davidoff (published 1946), I was able to compile the following list of fifteen Latin proverbs with their English translations. I was surprised, as I’m not a Latin scholar, but I actually recognized some of these. I hope the Latin or Roman history student finds this list useful.

On dispute:
De gustibus non est disputandum.
There is no disputing about tastes.

On experience:
Experto credite.
Believe him who has experienced it.

On government:
Divide et impera.
Divide and rule.

On justice:
Astrea redux.
Justice again our guide.

On leisure:
Otium cum dignitate.
Leisure with dignity.

On medicine:
Similia similibus curantur.
Like cures like.

On mind:
Mens sana in corpore sano.
A sound mind in a sound body.

On people:
Vox populi, Vox Dei.
The voice of the people is the voice of God.

On stars:
Per aspera ad astra.
Through hardship to the stars.

On tears:
Hinc illae lacrimae.
Hence those tears.

Sunt lacrimae rerum.
There are the tears of things.

On toil:
Laborare est orare.
Toil is prayer.

On victory:
Vae victis!
Woe to the vanquished!

On wine:
In vino veritas.
In wine there is truth.

On wonder:
Nil admirari.
To wonder at nothing.


Henry Davidoff (editor). A World Treasury of Proverbs

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15 Little Known Facts About Routine Infant Circumcision

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding circumcision. Doctors have claimed that it cures a host of illnesses over the years, yet no medical benefit has ever been proven. Rumors continue to circulate even in the medical profession Is it any wonder that this is such a tough choice for parents to make? Accurate information is so hard to track down. Who can you trust? Trust me. I have nothing to gain by convincing you not to circumcision. Let me set the record straight.

1. Nearly every major medical organization in the entire world recommends against it, considering it unnecessary. Yet circumcision remains routine–routine but not mandatory, as those are two different words with two different meanings.

2. None of the medical benefits are proven, as research is highly flawed. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls the data inconclusive. Yet for some reason, doctors and nurses continue to preach about these so-called benefits as if they are proven facts.

3. During most circumcisions in the US, no pain relief is given. The child sucks on a finger dipped in sugar water. Parents must request anesthesia. Even when it is used, often times it is not used properly. Doctors do not wait an adequate amount of time after applying it before beginning the procedure.

4. It’s not a quick snip. It’s a surgical procedure. The foreskin is forcibly retracted and then separated from the glans with a rod that rips it away. It is stretched beyond the head and then crushed with a clamp. Surgical scissors are used to cut off the skin.

5. Circumcisions last at least a few minutes, during which the child is in intense pain. The child remains sore throughout the recovery period. Unfortunately, many circumcised men have tight or painful erections as a result of circumcision, so the pain doesn’t always dissipate forever.

6. Only 60% of boys are circumcised. That means 40$ are not, making intact penises less common but certainly not so unheard of as to be weird. Soon it will be split 50/50, and intact will be just as common.

7. A man loses 15 square inches of length during circumcision. This skin is rich in nerve endings, all of which are lost. The foreskin keeps the glans smooth, moist, and sensitive by protecting it from rubbing it against clothing. It also lubricates during sex. The truncation of the foreskin alters a child’s future sex life permanently.

8. Many circumcised men chose to restore, although they can never truly get back all they lost–just a poor imitation. Once progress is made, nearly all report an increase in penile sensation and better sex.

9. The complication rate is between 2 and 10%. Children may bleed to death, become infected, or lose too much skin–amongst many other problems.

10. Little boys don’t care if their penis matches daddy’s. All penises look different, and daddy’s will be bigger until the child is a grown man anyway.

11. Your intact son won’t develop a complex and can get circumcised as an adult if he chooses. Your circumcised son, however, may someday feel awful about what he has lost but can never get back. Many men feel a sense of helplessness and loss of control due to being circumcised as infants. Some remain angry about it or at their parents for quite a while. They feel raped, robbed of a useful organ, not quite whole, and upset their choice was taken away.

12. It originally became popular as a way to prevent masturbation. Because circumcision desensitizes the penis, it actually results in more masturbation–often with harder jerking and more raunchy mental images as more stimulation is needed.

13.Men who’ve had sex intact and were then circumcised usually regret the choice and report less gratifying sexual experiences after the procedure. No one has had sex circumcised and then intact, so men who were circumcised at birth can never know what they are missing.

14. Not only do men regret being circumcised as infants or getting circumcised as adults, parents often feel terrible guilt, shame, and remorse when they learn the truth about circumcision.

