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18, Autistic and Excelling

If you had been there on the first day of kindergarten and seen this little blonde haired boy standing in line you may not have noticed at first. Being the mom I stood there observing him and the other kids. The difference was subtle… he stood there quietly while the other kids talked excitedly. They looked excited he looked lost. I felt ill. Then, I did what every good mom would do..I went home. I had a moment where I wanted to grab him and run home, but I pretended I was strong, waved and left.

Kindergarten went ok. The teacher was extremely patient and understanding. My son couldn’t speak more than a couple of fragmented sentences at the time. He didn’t play with the other kids what so ever and had a hard time expressing his frustration. He understood things very well but could not form his own thoughts into words and would repeat what I just had said. It was as if he was putting what you just said into to his data bank. My dad’s nickname for him was computer. It fit him well.

During his grade school years he had “social issues.” He wouldn’t play with other kids and vise versa. The kids were starting to notice he was “different” and would shy away from him. It made me sad as parent thinking he would never have friends. He had trouble with his frustration with noise levels and excitement in the classrooms and especially gym. I agree with him on that one. The sound of squeaky shoes would about drive me batty.

Well, it was middle school time and I was having a hard time imagining him having to find his way to different classrooms. He still wasn’t good at asking questions or approaching any one for help. He would just get quiet hold it in and then melt down. The teachers did allow him to go out into the hallway if he felt a melt down coming and he would stay out there until he pulled himself together. That was progress.

He continued to do well in school. We had a lot of struggles, meetings, adjustments to IEPs and lots of talks at home. Mostly me asking questions to get an idea what was going on his head.

Here came high school. Wow. Hard to believe it was here already. Was he ready? Was I ready? Didn’t matter it was go time. He surpassed all my expectations. He had troubles here and there but he was coping very well. We had lots of struggles and hair pulling moments but he did it. We’re still working on him venturing out on his own but I have high hopes. Wow, he did it. Next step…graduation.

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1-800-Dentist.Com Offers Helping Hand

Many people are aware of the service and don’t use it. Others who have used it swear by it. When the need strikes though, there are few who can deny its utility. Believe it or not, the 1-800-Dentist service has been available on the telephone for more than 20 years. The web service has been steadily growing and is always ready to service you from wherever you have an Internet connection. While some services only give you half the story, gives you all the information. The website is a full service site offering free information, free research, and help available when you need it, where you need it, on the phone or online 24 hours a day.

The information on is fully vetted to give the consumer an honest portrait of all relevant information. What is the track record of the dentist you’re looking in to, what that dentist’s specialty is, other patient’s experiences, where they studied, and so much more. Of course you should always do some follow up research if you’re still unsure. Speak with friends, neighbors, and co-workers and find out their experience. Another great follow-up resource are discussion boards like However many consumers find all that din a little bit much. 1-800-Dentist does a fair amount of research and keeps tabs running on their dentists, so the information is always fresh. is also a powerful resource for folks looking to get information about procedures, oral care, and symptoms. If you need to know about oral hygiene, dental problems, dental treatments, or dental technology, you can find this information at People who can stomach it can even watch dental videos of different procedures being administered. The videos at are not all blood and gore; however some are a bit much. Folks looking to expand their knowledge base can view how to use dental appliances, watch cosmetic procedures being administered, and watch videos of crowns, root canals, braces, and wisdom teeth all from the comfort of their home. is also a knowledge base. Folks can learn about dental procedures they may be considering, what they look like, how they’re administered, what type of recovery time can patients expect

Whether your needs are on the phone or online, folks have come to trust 1-800-Dentist. is an important next step for all interested individuals in getting their oral house in order and finding out the best and latest information about dental procedures and dental problems so everyone can keep smiling.

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18-Year-Old Stephanie Kuleba Dies in Elective Breast Surgery

Stephanie Kuleba was an 18-year-old high school senior who had a reaction to anesthesia as she underwent breast surgery to correct an inverted nipple and uneven breasts. The type of fatal reaction to the anesthesia she most likely suffered from was malignant hyperthermia, a rather uncommon metabolic state that can be triggered by certain anesthesia. When that type of reaction occurs within a body, the heart rate and metabolism of the patient can rise up to 112 degrees.

