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20 Cheap Date Ideas

Going on a date? It doesn’t have to be expensive. The real idea with a date is to spend quality time getting to know the person you’re out with, and these days, we’re all trying to get good quality for less! Here are 20 great ideas for cost-effective dates:

1. Hamburgers – think In N’ Out, or the local funky hamburger stand. Pick a place with some character, maybe some history. You can always take your burgers “to go.” Approx cost: $8/each

2. Go to the Park – a walk, a picnic, a game of flirtatious tag. Play on the jungle gyms, or take a ball and play catch. Approx. cost: FREE

3. Meet at a Cafe – some place with ambience, even if it’s just Starbucks. Sit in the comfy chairs and chat with your new honey. Approx. cost: $4-8/each (for one coffee drink a piece)

4. Check out the Bookstore – Borders, Barnes & Nobles, local book shops with chairs and a newstand. Most bookstores now have cafes, so collect a stack of magazines, get a coffee and chit chat with your date about what each other is reading. Approx. cost: $5 (for a coffee, optional).

5. Local Farmers Markets – often these are in a downtown area, and offer more than just fresh veggies. Hang out with your date, listen to music, check out the various booths. If your town does not have farmers markets, try any kind of street fair. Approx. cost: Free to go, but lots of things to buy!

6. A Bike Ride – or any form of man-powered wheels. If you don’t have wheels, go for a walk. Approx. cost: FREE!

7. Borrow a Dog (or take your own) – and go to the dog park. You and your date can take turns throwing a ball or frisbee for your borrowed pup. Approx. cost: FREE!

8.Take A Hike – up a mountain or on local hiking trails. Approx. cost: FREE!

9. See a Matinee – those cheap middle-of-the-day movies that cost about half as much as movies in the evening. If you two can go during the week, even better, as many theaters only offer matinee pricing Monday-Thursday. Approx. cost: $7-14 each (depends on your theater ticket prices)

10. All-You-Can-Eat Sushi – the name says it all. Stuff yourselves with spicy tuna, enjoy extras like miso soup, edamame, and desserts. Lunch is cheaper than dinner. Approx. cost: $13-20 each.

11. Bowling or Pool – what’s a little competition between you and your date? Bowling and Pool games are typically low-cost, tons of fun, and really break the ice. Approx. cost: $10-20 for 2 or more games.

12. Miniature Golf – the funkier and more home-made the course, the better. Challenge your date to 18 holes and see who’s the better mini golfer. Approx. Cost: $10-20 (depends on location and quality of course).

13. Make a Pizza – from scratch. Take your date to the store, buy the ingredients, and make the pizza together. Some cooking experience is required! Approx. cost: $10-30 depending on ingredients.

14. The Arcade – pretend it’s the 80s again and play your date at Packman and other vintage video games. Arcades often have many types of games, so try everything! Approx. cost: $0.25 + (how long do you want to play?)

15. Watch a Movie – at home. Netflix a favorite movie (ask your date first!), pop some popcorn, and stay in for the night. Approx. cost: cost to rent movie/netflix subscription, and $3 or less for the popcorn.

16. Play a Boardgame – it could be something classic like Monopoly or Scrabble, or a new game like Settler of Catan. The more the merrier, so invite another couple for a double date. Approx. cost: FREE! (depends on what games you have, though!)

17. See Local Sports – this could be the high school homecoming football game, your town’s minor league baseball team, or even a roller derby bout. Cheer with your date, or take the opposing team’s side. Approx. cost: $5-20 for tickets, $5-10 for snacks.

18. See a Band – small venues often offer great ticket prices. Check out a band you and your date love, or one nobody’s ever heard of. Approx. cost: $5-25 per ticket.

19. Beach it, or Pool it – in the summer, take your date to the beach, or a nearby pool. Approx. cost: FREE!

20. Be Tourists – what are the tourist attractions in your town? Spend the day with your date being a tourist and seeing “the sights” you might never see otherwise. Approx. cost: Admission prices to attractions, but potentially FREE!

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20 Classic Love Songs

Whether you’re planning the ultimate mix CD for that special someone and want to express your true feelings, or just love music, these 20 classics are sure to inspire and make you smile.

20. You’ll Accompany Me – by Bob Seger

Come on, who doesn’t love Bob Seger?! This is a sweet classic by a man who knows what he wants.

19. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – by Diana Ross and The Supremes featuring The Temptations

I want you and I’m willing to work for it; this song is simple and to the point, featuring Diana Ross and some of the best soul groups of our day.

18. Dream a Little Dream of Me – by Doris Day

This song is sweet and an impressive addition to any love song mix. Doris Day’s voice is sweet, charming, and pleading.

17. These Eyes – by The Guess Who

What does this song say? Our love is original and I know I’ll never find anything else like this. “These eyes have seen another love but they’re never gonna see another love like the one I had with you.”

16. Telephone Line – by ELO

“Telephone Line” speaks of those torturous moments of waiting and hurting when that special someone isn’t near. Jeff Lynne’s angelic and piercing vocals will amaze anyone.

15. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder delivers a fun, upbeat song that is full of soul and extremely danceable.

14. Beast of Burden – by The Rolling Stones

“All I want… is you to make love to me”, says it all about this Rolling Stones classic. Beast of Burden is a rockin’ plea for lovin.

13. Stand by Me – by John Lennon

Forgive me for not choosing the original, but John Lennon brings this song to life. His emotion and sweet vocals add something to this song that the original lacked.