15. Because of all this male circumcision is just as bad as female circumcision. It’s genital mutilation and has the same side effects and results. Circumcised males lose sensation just as circumcised girls do, and they may grow up to have similar feelings as victims of female genital mutilation. The number of men feeling that way would be higher if male circumcision were less common, as it should be according to various medical organizations across the globe.

If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong. Find 3 major medial organizations that do recommend Routine Infant Circumcision. Find evidence proving that anesthesia is routinely and correctly used; the AAP actually issued a paper stating the opposite. Prove that it’s just a quick and painless snip. You can’t; it’s not. There are men who are angry about RIC, but can you find an intact adult angry at NOT having been circumcised at infancy?

Routine infant circumcision is wrong. It has no benefits, only negative side effects. It is useless and dangerous. Let’s put an end to it.

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15 Great Volunteer Opportunities in Lubbock, Texas

Volunteering is a great way to serve others, gain experience, and make a difference in someone’s life. It is an excellent opportunity for college students to gain resume experience, for retirees to stay busy and much more. If you’re from the Lubbock area and looking to serve, please consider these agencies.

1. Meals on Wheels
(806) 792-7971

Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver warm lunches to senior citizens and disabled persons. As a Meals on Wheels volunteer, you’ll brighten the day of someone who may not see another person the whole day. You might also volunteer by helping with fundraising and office work. They are always needing friendly people to serve the community. A one-hour orientation is required and you must be available at around 11 am on a weekday. You can volunteer as often or as little as you’d like.

2. Children’s Home of Lubbock
(806) 762-0481

The Children’s Home of Lubbock serves as a home for children who are in foster care, and may have been abused/neglected. They have a sponsorship program where you mentor a child or sibling group through one-on-one visits and outings. There are also various other ways to serve including transporting children to appointments, teaching a class or craft, and more You must pass a background check. It is an excellent chance to truly make a difference in a child or teen’s life.

3. CASA of Lubbock
(806) 763-2272

If you’d like to advocate for child who has been abused or neglected, then CASA is a wonderful opportunity to serve. As a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), you will visit with a child or sibling group, attend CPS meetings, attend monitored family visits, and possibly testify at hearings. You must attend volunteer training and have no criminal record. It is a great resource for social work/psychology/law students to gain experience, or for anyone who wants to help a child.

4. My Father’s House

My Father’s House offers shelter and life skills training and support to women in need. There are multiple volunteer opportunities available. One is to serve as a mentor, where you are matched with a student/resident in the program and offer advocacy, support, encouragement, and role-modeling. If you would like to help a women in need, this is a great place to serve.

5. Hospice of Lubbock

If you think you can comfort and assist someone who is terminally ill, consider volunteering with hospice. They need volunteers to help with visits, as well as office work, fundraising, and helping in the thrift store.

6. Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Lubbock

Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the most influential volunteer opportunities. You will truly make a difference in a child’s life. As a Big Brother/ Big Sister you will mentor a “little” and must commit to spend an average of 1-2 hours a week with him/her. They also have “Big Couples” who mentor a child. There is also a “BIg Lunch Buddy” program where you spend your lunch hour with your little at least once a week. If you have some free time and would like to big a role model and friend to a child, Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a great program.

7. Hearts & Hooves of Lubbock
(806) 543-6368

Hearts and Hooves is an organization that helps people and children with special needs through pet therapy with a miniature horse. They need volunteers to feed, groom, and bathe the horses. This is a great opportunity for families (or individuals) to help an excellent organization.

8. Ronald McDonald House
(806) 744-8877

The Ronald McDonald house provides temporary lodging to out-of-town families while their critically ill child is receiving treatment. They need volunteers to help prepare meals, bake desserts, and help with chores. If you’d like to help families in need, this is the perfect place to serve.

9. Salvation Army
(806) 765-9434

The Salvation Army provides food, counseling, clothing and more for Lubbock’s homeless and needy families/individuals. They need volunteers to help serve the evening meal from 5-7 pm daily. If you’d like to help those in need, consider the Salvation Army.

10. Family Promise

Family Promise provides temporary shelter to families with children. They need volunteers on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 am to 5 pm to encourage families in crisis situations.

11. South Plains Food Bank
(806) 763-3003

The South Plains Food Bank helps thousands of families of every year by providing food, meals and education. They need volunteers to help distribute and package the food, as well as help in other areas. If you have a few hours to make a difference, the food bank is a great place to serve.

12. Contact Lubbock
(806) 765-7272

Contact Lubbock is a crisis/suicide hotline serving the South Plains area. If you are a good listener and like to comfort others, this is a great opportunity. Volunteers must complete 30 hours of training. This is an excellent way to assist others, and gain valuable experience.

