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2009 Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2: Recap and Predictions

The men failed again. We’ll recap the second episode of 2009 Celebrity Apprentice and you’ll find out along the way why the men’s team failed.

Episode 1 Celebrity Apprentice

The men’s egotistical Celebrity Apprentice team, KOTU (Kings of the Universe) team went up against team Athena, the women’s Celebrity Apprentice team last week in the battle of the cupcake sales. Joan Rivers won $126,000 for “God’s Love: We Deliver.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Dice Clay and Dennis Rodman brought nothing to the men’s team but when called to the boardroom tried to get Herschel Walker fired. Andrew Dice Clay ended up hearing the now infamous words, “You’re fired.”

Celebrity Apprentice Second Task

This week the teams were challenged by Zappos.com to create a four page comic book for their website which is known for selling shoes, handbags, and clothes. Zappos.com anticipates over a billion dollars in sales this year. They teamed with Image Comics to create a costume and four page comic to promote the customer service focus of Zappos.com.

Scott Hamilton took the helm of Celebrity Apprentice team KOTU, while Khloe Kardashian was selected to lead team Athena.

Celebrity Apprentice women have mastered one task: talking in circles

Once again, Annie Duke ran roughshod over the chatty women’s team. She wrenched control of the script. Annie Duke, professional poker player, took over the script writing from Joan Rivers, who has written four plays for Broadway. Neither Joan nor Annie could keep their mouths shut.

Celebrity Apprentice men running plays in all different directions

Dennis Rodman ran the Zappos.com project way off track, more along a path he alone has trodden – a kind of, well, different path. His idea didn’t seem to fit the Zappos.com corporate image. Comedian Tom Green went into the second episode and the second task on the defensive, afraid that since his buddy Andrew Dice Clay had been fired the previous week he would be thrown under the bus. He made a fool of himself at the meeting with the Zappos.com executives. Hamilton should have shut Tom Green up while he had the chance, because he continued to talk and talk and talk……….and talk throughout the task.

Building the Character and Story Board

The men were all over the place with their ideas and wasted a lot of time. They weren’t ready when the editor and artist arrived from Image Comics. Clint Black was very controlling. He shut down Jesse James, who despite his man-on-the-street appearance, seems to have had a good grasp of this task. After all, his work is conceptual. If they had thought back to what Jesse did with the cupcake van last week, how he envisioned and created a stunning, attention getting wrap, the Celebrity Apprentice men’s team would have listened to his ideas about creating a comic book character. Their egos and stubborn “I’m always right, and you are always wrong attitudes” hurt all the men on this project.

Scott Hamilton had no control with the men’s team.

The women began to pull it together, with lots of contributions. They developed Mz. Z. The focus group not only liked the women’s comic character, they liked the women. They contributed positive advice to the women.

The men’s group was clearly not prepared for the focus group, and the focus group knew it. Tom Green performed for the focus group. The focus group of comic book readers didn’t get a chance to contribute their ideas. The Image Comics group even grew weary with the men. They were up against the clock to make a costume and storyboard.

Once the character concept was developed the men couldn’t come up with a name. Hamilton randomly landed on EEE for a name. The only thing Tom Green contributed was to question the decision to name their character EEE.

It was pretty easy to predict the men’s Celebrity Apprentice team was headed for disaster.

Celebrity Apprentice Presents to Zappos.com

Claudia Jordan was to present for the women, but was sick. She didn’t do well in the presentation.

At the last minute Scott Hamilton chose Tom Green to present for the men. I think it was his chance to get him fired if he screwed up the presentation. Tom did a great job on the presentation. The problem was the concept and character name, EEE.

Celebrity Apprentice Winners and Losers

Hamilton knew going into the boardroom that if they lost the task it was him or Tom Green who was going to be fired. Hamilton began, before the boardroom, to accuse Green of sabotaging the task at every turn.

The two turned on each other in the boardroom.

When the women were pronounced the winner, Khloe Kardashian was awarded $20,000 for her charity of choice, The Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

2009 Celebrity Apprentice: “You’re fired!”

Ultimately Scott Hamilton was fired because “EEE” had nothing to do with the letter “Z,” which seemed synonymous with Zappos.com.

Was there any other choice? How dumb was it to use “EEE” for a character name for Zappos.com? Too dumb for Donald Trump to deal with.