12. Dancing Cheek to Cheek (I’m in Heaven) – by Fred Astaire

This song is as classy, simply spoken, and as old as it gets. Perhaps it will give you the opportunity to dance cheek to cheek with your sweetie!

11. Happy Together – by The Turtles

Okay, so it’s somewhat dark, but this song is very memorable and fun for anyone familiar with it. And to those unfamiliar, this eerie classic will become a favorite for years to come.

10. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – by Elvis

What classic love song list would be complete without a ditty by The King himself? “Wise men say only fools rush in… but I can’t help falling in love with you.”

9. Good Vibrations – by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys not only offer incredible harmonies, but happy, dance-worthy hits like Good Vibrations liven up a serious mix.

8. Crimson and Clover – by Tommy James and The Shondells

Waiting can be miserable, but “Crimson and Clover” expresses another wonderful side to that. The use of various technology present in this song proves that Tommy James was ahead of his time.

7. You Were Always On My Mind – by Willie Nelson

Yep, the old braided-hair-clad wonder has melted many a hearts with this thoughtful and light tune. Add this song to any mix to let that special someone know how often you think of them.

6. My Girl – by The Temptations

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”- doesn’t that say it all? My Girl is a sweet and energetic classic; a perfect addition to any mix.

5. Michelle – by The Beatles

A straightforward plea for belief, trust, and assurance. Say it all without speaking with this incredible Beatles hit.

4. Let’s Stay Together -by Al Green

No one can quite sing a soul song like Al Green, and this song is simply the best of the best.

3. For the Longest Time – by Billy Joel

This song is undoubtedly the most adorable of all love songs, and stated so nicely. “I have been a fool for lesser things. I want you so bad. I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for the longest time.”

2. In My Life – by The Beatles

“In My Life” is a beautiful song of utter devotion and love. This is the perfect piece to use as a way of telling your significant other that you set him/her apart from the rest.

1. Unchained Melody – by The Righteous Brothers

When I think of classic love songs, this is always first to come to mind. This song is elegant and the vocals are purely emotional.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, what are you waiting for? Burn that CD and pour your heart out!

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20 Classic Halloween Horror Movies to Watch for Free on TCM

TCM never disappoints in October, airing some of the best horror movies ever made each year in honor of Halloween. October, 2009 is no exception, so be prepared to be scared with some of the greatest classic horror movies ever made that will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit (all times listed here are Eastern):

Mad Love (1935) October 4 at 7:45 a.m. – You can’t have a list of great Halloween horror movies without one featuring the legendary Peter Lorre. That chilling voice of his, those otherworldly eyes, and of course his amazing acting skills make the character Doctor Gogol, a surgeon madly in love, one you will not forget. To make the object of his desire happy after her pianist lover loses his hands, Gogol grafts the hands of a murderer onto his wrists with horrifying results. When it comes to great Halloween films, this is the best of the possessed body parts genre of horror movies.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) October 10 at 2:15 a.m. – The big debate amongst many Raimi fans seems to be which Evil Dead film is better, this one or the first one (so if you haven’t seen either, you may also want to rent the first movie so you can decide for yourself). Luckily, you won’t be completely lost if you didn’t see the first film. Both are horror movies that feature groups of people holed up in a cabin being possessed/picked off by something truly evil, and both have something different to bring to the table. My take is that the first film is a bit scarier, while the second has more comedic moments. However, the first two movies in the Evil Dead series are some of the most-debated over horror movies of all time, so it’s best just to form your own opinion.

Pit and the Pendulum (1961) October 10 at 7:30 a.m. – When it comes to great partnerships in classic horror movies, it doesn’t get any better than Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe. It’s nice to see Poe’s classic brought to life not only through Price’s creepy onscreen persona, but through the enigmatic eyes of scream queen Barbara Steele. So enjoy a Halloween full of thrills and chills without buckets of blood with this amazing combination of the icons of classic horror movies.

The Body Snatcher (1945) October 11 at 6:30 a.m. and October 31 at 11:15 p.m. – This is one of Bela Lugosi’s greatest hits, although he gets second billing to one of the biggest legends of horror movies, Boris Karloff. It’s a great creepy classic about a surgeon who hires a cabman to dig up bodies for him to dissect, but this enterprise turns deadly as the cabman looks for fresher fare. I love seeing two horror movie legends together, and this is definitely one of the creepiest Halloween movies on this list.

The Unknown (1927) October 12 at 12:00 a.m. – Lon Chaney is known as one of the greatest legends of horror movies, as is his son, who would become one of the best movie monsters as the Wolf Man. Lon Chaney, Sr., however, was known for playing a different kind of half-man, half-monster; one that didn’t look like if from the outside, but seemed to be struggling with animalistic urges and more tender feelings on the inside, something the actor could express in just a glance. The man of a thousand faces could give the camera a look worth a thousand words, but in this movie, he does a lot more than draw audiences to one of his many characters dealing with a great deal of inner turmoil; he chills them to the bone. The premise and ending of this macabre movie are some of the best of the earliest horror movies, with a fugitive pretending to be an armless wonder in a side show eventually using his hands for an evil purpose. As an added bonus, this movie features Joan Crawford early in her budding career. It’s a must-see when it comes to silent movies that are perfect for Halloween.

