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15 Top Meg Ryan Movies

Meg Ryan has a long history of good movies, and was one of the more popular leading ladies in the late 80’s and 90’s. Here is a list of some of Meg Ryan’s best movies.

1. “When Harry Met Sally” – Harry and Sally are great friends, but worry that sex would ruin their friendship.

2. “Sleepless in Seattle” – A son of a widowed man goes on the radio in hopes of finding his father a wife.

3. “Top Gun” – The top pilots come to Top Gun to battle it out to see who the best is.

4. “Joe Versus the Volcano” – Joe is told that he is going to die and makes a deal to jump into a volcano.

5. “Addicted to Love” – 2 people find that their ex’s are dating one another so they work together to try to get them back.

6. “Kate & Leopold” – A man goes back in time and accidently brings Leopold back from the past to the present.

7. “You’ve got Mail” – 2 business rivals fall in love with each other over the internet.

8. “I.Q.” -Albert Einstein helps a man hook up with his niece by pretending that he is a genius.

9. “Prelude to a Kiss” -A woman is on the verge of getting married get’s kissed by and older gentlemen and they switch bodies.

10. “French Kiss” – Kate is afraid of flying and her fiancĂ© meets someone else on a trip to Paris. She then gets up the nerve to get on a plane to get him back and meets then crooked thief Luc.

11. “When a Man loves a woman” – A pilot and his wife must work on her alcoholism when it threatens her life as well as their daughters.

12. “Courage Under Fire” -An army offices investigates a female chopper pilot’s worthiness of the Medal of Honor.

13. “Innerspace” – A pilot gets miniaturized gets accidently injected into unaware man.

14. “City of Angels” – An angel falls in love with a doctor and has to choose to be mortal or not.

15. “The Doors” -The movie based on The Doors.

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15 Things I Learned During My Triplet Pregnancy

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for several years. We finally got successful with in vitro fertilization. Our first ultrasound showed two babies. The second ultrasound showed THREE!!!! My goodness, I was going to have triplets at 38 years old! Some things I learned over the next few months:

1. I live in a small enough town that news travels fast. I had also been an OB doctor for long enough to know that it was relatively important to wait until the end of the first trimester (about 12 weeks) to make sure everything was OK before getting the news out. But I also knew that family feelings would be hurt if they found out from someone else before they found out from me. So, make sure to let your family know before anyone else. Of course, my office staff was also part of my family. But I kept the number of people notified to a minimum until I was sure that everything was OK.

2. Nausea and morning sickness that usually go away for a normal pregnancy at about the 12 week (3 months) mark do NOT go away when you are pregnant with multiples. For me, it lasted the whole pregnancy. I used lots of the traditional remedies, including Vitamin B6, soda crackers and avoiding certain foods.

3. I also found out that switching prenatal vitamins in the middle of a pregnancy is a bad thing. When I went back to the original vitamins, the nausea got better. Some doctors recommend not taking vitamins at all if they make you sick. I have had patients who tell me that they get sick when they brush their teeth in the morning, so I advised them to wait until later in the day. It seemed to help.

4. There was lots of pulling and stretching in my abdomen. I had the cramping known as “round ligament pain” that kind of feels like menstrual cramps. I tried calcium in the form of TUMS, which really didn’t help. So I added some Magnesium sulfate, which stopped the spasms in this ligament attached to the uterus. It also stopped lots of the leg cramping.

5. My abdomen got really, really, really big. I’m not kidding when I say that my stretch marks got stretch marks. When I delivered, the total baby weight was over 13 pounds!!! This put quite a strain on my back. I found the most helpful devices were a prenatal cradle and a pregnancy pillow. The prenatal cradle is a series of elastic straps that wrap around your belly, go under your back and over your shoulders. It supports your belly and takes the weight off your back and pelvic bone. See I had two. One for wearing, and one for washing. The pregnancy pillow that I used was two pillows with a strip between that had Velcro to move them apart as you got larger. That way there was support for my back and for my stomach.

6. As the babies and my uterus grew, I stopped being able to exercise, then I got short of breath. With a multiple pregnancy, this happens early. Like about 4 or 5 months. It got to the point where I had to stop half way up the stairs to catch my breath. I could hardly walk anywhere, either. I discovered a new appreciation for deep breathing. When I had my cesarean, I could feel my lungs expand for the first time in months. It was blessed relief.

7. I developed a new understanding for the miseries of pregnant women’s feet swelling. While I did not develop any problems with my blood pressure, my feet and ankles started to look like elephant feet. This is also quite uncomfortable. Being on bedrest towards the end of the pregnancy did NOT make this any better. I just actually got a chance to see the ankles and feet occasionally, since we were on a closer level.

8. My feet actually grew during my pregnancy. They did not go back to their previous size afterwards, either. So I had to get new shoes after I had the boys. Of course I waited until the swelling went away and the size stabilized.

9. I couldn’t reach down to put on shoes towards the end of my pregnancy. This was an inconvenience that I had NO clue about, and I had been an obstetrician for YEARS! I ended up buying some open backed shoes that I could slide my feet into – in that larger size – so that I could wear shoes other than flip flops. I have adopted that style of shoe to this day.

10. Bedrest is really boring. I called it “house arrest”. I have known other pregnant women to say the same thing. Unfortunately, it is the OB doctor’s solution to lots of things while we are waiting for babies to grow enough to survive on the outside. I knew that, but it didn’t make it any easier. If you know anyone on “house arrest”, be nice and either call them, or go visit if you can. You will make their day.

11. Once my belly gets beyond a certain point, I could not reach anything on the floor. I had a friend who worked in a medical supply store who brought me a “reach extender”. It was one of the most wonderful and useful gifts towards the end of my pregnancy.

12. When my belly got really big, I could no longer turn over or get up by myself. It was quite a job just to get out of bed! I never got down near the floor unless there was a strong man nearby to help me up, because I was afraid I was going to end up stuck down there. When I had an ultrasound, my husband and the tech would have to help me turn my belly so she could work on the other side.

13. My children were and are night owls. They started rockin’ and rollin’ late at night. I did my best sleeping between 4 AM and 10 AM at the end of my pregnancy. I still think my kids would prefer those hours. I also think they would get into fights in my abdomen. It would get to moving all over the place. I would love to watch.

14. I love music and love to sing. My children responded to that inside the womb and continued to respond to that after they were born. I’m sure they recognized some of the music that I was practicing when I was pregnant. We were doing Handel’s Messiah the spring that I was pregnant. I had to drop out because I couldn’t breathe well enough to hold the notes. I cried! When the boys were about 18 months old, it was on TV, and one of them broke out in a perfect Soprano line of the Halleluiah chorus. Of course, he couldn’t pronounce the “l’s”, but he was spot on with the notes. One of the other ones loved to conduct, and was right on the beat. At a year or so old!

15. I used to have to wear my glasses for close work and reading. During my pregnancy, I started wearing them all the time, and my prescription changed. I asked my eye doctor about this. With his dry sense of humor, he replied, “and how old are you?” However, I have discovered that eye changes are common during and after pregnancy.

Some of the things I learned during my pregnancy are pregnancy related. Some of them are unique to multiple pregnancies. It was a difficult and challenging time. It is much easier to look back on now than it was to go through. My body will never be the same. And there have been many more challenges since the pregnancy. Though when I get my hugs from my boys or watch them mature into very special young gentlemen, it’s all worth it.

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15 Top Arts and Crafts Supplies

Every parent with young children knows how important it is to have a fully stocked craft box. Keeping fun supplies on hand to entertain your children can be the difference between rainy day fun and cabin fever insanity. Having a box, bucket, tub, or an entire cabinet stocked and ready for your children’s arts and crafts can provide hours of activity ideas within your finger tips. Here are the top 15 items you should have to begin your craft area for your children.

1. Paper. Think beyond plain white paper for your crafts. Colorful construction paper is a fun and cheap way to add to your children’s art projects. You can also take the paper an extra step and buy scrapbooking paper. This sturdy paper comes printed in a vast assortment of styles, patterns, and colors. Keeping some fun sheets for arts and crafts is a great addition to any craft area.