Predictions for episode 3

The tension between Annie Duke and the rest of the women’s team has to come to a head soon. It wouldn’t surprise me to see her as project manager next week, since she has taken over the role in the first two episodes.

Tom Green made it through the boardroom. In the boardroom he made the comment that he would like to be project manager next week because he is tired of losing. I expect to see Tom Green managing the men next week.

I anticipate the women will win again. Regardless of their conflicts with Annie Duke, the women have demonstrated the ability to pull together and pool their ideas on every task. The men have got to get past their egos before they will ever pull off a win.



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2009 Christmas Gift Guide for the Disney Cars Fan

Do you have a Cars lover on your Christmas list this year? With all the things they sell around Christmas then why not get something that your Cars fan will just love. Any of these toys will be great for Disney Cars lover on your list this year.

Disney Cars Alarm Clock Radio $27

This clock is one of the coolest clocks that I have ever seen. It has a great wake up section, playing different tunes to get your little one out of the bed. It also has a radio section on it which any kid would love. I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t like to dance to the radio. You can get these in different characters to match your child’s room. You can use an AC cord or you can use batteries.

Disney Cars 16 piece Dinnerware Set $17

If you’re looking for something that’s not so traditional and a little cheaper then this is the perfect way to go. Any kid would love getting this great set for Christmas. Just think about how many toys kids usually get on Christmas. This way you are still getting them something cool and it’s not another toy. You also won’t get that look you get when you buy a child clothes. Yes, you know what look I am talking about. This set comes with 6 forks, snack and sip cup, round snack container with dip container and lid, sandwich container and an EZ freeze food container with lid.

Geo Trax Pixar Cars Remote Control Vehicle- Lighting McQueen or Mater $26

If you have a little one who likes the Geotrax sets then this one will be perfect. It’s a great addition to add to any Geotrax set your child already has. Lighting McQueen and Mater works with the current Geotrax systems so you don’t have to go out and purchase any new updated version. This set includes the RC car of your choice and an easy to use remote control.

Flip-Open Sofa Bed, Lighting McQueen $35

A great addition to any cars themed room. Your little one will love having their own couch. This couch flips open to a sofa bed so they have a place where they can take naps or kick back and watch a movie. This bed is made from soft foam and has a fabric covering featuring Lighting McQueen.

Disney Cars CD Boombox $39

If you looking for a neat radio for your children then this cars boombox is the one for you. This boombox is shaped like your favorite cars characters. This CD players features a top load CD player, Six Button CD control, 2 digital LCD Display, FM rod antenna, Tuning Knob with Frequency dial, Auxiliary jack input and a rotary volume control.

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2009 Big East Championship Game Time: Cincinnati Vs. Pittsburgh

The 2009 Big East Championship Game time is 9:00 A.M. PST on Saturday. The 2009 Big East Championship Game is Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, pitting two of the best teams in college football against each other for an automatic berth in one of the BCS Bowl games. The game is going to be played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and the temperature is expected to get no higher than 36 degrees all day. It’s possible that the elements will come in to play during the game, but the chances are being reported as 20% for that to happen on Saturday. We will have to wait and see what the weather will hold.

The Cincinnati Bearcats come into the game with an 11-0 record that has them looking at their best finish it quite some time. Cincinnati sits at #5 in all of the college football polls, and they have some quality wins during the 2009 regular season against Oregon State, South Florida and West Virginia who are all Top 25 ranked teams. If they can beat Pittsburgh on Saturday it could improve their resume even more to possibly play in the college football national championship game if everything were to fall in their favor. It’s a tough road ahead for them to make that big game, and that will mean that the importance to start well on Saturday is even more valuable.

Pittsburgh comes in to this game against Cincinnati with a Top 15 ranking in the country as well, and a 9-2 overall record that has garnered them a lot of respect around the country. They are also 5-1 in conference play, which is good enough for second place right behind the Cincinnati team. This gives them a chance to still win the 2009 Big East title by way of tie-breaker if they can find a way to upset the Bearcats on Saturday. It’s sure not going to be an easy task for them, but if they can pull it off they will find themselves with another 10-win regular season and go to an impressive BCS Bowl game.

