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1st Man Born with a Disability Received Black Belt in Ohio

When you think of someone who’s a Black Belt, you think of someone who can walk.

Paul Brailer uses a wheelchair, braces and sometimes crutches for optimal mobility. Having been born with Spina Bifida, Paul has been overcoming challenges his whole life, such as getting out of braces that went up to his chest and moving from a walker to crutches.

The new mobility he acquired when the old braces came off surely changed Paul’s life forever. He had been free from the shackles; they were hot and uncomfortable, his legs locked so he had to hop around.

Only now he had to learn how to move his legs independently and use his new handy dandy crutches; they send shivers down my spine; I have tried them, and they are very hard to walk with. I give him props, because he not only handles them; he mastered them. He spent time in and out of the hospital as a child/teen.

What sparked this amazing transformation of health, fitness and Karate after 20-some years? Paul’s dad passed away. They were incredibly close, and when the police suspected he might have been murdered, Paul decided that he had to think about safety and thought about getting a conceal to carry permit. Not sure if that would be the best idea, he put the decision on hold for a while.

Paul had been mugged shortly after starting karate class. While wheeling down the street, the mugger tried to steal his cell phone but Paul grabbed his arm and bent it back and the attacker not only dropped the cell phone, but he also fled from the scene. Paul said he could hear a bone snap and figured he had broken the mugger’s wrist.

Paul fought off the attacker with techniques he learned in karate class. After that, Paul finally decided to buy his gun and had gotten a conceal carry permit.

Although being a Black Belt has been a very important goal, which he achieved February 16, 2012, the focus on his life now is helping others get fit and be safe.

Paul thought about his physically disabled friends who could never fight off an attacker and set out to create Criptaedo. He modifies moves so that everyone has a chance to learn self-defense. He does the same for karate moves. Kids are drawn to him and cannot seem to get enough of their “Criptaedo – Roll Model.”

You will find a variety of information on the Criptaedo website and the Criptaedo You Tube Channel.

Don’t hesitate to friend him on Facebook or twitter. Paul says Karate changed his life, now he has confidence in his own abilities. Paul is available for public speaking engagements.

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1st Round NFL Playoff Predictions; 2011 Football Spread Betting Picks

All spreads are from as of 1/3/2011

AFC Wild Card Round

#1. New England Patriots (14-2) Bye

#2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) Bye

#6. New York Jets (11-5) (+3 -120) vs. #3. Indianapolis Colts (10-6) (-3 Even) O/U 44.5
Hard to find a better and more intriguing 1st round matchup. The Colts had a rough year but did what they needed to win the division and earn a home game against the Jets in the first round. The Jets didn’t necessarily live up to the hype they created this year, but they tip toed into the playoffs and now have their feet firmly on the ground. The Jets had a nice tuneup game against the Bills and are ready to take on the defending AFC Champions. The Colts have won four games in a row, but all were close games (1 by 10 the rest under a touchdown), and were against non-playoff teams. The Jets main concern is the maturity of Mark Sanchez and if he can put a mistake-free game together. The Jets have 4th best rushing attack, 6th best pass defense, and 3rd best rushing defense. Three of the Jets last 5 games were against playoff teams, and I wouldn’t discount the experience they have gotten from the last few weeks tough opponents. If Sanchez can avoid mistakes and help lead a balanced Jets attack, the Jets will win this game in Indy.
Prediction: Jets beat the Colts 23-17, Jets (+3) UNDER 44.5

#4. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6) vs. #5. Baltimore Ravens (12-4) (-3 Even) O/U 41
Although the Chiefs did win the AFC West, the fact that they get a home game against the 12-4 Ravens seems unfair. The Ravens are 6-1 in their last 7 but have struggled to separate themselves late against most of their opponents. The Ravens are 20th in passing and 14th in rushing while being only 21st in pass defense. The Ravens strength will go against the Chiefs strength as the 5th ranked rushing defense will face the Chiefs NFL leading rushing attack. Things were looking great for the Chiefs before a regular season finale beating they took from the Oakland Raiders. Cassel was 11/33 with 2 interceptions and no touchdowns in the 31-10 loss. Even at home in the playoffs, the Chiefs look very vulnerable and is ready to take another beating from the Ravens.
Prediction: Ravens win 31-17, Ravens (-3) OVER 41

NFC Wild Card Round

#1. Atlanta Falcons (13-3) Bye

#2. Chicago Bears (11-5) Bye

#3. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) (-2.5) vs. #6. Green Bay Packers (10-6) O/U 46
This is a much harder matchup for the Eagles than having to play the Giants in the first round. The Packers have the 5th best passing attack and 5th best pass defense. Philly’s advantage in this game lies on the shoulders of Michael Vick being able to run the ball when there are no viable options to throw to. The Packers have lacked a good rushing attack since Ryan Grant went down very early in the season. When it comes to defense the Packers have the significant edge. The Packers have allowed the 2nd fewest points per game at 15, while the Eagles have allowed 23.6. Two weeks ago the Eagles looked like a Super Bowl contender out of the NFC, but after a pathetic loss to the Vikings with a rookie quarterback and a loss to the Cowboys, their future doesn’t look nearly as bright.
Prediction: Packers with the upset 21-17, Packers (+2.5) UNDER 46

