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2008 Best Toys for Girls 9 to 10 Years

Girls toys just keep getting better and better with the integration of technology – they’re nothing short of fabulous and fun! Of all the girls toys available, here are the Best Toys for Girls 9-10 Years of age for 2008 and into 2009:

1. Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker from JakksJakks Pacific – Do you know of a girl age 9 or 10 who loves to bake? If so, this is a great choice for a giJakksJakks Pacific Girl Gourmet Cupcake maker is not a typical “Easy Bake” toy – it not only gives girls an introduction to baking, but also comes with some great decorations and tools to let their personal creativity enter the picture! Retail price is around $30, but the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker JakksJakks Pacific is available for less from a couple of different resources online.

2. High School Musical 3 Dolls – For girls who love singing and also love the High School Musical movies and toys, this is a perfect choice for a young lady age 9 or 10. Three characters from the “High School Musical 3” movie come to life with a new collection of dolls – GabrieSharpayarpay and Troy. Each one of them sings songs from the movie, and comes with a microphone to share the fun with a child who can sing along, taking turns with the character. The dolls can be purchased individually or together as a set and are available for a discount price from a couple of online toy resources.

3. Littlest Pet VIP’ssVIP’sTheVIP’ssTheVIP’ssVIP’ss (Virtual Interactive Pets) from the Littlest Pet Shop toys are some of the hottest toys period for 2008 and coming into 2009. Each one of the pets has a collar that comes with a code so it’s owner can enter it online and enter a virtual world where the child can play with and take care of the pet. In “real life” the toy is a cuddly and adorable plush pet that any child would love. Cost for each of ShopVIP’ssst Pet ShopVIP’ss varies, but you can expect to pay around $15 to $20 for eachTechStylinn

4. Girl TechStylinn’ Studiom specific stores online.

5. Spa Factory Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain fromJakkss Pacific – This is ultra creative toy for girls who are becoming interested in cosmetics and fragrances – it’s a factory where girls can create their own lip glosses, bath balms, perfumes and more! They can experiment with the spa factory to come up with just the spa creations that they love. Jakkss has other versions of the Spa Factory toys including cosmetics specific to facial and bath, but the Aromatherapy Fountain is the hottest seller of all of fromJakkssail price for the Spa Factory Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain is around $65.

This list of the Best Toys for Girls 9-10 Years of age is exceptional – they are fun, creative and the high ratings on them tell the story – most any girl in this age range would love them.

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5 Great Views from the Sky

I have flown over the Atlantic several times, half way over the Pacific, and to all four corners of the United States. In my many travels, I have been fortunate to see many of the Earth and man’s greatest creations from the sky. Here is a list of what I consider five of the greatest views from the sky.

Hoover Dam

I flew to Las Vegas, Nevada one year to attend a Websphere seminar/training. I knew the Hoover Dam was a huge man-made structure (believed to be the largest dam in the world), but I do not feel anyone can get the full scope of how large it is until they see it from the sky. The semi-circle shape of the dam that spans across the Colorado River with Lake Mead behind it is impressive.

Swiss Alps

I have flown over the great Tetons (part of the Rocky Mountains) and the Appalachian Mountains, but the mountain range that astounds me the most is the Swiss Alps. Their snow-capped peaks and rugged terrain are dotted with clear-blue lakes. Below the snowline are green trees, lush grass, and beautiful flowers of all colors.

North Atlantic Ocean

When flying to Europe, the airlines fly up toward the North Pole, then across the North Atlantic Ocean, and then down to the designated European destination. One would think flying over a body of water would not be very interesting, and they would be right, except when flying over the North Atlantic Ocean. The North Atlantic Ocean is filled with mountainous icebergs that look like small white dots on medium blue colored paper. Although they may appear small from the air, these icebergs can be miles long. The water around each one is a beautiful shade of light green. This green hue is from the bottom of the iceberg (the largest part), that lays beneath the ocean’s surface. The North Atlantic Ocean is also filled with large white-capped waves that are easily viewed from thousands of feet in the air.

Dallas, Texas

Flying over Dallas, Texas during the day is not that spectacular; however, flying over it at night is breathtaking. I flew to Dallas several years ago to give a presentation at the annual meeting of the Herb Society of America. It was a two-day event and my flight home was scheduled for late night. The view from the plane during takeoff was amazing. The lights of Dallas at night, which spread out of many miles, were brilliant. The whole view reminded me of a scene from the movie Tron.

The Convergence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

I live near St. Louis, Missouri where the Missouri River empties out into the Mississippi River. I was flying back from Italy one year; right after a huge storm had passed through the St. Louis region. The storm had churned up so much mud that both rivers looked as if they had chocolate syrup running between their banks instead of water. A scenic beauty had been created that could only have come from nature’s fury.

Whenever, wherever you are flying, always try to get a window seat.

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