Videodrome (1982) October 17 at 2:00 a.m. – If gory horror movies are more your scene, then you might enjoy David Cronenberg’s bizarre, futuristic (but dated) tale of terror. It’s about a television station looking for something sensational and shocking to draw in viewers, and you’ll definitely get to see plenty of sensational and shocking scenes yourself. James Woods and Debbie Harry of Blondie fame (she has a rather disturbing role) star in this gorefest full of technological torture. (This is definitely not a good Halloween movie for those with weak stomachs.)

Freaks (1932) October 17 at 6:00 a.m. – A midnight movie staple, this creepy classic features real circus freaks playing themselves. It’s controversial now that the days of sideshows are long over, but all the people in this movie do an excellent job without acting experience. The storyline is great, because the freaks are the truly good people in the film, while the two “normal” characters, a blonde bombshell of a trapeze artist and the circus strongman, are the real monsters. The trapeze artist learns that a midget in the sideshow has a large inheritance and sets out to marry and eventually murder him for the money, planning to run away with the strongman afterwards. However, she doesn’t count on the loyalty of her new husband’s friends when they learn of her plan. This is one of the most unique horror movies on this list, and one that gives you a window into an old world where those that were not understood were turned into little more than oddities to be gawked at, and this film is commendable for showing audiences of the time that the circus freaks were not monsters, but real people that might be a little more human than themselves.

White Zombie (1932) October 3 at 6:00 a.m. – Bella Lugosi may be most well-known for playing the most memorable version of Dracula, but did you know he was also the star of the first zombie movie? This one is a little different than the horror movies featuring zombies we know today, featuring the voodoo form of living death. It’s one of the many great gore-free Halloween movies on this list, but the lack of blood doesn’t make it any less frightening.

Phantom of the Opera (1925) October 19 at 12:00 a.m. – Another of the great silent horror movies on this list, Lon Chaney, Sr.’s makeup job in this movie could compete with that of his son’s years later in ‘The Wolf Man’ when it comes to the greatest classic horror movie transformation. This is one of the most visually stunning classic horror movies of the silent era not only because of Chaney’s skeletal, grotesque face, but because of the creepy underworld his character inhabits. This is one of the best classics for Halloween viewing because the lack of audible dialogue makes it easier for your to hear the things that go bump in the night.

Vampyr (1932) October 19 at 2:00 a.m. – This Dreyer film is all about the gothic imagery and many nightmarish visions, as the storyline is a little slow. Still, this one is a must-see of fans of the vampire genre, and a perfect followup to one of the other great vampire movies on this list, ‘Nosferatu’.

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) October 19 at 3:30 a.m. – Keeping in the vampire theme, Roman Polanski’s somewhat campy classic is a more fun take on the bloodsuckers. It takes place in Transylvania and features a creepy count and gothic castle, Dracula-style, but with a few comedic elements thrown in for good measure. (It might have been a lot better, however, if it hadn’t been cut to hell by a studio czarina). Still, it’s a Technicolor, Hammer-esque fun flick that’s also notable for one other creepy element: starring actress and wife of Polanski, Sharon Tate, who would later die at the hands of Charles Manson’s followers.

Poltergeist (1982) October 24 at 2:15 p.m. and October 27 at 8:00 p.m. – This is one of the best ghost movies for Halloween, and my favorite haunted house movie. Like the movie above it, it, too, is notable for an oft-talked about death of actresses in the film, the mysterious and untimely death of young Heather O’Rourke and the strangling of Dominique Dunne. But the mysterious “Poltergeist curse” isn’t the only thing that makes this film scary; when little Heather says, “They’re here!”, you really believe her.

Diabolique (1955) October 25 at 2:15 a.m. – This is perhaps one of the best movies on this list, a thriller about a cruel man’s fate at the hands of his battered wife and his mistress. After they commit the crime, things get really creepy when their victim’s body disappears. It’s a movie full of great plot twists, and it really puts the works of master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock to shame. Out of all of the movies here, I’d put this one at the top of my list as not just one of the best must-see horror movies, but just a great movie, period.

Nosferatu (1922) October 26 at 12:30 a.m. – This is the granddaddy of all vampire movies, featuring what is still one of the greatest monsters of horror movies. Count Orlok is a far cry form the shiny and hunky vampires of today, but he’s still more fun to watch. When it comes to silent horror movies, they don’t get any better than this one, and this is one of my personal Halloween favorites.

The Haunting
(1963) October 28 at 12:00 a.m. and October 31 at 6:00 a.m. – Another of the great haunted house horror movies, this one features a subtle terror reminiscent of ‘The Turn of the Screw’. If you’re a fan of frightening movies that delve farther into the psyche, you’ll likely enjoy this movie about madness; sometimes the horrors that lie within the mind are much more frightening than a scary image on a silver screen.

Village of the Damned (1960) October 28 at 2:00 a.m. – What can be more frightening than evil children? The original take on this tale about otherworldly tots is best, and you might never look at some of your children’s friends the same after this terrifying take on alien life.

Psycho (1960) October 31 at 12:00 a.m. – What can I say about one of the greatest classic horror movies that hasn’t been said? This one airs, fittingly, as Halloween begins, since it has one of the most unexpected beginnings in horror movie history (killing off a main character so soon was unheard of at the time). The unsettling murder scene, screeching music, and startling madness make this not just Hitchcock’s best, but one of the best movies of all time.