In 1996 my own daughter, then 10, underwent surgery to remove her tonsils and during surgery, she was given anesthesia as well as morphine. The surgery was anything but normal procedure as Amber woke up as they were removing her tonsils, so they put her back under by using more anesthesia.

After she was knocked out, once more the surgery continued, uneventfully. However, she woke up in the recovery room and a nurse came out to get me, so that I could enter this recovery ward to calm my daughter.

I did not know exactly what to expect as I walked into that recovery room, but there lay my daughter who seemed so small, pale, and sickly. She was far from quiet or peaceful and most all of the other patients were awake as well. Those patients were awake because my own daughter was screaming I want my mommy at the top of her lungs.

I tried talking with my daughter to calm her but this did not work, so I tried something that soothed her when she was young. As I began to sing to her, she settled down on the bed, and soon drifted off. It is funny now, looking back, I was not even embarrassed to sing in front of strangers because I was doing something to soothe my daughter, the best way I could.

My daughter had a reaction to the anesthesia or perhaps it was to the morphine. Either way she had a rough time of recovery, and had to stay over in the hospital for a few nights to recover. I do know that when she was screaming in the recovery room she damaged the area where the doctors had removed her tonsils, which caused bleeding. She swallowed the blood as she slept as I sang to her, which upset her stomach, which made her vomit later that night.

While Amber’s surgery was needed and Stephanie’s was elective, each girl had different reactions to medications used. I am thankful that I still have my daughter with me today, and I pray Stephanie’s parents can find some peace within the coming days.

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18 Czech Female Baby Names

Choosing a name is one of the most lasting decisions a parent makes for their child. Parents must find a name that fits their style and personality. With so many names out there, it can definitely be an overwhelming search. Czech names are exciting and interesting! Some have similar sounds to popular names in the States, and others will be like nothing you’ve ever heard of before!

Nameberry will help us on the journey of finding the perfect name for your baby girl!

(1) Bina: Short and sweet, Bina has a great energy about it and is short for Sabina. The name is Hebrew for “bee.” It’s like a hipper version of Gina or Dina.

(2) Jana: A spin on classics like Jan and Jane, Jana adds some excitement to parents who like simplicity. It can be pronounced Jana or Yana, so parents who are more daring might go for the latter.

(3) Agnesa: Agnes might sound like your great-grandmother, but Agnesa is romantic and dramatic. Aggie is an adorable nick name and will beat out the many Addie’s in the room as totally unique.

(4) Evka: Ava and Eva are all the rage, but why not add some sass and personality to the mix with the wonderful name, Evka. Ev is a becoming nickname. This could be an excellent choice!

(5) Danka: If you have the family name Daniel or always liked the dated Danielle, Danka could be a really awesome choice for your baby girl!

(6) Alica: Alice could be making a come back, but Alica will always be more exciting! You could really have your choice of pronunciation as well.

(7) Jolana: Another name where you could use the hard J or Y pronunciations. It’s accessible, but still has some pizazz. Lana is a great nickname too!

(8) Amalia: Amelia might be in, but Amalia is the cooler cousin. It sounds more grown up and much more intriguing. I personally love it!

(9) Hana: Hannah is too popular, but Hana has a subtle pronunciation difference that gives it that extra something. If you like popular names, this is a great alternative.

(10) Anezka: This is a beautiful name and has a lot of potential as a great choice for your daughter. Ani and Nez are both awesome nicknames too.

(11) Katarina: I have always loved this name and it is accessible in many areas of the world. Kat and Rina are amazing nicknames.

(12) Milena: With the definition “love, warmth, grace,” there is no name better than Milena. It’s gorgeous and frilly, without being to girly.

(13) Dita: Cute and sassy, Dita might be the perfect choice for your baby girl. It’s short, but has an amazing energy.