2. Paint. What craft would be complete without paint? Whether you use water paints, finger paints, tempera paints, or any other kind you can be certain that you will have something that children will love to do. Just be sure to set up the area to contain spills and messes, and dress the children in clothing that can be painted on without worries. Then let them have fun!

3. Chalk. Whether you buy fat pieces of sidewalk chalk or thinner pieces of blackboard chalk this is a great craft tool for children. And one of the best parts is how easy it is to clean chalk off of almost anything. You can buy chalk in many different colors, and even some chalks that come in multiple colors per piece.

4. Markers. The choices on markers is nearly unlimited for children. Thin or chunky, washable or permanent, there are even some that are pleasantly scented or have ink stampers on the ends. All children love coloring and drawing with markers.

5. Crayons. this seems like a no-brainer, but often parents forget to buy crayons because of how obvious they are. Whether you choose to buy the small box or go with the jumbo box crayons are an inexpensive and fun art time addition.

6. Glue. There are as many types of glue available today as there are reasons to use glue. White glue, rubber cement, stick glue, there are great uses for each kind. You may need to supervise when your children use some kinds of glue, so it is best not to keep the glue available unless you are able to help.

7. Tape can be a less risky way for your children to put together their arts and crafts than glue, and can be more fun. You do not have to use just ordinary clear tape. Masking tape can be removed from many items without damaging them and can be written on, and duct tape can be found in more colors than just gray or can be colored on to be even more colorful.

8. Clay. Clay is another great item that can have so many uses. You can buy remoldable clay that can be used again and again, or buy hardening clay to make lasting projects that can be painted and shown.

9. Stickers. There are more styles, shapes, and sizes of stickers than any one person could imagine. No matter what you are making or how you wish to decorate it there is likely to be a sticker to fit your needs. Buy a wide assortment for your children to pick through. Funny, crazy, cute, sophisticated, and more. You can even buy special paper and have your children create their own stickers to use.

10. Pens and pencils. No longer staying n the zone of black and white, you can find colored pens and pencils all styles to add a unique look. Colored gel pens work great for writing on colored paper, even on black paper. And colored pencils are an easy way for older children who are too old for crayons to still add color to their art.

11. Craft Sticks. The plain wooden sticks commonly used as handles to Popsicles are also great for many arts and crafts projects. They are cheap to buy, can be painted to colored on, and can be used as everything from flower stems to picture frames.

12. Glitter. Tiny sparkles to fat pieces, glitter is a fun way to add pizazz to any art project. If the thought of loose glitter covering your floors scares you there are many other options for you to buy. Glittery paints, glittery ink pens, even glittery paint are all available as ways to add sparkles without adding a mess.

13. Pipe Cleaners. The long, thin, fuzzy, bendable pieces of metal can be loads of fun for any arts and craft project. You can buy bulk packages of these for a few dollars in many colors and sizes.

14. Scissors. Of course plain, safety scissors are a must. But have you seen the wide variety of scissors available now? Special blades are shaped to cut designs, patterns, and fun angles along any paper. Children can easily cut fun and fancy strips of paper just as they would cut ordinary pieces.

15. Clean up supplies. After all the fun arts and crafts supplies don not forget to buy things to keep the mess contained. Smocks and aprons, plastic table cloths, and non toxic cleaners should be kept with or near the rest of the arts and crafts area. Cleaning up after the fun can easily ruin the good time that was had, so making cleaning less of a hassle can help keep the good mood going.

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15 Unique Wisconsin Events & Festivals for Summer 2011

Did you miss out on attending the International Wood Tick Races or ChocolateFest in May?

Do not make the same mistake again this summer while you drive across Wisconsin looking for unusual celebrations. Here is a list of the most unique events, arranged by date:

1. Snowshoe Baseball (Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County)
For those of you who are sick of watching local town ball players easily maneuvering around the bases in practical cleats, your not-so-big-league dreams have come true! This summer marks the 50th Anniversary of snowshoe baseball in Lake Tomahawk, where the teams must play wearing snowshoes on a field of wood chips. This is not just a one-time event. You can catch the Snowhawks defending their turf 11 times this summer.
Dates: ( Mondays at 7:30pm) June 20 through August 29, 2011
Location: Snowshoe Park

2. Cheese Curd Festival (Ellsworth, Pierce County)
A weekend of worship devoted to the little squeaky globs of milk solids. Ellsworth is the official Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin, which is celebrated by this annual event. Amidst the usual truck pulls, musical acts, and petting zoos are these noteworthy events:
– The Great Cheese Curd Medallion Hunt (Solve the clues to win Ellsworth Dollars!)
– Cheese Curd 10K Run (Inadvisable if your belly is full of digesting curds.)
– Cheese Curd Sampling (The perfect alternative to the aforementioned run.)
– Cheezy Ridder Kiddie Parade (See a child dressed up as a box of butter.)
– Cheezy Bingo (Unknown why it is considered cheesy.)
– 10th Annual Cheese Curd Festival Parade (Display your curd-loving pride!)
– Cheese Curd Eating Contest (I do not envy your later visit to the latrine.)
Dates: June 23 – 26, 2011
Location: Pierce County Fairgrounds

3. World Championship Snowmobile Watercross (Grantsburg, Burnett County)
This is just what it sounds like: snowmobiles being driven across open water in the summertime. Do some sink? Yes, indeed. Others make it hundreds of feet to solid ground again and on to the winner’s circle. For those who don’t like racing, there are wrist wrestling contests that you may enjoy. Don’t forget the Bloody Mary specials at the Rendezvous Bar! Racing starts at noon on Friday and 9:30am on Saturday & Sunday.
Dates: July 15 – 17, 2011
Location: Memory Lake Park

4. Sovereign State Days (Winneconne, Winnebago County)
In 1967, an event transpired that nearly tore our beloved state apart: the community of Winneconne was left off of the official highway map of Wisconsin. Town leaders organized to secede from the rest of the Dairy State (and the USA), designed their own flag, and named their king. But the rebellion was short lived as the governor agreed to put up extra signage directing motorists to Winneconne. Celebrate this event in Winneconne’s history with a parade, circus, and musical acts.
Dates: July 15 – 17, 2011
Location: Marble Park

5. UFO Daze (Dundee, Fond du Lac County)
At Benson’s Hide-A-Way, little green men are taken seriously. Once a year, UFO enthusiasts gather here for camaraderie, food, drink, lectures by guest experts on the subject, and nightly watching of the skies over Long Lake, where unidentified spacecraft have been spotted on numerous occasions over the years.
Date: July 16, 2011
Location: Benson’s Hide-A-Way (920) 533-8219

6. UFO Days (Elmwood, Pierce County)
Yes, another flying saucer festival! Multiple sightings have occurred in this western Wisconsin community, prompting the self-proclaimed title of “UFO Capital of Wisconsin”. UFO Daze includes a parade, medallion hunt, car & truck show, Miss Elmwood coronation, and much more. You will see some alien-inspired outfits and floats, that’s for sure.
Dates: July 29 – 31, 2011
Location: see Elmwood’s website for locations

7. Lumberjack World Championships (Hayward, Sawyer County)
A proud tradition of logging in the Northwoods is evident in this competition. Lumberjacks and jills arrive from every corner of the world to put their hardiness and grit to the test. Events such as logrolling, speed climbing, crosscut sawing, and block chopping should bring out a cheer.
Dates: July 29 – 31 , 2011
Location: Lumberjack Bowl

8. Bratwurst Days (Sheboygan, Sheboygan County)
The first Bratwurst Day was in 1953, and since then it has grown to become a major event on Wisconsin’s east coast. Among the many activities are a brat-eating contest, a parade, live music, and exotic delicacies such as brat lasagna, brat jambalaya, brat egg rolls, brat fajitas, and oostburgers (hamburger/brat combo).
Dates: August 4 – 6 , 2011
Location: Kiwanis Park

9. Burger Fest (Seymour, Outagamie County)
Due to its invention here in 1885, Seymour is the “home of the hamburger”. Celebrate this designation with hot air balloons, a burger eating contest, a bun run, a ketchup slide, and the grilling of a 150 lb. Burger, which shall be served to attendees.
Dates: August 5 – 6, 2011
Location: see website for locations