Dead of Night (1945) October 31 at 8:00 a.m. – I’ll admit that I haven’t seen this horror movie yet, but am planning on watching it early on Halloween morning. Considering the fact that it frightened my husband so much when he watched it that he had to wake me up to come sit with him afterwards, I’m pretty sure this one deserves a spot on this list. All I know is that it features a collection of frightening tales, and I don’t want to ruin it for myself by reading up more on what they’re about.

Cat People (1942) October 31 at 5:00 p.m. – I love this horror movie because it’s the female version of ‘The Wolf Man’, with the lovely Simone Simon playing a woman that transforms into a black cat rather than a rabid wolf. It’s a must-see for female fans of horror movies, as it’s one of the few great Halloween movies featuring a woman as the lead.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) November 1 at 2:00 a.m. – With many Halloween fans undergoing transformations of their own from man to monster and back to man again, this is the perfect movie to end Halloween night with. If you’re still doing the Monster Mash in the wee hours of the morning after a night of fright, entertain your guests by turning on what is perhaps the best version of this classic tale.

This is a pretty good portion of the Halloween movies featured on TCM, but keep in mind that there are many more (check out the schedule here). So no matter what kind of Halloween movies you’re into, haunting ghost stories, gory fight fests, or dark comedies, TCM will keep you entertained all October long with movies celebrating this fun holiday.


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20 Amazing Choices for Weight Loss & Health

To lose weight and be healthy, look for the following simple choice.

1. Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries?

Blueberries – Of course, these two fruits are very healthy and we should eat those as much as possible. However, if we compare the nutrients in equal portion, blueberries have a slight lead. Particularly rich in fiber, they contain four times as strawberries and in addition, they have more natural sugar, much more vitamin E and some micro nutrients for the unique excellent memory.

2. Lunch box meals or purchased?

Lunch Box – The lunchbox contains healthier food probably having fewer calories and you will save money and time that can be spent on walking, reading or social events.

3. Lunch or snack?

Snack – It is better to snack throughout the day than taking a real hearty dinner. Divide calories stabilizes insulin levels and blood sugar, reduces stress more frequently, the tension and boredom and avoid energy slumps consecutive meals, because you do not take large meals. Moreover, having never really hungry, you loved less inclined to opt for food choices unfortunate that you could do when you are hungry. The best reason: Snacking throughout the day avoids dinner and frees up time that can be devoted to other activities such as walking or getting ahead on work, which can go home earlier and a walk.

4. Coffee or tea?

Tea – Choose black or green tea. These teas, filled with antioxidants good for the heart provide much more than a re-energized; they also contribute to the health of arteries and may help prevent cancer.

5. Fresh garlic or powder?

Fresh Garlic – In fact, things are unproven. An extensive U.S. study of fresh garlic and conducted by Christopher Gardner at Medical Center, Stanford University, has shown that fresh garlic does not reduce cholesterol levels. Further research is however necessary to demonstrate its other potential medicinal benefits. Christopher Gardner also notes that the active ingredient in garlic is allicin, which can be easily removed if it is working too hard, which suggests that fresh garlic is preferred. Other tests indicate that more garlic powder than fresh garlic to achieve similar results.

6. Dried or fresh fruit?

Fresh Fruits – Fresh fruits have a higher content of water as dried fruit (most of them contain more than 80%), making them more nutritious for fewer calories. However, in practical terms and in terms of shelf life, dried fruits are an acceptable alternative.

7. Fruit juice or fruit?

Fruit – Go natural. Most fruit juices contain not only a phenomenal amount of sugar but they also lack an essential fruit fiber.

8. Bacon or sausage?

Bacon – A slice of bacon, cooked contains fewer calories than a sausage. The best option is lean back bacon without rind preferred bacon fat and salt.

9. Broccoli or cauliflower?

Broccoli – Broccoli with 2.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams contains twice as much as the cauliflower.

10. Apple or applesauce without sugar?

Apple – You receive all the nutrients in the sauce but also the benefits of fiber provided by the skin of the apple, which is removed to make the compote.

11. Apple or orange?

Apple – The old adage is still valid. A study from the University of Nottingham has found that people who eat more than five apples a week have better lung function, fewer breathing problems and symptoms associated with asthma. Eat raw apples, try them cooked, add the slices to a salad or cook them with onions to accompany chicken or fish.

12. Natural sugar or white sugar?

Neither of Them – In both cases, it is sugar .None is preferred, or offer benefits nutritionally. In this case, the dark color is not synonymous with healthy choices.

13. Green or black olives?

Green Olives – Green olives are not yet mature and therefore contain about half the fat until they are ripe and black.

14. Sparkling water or soda?

Sparkling Water – The terms sodium and soda are not alike in vain. The term soft drink originated in the use of sodium bicarbonate to the “gasification” and it is therefore not surprising that this water is rich in salt. With only 3 milligrams sodium, soda water is much better than soda which has 75 milligrams.

15. Sirloin or rib eye?

Sirloin Steak – A serving of 300 grams of sirloin steak contains 325 calories and 13 grams of fat, 6 grams saturated fat, compared to the same amount of beefsteak that contains 423 calories and 23 grams of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat.

16. Soup or salad?

Salad – Of course, some soups are better for health. However, in general, the raw salad greens along with a good light dressing are a better choice. You’ll get more fiber and will be more satisfied. In addition, raw vegetables provide a good amount of antioxidants that help fight diseases. While many soups are very good for health, the cooking process can reduce the nutritional value of certain ingredients.