#4. Seattle Seahawks (7-9) vs. #5. New Orleans Saints (11-5) (-10.5) 45 O/U
Anything can happen in the playoffs, and the Saints are on the road, but Seattle can’t compete with New Orleans can they? No! The largest flaw for the Saints other than their battered up rushing attack is their rush defense, and the Seahawks can’t run the ball. The Seahawks are 31st in the NFL in rushing and 27th in pass defense. This is a pathetic game, and the Saints should cover easily even though they have to travel to Seattle.
Prediction: Saints win big 38-14, Saints (-10) OVER 45

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1999 British Open Among Greatest of All Time

Entering the final hole of the British Open with a 3 shot lead should give you comfort. All you need is to play safe and you’ll leave with a British Open championship on your resume. It seems like a sure thing. Unless your Jean Van De Velde.

The 1999 British Open took place at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland. The tournament is noted for its fairly high scores. The three golfers in the playoff that year finished 6 over par. Justin Leonard, one of those leaders, didn’t turn in a round under par the entire British Open. Nor did Tiger Woods, whose 10 over finish was good enough for a 7th place tie. Other notables, like Phil Mickelson, didn’t even make the cut. That 6 over was the highest winning score at the British Open since World War II. It’s safe to say that Carnoustie tore up the British Open contenders.

That was never more evident than on the 72nd hole. Despite shooting a low for the day at 67, Paul Lawrie was in the clubhouse 3 shots behind Van De Velde. Van De Velde needed only a double bogie on the final hole to ensure himself the British Open crown. But he seemed doomed from the get go, using a risky driver off the tee, putting him in the rough. He then wound up in deeper rough after hitting the grandstand. His 3rd shot put him in the water. Famously, Van De Velde removed his shoes, rolled up his sleeves, and considered playing the ball from the water. Ultimately he decided to take the drop, and then shot in to a bunker. Amazingly, Van De Velde finally got a good out of the bunker and putted for a triple bogie, forcing him in to a tie with Lawrie and Leonard. Lawrie would capture the playoff, ultimately coming from 10 shots behind to win the British Open championship. That’s the record for a comeback at the Open. Lawrie was the first Scotsman since 1985 to win the British Open, and the first to win in Scotland since 1910.


Van De Velde Meltdown

1999 Open Championship

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2 Interesting Angles, 2 Fantastic Journalists, 1 Great Sporting Experience

You may have heard Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini comparing Argentine striker Sergio Aguerro to Brazilian legend Romario and thought ‘what an apt compliment?’

What you may not have known is that this comparison had long being made even before the South American lad landed from Atletico Madrid.

3 ‘experts’ on the South American soccer style had already commented on Kun’s (Aguerro’s nickname) similarity and marked him as this season’s Premiership revelation even before his wonderful brace against Queen’s Park Rangers.

One of the experts is Cesar Luis Menotti, Aguerro’s coach at Independiente and the other is Barcelona coach, Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola.

The 3rd expert is Brazil-based BBC journalist, Tim Vickery.Tim has been living in Brazil since 1994 and has been the BBC’s expert on South American soccer ever since.

He has a knack for noticing talent on the continent even before Europe’s bigwigs scouts spot it.The Brazilian duo, Robinho and Diego are 2 examples that Vickery was always quick to tout even before they burst out of Santos.Although these 2 have not impressed as much as their 2 Argentine contemporaries, Aguerro, Calos Tevez and Lionel Messi, their potential remains unquestioned.

But it his keen attention to detail that brings out a unique angle to sports reporting and keeps his audience glued to their sets when Vickery is dispatching his latest report from Latin America. In a departure from normal reporting tradition, Vickery goes to great lengths to bring out the game shots in an audio-only presentation style.

It is not unusual to hear a Vickery presentation describing what part of the foot a player used to hit the ball, what part of the leg they used to control the ball and exactly what corner of the net they slotted the ball.

He also spices up his reports with pomp and colour such as one on Diego’s comment that Messi can run with the ball while watching TV. “He is now able to switch channels as well,” wrote Vickery.

Another rejoinder was on former Vasco Da Gama President Eurico Maranda’s comment that beating Flamengo gave him more pleasure than sex. Tim Vickery’s retort: There were no orgasmic moments for him or anyone else in this latest game between the two sides. It finished 0-0.

And now that Ronaldinho’s form is back-he has recently been recalled to the Seleccao-and Tim Vickery-as you can guess, so all this coming. No wonder he’s called Legendinho in British sporting circles-he’s a true authority on things soccer in South America.