13. Lubbock Rape Crisis Center
(806) 763-3232

The Lubbock Rape Crisis Center provides advocacy and support to persons who have been the victim of sexual assault. They need volunteers to answer the hotline, provide support at the hospital, accompany victims at court hearings and more. If you’d like to make a difference and get valuable experience, the Rape Crisis center may be for you.

14. Women’s Protective Services of Lubbock
(806) 748-5292

Women’s Protective Services provides emergency shelter, advocacy, counseling, and much more to women who have been abused. They need volunteers for a variety of jobs including answering the hotline, helping at the shelter, and more. They help abused men as well as women. If you’d like to serve individuals in this situation, this is a great agency to check out.

15. Family Guidance and Outreach Center of Lubbock
(806) 747- 5577

The Family Guidance and Outreach Center offers support and mentoring to children, has classes, helps clients find referrals and more. They need volunteers to mentor mothers, educate on Shaken Baby Syndrome, help with fundraising, and much more. If you’d like to make a difference in a family, give them a call.

These are just a few of the opportunities available. Volunteering is beneficial not only to the community, but to the volunteer as well. If you decide to give just a few hours of your time, you will improve the lives of others and yourself. Its a priceless gift you can give others!

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15 Most Important Ways of Making Your Dreams Come True

In a remarkable turn of events, people who make choices to live their dreams are the people who know the true meaning of their life and the purpose of living it. Some people live in denial and they can’t live their dreams because they are too busy managing other people’s expectations. This your life and you have your own dreams. The only objective you must focus is to make it come true. You will know you have found your passion when your talents, knowledges, energy, focus and commitment come together in a way that excites you for every breath that you take. Every now and then we have our own problem and obligation. It isn’t always easy to rise above what has happened to you when it become a challenge for you to pursue your dreams. It takes great determination, not to mention a sense of purpose, faith, hope, and your belief that you have many talents and skills to share. Here are fifteen most important ways of making your dreams come true:

Know What You Want, Find What You Love

People who know what they want in life will stay focus on their targets to reach their dreams. If you don’t know what you want in life, then what’s point of you living your life all this time? Know what you want and understand why you want it is the key to success. We will always do well at things we love. So you must find something you love and do it because the most important thing is to love what you’re doing. What you do becomes part of who you are.

Follow Your Heart, Trust Your Instinct

At some point, you will have a dilemma to decide all things that you want to achieve in life. Your parents want you to get a real job, your friends want you to follow them doing other things, your environment is forcing you to get a better life and so much more. Follow your heart and figure out where your passion lies. Block all the thoughts of other people just for a second and figure out what do you really want in life. Make decisions and trust your instinct because somehow, your instinct knows what you want to be and what you want to accomplish in life.

Stay Motivated And Dedicated

Success comes from the desire of being a winner, to stay on top and be remarkable. So motivates yourself to reach your dream and dedicates every breath of your life to make it happen. Find your own inspiration and someday, you will become another inspiration to others.

Adjust Your Attitude

The right attitude keeps you on the right path of your journey. Without the right attitude, you will never succeed in living your dreams. There’s no definition of bad attitude because under certain circumstances, bad attitude is the only right attitude that you must have. So learn how to adjust your attitude into the right situation and be professional. Work hard and get some time off to enjoy your life.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination makes the worst result out of it. People who are not passionate about the things that they do like to procrastinate and too lazy to move forward. If you do the things that you love, you don’t have any reason to delay and do it in the last minute.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

You want to achieve your dreams. You want to be successful. But you don’t even care to do anything about it. So stop wishing for it and start doing the right things. When you want something, it’s only a desire but when you understand the things that you want, you know what you should do to get to the place you wanted to be, then you’re starting to get it right. You don’t seem to realize it but when you’re exposing too much of your heart and yourself out there, that’s when you’re alive because you’re doing the right things.

Be Relentless. Don’t Lose Faith

The road to success is paved with hardships and failures. Be fearless and relentless. If you’re afraid to fail, you will never succeed. If you give up so easy, you will never know what’s victory like. Just because the failure is hurting you, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to succeed. All you have to do is get back on your feet and keep trying. You will lose now and then. But the glory lies in getting up again and again until you succeed.

Seize The Moment

Focus on what you want to achieve and make you sure you’re enjoying what you do. Don’t stress out thinking what will happen next because thinking too much will not do any good. Seize the moment, enjoy the ride and focus on your work until it’s finish. When you enjoy doing things that you love, no one can stop you from reaching your dreams.