10. Wife Carrying Championships (Minocqua, Oneida County)
All you fellas need to do is find a woman who you can physically carry through a race course of sand, water and hurdles to win great prizes based on the woman’s weight. Sound good? There’s also a Wife Ferrying (woman pushed in cart) competition and a Pike (stuffed fish) Carrying Contest for the kids.
Date: August 7, 2011
Location: Minocqua Winter Park

11. Rutabaga Fest (Cumberland, Barron County)
Although growing this vegetable is no longer a big money-maker in these parts, the residents celebrate the rutabaga nonetheless. Events include the Rutabaga Run, the Rutabaga Olympics, parade, carnival, and live music.
Dates: August 23 – 29, 2011
Location: see Cumberland’s website for updates

12. Watermelon Festival (Pardeeville, Columbia County)
Not just a celebration of a popular summer treat, this event also is home to the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating and Seed-Spitting Championships. You can also partake in the watermelon carving contest.
Date: September 10, 2011
Location: Chandler Park

13. Cow Chip Throw and Festival (Prairie du Sac, Sauk County)
Limber up your throwing wrist in preparation for this remarkable event. Chuck your chip the farthest to gain the prestige you have always dreamed of. The current state record is 248 feet. If you don’t have the ability, participate in the Chip Classic Run/Walk or simply watch the Tournament of Chips parade.
Dates: September 2 – 3, 2011
Location: Marion Park

14. SputnikFest (Manitowoc, Manitowoc County)
In 1963, a part of the Russian space probe Sputnik crash landed on a street in the city of Manitowoc. What a perfect reason to have a ‘cosmic cake’ contest…or an ‘alien animal costume’ contest…or a ‘Miss Space Debris’ competition. Manitowoc certainly knows how to have a fun event for the whole family.
Date: Saturday September 10, 2011
Location: check website for locations

15. Beef A Rama & The Parade of Roasts (Minocqua, Oneida County)
Minocquans celebrate their love of beef in an interesting way. A roast-cooking competition that incorporates a grand level of presentation. Chefs march their finished product down the street in a parade that may involve costumes for both participant and roast. Not to be missed.
Dates: September 23 – 24, 2011
Location: downtown Minocqua

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15 Tips to Better Password Security

Protect your information by creating a secure password that makes sense to you, but not to others.

Most people don’t realize there are a number of common techniques used to crack passwords and plenty more ways we make our accounts vulnerable due to simple and widely used passwords.

How to get hacked

Dictionary attacks: Avoid consecutive keyboard combinations'” such as qwerty or asdfg. Don’t use dictionary words, slang terms, common misspellings, or words spelled backward. These cracks rely on software that automatically plugs common words into password fields. Password cracking becomes almost effortless with a tool like John the Ripper or similar programs.

Cracking security questions: Many people use first names as passwords, usually the names of spouses, kids, other relatives, or pets, all of which can be deduced with a little research. When you click the “forgot password” link within a webmail service or other site, you’re asked to answer a question or series of questions. The answers can often be found on your social media profile. This is how Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account was hacked.

Simple passwords: Don’t use personal information such as your name, age, birth date, child’s name, pet’s name, or favorite color/song, etc. When 32 million passwords were exposed in a breach last year, almost 1% of victims were using “123456.” The next most popular password was “12345.” Other common choices are “111111,” “princess,” “qwerty,” and “abc123.”

Reuse of passwords across multiple sites: Reusing passwords for email, banking, and social media accounts can lead to identity theft. Two recent breaches revealed a password reuse rate of 31% among victims.

Social engineering: Social engineering is an elaborate type of lying. An alternative to traditional hacking, it is the act of manipulating others into performing certain actions or divulging confidential information.

How to make them secure

  1. Make sure you use different passwords for each of your accounts.
  2. Be sure no one watches when you enter your password.
  3. Always log off if you leave your device and anyone is around'”it only takes a moment for someone to steal or change the password.
  4. Use comprehensive security software and keep it up to date to avoid keyloggers (keystroke loggers) and other malware.
  5. Avoid entering passwords on computers you don’t control (like computers at an Internet caf© or library)‘”they may have malware that steals your passwords.
  6. Avoid entering passwords when using unsecured Wi-Fi connections (like at the airport or coffee shop)'”hackers can intercept your passwords and data over this unsecured connection.
  7. Don’t tell anyone your password. Your trusted friend now might not be your friend in the future. Keep your passwords safe by keeping them to yourself.
  8. Depending on the sensitivity of the information being protected, you should change your passwords periodically, and avoid reusing a password for at least one year.
  9. Do use at least eight characters of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. Remember, the more the merrier.

10. Strong passwords are easy to remember but hard to guess. Iam:)2b29! ‘” This has 10 characters and says “I am happy to be 29!” I wish.

11. Use the keyboard as a palette to create shapes. %tgbHU8*- Follow that on the keyboard. It’s a V. The letter V starting with any of the top keys. To change these periodically, you can slide them across the keyboard. Use W if you are feeling all crazy.

12. Have fun with known short codes or sentences or phrases. 2B-or-Not_2b? ‘”This one says “To be or not to be?”

13. It’s okay to write down your passwords, just keep them away from your computer and mixed in with other numbers and letters so it’s not apparent that it’s a password.

14. You can also write a “tip sheet” which will give you a clue to remember your password, but doesn’t actually contain your password on it. For example, in the example above, your “tip sheet” might read “To be, or not to be?”

15. Check your password strength. If the site you are signing up for offers a password strength analyzer, pay attention to it and heed its advice.

Robert Siciliano is a McAfee Consultant and Identity Theft Expert. See him discussing how to protect yourself from identity theft on (Disclosures)

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$15.00 An Hour (The Aftermath)...Pun Intended

Well…you did it! You bullied your spineless congressional leader into raising the minimum wage from whatever it was in your state to $15.00 an hour. See, when you protest against something you get your way, forget about all those people promoting better productivity and quality in lieu of the rising cost of goods and services, they are just misunderstood. Well, now that (you) are part of the “2%”, yea, you read that right, (those rich people) who are considered the ‘1%’ are happy to welcome you into their higher tax bracket to relieve some of the tax burden on them and now the rest of us, the other 99% (us) will be expecting you to pick up the slack as well. What, you thought this was a raise without merit [having to do anything more than what you weren’t doing before], you ill-informed sign holding protester. Your blind ambition doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

Since you’ll be rolling in the dough now and blowing your nose with twenty dollar bills and since you’ll have all this discretionary money laying around the rest of us will expect you to pick up the check, in more ways than one. If I happen to know you and we got out to dinner with a bunch of friends just know that you’ll be picking up the bill, we’ll pitch in the tip, its the least we can do, in more ways than one. And, you need to start investing your proverbial lottery winnings, the rich do it all the time, that’s how they got rich, despite what you were told about how they are taking it from the poor people, you know, what you were before all this wealth italicized towards you. Live it up, double down, see how the rich people live.

Now, since the cost of you has gone up I’ll be expecting a lot more from you as an employee of said establishment. I don’t want to see a tattooed, face-pierced circus freak taking my order. I want the pretty people on the front line, you know, like a hostess, smile, make me feel like you want me there, I’ll overlook the fact that you make more than me and I’ll do my best to end this silly class war effort already in effect, you know, the one that you started. Also, I’ll expect my food to look like the advertised picture, in fact, I’ll expect it to be photographed and sent to me via a Poloroid picture while I wait, I hear those are making a comeback. Anyway, if it doesn’t look like the picture on the sign I’ll kindly refuse it since it will cost double now that you make so much more money and the cost of food has gone up as well while the quality of work has stayed the same.