Cincinnati will be riding the back of star quarterback Tony Pike, who has racked up some very impressive statistics this season, including 23 touchdowns to only three interceptions. His 2,048 passing yards also come in only about eight games this season as he missed some time due to injury. He came back very strong on November 27th against Illinois though, with 399 passing yards and six touchdowns. Pittsburgh will counter with a balanced attack of their own, with quarterback Stull having 2,294 passing yards, and lead running back Lewis having 1,146 rushing yards. It’s almost game time for the 2009 Big East Championship, and both teams are coming into this game with an impressive resume that could get even better.


2009 Big East Standings

Updated 2009 BCS Rankings

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2009 Carolina Panthers Overview

After losing 33-13 in the playoffs to the Cardinals what are your thoughts for the 2009 season for the Carolina Panthers? For me it is simple and comes down to one name Jake Delhomme. He is the biggest fraud there is in the NFL and it showed last year in the playoffs. They have a great team in every aspect, but with him leading them they have no shot but for that of being a mediocre team.

Eleven starters are coming back on offense and ten starters are coming back for the defensive side of the ball. They should be a very balanced team both offensively and defensively, but the question you must ask yourself is what JaKe Delhome is going to show up? I believe the bad Jake is showing up this year and as a result it will hinder the ability of the Panthers to do anything.

The bad Jake completed 22 of 34 passes against the Cardinals, but five of them to the Cardinals.

A statistic that I heard on television is that coach John Fox has never won more than eight games after the team reaching the playoffs. Well that is enough for me to make my prediction.

I am going to say the Panthers go 7-9 and John Fox will be fired with Bill Cowher becoming the next head coach of the Panthers. My breakdown is that Carolina has the lineup that won 12 games last season, but they have a defensive mentality and become very conservative. In the NFL you need to be a copycat teams and come up with some innovative wildcat scheme that teams won’t be expecting and Jake is unable to do that. Jake Delhomme will once again be inconsistent that will impact the entire offense. The defense will step up big, but not big enough as they will lose to the Falcons as the division champs. They might get in as a wild card and will be one and done. Here is my breakdown of how the season will play out. Prediction is 7-9

Sun. Sept. 13 PHILADELPHIA 1 p.m. FOX 24-14 Loss
Sun. Sept. 20 at Atlanta 1 p.m. FOX 21-17 Loss
Mon. Sept. 28 at Dallas 8:30 p.m. ESPN 20-14 Win
Sun. Oct. 4 BYE
Sun. Oct. 11 WASHINGTON 1 p.m. FOX 17-10 Win
Sun. Oct. 18 at Tampa Bay 1 p.m. FOX 31-14 Win
Sun. Oct. 25 BUFFALO 4:05 p.m. CBS 27-21 Loss
Sun. Nov. 1 at Arizona 4:15 p.m. FOX 35-22 Loss
Sun. Nov. 8 at New Orleans 4:05 p.m. FOX 23-17 Loss
Sun. Nov. 15 ATLANTA 1 p.m. FOX 17-3 Win
Thu. Nov. 19 MIAMI 8:20 p.m. NFLN 24-13 Win
Sun. Nov. 29 at N.Y. Jets 1 p.m. * FOX 21-7 Win
Sun. Dec. 6 TAMPA BAY 1 p.m.* FOX 24-14 Win
Sun. Dec. 13 at New England 1 p.m.* FOX 30-20 Loss
Sun. Dec. 20 MINNESOTA 8:20 p.m.* NBC 27-14 Loss
Sun. Dec. 27 at N.Y. Giants 1 p.m.* FOX 21-10 Loss
Sun. Jan. 3 NEW ORLEANS 1 p.m.* FOX 22-18 Loss

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2009 Christmas Gift Guide the Backyardigans Kid

The backyardigans are a great cartoon for children to watch. It starts off with these cartoon characters all play in their backyard. Through their imaginations they make their backyards some sort of adventure. During these adventures they find out lots of little surprises and teach your children lots of different things. These little characters are very popular with the toddler and preschool aged crowed. That’s why this gift guide would be great for any kid who loves the Backyardigans.

Kids Backyardigans Garden Set $20

Do you have a kid who loves to help out in the garden and they love the backyardigans then you have the perfect gift here. This great garden set includes jersey gloves, bucket, bucket hat, watering can, kneeling pad, tool apron, trowel and a cultivator. This would be perfect for any kid who loves to dig and I don’t think that you can show me very many who don’t.