Control Your Emotions

Learn how to control your emotions because stress, peer pressure and your environment can somehow bring you to your knees if you get too emotional. A person who can control his/her emotion is more dangerous than the person who gets angry all the time. When you can control your emotions, then there’s nothing in this world that can break you.

Be Frivolous To Be Marvellous

It doesn’t matter if you make some silly mistakes because you’re out there doing something. If you aren’t willing to take some risks or dare to be called crazy by those who doubt your genius, then you likely will never achieve all that you dream of achieving.

Keep Practicing

No matter how good you are at something, you have to keep practicing and don’t stop polishing your skills. Do your homework before you start doing anything and make sure you know exactly what you’re about to do. Pratice makes perfect. Don’t forget that.

Learn To Listen

Some part of learning process involves listening. So learn to listen because you may learn something from other people’s opinion. If you want others to listen to you, you must first know how to listen well. Everyone has an opinion and even the wrong one can open your eyes to things that you never heard before.

Don’t Do Things Halfway

Don’t do things halfway. Finish what you started. If you quit before you even know what’s the result, then what’s the point of you doing it in the first place. Taking a risk but fail is better than not doing anything at all. It’s a a great lesson to fail at learning than failing at trying. Be brave and take a risk. Trust your gut.

Keep Moving Forward

At the end of the day, people will judge you by your gallops, not your stumbles. Every decision you make, even if it was misguided by a bad advice, is your decision. Every mistake you make, even if it was a worthless pain, is the thing that you’ve learned. Nobody wins when they start dwelling on the past. You have to keep moving forward. It’s not the end. It’s a fresh start.

Take A Chance, Make A Choice

Try not to overanalyze things. Take a risk when it’s necessary and make decisions. Trust your gut because chances come and go without notice. If you let it slip when you don’t dare to make a move on it, then you wouldn’t know how good you are as a person. In life, you have to choose whether to be the best or settle as the worst. Make up your mind and do things that will ensure you to be at the place you wanted to be someday. Never stop believing in yourself. You will have bad days and good days too. There will be setbacks. At the end of the day, every chance and choice that you make will take you to some great distances.

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15 Man Things that Will Really Infuriate a Woman

Lying and cheating are in the mix, but there are fifteen other things that make a woman boil, rant, and rave. Here is a handy don’t list for the men who want to please a woman.

1. Drinking too excess is one of the things that makes a woman furious. Men have a tendency to say stupid things when they are drunk, and woman remember those things and confront them when they sober up. Don’t drink in excess and open your mouth with some candid remarks.

2. Don’t gripe about the food she cooks or serves. If a woman makes a meal, even though it might taste like dirt, you should not complain. Slip it to the dog or trash, but never be caught and never say a bad word. You don’t have to complement her cooking, just don’t gripe about it.

3. When an argument ensues, don’t keep arguing. Women like to be right, and if a man keeps up the discussion, it shows that she is not right.

4. Notice what she is wearing. Always notice her hair, dress, or outfit. Is that a new dress, is a nice start.

5. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. If you don’t have the cash to buy something, at least remember with a card or a phone call, if there is distance between you.

6. Be there for her when she complains about work. You do not have to agree with her summation, but at least have a listening ear.

7. Take out the trash or help around the house. It is a bad scene if she feels that she has no support at home.

8. Kiss and hug frequently. This is a must for all couples to stay close to each other.

9. Never criticize her friends or family. This is a no-no in a relationship, because it could ruin a perfect union.

10. Never accuse her of spending too much money. There are subtle ways to do this, and just blurting it out is not very tactful.

11. Appreciate her. Remember to say thank you every so often. It keeps the relationship fresh and on-going.

12. Remember to say, I am sorry. That is a hard thing to do when you think you are right, but women appreciate those three words very much.

13. Buy a gift for her, even if it is not a special occasion. This lifts her spirits and the rewards are great with this small gesture.

14. Never slam the door and leave in an argument. Sit down, cool off, and settle it.

15. Never end the day without saying, I love you. Those three words can heal almost anything or any problem.

These things are small in nature, but large in making a woman happy. If men do not follow these simple guidelines, it creates a big problem. If men continue to do these things, women will not forgive them. Leaving a toilet seat up, not picking up their clothing, and just being a slob are habits that can be worked on. If a combination of these fifteen things are constantly in motion, then forgiveness is hard to come by.

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15 Seconds of Fame

A new promotion by CBS is offering one lucky winner a chance to spread their wisdom and words to the world (or at least the U.S.) on Superbowl Sunday. Contestants are given 15-seconds to say whatever they like on video. They post their video on You Tube through the link on the CBS site, and every week CBS selects five videos to post on the CBS website as finalists. From the finalist the grand prize winner is chosen.