I know what you are thinking, how could I be so rude, I mean, I’m just some guy who thinks that he should get more for his money, who am I? Well, I have a lawyer, he charges $120.00 an hour, when I sit down with him he doesn’t listen for free, I’m getting something for my money too, he’s always writing notes or having his Legal Secretary or Paralegal work on stuff for him, they don’t charge as much so that’s good. One question, would there still be some less paid employees hanging around, you know the one who just did their minimal jobs for the minimum amount and how can I tell the difference? Also, I have a friend who goes to the gentlemen’s club and he only takes $20.00 with him, all one dollar bills of course, he likes to “distribute his wealth” and those ladies I hear gravitate to him like magnets on a fridge. It’s a good thing since he’s putting all of them through medical school, wink, wink, are you going to further your education with the extra money you’ll be making? You don’t want to work the same job forever. Plus, it’s easier to pull yourself up with snake skin boot straps.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve thought past the nose on your face but, I’m guessing that you’ll probably have to prove you’re worth $15.00 an hour, I mean, I’m sure you are, I will just have to go with my own self-worth for now but I’m sure you’ll have to fight for the coveted position at [insert name of fast food place here] or you’ll be out of a job and I don’t think unemployment pays that sort of scratch. Plus, I hope you distance yourself from the president, he only thought you were worth $10.10 an hour, what a low baller. If I offended you then you probably don’t get the humor in this, if I’ve made you laugh then you’ve got a sense of humor.

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16 Effective Tips to Change How You View Food So You Can Lose Weight

16 Great Weight Loss Tips

1. If you aren’t hungry yet feel the desire to eat something, tell yourself that it is brain hunger not stomach hunger and that you only want it because its pleasureable to eat, not because i need you need it for energy purposes.

2. Tell yourself that you will enjoy your food much more if you eat it when quite hungry.

3. Often you want to eat and tell yourself no so you feel even more deprived. So tell yourself that you do get to eat, just later, so you dont feel deprived. Its easier to put off eating then deny eating altogether, so dont think of it as saying “no” to eating but instead as putting off for a later time.

4. Visualize how better you will feel if you don’t eat something you didn’t plan to eat.

5. Drink water, a calorie free beverage like coffee or tea. Add flavor w/ cocoa, cinnamon, and stevia.

6. Feeling hungry means you are burning calories from your body’s stores

7. Every calorie you say no to is a step forward. Every unnecessary calorie you give into is only going to make your goal farther and farther off.

8. Going to bed hungry means waking up lighter and without indigestion.

9. Eat a low glycemic diet. This is a diet rich in fiber, protein and good fats. Particularly good foods include nuts, nut butters, beans, cinnamon, cayenne, coconut oil, avocado, and coffee.

10. Avoid foods that trigger intense cravings like refined sugar, concentrated sweetness, and refined grains.

11. Allow yourself mini portions of rich foods like half a serving of nuts. A single hershey kiss can satisfy a chocolate craving, even a sweet cheweable vitamin c tablet with only 1 g of sugar can satisfy sweet cravings.

12. Eat special things that are especially good at controlling cravings like: black coffee, coconut oil, very dark chocolate, cinnamon, natural peanut butter, and beans.

13. Exercise. This makes you more aware of your body and compels you to make healthier choices. It empowers you and strengthens your will power.

14. Only eat when truly, very hungry, not just at the site of a little hunger which could actually be thirst, boredom, craving or need for physical activity.

15. Exercise and stretch daily, moisturize and take care of yourself. These all heighten your self awareness.

16. Stop eating when you are no longer very hungry and when you feel around 70% percent full. You should feel very slightly hungry or neutral. Don’t worry about feeling very slightly hungry when you leave the table. Ninety percent of the time as your food continues to digest, this hunger will just fade into neutrality.

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15 Year Fixed Rate FHA Mortgage Loan to Become More Affordable

President Barack Obama signed into law H.R. 5981 on August 11th 2010. H.R. 5981 was sponsored by Massachusett’s Democratic Representative Barney Frank. The bill amends the National Housing Act in regards to mortgage insurance premiums. It authorizes the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to increase annual premium payments on FHA mortgages. It gives the Secretary of HUD the authority to almost triple the premium rates. How does this regulatory change make 15 year mortgages more affordable?

HUD announces decreases to upfront mortgage insurance premiums on all FHA loans no matter the term or Loan to Value (LTV). In a memo dated August 5th, 2010, David H. Stevens, Assistant Secretary for Housing and Commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration, stated that the upfront mortgage insurance premium charged on FHA mortgages will be reduced to 1% of the loan amount on all mortgage terms. Currently the premium is 2.25% of the loan amount. For example, the one time upfront mortgage insurance charge on a $200,000 loan will be reduced from $4,500 to $2,000. The decrease in upfront mortgage insurance premiums will apply to all terms, whether 15 year or 30 year-affording both an upfront savings.

How, then, does a 15 year mortgage become more affordable with the new legislation? Remember that mortgage insurance paid by a borrower is not simply comprised of the upfront mortgage insurance premiums which as stated above will be decreasing. It also includes an annual mortgage insurance premium which is added onto the monthly mortgage payment. It is the upcoming increase in this annual insurance premium rates for FHA loans with terms greater than 15 years that will cause 15 year FHA mortgage loans to be the more affordable option for many consumers.

How will different Loan to Values (LTVs) and loan terms affect the annual mortgage insurance premiums increased by H.R.5981? Mortgage insurance on 15 year fixed rate FHA loans is only required on loans with loan to values above 90%, whereas mortgage insurance is required on all FHA mortgages with terms greater than 15 years regardless of the loan to value. The loan to value (LTV) is the amount of the new mortgage divided by the appraised value of your home. The annual mortgage insurance premium rate for a FHA 15 year loan with a loan to value above 90% is .25%. This is a much lower premium rate than the current 30 year which has a .55% cap now. The 30 year premium rate will likely go as high as .90% October 4th and with the passage of H.R. 5981 could go up to a high of 1.55%.

To illustrate the law’s impact, consider a $200,000 FHA mortgage loan and compare the upcoming changes in the annual mortgage insurance premium rates relative to different LTVs and terms of the loan.

Example 1:

Consider first a $200,000 FHA mortgage loan at 80% LTV or with a $250,000 appraised value.

15 year term. Remember that a 15 year term under 90% LTV does not require annual mortgage insurance-only the upfront mortgage insurance. A 15 year loan at 80% LTV will benefit from the decrease in upfront mortgage insurance and will not be negatively impacted by the increased annual rate.

Greater than 15 year term now = .5% premium or $83.33 mortgage insurance premium per month

Greater than 15 year term after Oct 4th = .85% premium or $141.67 mortgage insurance premium per month

Greater than 15 year term maximum per HR5981 = 1.5% premium or $250.00 mortgage insurance premium per month

Example 2:

Consider a $200,000 FHA mortgage loan at 97% LTV or with $206,000 appraised value.

15 year term. A 15 year term on a loan with a greater than 90% LTV currently requires at least a .25% premium or $41.67 per month. This .25% premium rate remains unchanged on 15 year term loans with the upcoming legislation.

Greater than 15 year term now = .55% premium or $91.67 per month

Greater than 15 year term after Oct 4th = .90% premium or $150.00 per month

Greater than 15 year term maximum per H.R. 5981 = 1.55% premium or $258.33 per month

What does this mean? When examining mortgage options for your next home purchase, refinance, or streamline refinance, keep in mind the cost of mortgage insurance premiums and their effect on your monthly payment. Upcoming changes to both upfront mortgage insurance charges and annual mortgage insurance premiums will make 15 year fixed rate FHA mortgage loans more attractive and affordable.


Statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 5872 and H.R. 5981

H.R. 5981

August 5th 2010 Special Edition Letter

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17th Annual SAG Awards Nominations (Complete List): 'King's Speech', 'Black Swan' and 'The Fighter' on Top

Only two days ago the Golden Globe nominations were announced. Now following in the footsteps for the upcoming major award season are the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards nominations. Thursday morning the announcement was made of all the nominees in the five categories for film and eight categories in primetime television by actors Rosario Dawson and Angie Harmon in West Hollywood. There are two other separate categories for Stunt Actors with each one in film and television. Ernest Borgnine will receive the Life Achievement Award.

Recap of Nominees

The films “King’s Speech” and “Black Swan” received four nominations each. They each tied with the most nominations. It was nominated for Cast in a Motion Picture along with Male and Female Actors, Leading for Colin Firth and Natalie Portman. “The Fighter” also received four nominations that included Male and Female Actors, Supporting as well as for ensemble cast. Even though the western “True Grit” was completely snubbed at the Golden Globes it received two nominations for Jeff Bridges and newcomer Hailey Steinfeld. Hilary Swank received a Leading Actor nomination for “Conviction.”