(14) Viera: Cross-cultural and sweet, Viera is an interesting choice for your little girl. I love Vi as a nickname too. It means “truth,” which is a great definition.

(15) Dosia: There is something soft and special about Dosia. It is a variation of Dorothea, but deosn’t sound like anyone’s grandmother.

(16) Macia: Another engaging Czech name, Macia is lovely. It’s fresh and vibrant and unique without being too different.

(17) Tylda: An actress by the same name but different spelling has helped this name be viewed in a different light. It’s sweet and has a mature feel without being too matronly.

(18) Varya: We all have grandmothers named Barbara, and Varya is a variation on a dated name in the states. No one wants to name their daughters Barbara these days, but Varya sounds fresh and young.

I hope you found a name that works for you or inspires you in the right direction for the perfect name.

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1939 - Hollywood's Golden Year of Movie Magic

Movie fans wax nostalgic, even poetic, when talking about the Golden Age of Hollywood, and though every year, or decade of American movie making can be judged on various merits, 1939 shines as an example of truly brilliant film making. Not only is it the same year which gave us beloved blockbusters like “Gone With The Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz”, but 1939 birthed one of cinema’s most poignant, and tragic love stories from English literature, “Wuthering Heights”. The last year of the 1930’s also boasts Shirley Temple’s classic tale of fantasy and social class scrutiny with the wondrous “The Little Princess”. Other years boast more movies, but 1939 is really the year of the classic movie for so many cinema buffs.

Gone With The Wind

Frankly, my dears, you must give a damn about this movie. No matter how much you may have heard that it’s more soap opera, or sappy love story than anything else, the simple truth is any movie lover worth their film salt must own this flick. Not only is it based on Margaret Mitchell’s landmark novel – still one of the most popular and best selling in global history – but the feel of reading a good book is present throughout the three plus hour experience. Indeed, with ten Oscars to its credit – including 1939’s Best Picture win – the movie’s accolades rank it as one of the most praised American movies by the Hollywood community. The lavish sets, the period perfect costumes, the memorable characters, the history of America’s Civil War brought to life all mix to engage, captivate and even teach viewers. Even after numerous repeat viewings, I still find something new to like and marvel over in this truly masterpiece of a movie.

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy and Toto may wind up in a very different place than Kansas, but that’s why we love this family classic so much. Even before velvet voiced farm girl Dorothy is whisked away by that uber, El Nino powered tornado, the Kansas scenes are captivating. The sepia toned simplicity draws us in to the drab, but wholesome life of Dorothy, only to be dazzled later by the nova bright technicolor magic of the fantasy land of Oz. Nominated for 6 Oscars – and winning two for Best Original Song and for Best Original Music Score – the movie still holds such an incredible power over successive generations of film lovers.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

With America mired in yet another national election year, it would do some good for voters to take a look at this Frank Capra classic. Capra, most known for the holiday favorite, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, crafted a timeless study of political reality versus passionate idealism. Jimmy Stewart stars in both of the movies, and there’s definitely a connection between his Mr. Smith and Mr. George Bailey. Both are young men with a mission and both meet the cold slap of truth in their idealistic quest to help their fellow man. It won only one Oscar from the 11 it was nominated for, yet it’s still a timeless tale of the activist individual against the unwieldy system. It’s must viewing and owning for all film scholars, as well as political scholars.

The Little Princess

Shirley Temple doesn’t play an actual member of a royal family here, but as the movie reminds us, every girl is a little princess – at least in her father’s eyes. That’s the real core of the story – a father and daughter divided by war and fate – and how various members of Britain’s social class treat her in her desperate predicament. Based on the Francis Hodgson Burnett novel, the movie has an interesting first and last status about it. It was the last major film for Temple, yet the first of hers to be filmed in full technicolor glory. It’s easy to see why Temple was such a talent who charmed audiences and bridged generations. When she’s onscreen, it’s hard to look at anyone else, and when she sings and dances, it’s a peek into another era where all stars were expected to be adept at more than just reading lines. The delightful movie lapsed into the public domain in 1968.