The rules are simple: no obscenity (including but not limited to profanity, pornography, and nudity of any kind), you cannot use copywrited music, no product logos or images (not even on clothing), you cannot mention any product, and it has to be 15-seconds or less. Pretty simple. So what would you say if you had the chance to address the world (or the collective U.S.)

The five videos on CBS’ website this week include an Asian rapper, rhyming about pollution, insurgents, the disappearing middle class, the troubled ozone, drugs, and racial discrimination (all in fifteen seconds), an overweight man espousing a belief that you should stop watching football, who then promptly leaves to see a touchdown occur for his favorite team, a talking cat proving that pets are less racist than people, an animation reminding us of how preciously short life is, and a series of still encouraging, hope, love, and ambition for a better world.

Other videos on You Tube encourage social and civil responsibility and promote basic values such as education and equality and even encouraging underweight celebrities to eat up. One rather comic video states that “A handful of raisins, is like a bunch of smiles in your mouth.” said by an adorable red-headed boy that seems reminiscent of Ron Weasley. One slightly ironic video begins with “Kill terrorists” and continues to “teach your children equality” and “love one another” and finally concludes with the man giving the peace sign to the video camera. Twisted logic and inconsistency. That’s one way to go about loving one another and promoting peace… killing people… hm.

While almost all of the videos I’ve watched were either just funny or promoting worthy values. One has to wonder, however, the people promoting these values actually practice them. One woman who looked like the average stay at home mom encouraged community involvement and social activism to change the world. How much time does she have to devote to that? One could argue that a simple food bank donation would change the world for one person. On the other hand, how is the man who encourages terrorist killing encouraging peace? One could argue that terrorists are the direct opposite of peace and by eliminating them we better the odds of having peace. But I say that violence only begets more violence and strengthens their cause and motivation.

CBS’ promotion certainly is interesting and provides plenty of food for thought. What would you say to the world? What do you think about what others are saying? Perhaps, most importantly… do you practice what you preach?

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15 Romantic Animated Movies for Valentine's Day

Looking for Valentine’s Day movies that the whole family can enjoy? Here’s a look at 15 romantic animated movies with adorable love stories suitable for all ages:

Whisper of the Heart – Here’s one of the best animated movies about young love for Valentine’s Day. It’s the imaginative story of a girl whose love of reading leads her to on a journey to discover her creative side and her first love.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – This is the earliest romantic animated tale of true love here featuring one of Disney’s most beloved princesses.

Up – And here’s one of the saddest romantic animated movies for Valentine’s Day. The love story here will definitely tug at your heart strings and bring a tear to your eye, but adorable dog Dug will cheer you right back up.

101 Dalmatians – As a little girl, I always loved the way the couple met in this wonderful movie (through their dogs), and there’s definitely plenty of Valentine’s Day cuteness here in all the adorable puppies.

The Little Mermaid – Another Disney maiden finds true love in one of the animated movies here that shows just how far the heart will go to get what it wants.

Ponyo – And here’s another tale about a little mermaid who captures the heart of a boy (just be forewarned: this is one of the Valentine’s Day movies here that’s definitely best for very young kids; the dialogue is a bit childish for older viewers).

The Princess and the Frog – Teddy bears get too much attention on Valentine’s Day, so why not give a little love to our little green friends with one of Disney’s newer animated movies that twists a classic fairy tale?

Gnomeo and Juliet – And if you’re looking for something to see in the theater with the family for Valentine’s Day 2011, you can catch this new animated movie that twists Shakespeare’s classic story of true love by replacing the characters with garden gnomes.

Sleeping Beauty – It’s another of Disney’s best romantic animated movies featuring a beloved princess, but anti-Valentine’s Day types might fall in love with one of Disney’s best villains, the magnificently malicious Maleficent.

Tarzan – This animated version of everyone’s favorite ape man finding love is full of romance, action, and adventure.

Cinderella – Another Disney princess; another romantic animated love story.

The Last Unicorn – This is one of the most unusual romantic animated movies on this list, but that’s what makes it worth watching. It’s about what happens when the last unicorn finds love, but be forewarned: it’s a movie that doesn’t end quite as happily ever after as most fairy tales.

Aladdin – Here’s another of Disney’s animated movies with a princess that girls will adore, but this one is a little bit different since “Prince Charming” is given more of a personality.

Robin Hood – It can be hard to find somewhat romantic animated movies that boys will enjoy, but this swashbuckling tale has enough adventure to make up for the icky parts.

Pocahontas – You definitely don’t want to use this movie for a history lesson, but the love story is pretty romantic and worthy of Valentine’s Day viewing.