Backyardigans Discovery Game $23

This game is set up similar to the game we all know as Trouble. We know how much kids love this game. Even though this seems like a plain game, it actually teaches your kids while they play. They will learn how to follow directions, counting and basic concepts. This is something that most parents don’t even realize. This great learning game features Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Austin and Tasha so no matter whom your child favors, they will love this one. Instead of moving around the board, your children will get to discover many different adventures.

Backyardigans View Master Gift Set $16

If you’re looking for something that’s a little one the cheaper side but something every kid will love then you have found your match. View Masters have been around for years and years and I have not met a kid yet who doesn’t love them. I remember having these as a child and I loved looking through them and imagining that I was inside these little things where ever the picture setting was. Getting them one that features the backyardigans then you have the perfect gift. With this view master your child will get to play along with the backyardigans as they swing through the jungle, climb up mountains, sail across the oceans and many other things.

Backyardigans Tasha Musical Tea Set and Purse $50

Do you have a little girl who just loves having tea time? If you do then this is the perfect gift for her. Set up all her stuffed animals around the table and then you can dress her up while Uniqua and Tasha join your little girl for a lovely afternoon of tea time. Tasha even says funny phrases and makes realistic sounds making her tea time even more special. This tea set comes with: Tea Set, purse, Tiara, ring and 4 different bracelets making your child have a wonderful afternoon.

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2009 Christmas Gift Guide for the Handy Manny Fan

Do you have a Handy Manny fan on your shopping list this year? If you answered yes to that question then you’re in for a treat. I have the perfect gift guide here for any Handy Manny fan. Any Handy Manny fan will love any single thing on this list.

Fisher-Price Handy Manny Let’s Get to Work Repair Shop $90

This one may be a little on the pricy side but it’s worth it. This repair shop will give your little one tons of exciting things to do. They can pretend to be just like Manny with this shop. They get to start off with a blueprint, just like Manny does on the show. Once they have that, they can slide the blueprint into the diagnostic center and Manny will help them with their projects. Features: Manny’s tool bench, 20 projects, 40 parts and power tools. This repair shop is also compatible with the Fix- it right nailer, fix it jet, Manny motorcycle, race car and speed boat.

Fisher-Price Handy Manny Motorcycle $35

Handy Manny can head off to his next job riding a motorcycle. This is not just your typical bike. Manny is poseable and can be removed from his bike so your little one can fix him. There is so much you can do to this bike. This bike comes with blue prints so you can fix the bike when it breaks or you can customize the bike into a sleek chopper. Features: Two modes of play, over 15 fix it jobs, cool parts to customize the bike, Manny’s help, gas can that fits the tank, many, rusty, Felipe and a side car for the tools to ride in.

Fisher-Price Handy Manny Fix-it Phone $23

This is an awesome phone that your children get to use to help them with jobs and then something happens and the phone breaks. Then they must fix the phone. Of course they will have help fixing it. Manny will tell them just what they need to do in order to get their phone working once again. They could end up fixing the distorted screen, antenna, keypad, speakers, resistor and the circuit board in the base. Manny also says fun phrases in English and Spanish to help your children learn.

Handy Manny Work Shop Ball pit $50

This is something the younger crowd will just love. There are lots of things they get to do in here. This is an inflatable play room that is shaped just like Manny’s shop. It’s a repair shop inside with Pat the hammer, Dusty the saw and Rusty the Wrench waiting for their next job. This great repair shop comes with 50 soft flex balls, tool bet and 3 inflatable tools.

Fisher-Price Handy Manny Action Figure $20

This is not your typical action figure. Handy Manny has arms and legs that really move. His belt buckle says neat phrases in English and Spanish. He comes with 7 tools and can recognize the tool as well. You just place the tool into his hand and he will say a fun phrase about it. Manny also comes with a blue print and a tool box. This is sure to please any Handy Manny fan.

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2009 Chrysler 200C Review

Chrysler unveiled the 200C, but did not bother to put it into production. Happily, Fiat, who now owns Chrysler gave the green light to the 200C. The extremely attractive luxury saloon is going to have an electric motor connected to a V6 for better efficiency.

The car is surprisingly elegant, considering the fact that Chrysler hasn’t built a good looking car in a while! It will most likely share a platform with the 300C. But, unlike the 300C, this one will actually handle, or at least we think so. Fiat will give it some goodies that will help it perform better not only in a straight line.