17. French dressing commercial or home?

Home – In general, what is prepared at home is better for your health. Not only can you use monounsaturated fats that reduce cholesterol as olive oil but you also know that many bottled dressings contain salt and additives.

18. Latte or latte?

Milk Coffee – The coffee is made ​​from an equal amount of ground coffee and hot milk. A latte is equivalent to a dose or two of espresso with the addition of hot milk and foam to fill the remainder of the cup. To a large cup made ​​of semi-skimmed milk, coffee milk contains only 91 calories and 3.4 grams of fat, compared with 148 calories and 5.6 grams of fat for the big cup low-fat latte, which contains much more milk. In addition, the coffee has a stronger flavor and richer in coffee, providing a double benefit.

19. Fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce?

Tomato Sauce – Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and possibly several other cancers. It was only cooking that is released lycopene, which is present in the cell walls of tomato. Moreover, this element is fat-soluble, meaning that the body is better able to absorb it and use it when taken with some fat, like olive oil that most sauces contain tomatoes.

20. Airline catering or food brought?

Food Made – Add hot peppers to everything you make. The dry air of the aircraft affects the sense of smell and taste, which alters the flavor of food. This is one reason why the food served in flight is often very salty and sweet to offset the blandness.

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20 Influential Business Women and Women in Business

Business women and women in business are powerful, influential and inspirational, they may be in your country or even your place of work, wherever they be, they are everywhere – and a good job too!

Starting a business or being in business requires strength, determination, networking, risk taking and delegating to name but a few things.

Here is a list of 20 business women and business women in no particular order you may find interesting and want to find more out about.

1. Michelle Obama
2. Jacqueline Gold
3. Kavita Oberoi
4. Hillary Devey
5. Condoleezza Rice
6. Susan Chambers
7. Ofra Strauss
8. Deborah Meaden
9. Kanya King
10. Hillary Clinton
11. Madonna
12. Rachel Elnaugh
13. Cathie Black
14. Anne Lauverergeon
15. HoChing
16. Delphine Arnault-Hancia
17. Martha Stewart
18. Delia Smith
19. Natalie Massenet
20. Michelle Mone

These are just some of the inspirational women out there at the moment making a difference and you can do it to. Here are some top tips to help you be an even more successful women in business or business woman:

1. Never give up on your dreams and ambitions – you are the only one holding yourself back.
2. Remember that if you can dream it then you can achieve it.
3. Always be confident. Confident in what you are doing and where you are going.
4. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.
5. Remember to delegate tasks and so on, this will free up more of your time to work on other things.
6. Remember that you can have it all, a family, a career, a business and whatever else oyu desire.
7. There will always be hurdles to jump over and mountains to climb but with determination you will be successful.
8. Always remember that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.
9. Remember to set goals, targets and aims and to surpass them.
10. Networking can help you meet new people, new suppliers and new contacts.
11. Remember to take some time off.
12. Always have a business plan for things you are doing or would like to do, a business plan will act as a guide and will help guide you to success.
13. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight it takes patience, effort, hard work and sometimes a bit of a struggle.

I hope you have found this article both useful and helpful, good luck with your businesses or in business

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20 Most Anticipated Country and Pop Albums of 2010

If you are searching for new pop and country music albums to buy this year, look no further! Many pop music and country acts are set to release brand-new music this year, and I know I’m excited. This is my list of the 20 most anticipated pop and country music albums of 2010.

June 2010
Clay Walker She Won’t Be Lonely Long on June 8.
Dierks Bentley Up on the Ridge on June 8.
Jewel Sweet and Wild on June 8.

July 2010

Kimberly Caldwell will release Without Regret on July 27.

August 2010
Emily West is releasing her self-titled album Emily West on August 10.
Katy Perry releases her new pop album, Teenage Dream, on August 24.
Trace Adkins new album, Cowboy’s Back in Town to be released on August 24.
Joe Diffie Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album on August 24.
Little Big Town The Reasons Why on August 24.
Marty Stuart Ghost Train (The Studio B Sessions) on August 24.

To Be Announced Albums:
The following pop and country bands have confirmed that they are releasing new albums this year. Some of the album names have yet to be confirmed at this point. Here they are!

Leighton Meester to release, Love is a Drug
Jamey Johnson to release, The Guitar Song, is highly anticipated by many.
Montgomery Gentry is going to release, Freedom.
Maroon 5 is releasing their album Hands All Over.
Prince is releasing 20Ten sometime this year.

Orianthi , Avril Lavigne, The Offspring, Blink-182, and The Band Perry are all releasing new albums this year as well. Album names and dates have yet to be announced!

Article Sources:

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20 Piece Ultra Seal Food Storage Set by Sterilite

Food storage containers can be something we take for granted. It may not seem like something too terribly important but a good set of food storage containers can help prolong the ability to use the food you purchase. As people who live on a small monthly budget and people who utilize a lot of bulk food shopping, my husband and I sought out a new set of containers last month. We happened upon a set of food storage containers from Sterilite®. Sterilite is a trusted brand of durable storage and household goods. The Ultra Seal® line of containers costs $19.99 for a ten piece set including lids.