And if you didn’t find your favorites among these fifteen, they might be on this list of more family-friendly movies for Valentine’s Day, which includes more animated films and a few live-action movies with love stories that the whole family can enjoy.

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15 Movies for Kids in 2013

I love taking the kids to the movies. The problem is finding a good movie for the entire family to enjoy. Looking ahead, here is a list of some of the top kids movies to enjoy in 2013:

1. “Despicable Me 2” – Gru and his 3 little girls return in this sequel. Oh yeah, and we will also be seeing those lovable minions.

2. “Monsters University” – We will get to see what is was like when the monsters attended Monster University.

3. “Monster Inc., 3D” – The Monsters return in this 3D version of Monsters Inc.

4. “The Smurfs 2” – Gargamel creates a couple of Smurf-like characters called the Naughties to obtain the smurf’s powers.

5. “The Little Mermaid, 3D” – The Little Mermaid returns to the big screen. This time in 3D.

6. “The Croods” – A Family of Cavemen set off out of their cave and out of their comfort zone.

7. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” – The mutant machine that created all of that food in the 1st movie is now creating mutant food beasts.

8. “Oz the Great and Powerful” – The story of how the Wizard came to OZ.

9. “Leo the Lion” – Leo is a vegetarian lion that is seen as an outcast from the pride.

10. “The Trick or Treaters” – A story of villians that are charmed by an orphan girl.

11. “Frozen” – The kingdom gets trapped in an eternal winter and Anna with the help of mountain man Kristoff must set off to find the Snow Queen.

12. “Walking with Dinosaurs 3D” – Get the opportunity to see CGI dinosaurs walking in real world locations in 3D.

13. “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” – Peabody is the world’s smartest person even though he is a dog.

14. “Escape from Planet Earth” – Set on an alien planet of blue people Scorch is an admired astronaut while his nerdy brother Gary is not so much. When Scorch is lured into a trap his nerdy brother Gary must do the rescuing this time.

15. “Dorothy of OZ” – Glinda the good witch has summoned Dorthy and Toto back to Oz. With the help of her old friends they set off to stop the Jester from using the Wicked Witches powers and turning them on the people of OZ.

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15 Minutes of Fame - Celebrities Who Time Should Be Over and Done

In 1968 Andy Warhol said, in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. There will soon be seven billion people on the planet. In order for that to happen, some of those in the spotlight at the moment, need to step aside so that others can have their turn.

There are many celebrities who have enjoyed their time with their name in lights. These celebrities need to face the truth, their 15 minutes is almost up – or it should be. The courteous thing for them to do is make room for the next celebrity on the 15 Minute list. Below are the five celebrities whose fame is burning down to the last few seconds, at least it should be.

Chris Crocker

Leave Britney alone! When Chris Crocker uploaded the now famous video to YouTube, he probably knew it would get a lot of attention. sine then, more than 340,000 people have subscribed to Chris Crockers YouTube channel and almost 200,000,000 people have viewed his videos. That is a lot of views!

Crocker has went on to do several documentaries, in 2007 he created a comic strip, he was a guest on the Reality Remix Really Aware show on Fox Reality channel. Later on he appeared in a Sierra Mist commercial an/d he was a guest on a program on Comedy Central.

Chris Crocker reported that he has received death threats because he is openly, flamboyantly and proudly gay. In order for Crocker to remain safe, maybe it is best if he just removed himself from the long list of working celebrities – someone will be glad to take his place.

January Gessert

When Ms. Gessert was accused – by the media and everyone who saw the photos – of having an affair with Reggie Bush, (the ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian), she was the subject of several newspaper articles, blogs postings, tabloids and television programs.

The general public do not know if the affair continued, but apparently January Gessert did not want to make her star any brighter that it was. She was not suddenly all over the new giving her side of the story, she did not appear on any TV shows and she did not try to get her own reality show. She handled herself with style and went on with her life. I think.

Joe the Plumber

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. He is better known as ‘Joe the Plumber’, the guy who drew media attention and instant fame during the 2008 Presidential campaign. He received his claim to fame when he asked Mr. Barack Obama about the tax policies for small business owners.

He was given the nickname because he was supposed to represent the working man and woman. Also known as middle class America. As a result of his stardom Wurzelbacher became a motivational speaker as well as an author.


Born in Santiago, Chile as Nicole Polozzi, Snooki began her 15 minutes on Jersey Shore, a popular MTV reality show. During her short time as a reality TV star, Snooki has appeared on The Jay Leno Show, she was a presenter at the 2010 CMT Music Awards and on July 27, 2010 the Snooki and Jersey Shore cast rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Those are very impressive accomplishments for such a short time. But, everyone has to step aside to make room for the next new star on the list.