“30 Rock” received four nominations, the most for television. A number of other TV shows garnered three nominations each that included “Glee”, “Mad Men”, “Dexter”, “Boardwalk Empire, “Temple Grandin” and “You Don’t Know Jack.” Last year Betty White received the Life Achievement Award. Now she was nominated for Female Actor, Comedy Series for her role in “Hot in Cleveland.” Her show also was also nominated for Esemble, Comedy Series. 2010 has been a fabulous year for Betty White.

Who was Left Out?

The most surprising exclusion in the television category for the 17th Annual SAG Awards nominations has been the leading actors from “Glee” Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison. In their place this year are the supporting actors, Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, who have been stealing every episode. Lynch and Colfer have been nominated in the Comedy Series for Female and Male Actor. Mark Wahlberg received a surprising nomination at the Golden Globes for Best Actor – Drama. He did not get nominated at the SAG Awards this year, though a number of his cast mates received them in supporting categories. .

Tune In to TNT and TBS

The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be televised live on Sunday, January 30 at 8 p.m. ET. It will be simulcast with the cable networks TNT and TBS from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This is the only awards show where actors vote for their peers. For directors, writers, producers and others there are separate guild awards held for them. It is now starting to shape up who’ll be nominated and eventually win the Oscars.

Here is a complete list of all nominees in film and television:


Male Actor, Leading
Jeff Bridges – True Grit
Robert Duvall – Get Low
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network
Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
James Franco – 127 Hours

Female Actor, Leading
Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone
Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Hilary Swank – Conviction

Male Actor, Supporting
Christian Bale – The Fighter
Jon Hawkes – Winter’s Bone
Jeremy Renner – The Town
Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right
Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

Female Actor, Supporting
Amy Adams – The Fighter
Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech
Mila Kunis – Black Swan
Melissa Leo – The Fighter
Hailey Steinfeld – True Grit

Cast in a Motion Picture
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King’s Speech
The Social Network


Male Actor, TV Movie or Miniseries
John Goodman – You Don’t Know Jack
Al Pacino – You Don’t Know Jack
Dennis Quaid – The Special Relationship
Edgar Ramirez – Carlos
Patrick Stewart – Macbeth: Great Performances

Female Actor, TV Movie or Miniseries
Claire Danes – Temple Grandin
Catherin O’Hara – Temple Grandin
Julia Ormond – Temple Grandin
Winona Ryder – When Love Is Not Enough
Susan Sarandon – You Don’t Know Jack

Male Actor, Drama Series
Steve Buscemi – Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall – Dexter
Jon Hamm – Mad Men
Hugh Laurie – House

Female Actor, Drama Series
Glenn Close – Damages
Mariska Hargitay – Law & Order: SVU
Julianna Marguiles – The Good Wife
Elisabeth Moss – Mad Men
Kyra Sedgwick – The Closer

Male Actor, Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock
Ty Burrell – Modern Family
Steve Carell – The Office
Chris Colfer – Glee
Ed O’Neill – Modern Family

Female Actor, Comedy Series
Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey – 30 Rock
Jane Lynch – Glee
Sofia Vergara – Modern Family
Betty White – Hot in Cleveland

Ensemble, Drama Series
Boardwalk Empire
The Closer
The Good Wife
Mad Men

Ensemble, Comedy Series
30 Rock
Hot in Cleveland
Modern Family
The Office


Green Zone
Robin Hood

CSI: New York
True Blood

Ernest Borgnine


Nominations Announced for the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award,

EOL Staff, “Complete List of Nominees for the 17th Annual SAG Awards, E! Online

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16 Year Old Allegedly Shoots Himself in Chest

Around 9 PM, Friday, August 10, 2007 a call was made to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department regarding a shooting victim in the parking lot of Paulding County High School. The call went out over the Paulding County Sheriff Departments radio. Officers arrived on the scene to find a 16 year-old who had reportedly shot himself in the chest. Initial reports indicate the shooting was an accident.

Pat Hughes, owner and reporter for spoke with Sheriff Bruce Harris who gave him scant details on the incident. The initial report is that the teen was being rushed to the hospital, and stopped to meet emergency personnel at the gates of Paulding County High School, located at 1297 Villa Rica Highway, Dallas, Georgia. According to Hughes, individuals involved reported the teen was cleaning his gun and it discharged, hitting him in the chest. Witnesses were in route to the hospital with the victim. Life Flight transported the teen to an Atlanta area hospital.

Sheriff Harris did not give Mr. Hughes information confirming the teens gender or condition.

Life Flight calls from Paulding County into Atlanta are not unusual, as the hospitals in the area, WellStar Paulding and Tanner Villa Rica, are not equipped for large scale trauma. Details of the teens condition will be posted when they become available.

Up to date information on Paulding County, Georgia and the surrounding area are always available at, an interactive community discussion board. Owner Pat Hughes also includes thorough reports of Paulding County up to the minute news. You may follow the details of this tragic accident at

Paulding County residents, and others, will find the Paulding County scanner at The live scanner broadcasts Paulding County Sheriff and Fire Department radio communications. It is helpful to keep a list of police and fire codes handy to interpret communications.

*Special thanks to Pat Hughes,, for sharing information from the Sheriff’s Department within minutes of the incident.


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15 Year Old Performs C-section

In hopes of setting the world record for the youngest surgeon, a fifteen year old boy performed a cesarean section on a woman in India according to the Associated Press.

Although the teenage boy does not have a medical degree just yet, both his parents are Doctors and his father has been training him since he was twelve.

The surgery was filmed so that it could be viewed and the boy would have a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest surgeon.

As a result the father of the teen will likely loose his medical license and may also have criminal charges pressed against him since he encouraged and allowed his son to perform the c-section.

Information regarding the surgery came to light last month when the father, Dr. K. Murugesan, showed the video tape of his son Dhileepan Raj to The Indian Medical Association. In the video Murugesan is shown giving the pregnant patient anestesia and the teen performing the cesarean.

After the medical association witnessed the recorded surgery, they informed Murugesan that what he did was ethically and legally wrong. They were shocked that such an act occurred because the family wanted recognition by breaking a world record.

Murugesan claimed to not have any regrets and says his son was well trained by himself. He owns and runs a maternity hospital in India and has said this was not the first surgical procedure his son has performed.

The surgery was reported to the highest medical organization and India’s government is investigating the incident. While the surgery was a success and both mother and baby are reportedly doing fine, violations most definitely occurred. Dhileepan Raj is not a certified surgeon by any standards.

There seems to be a fascination with breaking world records among those who live in India. For some reason people tend to forget common sense and physical limitations when they have their eye set on competition and recognition.

Cesarean births are needed when labor and delivery are not occuring in such a way that the baby can be born safely. It is a major surgical procedure though, and the process involves knowing the female body very well so that vital organs are not injured. There is no doubt that the teenager in India was prepared to perform the surgery, but he may have ruined his father’s professional career while trying to make a name for himself.


AP. “Surgery Performed by Teen Sparks Outrage”

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17 Skills that Art Built: Great Reasons to Do Art with Kids

Art is so messy. It takes so much time. Did I mention it was messy? Open-ended art projects can really take over a home. On the other hand, art offers a host of surprising benefits that overlap with academic subjects. The time spent with finger paint or play dough can have a positive effect on a child’s spatial intelligence, scientific thinking skills and mathematical ability. Take a chance, do art.

Quick Overview of 17 Skills that Art Built

Cause and effect: Preschoolers with art supplies will naturally engage in scientific thinking, testing actions and their results. Watching glitter stick to a glue line or checking if a red marker will color their fingernails like mom is a way of testing cause and effect,

Conservation: This means knowing that the arrangement of things can be changed while the amount remains the same. Before children have this concept down they may think ten pieces of chalk laid end to end is more than ten pieces of chalk in a pile, or vice versa.

Correspondence: Working with art supplies can help a child figure out that the number one represents one item, two stands for two items and so on. “Do you want one sticker or two?”