At roughly two dollars per container the price may seem expensive, however this line of containers is airtight, watertight, freezer, and microwave safe. The lids latch on to their container partners. Sizes of the containers are in a varying versatile range, differing in size from four to eight cups. Each set contains three different colors of container lids, the edges of which are embedded with heat resistant silicone. This is part of the secret to the tight seals of the product. There are also heavy duty plastic latches on the lids which also ensure the seal of each container.

These containers are among the best we have ever used. Unlike many of those we have used in the past, they are extremely durable. These stand up very well to your fridge and freezer. Keeping the food freshness in and germs outside, these containers helps our food to last up to 3-4 days longer. There are perfect for micowaving foods and steaming vegetables in quickly and easily in the microwave. They don’t stain or retain odors from food, not even from tomato based products, which often ruin containers. They also seem highly scratch resistant; a good thing if use them to take lunch to work or use utensils to prepare foods in them.

These containers are an excellent investment in the care of the food you buy. I would recommend them to anyone. They are a superior product and are well worth the money. There are few things these days that are worth what we pay for them. These containers are well worth every penny. Food can be very expensive lately no matter where you shop; buying this storage set is an investment in your health and finances. In day and age where the US economy is awful and a gallon of milk can cost nearly four dollars and people are losing work due to layoffs and downsizing because their companies cannot afford to operate at the size they once did, this is an excellent option to help stretch your dollar.

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20 Fun Ideas for You and Your Child on a Rainy Day

We are coming into spring here soon. And with that season comes the rain. With rain comes days when your children are stuck inside with no outlet for their bountiful energy.

It can be difficult on rainy days not to put in a few movies or let the cartoon channel run on the tv all day long to occupy the children. With a little creativity and enthusiasm from you, kids can have fun all day long. Without using the TV as a babysitter.

1. A fun thing to do is baking cookies. What is better then warm chocolate chip cookies? And children of all ages can help add ingredients or stir. As well as steal chocolate chips from the bag. Waiting in anticipation at the door of the oven and hopping around as they cool. Children adore making chocolate chip cookies and eating them too.

2. You could try having an indoor picnic. Spread out a large blanket on the floor and have sandwiches and watermelon. Eating while sitting on the floor can seem like a new concept to many children who generally eat at a table. This can be as exciting and fun as it is when you go for a picnic outside.

3. Start an age appropriate puzzle. Puzzles are inexpensive fun that you can easily stock up on. Older kids can do puzzles with over 1000 pieces, while younger ones do better with puzzles under 20 pieces. For finished masterpieces either use some puzzle glue to hold them together, or take them apart and set aside for another rainy day.

4. Board games are a fast dying tradition. When I was a child, every rainy day was spent playing “The game of Life”, “Sorry” and “Monopoly”. There are even versions for children as young as 3. Other games include Memory ( which can be made by the children before playing it) Uno, and CandyLand. You can even add a twist to the games by making activities related to the roll of the dice or turn of the card. For example if your roll a 6 you have to spin in a circle. Or if you land on a blue spot you have to do a jumping jack. This gets children moving as well as occupies them.

5. You can put on a puppet show. Start with making puppets. Old socks with holes, paper bags. Googly eyes, pipe cleaners and buttons. Add a bit of glue and you can have a finely decorated puppet in no time. Keep a small box or container on hand and buy various craft supplies when they are on sale, search clearance areas for bits of fabric, silk flowers and ribbons. Sequence, yarn, glitter, pompoms and bells are all great additions to your new friends. After you finish making them, make up a story, or act out one you already know.

6. Become a thespian and act out a play. Collect old costumes and dress up clothes. Adult clothes can work well. Decide on what story you want to act out and give various children different jobs, such as director, and actor. Even a narrator is good for a budding reader. Put on a play. Bonus points to set up a video recorder and save the memory for later on.

7. Dress up is another fun idea. Again, use old costumes, play clothes, and over sized outfits to encourage creative play. You be the child while your child is the adult. Enjoy that creativeness that they have when they are young, embrace and encourage it.

8. Rainy days often leave children and adults alike feeling depressed and down. Turn on lots of light, put on some fun active music and have karaoke time, or sing along with the music. Dance, get the energy flowing. Have your children put on a talent show, again recording those times on video make great memories.

9. Building a fort for play is great fun. Perhaps you are building a castle. Will there be a princess and a dragon? Or maybe you building a space ship to fly to another planet. Or maybe you are just building a fort to camp out in. Give the children some sleeping bags. Create the illusion of a fire. Make smores and tell stores around your “fire”

10. Stack up on new things, like special coloring books and new crayons that only come out on rainy days. Pick up a few coloring books when you are out without your kids, a few of their favorite characters and movies. Make them special for rainy days, always keep a few new boxes of crayons on hand to go with their new coloring books. Or get some long paper, available at many craft stores. Have them draw a huge mural. Make sure to hang it up in their room. Or make one for Grandma.

11. If you have younger and older children. You may find that the younger ones want to go to school like their older siblings. Look for some age appropriate activities online, and set up a school in your living room. Have some school type ideas for them to do. Take the time to teach them a few new letters in the alphabet, or how to write them. Maybe you can teach some general math along with it. Children love to learn. Specially when its made fun. Or maybe you can be the student while your child teaches you?

12. Having a scavenger hunt or a item hunt can be great fun. If you get up early and notices its raining. Take the time to write out a few clue cards. This is a fun and easy game. You write the first clue, it directs you to a certain area. In that area is another clue. You keep searching till you find the prize. Have a few prizes on hand. Or while getting ready for another activity have a scavenger hunt. Give each child a list of very different things to locate and bring to you. Having a prize for the participants gives added incentive to join the fun, or a special treat for finishing the list. Be sure to have a race to see who can put all the items back the fastest.