Susan Boyle

When Susan Boyle appeared on America’s Got Talent, she stunned the entire world with her clear, beautiful voice. There were several television specials that told almost every intimate detail of her life. For Ms. Boyle, the intimacy of fame caused her to suffer a physical set-back – that landed her in the hospital.

Maybe it would be healthier for Susan Boyle if she kindly stepped aside and handed the clock to someone else.

There are dozens more celebrities who has had their time in the limelight and there are only a few seconds left. It is time for someone else to be given the chance to entertain the world.

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15 Must-Have Winter Survival Kit Items for Drivers

Winter brings stunning snowy scenes each year, but the picturesque precipitation can also prove daunting for drivers.

The U.S. National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and other weather experts instruct winter drivers to prepare for the worst before steering out into a winter storm.

Of course, drivers need to be sure automobiles have been serviced and are in proper working order. Gas tanks should be filled before vehicles go out into winter weather. And winter storm drivers should avoid traveling alone, if possible. In the very least, drivers need to clue others in about travel plans and pack winter survival kits for their vehicles.

What goes in a vehicle’s winter survival kit?

Here are 15 essential items for a winter travel survival kit. Tuck these in your trunk before setting out on a road trip this winter.

Blankets or sleeping bags

Although day trippers may not anticipate sleeping overnight in a vehicle, a sudden blizzard may leave drivers and passengers snowbound for hours. Warm blankets or sleeping bags prove useful, when stranded travelers must wait for rescue.

Cat litter (or play sand)

Basic cat litter offers excellent traction on slippery roads, and the bags’ weight may also give a sliding car added stability in winter conditions. Of course, play sand and rock salt may offer similar properties.

Cell phone and charger

A fully charged cell phone is essential for travel during potentially challenging or dangerous weather.

First aid kit

No car should ever be without a basic first aid kit, including antibiotic cream or ointment, antihistamine, bandages, burn medication, eye wash, pain reliever, scissors, tweezers and other essential items. If a snowy skid leads to an accident, the first aid kit may be especially handy.

Flashlight and extra batteries

At least one working flashlight is a must-have for winter driving.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables (or booster cables) enable drivers to enlist or offer assistance for failed automotive batteries, especially during winter travel.


A sturdy pocket knife (ideally, a multi-bladed all-purpose tool) proves helpful in a pinch during winter travel mishaps.

Non-perishable food

Simple wrapped foods (such as dried fruits, granola bars, jerky or nuts) help to pass the time and stave off hunger, if winter motorists are stranded in a storm.


A small shovel (perhaps a folding shovel) fits easily in an automobile’s trunk or under a car seat for possible use in a snow emergency.

Signal flares

Safety signal flares (and matches) can alert other drivers and emergency vehicles to the presence of a stranded vehicle, even in a blinding snowstorm.

Simple tool kit

A basic automotive tool kit might include tire pressure gauge, a Phillips and regular screwdriver, pliers and other simple items for quick fixes.

Tow rope

A sturdy tow rope is helpful, if friendly truckers or motorists offer to pull a stranded vehicle from a snow bank or ditch in a storm.

Warm clothing

Any winter travel survival kit should include extra hats, mittens, socks and other warm clothing items – in case travelers must wait out a storm in a vehicle or walk to safety.


Bottled drinking water is, of course, a basic survival item for road travel.

Windshield scraper

Simple plastic window scrapers help to clear snow build-up on vehicles in winter. The most useful kind has a long handle and a stiff bristled brush on one end.

Preparedness is a must for winter road travel, particularly when snowstorms are predicted.

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15 Sexy Valentine's Day Love Songs of the 90's

If you’re looking for sexy 90’s love songs to play for your private Valentine’s Day party, check out the eclectic mix of sexy 90’s hits on this list. From 90’s R&B songs to playful pop hits perfect to play for your favorite Betty or Baldwin on Valentine’s Day, these hella phat sexy love songs of the 90’s will make your Valentine’s Day party da bomb:

I Touch Myself by Divinyls – First I’ll start with one of the sexy 90’s love songs written especially to make the boys feel extra special. Really, is there any better compliment you can pay a guy, ladies? So if you want to make your guy feel like he’s all that and a bag of potato chips, be sure to add one of the sexy love songs of the 90’s that’s perfect for dedicating to your mighty good man on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd – The 90’s were a time full of sexy songs with very straightforward lyrics, as you can tell by the title of this tune. Like many of the sexy love songs on this list, it’s perfect to play on Valentine’s Day for some slow dancing and romancing, but you definitely don’t want to play this song on Valentine’s Day if you’re trying to take things slow.