Wuthering Heights

Tragic love stories like Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet resonate with nearly all who has ever pined for another, but what of love that’s degenerated into bitter hate? It’s the dark dilemma of this impeccably spooky, Gothic romance tale, which also doubles as an effective ghost story. Laurence Olivier plays Heathcliff, a homeless boy found on the streets by a well to do gentleman, who’s brought home to live with the man’s two biological children. Sadly, Heathcliff’s new brother hates him. His new sister, as they both mature, finds herself falling in love with her imaginative, yet hard hearted step brother. Though nominated for eight Oscars, the movie won nothing, battling hard in a year so chock full of Oscar worthy competitors. The ending is nothing less than an unforgettable tear jerker.

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19 Pound Baby: Indonesia is Home to Supersized Infant

“19 Pound Baby from Indonesia” sounds like a great attention-grabbing tabloid headline. Except for one thing – the title “19 Pound Baby from Indonesia” is the truth. A woman gave birth to a 19 pound baby boy in Indonesia. Although a 19 pound baby in Indonesia sounds like the world’s largest baby, that’s not the case.

The world’s largest baby was born in 1879 and weighed 23 pounds.

Luckily, the mother of the 19 pound baby in Indonesia was able to have her son delivered via C-section. Although C-sections were available in 1879 many mothers did not survive the process, according to the National Library of Medicine.

The 23 pound baby died 11 hours after he was born. The largest baby to ever survive was an Italian boy who weighed 22 pounds 8 oz at birth.

The 19 pound baby from Indonesia is seen on many news articles, including one from ABC news. In the photograph attached to the ABC News article, the 19 pound baby from Indonesia is set next to an averaged size baby. The 19 pound baby dwarfs the other infant.

What caused the 19 pound baby in Indonesia to get so big? The mother had gestational diabetes.

According to the American Diabetes Association, gestational diabetes in a nutshell is where a mother develops diabetes while pregnant. For some reason or another, the mother builds up an insulin resistance.

As a result, the developing baby’s tiny pancreas must create more insulin. Because the baby is getting more glucose than he should, he will get fat.

The 19 pound baby in Indonesia could be the result of a lack of medical treatment. Gestational diabetes must be caught early on. A pregnant mother can be treated through a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Alternatively, the mother could have to take insulin injections. The treatment decided upon depends on what the treating physician is comfortable with.

The 19 pound baby in Indonesia is undoubtedly cute, and he will be remembered for many years. Although he has yet to be named, his cute little baby photos will go down in history.

Everyone will remember the 19 pound baby from Indonesia.


ABC News

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1942: Joint Strike for the PS3 and Xbox 360

1942: Joint Strike is a new game available for download on the Sony PlayStation 3 Network or the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. It costs $9.99 and was released in late July, 2008. I have played only the PS3 version, though I do believe them to both be the same. This is a remake of the classic NES game, 1942, where you fly a WWII plane through various missions where you have to take out ground and air targets.

I have loved this type of game ever since the days of playing River Raid on my Atari 2600. It is played using a top-down view, and the screen scrolls from top to bottom, or vice versa, depending on the level. As you take on the never-ending swarms of enemy planes, you’ll get power-ups that give you better weapons, bombs, health, and so on. This is by no means realistic, but instead a very fast-paced and fun arcade style shooter.

The graphics look pretty good considering the game’s 8-bit roots. It has been updated with High Definition graphics, which are most evident in the backgrounds, such as when you see the waves coming ashore as you fly overhead. There are lots of visuals that keep the screen full of color and animation. You shoot your guns almost constantly in each mission, and there’s usually some kind of target to hit. The graphics aren’t on par with some of the disc-based games you might buy in a store, but I didn’t expect them to be that good. The gameplay is so fast that you barely have time to notice the pretty backgrounds, anyway.

The sound effects in this game are quite impressive. The explosions are loud and clear and the constant sounds of gunfire makes it exciting. Even in the menu screens, it has planes flying overhead. For some reason, those planes freak out my dog and she keeps looking behind the TV to see where they are. This is a very loud game.