The interior is also a thing of beauty. The concept version had a very elegant and luxurious interior with two seats in the rear, not just a bench. But better yet, the exterior is a thing of beauty. It’s very smooth with elegant curves. It looks nothing like the 300C. The 300C is essencially a box, while this is more like modern car. For a little taste of what Fiat has for Chrysler with the 200C, there are plenty of official pictures from the auto show, here’s one.

For some reason, it reminds me of the Opel Insignia, which I’m very fond of. The styling is very European. There’s a problem though. Chrysler has been building boxes for decades, and now this strange concept of curves was introduced to them. It’s very unconventional. And that’s brilliant! Normally I would like a company to stick to tradition and take design cues from the past. Rolls Royce, for instance, built the Phantom – a brilliant car that looks like a box. But then again, the Phantom is something to behold. I would encourage Chrysler to break from tradition, and that’s what they’ve done with the 200C.

Now, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, and a few others have already given us the hybrid, but Chrysler, for some reason, has decided not to bother, until it came up with the ENVI system. With most of the hybrid market taken up by Priuses and Honda Insights, where does Chrysler fit in? Well, one of the ugliest shapes called Prius will have to go. So will Honda Insight. Hybrid cars represent modern technology, and shouldn’t look like they’re from way back. And while I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a fan of hybrid technologies, unless it has anything to do with hydrogen fuel-cell, I like the 200C. The reason for that is because it’s an elegant car. It’s “green” and beautiful.

So, with the 200C looking this good, and being a little brother to the 300C, what’s the point of a 300C? It’s ugly, it’s big and boxy, it’s heavy and not very fuel efficient. Everything the 200C isn’t! I hope it’s a replacement, unless Fiat is going to restyle the 300C and give it some Italian handling.

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2009 Australian Open Outlook: From Venus and Serena Williams to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

The Australian Open is underway. As the first major of the year, you can always expect some interesting storylines. You’ll see plot threads continuing from last year. Questions such as , “Will the Fed get back #1,” or, “Will Jelena win her first slam,” will be talked about for the duration of the tournament.

Just how can this tournament be so filled with surprises? There are a number of factors. First, this first slam occurs in the beginning of the year, a little over a month after the tennis off season ends. In order to adequately prepare players must sacrifice a decent portion of their down time to get in shape.

And since we’re on the subject of being in shape, that’s exactly what you have to be to win the Aussie. With temperatures regularly upwards of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you sincerely must be in excellent physically condition to have success on the hard courts.

Here are some predictions about what you could see coming out of the Aussie this year.


Rafael Nadal

The new king of men’s tennis looks to solidify his standing with a win on hard courts. He reached the semis here last year, but his hard court game still isn’t impenetrable like it is on clay. He could win it all, or he could get knocked out early. If his knees aren’t in tip top shape, he’s vulnerable.

Roger Federer

Roger had a “bad” year in 08, winning only one slam. However, the GOAT candidate is still looking to cement his standing with some big wins. He can go all of the way here, especially if he has a kind draw and avoids some thorns like Andy Murray (Murray’s had Fed’s number lately). If Fed can reign in his forehand and play his wonderful attacking game, we just might see Pete Sampras’ record tied down under.

Novak Djokovic

The Djoker has some stuff to prove going into this season. After his breakthrough win at the Aussie last year, Djokovic didn’t make any major noise on the circuit. Novak has all the shots in the book, so talent isn’t a question. He’ll get it back together this season, that’s for sure. But getting together it win this tournament just might be a little too soon. Remember he has to defend all the points that he won here last year. Any champion will tell you that defending a championship is harder than winning it the first time.

Andy Murray

He’s had a wonderful string of dominance over Federer the last few times they played. Murray has the potential to win a slam, but he’s going to have to beat two of the top three in order to do it. That’s a tall order for anyone.


Jelenia Jankovic

The WTA’s leading actress will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to win her first slam and become a legit number one in the eyes of the world. She’s embarked on a new training routine and bulked up some. If she wants to win the Aussie, she’ll have to save the dramatics for the soaps and not have too many long matches. It’ll leave her drained when she has to play the big babes.

Serena Williams

When she’s in full command of her powers, she’s unbeatable. The question is never if she can win. It’s if she’s put in the work and has the desire. However, this season her biggest rival may really be her sister.

Dinara Safina

Last year was the best year of her career so far. She has plenty of talent, but her lack of mobility compared to the other top women will hurt her chances. If she can keep her famous family temperament in check, she can make a deep run.