Nice & Slow by Usher – So here’s one of the better 90’s love songs on this list for a Valentine’s Day where you want to keep things slow and sensual. So for a Valentine’s Day where you plan on building up the suspense before things get hot and heavy, be sure to burn one of the hottest sexy songs of the 90’s onto your Valentine’s Day CD.

I’ll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men – Another of the 90’s love songs on this list that leaves nothing to the imagination, many girls and their boyz still enjoy slow dancing to one of the biggest sexy hits of the decade. So for a Valentine’s Day full of some R&B R&R, don’t forget to turn on one of the best sexy 90’s love songs for getting everyone turned on.

Whatta Man by Salt-N-Pepa – And here’s another of the sexy 90’s love songs on this list dedicated to the men that have made a difference in our worlds. Let your guy know you respect him for not feeding you corny lines or being a fake wannabe trying to be a pimp with one of the best sexy 90’s love songs to play on Valentine’s Day if you want to enjoy some quality time with your mighty good man on the dance floor.

Kiss From A Rose by Seal – Did one of Seal’s sexy songs from the 90’s win him the hand of one of the sexiest supermodels in the world? I don’t know, but with lyrics like “you remain my power, my pleasure, my pain” and “now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the gray”, it would be easy to see how one of the 90’s biggest sexy love songs could have piqued her interest in the mystery man. So if you’re getting your girl roses for Valentine’s Day, you better play this song for her, too.

I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis – This is one of the sweetest sounding love songs of the 90’s, an adorable catchy and quick tune perfect for dedicating to the dude with the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. It’s another of the great sexy love songs of the 90’s for the guys, so girls, be sure to add it to your Valentine’s Day playlist.

No Diggity by BLACKstreet (Featuring Dr. Dre) – What exactly does “diggity” mean? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because this is one of those sexy 90’s love songs that will have you grooving to it on the dance floor this Valentine’s Day whether you understand the lyrics or not (and it’s one of the best sexy love songs of the 90’s for dedicating to your sweet lady to let her know you like the way she works it on the dance floor).

You Make Me Wanna… by Usher – For the bad guys out there dreaming of another girl on Valentine’s Day, you might want to dedicate one of the naughtiest sexy songs of the 90’s to your “other woman.” Not that I condone this kind of behavior, but I know there will be plenty guys out there buying double gifts for Valentine’s Day and trying to be playas by playing different sexy 90’s love songs for both of their unlucky ladies.

Too Close by Next – This is another of the best sexy 90’s love songs to play if you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing this Valentine’s Day. But if you’re dancing with the one you love, is there a such thing as “too close”? (Well, maybe when it comes to the innocent bystanders on the dance floor, so you might want to watch that.)

Crush by Jennifer Paige – Here’s one of the best sexy 90’s love songs for all the girls out there looking for the words to describe the way they feel about their secret crushes on Valentine’s Day. So just dedicate some great Valentine’s Day songs like this 90’s classic to him; get him a pair of heart-covered boxers; and see if he returns the favor (you might be pleasantly surprised).

Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera – This is one of the biggest sexy pop songs of the 90’s, and one that’s perfect for playing for the genie you love on Valentine’s Day. So come on and let her out of her bottle this Valentine’s Day with a bottle of champagne and some sexy songs of the 90’s like this one.

Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin – Looking for some sexy 90’s love songs for that loca lady of yours? This one’s all about falling for a real wild woman, so it’s one of the best love songs to play for your naughty Valentine’s Day vixen (just be sure you have something exciting planned to go along with it).

Smooth by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas – And here’s another of the sexy 90’s love songs on this list that will add a little Latin flavor to your Valentine’s Day playlist. Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana blend a little bit of angst and spice to make this oh-so-nice dance hit. So if you want to do some real dancing on Valentine’s Day, then this is one of the sexy 90’s songs you’ve got to get the DJ to play.

Sweet Lady by Tyrese – Was it really necessary for Tyrese to sing one of the biggest sexy love songs of the 90’s? I mean, weren’t enough women in love with him already? This is one of the best sexy love songs of the 90’s to give to your sweet lady with a box of sweets on Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately Tyrese’s buff bod doesn’t come with the gift package.

So from sweet 90’s love songs to sexy songs perfect for dancing to, pop open a couple of bottles of Zima and cuddle up on the couch for a Valentine’s Day full of your favorite 90’s songs and romantic lines from movies like ‘Clueless’ and ‘Clerks’.

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