13.Create fun science projects. Make a paper mache’ volcano, paint it. Then have it erupt. This can be an ongoing project over several rainy days as paper mache’ can take a few days to dry fully. Vinegar and Baking soda make wonderful lava. Just don’t forget to dye it red.

14.Another fun paper mache’ is making a pinata. Blow up a large balloon and make a paper mache pinata out of it. Fill it with candy or prizes and let the children have at it in a safe area such as large room with all the furniture pushed back or garage.

15.A really fun twist on an old chore. Is let the children bathe the dog. Dogs are generally fine with lukewarm water but bathing them can be a chore and a pain for the owner. Have young children get in bathing suits and climb in the tub with the dog. They can take turns sudsing him up and rinsing him off with cups of water. Just make sure all the soap is washed off in the end. They will even enjoy brushing him once he is clean. Make sure you give the dog a treat for being a good sport.

16. Make home made play dough. This is Edible, though it may not taste very well, but is very fun. To make : Mix 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 Tablespoon oil, food coloring and water to consistency! Its simple to make and fun to play with. Easy clean up as well. Store in a air tight container or plastic bag if desired.

17. Tie Dye some plain white tee shirts for fun. Get some buckets or containers and buy some brightly colored clothing dye. Most require you to soak the garment for a bit of time. Dissolve a different color in a bucket of warm water. Wrap rubber bands around various parts of the shirts, twisting and wrapping them up. Then put some news paper down and have the children make their own decorated clothes.

18. Redecorate a child’s room. You can paint a room or make some fun decorations to put up. Take on that challenge of cleaning up the closet or area that rarely gets cleaned up, organize and get rid of things that aren’t played with. Get some new things for the room to replace things you get rid of. Pick out some new bedding or other fun thing to put in the room.

19. Create an obstacle course for the children. You can create paths, and tunnels. Under chairs and over couches. Kids will love this idea as generally crawling on furniture is forbidden. You can make this into a race for children with a prize at the end for everyone who finishes. Make it as complicated as your children’s ages will allow.

20. A final idea is letting your children put on raincoats, hats and boots and letting them stomp in the puddles. When its drizzling out it can feel quite dismal. But children of all ages adore stomping in puddles and making mud pies. Let them get a bit wet, let them get messy, and watch the show. This is another great time to have your camera or recorder out.

Keep a list of fun ideas and items that you can do with your children on rainy days. Sometimes a little pre advanced planning is involved and needed. But its always worth it in the end. You avoid having them spend hours watching tv, and they have hours of entertainment. More if you record some of their antics. A rainy day doesn’t mean the fun and play has to stop, just that you have to plan a bit for it. Make it special and fun and you and your children will never dread rainy days again.

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20 Frugal Tips for Buying Fresh Produce Fruits and Vegetables Save Your Grocery Budget

One of the joys of summer is the abundance of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables in your grocery store produce aisle. These frugal produce shopping tips can be used year round, to cut the cost of your groceries and maximize your budget.

1. When buying a head of iceberg lettuce, it is usually priced per head, and not by weight. To get the most bang for your buck, feel for the heaviest and most densely packed head of lettuce and weigh a couple on the produce scale. You will be surprised how a head of lettuce can vary so much in weight. Choosing a heavier head of lettuce you pay the same price and it could yield up to 2 or 3 salads more than one of the looser lighter packed heads.

2. Keep your celery fresh longer. As soon as you return from the grocery store remove the fresh celery from the plastic bag it came in and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and keep it in your vegetable crisper drawer. You celery will last 3 weeks longer if you keep rewrapping it tightly this way.

3. Don’t let ripe bananas go to waste. You can peel, chop and freeze those bananas in plastic food storage bags to be used later on in smoothies you easily can make in the blender by just adding cold juice. The same holds true for strawberries, raspberries and peaches.

4. If you love avocado and can only eat half at a time, you can refrigerate the unused half with the pit still in it, by wrapping the avocado tightly in food plastic wrap and refrigerating. This is different than using a food bag, which has extra air and creates faster browning. The tightly fitted plastic wrap will let the avocado last another 2 days and you will have prevented waste.

5. When bell peppers, such as green, orange, yellow and red peppers are priced by the pound, choose peppers based on the lightest weight. The lighest weight peppers will have far less seeds. There is no point paying for seeds you will not be eating. Hold the pepper in your hand and give it a little shake. You will see the huge difference in price between 2 equally sized peppers if you weigh them on the produce scale. The pepper with the most seeds can cost up to 50% more than the more hollow pepper.

6. Don’t regard apples as just a fruit to be eaten whole. Buying apples in bulk is cost efficient and they last a long time. Apples can be used in many recipes from baked goods to cold salads. Many recipe web sites are searchable by ingredients and you can search for recipes that specifically call for apple and you will get a multitude of ideas.

7. Fresh green beans taste delicious cooked in bouillon and a sprinkling of ground black pepper and garlic powder. The leftover green beans can be frozen for future use in soups or casseroles.

8. Sometimes you find a great deal on cucumbers. To make the cucumber last longer, you can take one and peel, slice and marinate in Italian dressing. It makes a perfect cold salad that lasts for days in the refrigerator.