Counting: Knowing the names of all the numbers in order is a big skill for a child to grasp. Count out crayons or the fish they colored. Count strings or beads, count as they make a chain of paperclips.

Creativity: It goes without saying that art builds a child’s creativity or imaginative skills. This is actually a very useful scientific skill. Knowing how to think of different possible solutions involves using creativity to solve a problem.

Fine motor coordination: Kids who have access to art supplies will develop dexterity and strength. Beading, weaving, drawing and having access to other art projects can help develop this skill.

Matching: Identifying items that are alike. Putting all the red beads on the string, or drawing an eye that matches the first eye.

Measuring: Learning to compare and determine size. Let your child help measuring and mixing ingredients to make play dough or tempera paint from dry powder.

Ordering: Putting like items together also teaches qualities of items such as dark and light, big and small.

Patterning: Creating patterns and recognizing patterns helps to develop math skills.

Planning: As children draw or play with clay, they start to plan out their next move. “If I add big teeth to this monster he will look scary!”

Predicting: While working with art material, ask your child questions to help them predict what might happen next. Put broken crayons in muffin tins and ask your child what will happen when you put it in the oven.

Problem solving: Figuring out how to make objects stick when making a collage is just one way kids can build problem solving skills in art.

Reversibility: Figuring out that some things can be undone, like redoing a lump of clay and some things can’t, like mixing all the paint into one brown glob.

Sorting and classifying: Grouping things according to properties is a skill that can be built upon using art supplies of all kinds.

Symbolic representation: Marks and objects can represent another thing. Raisins, buttons, pebbles or beads can be eyes in the art world.

Vocabulary: Expand a child’s vocabulary by talking through art projects. Art bring parents and children to an accessible place where discoveries can be made. Knowing the names for things and knowing how to express abstract ideas quickly builds the range of vocabulary.

All of these important skills continue to develop as the child grows. Providing time and supplies for children to explore art throughout the elementary and teen years can have a very positive effect. Art also builds self-confidence and provides a place to process confusing emotions.

More by Sylvie Branch:
Art Lesson: Miniature Treehouse Project
Tin Can Art: 2 Dimensional Collages
Activa Rigid Wrap Projects

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17 Aftershocks in Xinjiang, China Earthquake Up Until November 2, 2011 6:00 A.M. Local Time

go to website address: www.earthquake

get live video.

find out more.

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15 Years of Laughing with Bubble Gang

Friday nights have something to look forward to after five days of school and work for some of us. It seems only yesterday when singer Ogie Alcasid, rapper Michael V and the rest of the cast started acting on television. The skits are simple, but the way they portray each is hilarious. We continue laughing at them anytime they cross our minds like Brod Pete’s impersonation of a religious leader and his delivery of his homily. One of their hits were the drama series that were remade, and of which dialogues were made ridiculous. Yaya and Angelina’s segment have been what people want to see each show time. The way bratty Angelina makes impossible demands to her babysitter,Yaya,has been made into a movie already. The jokes become topics of conversation during the entire week and some even try to imitate.People wants to go home before Bubble Gang begins because it is something we don’t want to miss.It is also enjoyable to see how evident the actors love making their selves look funny and insane.

The Bubble Gang is celebrating the 15th year anniversary. When I read in Crispina Bellen’s column in the Manila Bulletin that they would be making tribute to the late novelty singer, Yoyoy Villame, I became excited and wondered how they would present it.I noted that they made the songs modern by dancing with it in the modern beat and made stories to fit it well. Yoyoy would be happy to see it himself if he is alive today. We hope that the Bubble Gang would continue making our Fridays happy. They have been an inspiration for other TV networks to have their own gag shows because Bubble Gang taught them that Filipinos love to stay at home at night and laugh with their families. I think that the show would be an institution also like that of Dolphy’s John and Marsha. Dolphy is the comedy king of the Philippine movies.

List of References:

Bellen C.Celebrity World.Manila Bulletin. October 29,2010

Bubble Gang episode. October 29,2010. GMA 7.

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15th Century: Absolutism and Constitutionalism

In the 17th and 18th centuries, absolute monarchs claimed absolute sovereignty based in divine right. Nonetheless, at this time in history absolute monarchs generally were still bound by the law. Absolute monarchs strove to eliminate competition with the monarchs in their territories. Monarchs maintained permanent standing armies. However, these states weren’t totalitarian because they lacked financial, military, and technological resources to exercise total control over society. They are like totalitarian states because they used war to divert attention away from domestic problems.

One example of an absolute monarch is Henry IV. He lowered taxes on the peasants until the economy revived, and then the tax receipts grew. Another example is Louis XIV. He used his nobles for absolute power over even the most remote places. His courts became a model of western jurisdiction and other states courts followed. Even though Louis XIV used the nobles for power, he also wanted to weaken them. He did this with courts, entertainment and spies. An even more extreme example of his corruption is the fact that he staffed his councils with the Nobility of the Robe; an un-taxable but powerless few. Louis XIV did the opposite of Henry VI. Instead of exempting the poor, he over taxed them and exempted the nobility. His chief financial minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, used subsidies for domestic industries, tariffs, etc. to boast French exports (mercantilism).

Louis XIV also increased his territories a great deal during his fifty-four year reign. Out of the fifty-four years, he spent thirty-five at war. He conquered many of the Low Countries and
before his armies ran out of steam. However, when the Spanish throne was passed to Louis XIV’s grandson, , Holland, , and united against to preserve the European balance of power. This was called the War of the Spanish Succession. The war checked , finished as a great power, and expanded English exploration.

While , , and developed absolutism, and
developed constitutionalism-limitation of government by law. developed this through the decline of Absolutism. Many of the Monarchs asserted their divine right to absolute power. By the time James I had his reign, Parliament was fed up with this and it expelled James I. Then it gave itself more power. Therefore, the Parliament (which could be easily checked) ruled and not the King. In this act, called the Glorious Revolution, Protestants were given tolerance, the judiciary given independence, and the Parliament the right to debate and solely make laws.

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18 Wheels of Steal Haulin Game Review

18 wheels of steel hauling is a campaign truck driving simulator, within this awesome game there are various thing you can do and obtain. You can do many different things in this game for starters you get to drive a truck and it’s like driving a real life truck and you get to start your own trucking business customize your truck and buy different trucks and trailers and hire on employees for you business.

Within the game you receive different objectives to complete (Hauling trailers to locations) within the objective requires many different maneuvers and hard movements to complete, You have to drive down to the designated location (takes approximately 15minuites to complete a objective) along you’re journey there will be police parked on the side of the road to catch you if you engaged in any crimes, Once you reach your designated hauling location you will receive money the amount differs on the different type of loads you started, But if the goods are damaged you will not receive payment for that load and you might have to pay them a fee.

Customize your trucks to your desire they have preset designs and other lovely things for your truck but you can customize it by choosing your own truck color, You can also build your own truck with the parts that you choose but this can get pricey because the more top of the line parts you order the more you truck upgrades will cost.

Build your own business within the game and become a legend trucker. Inside the game once you have accumulated enough cash you can buy another truck and hire some employees and earn more cash the more trucks and employees you have the more money you will roll in. The trucks they use are the trucks you build you’re self except the ones you buy from a used dealer. Employees can do different types of load like gasoline and garbage or even hauling cars.

There are several different events within the game that you will come across like your driver getting too tired to drive and passes out, getting pulled over by the police and even damaging you’re truck and other drivers.

I give this game 5 out of 5 for the games graphics, original content, sounds, real life experience. I enjoy this game and I recommend you try it.

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18 Noteworthy Events that Happened on April 18th

If you think that today, April 18th, is just another boring day, think again. April 18th has made history repeatedly over the centuries. Though not for it’s springlike (or lack thereof) weather, these historical events are nothing to sneeze at.


Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott gave warning that “The Regulars are coming out”. Later, the phrase “The British are coming” was attributed to Paul Revere.


On September 18th Chileans celebrate their independence. However, the road to independence was still fought for another eight years earning their total freedom on April 18th, 1810. An entire week of parades and festivals are celebrate their independence.