Another wonderful reporter who brings out an interesting angle to dispatches that may normally be bland is Colin Maitland. You can call him BBC’s North American ‘expert’. In a ‘study’ on a couple of American sports, Maitland wondered loudly why a score in American football is called a Touchdown while to score in the cross-Atlantic version of the game you have to touch the ball down but it’s called a Try. In the American version, the player doesn’t have to touchdown.

Need another poke from Maitland on American sport?-In American ‘football’ the player rarely touches the ball with the feet while in the cross-Atlantic version of the same, players sometime kick the ball- with their feet of course but this is not obvious from the name- rugby.

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2 Key Steps of the Vision in a Business Plan

The preparation of a strategic business plan is a multi-step process covering mission, vision, objectives, values, strategies, goals and programs. So what about the vision of your business plan?

Can you Dream? Then you can – DEVELOP A VISION STATEMENT – it is your ticket to success – the vision statement is about what your future business will look like. It has been said that a vision statement imagines what success looks like. Entrepreneurs often ask a business coach to help them get their thoughts out of their minds and into a business Vision.

A Vision Statement provides the inspiration for your daily operations and your strategic decisions. It is a photograph in words and in your mind – of the future of your business. Providing the destination for your journey – without knowing where you are going, how can you plan the journey?

• A vision statement focuses on the ‘what’ of your business – what do you want your business to accomplish. • Describes your idealized perception of what your business will look like under perfect conditions. • What are your intentions for your business? Where is your business going to be in 6 months, 12 months, or 5 years? What will your company have accomplished? • It will help you stay focused on the big picture – the end results.

Doing this by yourself usually isn’t a problem – the issue is usually just getting it done – or procrastination. My business coaching clients – who are entrepreneurs and small business owners – learn how and why to stay focused and draw a picture (in words) of their Business Vision.

Statement example: The Perfect Team plans to provide a wide range of baseball-related products and services to casual players, minor league players, community clubs and organizations, competitive teams and players.

Business Plan Assignment: Even if you already have your vision statement – your vision may change and grow – So, why not grow with your thoughts. Write out what you are planning and thinking about with regards to your business plan’s vision.

Step 1. You can do some homework and write: Think about what are your short-term business visions/intentions? What do you plan to have, do or be in the next 3 months? This will help you see the long-term.

Step 2. Write down your long-term business visions/intentions. What you plan to have, do, or be in the next 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, and 5 years. And, in turn this helps you to see more clearly what your short-term goals can be.

Always remember that your measure of belief that you have in your own ability to achieve this Business Vision and plan will also affect that Vision achievement. This is where a business coach or entrepreneur coach comes in – helping you move forward in your Vision intention.

Remember, you have always had some sort of vision for your future – now make it happen. Plan your trip and see and feel yourself reaching your destination successfully.

This article is dedicated to everybody who has a dream – a vision.

Continue to grow and be successful.

So let’s get started on those important action steps – why not?

I now invite you to claim your Free pdf – ‘INFLUENCE – HOW TO EXERT IT By Yorimoto Tashi’ by contacting me and find out more about building your email list and what is stopping you from moving forward by visiting with Coach Donna L. Ward, at and get started right away putting structure to marketing and your online presence.

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2 Easy Grape Recipes: Frozen Red Grapes and Grape Salad Using Fresh Grapes

Grapes are in season right now and you can find them as low as $.98 per pound at the grocery store. Frozen grapes are a great and inexpensive snack. Frozen grapes are great as garnishes also. Following are a few great tips and recipes for enjoying grapes both frozen and fresh during their growing season. Grapes are also low in calories, but naturally sweet, and are an inexpensive way to get your daily required intake of fruits.

Easy Frozen Red Grape Recipe: Freezing grapes and eating them in their natural form is the easiest and best way to enjoy them on a hot and humid summer day. It is best to use seedless red grapes for freezing because they have just the right sugar alcohol content to not freeze completely, making them easier to eat than green grapes when frozen.


As many red seedless grapes as your heart and tummy desires

To Prepare:

Separate grapes from the vine and place in a bowl of water. Soak at least 20 minutes to remove the dirt and pesticides that may be on them. Rinse well and spread on towels to dry. Then place separated grapes on a large cookie sheet for several hours until frozen solid. Transfer to a zip lock storage bag. To serve, take out just what you need and eat them alone as a snack, or add some to yogurt, ice cream, eat with jello, or put toss them on your favorite salad, or add them as a garnish to mixed drinks, or smoothies. Use your imagination and come up with your own ideas for how to use these scrumptious frozen grapes.

Easy Grape Salad


4 pounds seedless grapes, red or white, about 4 cups

1 (8oz) package cream cheese, softened

8 ounces sour cream

½ cup pecans

½ cup white sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 teaspoons brown sugar

To Prepare:

Mix cream cheese, sour cream, white sugar and vanilla. Add grapes and stir until grapes are coated. Sprinkle with brown sugar and pecans. Refrigerate and mix again before serving.

These recipes are easy, inexpensive and delicious. I hope you will try them and enjoy!

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