9. If you buy large bags of carrots, you can use them up quickly by not only eating raw in salads, but grating them to make carrot raisin salad, or cooking them in bouillon for flavorful fresh carrots as a side dish. Additionally carrots cook nicely in stir fry and in home made soups. Never again let your carrots get soggy or wilted when there are so many uses for them!

10. Consider investing in a food dehydrator. The money you’ll save on seasonal specials can be enjoyed year round. To learn more about food dehydrators and tips on dehydrating fresh fruits and vegetables, visit these links:

11. Before making your next shopping tip, take an inventory of your fresh produce. See what fruits and vegetables you have left and make a point of using them first, so they don’t go to waste.

12. Keep carrots and radishes fresher and make them last longer by removing them from the original bags they came in and placing them in a looser plastic bag with holes in it. You can use a plastic mesh bag or poke your own holes in a plastic bag. Then place the carrots and radishes in the crisper drawer.

13. Kiwi that is very firm can be kept in the refrigerator for literally months. If you want the kiwi to ripen fast then remove from the refrigerator and let ripen at room temperature. So if you see a great kiwi deal, go ahead and load up, they can last up to 6 months refrigerated if you choose the firmest ones.

14. The best way to store fresh mushrooms is to keep them unwashed and in a brown paper bag or plastic container. So if you buy fresh mushrooms in a cellophane wrapped container, remove them and store them in another container in the refrigerator.

15. Avoid buying soft or wrinkled squash, zucchini, and eggplant. The firmer the vegetable, the longer it will last in your refrigerator.

16. Cauliflower will last longer if you choose one that is firm and has no space between the floret heads. The leaves should be fresh and green. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a large head or a smaller head, the quality will be the same, however avoid buying Cauliflower that has small dark brown spots. It is a sign of spoilage and will not last long.

17. Look for loss leader specials. Often times grocery stores will have a buy one get one free special on a bag of potatoes or carrots, etc. Produce that keeps longer is worth stocking up on because you are saving real dollars by not having to buy it the next shopping trip.

18. Avoid cucumbers that are either soft, or yellowish or wrinkled on the ends. A good quality cucumber has an even dark-green color, and is firm and relatively thin. A good cucumber can be either long or short, but big fat cucumbers tend to be full of larger and lots of seeds and can taste bitter. As a result, it is actually better to choose slender cucumbers instead of larger ones. A bitter cucumber is likely to be a wasted cucumber so the better deal is to buy the cucumber your family wants to eat.

19. Fresh corn is wonderful and even more wonderful on sale. To avoid getting bad or spoiled ears of corn, take the time to peel the corn husks while you are standing in the grocery store. Good quality fresh corn has full, evenly formed kernels and the ears are filled with straight rows of kernels. The coloring of the kernels should be bright and shiny. Avoid corn that looks slimy or discolored or has rows of kernels that are irregular shaped or ears that have gaps with no kernels. To test fresh corn, poke one of the kernels with your fingernail and if juice shoots out, then you have a fresh ear of corn. Fresh raw corn can also be eaten raw because of its sweet taste.

20. Fresh broccoli is not only enjoyed raw in salads and vegetable appetizers, but many people love it cooked or steamed. Don’t waste the broccoli stalk though because the stalk can also be cooked along with the rest of the broccoli. If you cut the stalks into thin slices they are perfectly sized for adding to stir fry.

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20 Ideas for Fall Family Fun

With cooler weather, beautiful red and orange leaves, tasty in season crops such as pumpkins and apples and the holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall has a lot to offer. So gather the kids and use this list for fall fun ideas.

1. Pick some apples. Grab a basket and head to an orchard near you. Provided you don’t go overboard, this is a budget friendly activity, since apples are cheaper at the orchard than at the grocery store.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick a prize pumpkin.

3. Make a seasonal pie. Turn your pumpkins or apples into a sweet fall time treat. Depending on their ages kids can help chop or can help by covering the apples in sugar and spices.

4. Carve a jack-o-lantern. Draw a spooky or a fun design and bring it to life with a carving knife and candle.

5. Visit a corn maze and have fun getting lost in the stalks.

6. Check out a kid friendly haunted house.

7. Head on a hike to see fall leaves.

8. Collect leaves and use a crayon to make leaf rubbings on paper.

9. Take a trip to your local state fair. This fun fall activity includes something for the whole family: rides, food, animals and shows.

10. Make fall-themed cupcakes. Use your imagination to create leaves, spiders, monsters, turkeys and more out of icing and candies.

11. Take turns telling scary stories. (This isn’t a good idea for easily scared children).

12. Search your closets for Halloween costume ideas.

13. Decorate the house for Halloween. Use store bought or homemade decorations.

11. Take the whole family on a hayride.

13. Let the kids loose with markers and paper to design thanksgiving place cards for all the family members and friends who will be at your table this year.

14. Participate in a Thanksgiving Day 5K race or fun run. Many towns offer these races on Thanksgiving morning.

15. Print out fall-themed pictures for your kids to color.

16. Make a scarecrow by stuffing old clothes with newspaper or tissue paper.

17. Read a book aloud about Thanksgiving or Halloween

18. Buy some apple cider and heat it on the stove for a delicious treat on a crisp fall day. Or find a recipe and make your own.

19. Enjoy a local fall carnival.

20. Hit the neighborhood on Halloween night and go trick or treating.

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