I found this remake to be just as challenging as I remember the original. The further you get into the game, the faster and smarter the enemies become. You really have to be able to react quickly while you dodge enemy bullets and planes at the same time you are trying to shoot at them. Each level practically requires a little bit of memorization for you to get through them successfully.

On the PlayStation Network, you can play cooperatively online with other people. I played a couple of games, then went to the Leaderboards to check my high score. There are already thousands of people playing this game on its first day of release, so interest in definitely high. The gameplay is quite similar to another PSN game called Novastrike, but this game has the benefit of being a remake and people like familiarity.

In the end, 1942: Joint Strike is a very fun and worthy remake for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For the $9.99 price tag, I think it delivers plenty of entertainment. Now I just need to work at climbing that high score list!

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19-Year-Old Beats Up His Mother Over Hand Washing

As parents we are to teach our children right from wrong.We are to teach them how to be respectful.Show them how to have manners and personal hygiene.As parents we are to raise our kids to become well rounded adults one day.So that they may survive as adults and achieve what we could not.

In Jacksonville, Florida a young man was arrested after beating up his mother.Tara Tomlin was told by his father to wash his hands before coming to dinner.He now had a choose to wash or to not.He choose to not.His father had addressed the issue and Tara Tomlin became enraged.

After being disrespectful to his father.His father asked him to leave and told him that was not allowed in his house and it was time to go.This enraged Tomlin further.When Tomlin’s 40 year old mother agreed with her husband it caused Tara Tomlin to lose control..

Out of control and angry Tomlin went after his mother.He was able to get her on a bed and repeatedly punched her over and over again.Tomlin’s father was able to pull him off his mother and hold him down till the police department was able to come.

Tara Tomlin was arrested for assault.Sheriff Ken Jefferson said ” You never know whats going to incite a person or cause them to go off..”

Tomlin’s mother walked away with bruises and very sore.She was not hospitalized for any reason.She was just left wondering what she had done wrong in raising her child.Now Tomlin’s future is up to a judge and jury and he will have to explain I didn’t want to wash my hands…

19 year old Tara Tomlin Choose his path.As parents we need to make sure our children don’t choose this path..

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18-Year-Old Shot While Leaving Los Angeles Party

According to a recently published Los Angeles Police Department web site press release, the Los Angeles Police Department’s detective unit are currently investigating the death of an 18-year-old Los Angeles man. He was shot a few days ago while at a party in the City.

The incident happened back on October 14, 2007 at around 4:00 in the early morning. Devon Curry, the 18-year-old victim, was leaving a party that took place on the 5400 block of 99th Place in the city.

A silver, newer model, Ford Mustang, was traveling quickly eastbound on 99th Street as well. Supposedly a shot came out of the Mustang and hit Curry. The gun was only fired once.

The bullet directly hit the 18-year-old and he collapsed on the street. Police officers and paramedics were immediately called. He was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors tried to treat him for his wounds. Despite their efforts, he died as a direct result from his injuries, making the crime a homicide.

Police are not completely sure of what the motive for the shooting was. Due to the evidence present, though, it seems to be gang related. Police have not released any information regarding whether or not the victim were involved in any Los Angeles gangs.

Since the suspect is still on the loose and not in police custody, the Los Angeles Police Department is calling on the public once again in helping them with this case.

Anyone with information regarding this crime should feel free to contact Pacific Homicide Detectives at 310- 482-6313. After hours, during non-business hours, and on weekends, please phone the 24-hour toll free tip line Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAW-FULL (529-3855).

As of right now, the Los Angeles Police Department has not announced a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. A reward may be announced at a later time if the case continues without any strong leads. Keep your eyes and ears open for additional information that will be posted at the official Los Angeles Police Department web site in the form of an online press release. Local area news stations, radio networks, and newspapers are expected to cover this story as well as more information is made available to them.


Los Angeles Police Department. “Gang Violence Claims a Life.”

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