Venus Williams

The elder Williams closed the season with a victory in the year ending championships, her first. Venus is inspired, and she just won an exhibition in Hong Kong where she went undefeated. If she plays her cards right, she just might walk away with her first Aussie title.

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2009 Black History Month Events in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the place to be when it comes to honoring and observing the contributions of Black Americans to this city, the nation and the world. Memphis has a rich history where blacks are concerned. Taking a walking tour of downtown, you can walk the areas from where black slaves were auctioned, to Historic Beale street, and on to the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King was slain. Through an abundance of events in the month of February, Memphis will embrace Black History Month.

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music, formed in 1959, is legendary for launching the careers of Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, the Staple Singers, Wilson Pickett, Luther Ingram, Albert King, the Bar-Kays, Booker T. & the MG’s, Johnnie Taylor, Rufus and Carla Thomas. The Stax Museum is currently displaying a tribute to Otis Redding, “Otis Redding: From Macon to Memphis.’ The items are on loan from the private collection of his widow, Zelma Redding. The exhibit began on December 10, 2008 and will continue until April 2009. The Stax museum is located at 926 E. McLemore Ave.

The Memphis Grizzlies Basketball team will honor the Memphis State Eight, during the Grizzlies vs. Pacers game on Saturday, February 3. These individuals are the first African American students to integrate the University of Memphis, which was then, Memphis State, in 1959. They are: Rose Blakney-Love, Sammie Burnett-Johnson, Eleanor Gandy, Marvis LaVerne Kneeland Jones, Bertha Rogers Looney, Luther McClellan, Ralph Prater and John Simpson. The game will take place in the Fedex Forum in downtown Memphis.

On Friday, Feb. 1, the University of Memphis will launch a month-long schedule of events in observation of Black History Month:

Monday, Feb. 2, Black History Month Opening Ceremony and Lifetime Achievement Award, 7 p.m., Rose Theatre Auditorium;

Wednesday, Feb. 4, GAAH Black History Film Festival #1, 6 p.m., Mitchell Hall, 325;

Friday, Feb. 6, Black History Month Gospel Explosion, 7 p.m., Rose Theater Auditorium;

Saturday, Feb. 7, The Black Student Association Prayer Breakfast, 9 a.m., Panhellenic Building 115;

Wednesday, Feb. 11, GAAH Black History Film Festival #2, 6 p.m., Mitchell Hall, 325;

Thursday, Feb. 12, The NAACP College Chapter – 100 yr. Celebration , 1 p.m., Panhellenic Building;

Thursday, Feb. 12, Black History Month Comedy Show, 7 p.m., Rose Theatre;

Wednesday, Feb. 18, GAAH Black History Film Festival #3, 6 p.m., Mitchell Hall, 325;

Tuesday, Feb. 24, Black History Month Knowledge Bowl , 7 p.m.., Panhellenic Building 115;

Wednesday, Feb. 25, GAAH Black History Film Festival #4, 6 p.m., Mitchell Hall, 325;

Friday, Feb. 27, Black History Month Closing Ceremony, 1 p.m., Rose Theatre.

The Hattiloo Theatre will present “The Colored Museum,” written by George C. Wolfe, a satirical comedy, depicting the exaggerated images and stereotypes of black life in the 1980’s. The play will open on January 29 and run until February 15. Tickets range from $12 – $18.

Memphis Botanic Garden, located at 750 Cherry Road, will host a Black History Month Art Exhibit, beginning on February 1 – February 28. The exhibit features artwork by local African American artists. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Garden’s education and horticultural programs. Tickets are: $5 adults, $4 seniors, $3 children 3 – 12; children 2 and under admitted free.

On Thursday, February 12 at 7 p.m., The Memphis Theological Seminary’s 2009 Barbara A. Holmes Lectures in African American Studies will feature speaker, Cornel West. Dr. West is a reknown scholar, philosopher, critic, pastor, civil rights activist, and professor at Princeton University. The event will take place at Lake Grove Missionary Baptist Church, at 265 Leath Street at Poplar Avenue. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Germantown Performing Arts Centre, at 1801 Exeter in Germantown, Tennessee, will present the Peanut Butter & Jam’s African Drum & Dance on February 14 at 9:30 am. The performance will display a wide variety of instruments for young children ages 3 to 8. Tickets are $9.50.

On Sunday, February 15, at 7 pm, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, located at 60 Perkins Ext. will present the Grammy award winning world music group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The group will represent the traditional customs of South Africa through song. Ticket are $35.