1906 San Francisco earthquake,

The great San Francisco earthquake hit California on this date in 1905. Originally 700 were said to have lost their lives. Later this number was claimed to have been three to four times the original estimate of life loss.


Famous Yankee Stadium was opened in the Bronx. On this date, The Yankees beat The Boston Red Sox 4-1. John Phillip Sousa’s band played the National Anthem for the opening ceremony.


Crossword puzzle fans were delighted on this date in April of 1924. Simon and Schuster, Inc. published their first “Crossword Puzzle Book.”


Laundry was never the same again once the worlds first “washateria” (later changed to laundromat) was opened in Fort Worth, Texas.


Washington Senators and The Philadelphia Athletics game was honored by the presence of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt when he threw out the first ball preceding the season opener.


Hayley Mills – Actress (“The Parent Trap”), singer was born.


The first transatlantic jet passenger trip was completed.


Albert Einstein’s Died


Eric Roberts – Actor (“Doctor Who”, “The Coca-Cola Kid”), brother of actress Julia Roberts was born as was Actress Melody Thomas Scott (Young and The Restless)


Renowned Actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco were married. The religious ceremony took place the following day.


On the third Monday of every April Patriot’s Day is celebrated in Maine and Massachusetts. Dramatic battle reenactments are held and the entire community celebrates.


The transfer of the Panama Canal to Panama was formally approved by The U.S. Senate on December 31, 1999.


Robert Mugabe became Prime Minister of ZANUOPF/ZAPU-PF coalition after a violent election campaign. All relations with South Africa were severed.


Band Group YES broke up after 13 years of performing together.


The Nasdaq had its biggest one-day point gain in all of history.


Marlene Dietrich was given honorary citizenship after leaving for The United States in 1930. She had refused to return to her homeland of Germany after Adolf Hitler came to power.

So next time you think of today as simply another day, think again. All of these events impacted the world in one way or another. What will you do to impact the world today?

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170 Fall/Autumn Scrapbook Titles and Greeting Card Sayings

Fall is my favorite time of year. The changing of the leaves are so beautiful. It kicks off my favorite trio of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would have to say my most favorite thing about fall is that you can find caramel apples in all the grocery stores! I used to be the only one in the family that was addicted to caramel apples but now just about everyone fights over them. There is never enough. There are so many fun projects you can do with the kids that are related to the season. Making fall decorations to display in the windows and baking treats for school parties are some of the projects we like to do. This is also a great time of year to get the camera out and take pictures of your surroundings, trick or treating, baking, crafting, football games, etc. By the end of the season many of us have stacks of photos to scrap or tons of digital files to go through for our scrapbooks. Here is a list of page titles that you could use on those beautiful scrapbook pages you will make this fall or you can use these sayings on your fall greeting cards.

“A” is for Autumn

“F” is for Fall Leaves

“Hay” Fever

“P” is for Pumpkin Patch

A day in the country is worth a month in town

A Festival of Fall Color

A Festival of Fall Colors

A Harvest of memories

A is for Apple

A Rainbow of Autumn colors


And the Leaves Came Tumbling Down

Apples in a Basket

As the Leaves Turn

Autumn Days

Autumn Color

Autumn Days Are Here Again

Autumn Festival Time

Autumn Glory

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves Are Falling

Autumn Memories

Autumn On My Mind

Autumn Pictures

Autumn Potpourri

Autumn Splendor

Autumn’s Palette

Autumns in the Air

Blessings in the Fall


Branches of the Tree

Buried Treasure

Bushels of Fun

Carving Pumpkins

Changing Colors

Chilling in Autumn

Colored Leaves

Colorful Autumn

Corn Mazes

Corn on the cob


Cozy Autumn Days

Crisp Days of Fall


Cutest Pumpkin’ in the Patch

Cutt’n’ Up

Dancing leaves…Falling Down On Me

Death by Candy Corn

Down on the Farm

Fabulous Fall

Fall Days are Fun Days

Fall Days…Happy Days

Fall Decorating

Fall Delight

Fall Family Fun

Fall Favorites

Fall Festivities

Fall Flourish

Fall for All

Fall Frolic

Fall Fun

Fall in Love

Fall Into Autumn

Fall Into Autumn Memories

Fall into fall

Fall on the Farm

Fall’s Beauty

Fall…The Colors Leave You Breathless

Fallin’ for Fall

Falling For You

Fall-ing For You

Falling Into Fun

Falling Leaves

Farm livin’ is the life for me. – Green Acres


Farmin’ Fun

Festival of Colors

Flavors of Fall

Forever Fall

Free Falling

Frost on the Pumpkins

Glorious Days of Autumn

God’s Little Acre

Golden Days

Grow ’em Big and Grow ’em Orange

Growing like a weed

Hanging Around the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall Y’all!!!

Harvest Blessings

Harvest Delight

Harvest Happenings

Harvest Moon

Harvest of Memories

Harvest Time

Have a Good Fall, Y’all

Hay bails/stalks

Hay Rides

Hay Stalks

Hayrides and Pumpkin Pies

Hayrides are for horses.

I walked on Paths of Crisp Autumn leaves

Indian Summer

It “leaves” You Breathless

It’s Fall, You All

Jump Into Fall

Kaleidoscope of colors

Lazy Autumn Days

Leaf it to Me

Leaf Me Alone

Leafin’ Round

Leap into Leaves

Leaves Abound From All Around

Leaves Fall All Around

Leaves Fall, God Doesn’t

Let’s go cow tippin’

Little Pumpkins

Lots of Leaves

Love Those Leaves

My 3 Up A Tree

Nature’s Palette

Never Fear…Autumn Is Here


October Fest

Old McDonald had a farm

Pick a Peck of Pumpkins

Pick of the patch

Pieces of Autumn

Pile on the Fun

Piles of Smiles

Piling Up the Memories

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Picassos

Pumpkin Picking



Rake, Dump and Jump!

Rake, Pile, Leap!

Raking in the Fun

Raking Leaves

Roasting Hot Dogs on a Stick

Roasting Marshmallows

Rough Neck


Season of Change

Seasonal Splendor

Seasons Change

Shades of Autumn

Share your bountiful harvest!!


Summer “Falls” Into Autumn

Thank God I’m a country Boy!


The Beauty of Fall

The Best of Fall

The Color of Autumn

The Colors of Fall

The Fall Guy

The Golden Days of Fall

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

There’s a chill in the air.

Trees of Color

True Colors Shining Through

Turning Over a New Leaf

Two Little Pumpkins…

We Believe in the Great Pumpkin

We Rake, We Pile…We Jump!

When Autumn Leaves…

Who You Gonna Call…Leaf Busters

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18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations

The announcement of the 2012 18 th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations took place on December 14, 2011, officially ushering in awards season. The SAG awards, which honors the achievements of actors in television and movies, sometimes serves as a precursor for the Academy Awards. Many actors appreciate this award because they earn honors from their fellow actors. This year, Cinderella stories emerge from the world of entertainment.

The Cinderella story of the year, “The Help,” took the lead with four nominations, including female actor Viola Davis, supporting female actors Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain, and ensemble cast in a motion picture. While Davis received SAG nominations for her work on “Doubt,” Spencer and Chastain were the breakout stars of “The Help.” The two of them work in numerous supporting roles in film and television.

The silent movie “The Artist” earned three SAG nominations. The Guild nominated it for cast in a motion picture, leading male actor Jean Dujardin, and supporting female actor Berenice Bejo.

The comedy “Bridesmaids” received two SAG nominations, a feat for comedies because they often get omitted from award contention. The female-led comedy got two nominations – one for cast and one for supporting female actor Melissa McCarthy. This could be McCarthy’s year. She’s already won an Emmy Award for her leading role in the comedy series “Mike & Molly.” In the supporting male category, Jonah Hill earned a supporting nomination for “Moneyball,” his first. Hill’s mostly known for his roles in comedies.

The surprise omission from the SAG nominations was the cast of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Rooney Mara and Christopher Plummer earned critical acclaim for their performances; however, the Guild did not acknowledge them. Plummer, though, did get a supporting role nomination for his work in “Beginners.” He remains busy though in his 80’s.

Fellow octogenarian Betty White (who turns 90 on January 17) earned two nominations for her television work. She received a nomination for her work on the TV Land comedy series “Hot in Cleveland” and her role as Caroline Thomas on the television movie “Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Lost Valentine.”

SAG will honor Mary Tyler Moore, who has won multiple Emmy Awards and an Oscar nomination for her work in film and television.

The 18 th Annual Screen Actors Guild takes place on January 29, 2012, at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. It will be simulcast on TNT and TBS.

SAG Nominations:


Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

“The Artist”


“The Descendents”

“The Help”

“Midnight in Paris”

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Demian Bichir – “A Better Life”

George Clooney – “The Descendants”

Leonardo DiCaprio – “J. Edgar”

Jean Dujardin – “The Artist”

Brad Pitt – “Moneyball”

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

Glenn Close – “Albert Nobbs”

Viola Davis – “The Help”

Meryl Streep – “The Iron Lady”

Tilda Swinton – “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Michelle Williams – “My Week with Marilyn”

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Kenneth Branagh – “My Week with Marilyn”

Armie Hammer – “J. Edgar”

Jonah Hill – “Moneyball”

Nick Nolte – “Warrior”

Christopher Plummer – “Beginners”

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Berenice Bejo – “The Artist”

Jessica Chastain – “The Help”

Melissa McCarthy – “Bridesmaids”

Janet McTeer – “Albert McTeer”

Octavia Spencer – “The Help”


Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

“Boardwalk Empire”

“Breaking Bad”


“Game of Thrones”

“The Good Wife”

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series

“30 Rock”

“The Big Bang Theory”


“Modern Family”

“The Office”

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series

Patrick J. Adams – “Suits”

Steve Buscemi – “Boardwalk Empire”

Kyle Chandler – “Friday Night Lights”

Bryan Cranston – “Breaking Bad”

Michael C. Hall – “Dexter”

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series

Kathy Bates – “Harry’s Law”

Glenn Close – “Damages”

Jessica Lange – “American Horror Story”

Julianna Margulies – “The Good Wife”

Kyra Sedgwick – “The Closer”

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

Alec Baldwin – “30 Rock”

Ty Burrell – “Modern Family”

Steve Carell – “The Office”

Jon Cryer – “Two and a Half Men”

Eric Stonestreet – “Modern Family”

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series

Julie Bowen – “Modern Family”

Edie Falco – “Nurse Jackie”

Tina Fey – “30 Rock”

Sofia Vergara – “Modern Family”

Betty White – “Hot in Cleveland”

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries

Laurence Fishburne – “Thurgood”

Paul Giamatti – “Too Big to Fail”

Greg Kinnear – “The Kennedys”

Guy Pearce – “Mildred Pierce”

James Woods – “Too Big to Fail”

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Television Movie or Miniseries

Diane Lane – “Cinema Verite”

Maggie Smith – “Downton Abbey”

Emily Watson – “Appropriate Adult”

Betty White – “Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Lost Valentine”

Kate Winslet – “Mildred Pierce”

SAG Honors for Stunt Ensembles

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

“The Adjustment Bureau”

“Cowboys & Aliens”

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

“X-Men: First Class”

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series


“Game of Thrones”


“Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

“True Blood”


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18-Year-Old Hides Pregnancy, Then Allegedly Throws Newborn Down Trash Chute in Florida While on Vacation

Correction: This story should have said that Truitt allegedly put her child in a plastic bag before dropping the child down the trash chute. The story has been corrected.

A 18-year-old Iowa woman is is being charged in the death of her newborn child, who was dropped seven stories in a trash shoot in Florida after delivery.

The newborn, who was born alive, died of blunt force trauma to the head occurring after the fall. Ashley Truitt is being held without bond according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office News Briefs.

Truitt was vacationing with her family in Pompano Beach, Fla. The family was staying at the Wyndham Resort located at 2601 Palm Aire Drive North, room 785.

Investigators from the the sheriff’s office were called to the hotel on June 2 around 9:30 a.m. after an employee of the hotel had come across a bloody knife in the hallway of the 7th floor. Police officers called to the scene followed a bloody trail that led from the room Truitt had been occupied to a trash chute where a puddle of blood was discovered. Police investigated the dumpster on the ground floor to find a horrific site of a fully developed newborn baby girl, according to the sheriff’s office.

The room was registered to Truitt’s parents, Raymond and Patricia Truitt, and their son, Justin, as well as Ashley’s boyfriend, Jason Black. Police investigators who interviewed the family and boyfriend stated that Black had been woken up in the middle of the night around 4 a.m. by the water running in the bathroom.

He went on to tell detectives that he had seen Ashley coming out of the bathroom with a trail of blood following her. When Black asked her what the blood was, she simply told him that she had gotten her period, as reported in the BSO’s Case File.

Truitt, who was also interviewed by the detectives, told them that she had hidden her pregnancy from her boyfriend as well as her family. She told investigators that she had given birth to the newborn in the bathroom around 4:30 a.m. and that she had been born alive. She also disclosed that in order to cut the umbilical cord she had to use a kitchen knife. She then said she put her into a plastic bag and tossed her in the trash chute, as reported by the BSONB.

Hugh Graf, who is the public information officer for the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, told the Iowa City Press Citizen, “I don’t know how she was able to hide the delivery from the family that was with her.”

Graff also went on trying to give an explanation of how Truitt might have concealed her pregnancy. He went on to say “having grown up in the Midwest, just mere months ago, it was pretty darn cold. Folks in the Midwest, folks up north, wear big coats and big sweaters. That would help to conceal any physical changes. Beyond that, all I can say is, you know, we see an awful lot of strange things sometimes, and when someone is determined to accomplish something, they put their minds to it, more often than not, they’re able to succeed.”

A classmate that has known Truitt since elementary school said, according to the City Press that “she was a nice girl, just confused.”

SOURCE : Officials : Slain Baby Was Full Term – Lee Hermiston – Iowa City Press Citizen

SOURCE : Broward Sheriff’s Office News Briefs

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17th Avenue: East Of Downtown Denver, Colorado

17th Avenue is a long street that fans east out of downtown Denver. It is located in a quasi residential commercial area which is a hot bed for restaurants and bars.

Steuben’s Food Service

Steuben’s Food Service is a restaurant and bar that has a great breakfast menu. Steuben’s takes the American cuisine and interprets it with their own twist. The name is after the owners’ uncles who had a restaurant in Boston that was famous for its food as well as a night club that was jumping in the 1940s.

Steuben’s serves large portions, so be hungry when you go there for brunch. They have traditional eggs benedict with their own twist, crab cake benedict. Their egg in a hole is my daughter’s favorite.

Steuben’s is open Monday – Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday 11am-12am, Saturday 10am-12am, and Sunday 10am-11pm

Steuben’s Food Service
523 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado
(303) 830-1001

d Bar Restaurant

d Bar is a very unusual restaurant where they serve desserts as a main course besides their main entrees. I had the baby charmel, a chocolate caramel tart with a side of caramelized baby bananas, topped with a rum cream and a caramel ice cream to pull this delicious concoction together. I shared it with my husband and as soon as we were finished, I told him that the next time we were at d Bar I was having a dessert all to myself.

They have a fantastic wine and beer list that can be easily paired with any of their desserts. A great dessert wine called Inniskillin Ice Wine from Canada. It was so delicious that you could have drank it for dessert.

d Bar is opened for dessert dining Monday – Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am- 12am, and Sunday 3pm – 10pm

d Bar Desserts
1475 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado
(303) 861-4710

Vine Street Pub

Vine Street is the third in Mountain Sun Restaurant which is a local chain restaurant. They don’t brew any of their beers at this location but the other restaurants produce what’s on tap for Vine Street. They have plenty of guest taps for all discerning tastes.

They serve lunch Friday through Sunday. Vine Street is open Monday – Thursday 4pm-1am, Friday through Sunday 12pm- 1am, and a weekend brunch 11am – 2pm. The Vine Street also has music on Sundays 10pm – until closing.

Vine Street Pub
1700 Vine Street
Denver, Colorado
(303) 388-2337

Vine Street Pub
d Bar
Steuben’s Food Service

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