The Memphis Theological Seminary will celebrate the life of Henry Logan Starks by hosting the ‘2009 Henry Logan Starks Scholarship Dinner’ on Thursday, February 29 at 7:00 at the Holiday Inn – University of Memphis. Dr. Starks is one of six of the first African American students at the Seminary. He is also the school’s first African American Professor. Among those honored will be The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers.

Not just during Black History Month, guests can explore the Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum, at the Burkle mansion, located at 826 N. Second St. Guests travel through a secret cellar and trap doors that reveal the escape route of runaway slaves who would hide for days and sometimes months to be lead to waiting boats on the Mississippi River and taken to the Ohio River to Illinois, a free state. Admission $6 adults, $4 students

The doors of the National Civil Rights Museum are also open year round. Guests can view many photographs and exhibits illustrating the Civil Rights era. The most popular, being the two rooms, 306 & 307, where Martin Luther King stayed and the balcony upon which he was slain. The National Civil Rights Museum is located in what use to be the Lorraine Hotel at 450 Mulberry Street on the South end of Downtown Memphis.

Whether you are a resident of Memphis or just passing through, you won’t find it hard to find ways to celebrate the triumphs and achievements of Black Americans during Black History Month.

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2009 Chinese New Year Celebrations in Los Angeles

The Chinese New Year is a fifteen day celebration of food, family, gift giving and friends. Los Angeles has become the gathering place for people of all ethnic groups. With it’s large population of Chinese Americans, and over 1.5 million people celebrating the Chinese New Year in Southern California, the Chinese New Year is a place to bring a part of home and deep rooted Chinese culture and celebrations here to America.

The Chinese New Year starts on the new moon of the new year, and ends with the first full moon of the new year. This fifteen day celebration unites friends and family members together, and is the largest holiday of the year to the Chinese. The Chinese also use the Chinese Zodiac—the organization of their calendar into 12 year cycles with each year representing a different animal. Each animal possesses various traits. The animal you are represents the traits you will have.

This year celebrates the Year of the Ox. People born during the year of the ox are often thought to have strong characters and can accomplish any task or objective with a strong determination to finish. They are also good laborers in home and work and often accomplish their tasks without gripe or complaints. Those born during the year of the ox are born with a knowledge that only through hard work comes success.

Festivities and celebrations will center around this holiday and the celebration of the year of the ox. Celebrations aplenty will be found right in the heart of Los Angeles. If you are looking for a fun time with your family, head over to Hollywood for a day at Universal Studios. With regular park admission, you receive a front row seat to some of the best festivities happening in the heart of Hollywood. Over 200 performers including dancers, acrobats, and singers parade down Universal City Walk and put on stunning performances and finish off the festivities with a colorful parade.

One of the longest running festivities in Los Angeles is the Golden Dragon Parade. Over 110,000 people come to line the streets of North Broadway to enjoy the parade festivities and enjoy talented Chinese dancers, singers, and the Giant Dragon. The Giant Dragon takes 25 men to help maneuver through the streets of Chinatown and has become the highlight of the parade for children and adults. The parade will start Saturday afternoon, with dates for the 2009 parade yet to be announced. Other events in Chinatown happening during the New Year festivities include a Miss LA Chinatown Fashion Show and Pageant, and a New Year Festival and Little King and Queen Contest.

The Pasadena Civic Center also brings incredible tradition and talent to the stage in a stunning two hour performance. This show combines the traditional dancing, music, and spirit of the Chinese culture free of the distortions by the Chinese Communist Party. A live orchestra and hundreds of Chinese dancers set the stage for this two hour performance. Reviewers have hailed this as one of the best performances to view each year. Performances run from December 30th to January 4th. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster and range in price from $35-188.

It’s no doubt that Los Angeles is the best place to find Chinese New Year festivities. You won’t want to miss some of these popular events happening this year. Here are links to the events listed above:

Universal Studios Hollywood



Admission Prices: Current as of 12/08

Prices for those 48″ and taller: $67.00

Prices for those under 48″: $57.00

Chinese Chamber of Commerce–Los Angeles Golden Dragon Parade and Chinatown Festivities



Divine Performing Arts at the Pasadena Civic

300 East Green St.

Pasadena, CA 91101

Ticketmaster Phone: 213-365-3500


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