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2009 Summer Trends for the Plus Size Woman

Summer 2009 plus trends have taken on a life of its own. Never has fashion been so geared towards the plus size woman showing her curves. The plus size figure is able to find clothing that will accentuate her body, there is something for everyone. This summer’s trends have revived some old favorite trends and have updated them to fit in this fashion conscious era. These trends are very adaptable into any wardrobe of the style conscious diva.

Fringe and Flow

This look is not for the shy woman, but for the confident woman that is sure of her. Fringes accentuate the curvy figure of a plus size woman. Choose quality pieces with quality fabric in order to showcase the style. Fringes looks good on skirts or on blouses or even on a dress if they are placed strategically to enhance the style, do not over do it. The flowing look is definitely in, light and airy and not constricting.

Encrusted Jewels

These jewels are on everything, shoes, bags, jeans, dresses and earrings. Designers have concluded that people still like the bling effect so, they have used encrusted crystals, glass and semi precious stones to achieve this medieval type look. This look is easy to carry off if kept at a minimum, wear one piece at a time. In this case less is more.

One shoulder is a favorite trend of mine and it is definitely back. Everywhere people are sporting the style from the runways, television to the magazines; the one shoulder is big for summer 2009 plus size trends. Showing off the shoulders and back is very sexy on a full figured woman. Enjoy this look on tops dresses and bathing suits.

Grecian Goddess or the Empire waist, this look is captivating in sheer. It’s the look for the curvy diva; it’s comfortable and brings elegance and style to the woman that’s wearing it. Choose quality fabric that’s not stiff but has a light flow. The Avenue carries a wide selection of empire waist dresses that fits in the summer trend; check out the Garden Party georgette dress which is a classic example of empire waist, it is floral and light weight, very fitting for a luncheon or early evening affair. This dress is very elegant.

Use chunky jewelry to balance any outfit, wearing chunky jewelry will achieve the look for your outfit and bring harmony to it. Don’t be afraid of colors and textures even though the summer trends for this season are the grays and muted colors. A place to go for a wide array of jewelry is Belk’s. Their jewelry department has some beautiful pieces in bright colors of blue , burnt orange and emerald green .

An assortment of belts, whether it leather, fabric or plastic should be an accessory in the plus size woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a belt embraces style exudes confident and shows off curves.

Animal prints will always have a place in fashion trends and it has definitely found a place in the summer 2009 plus size trend. These prints comes with versatility, they can be dressed up or down based on the accessories worn. When worn in conjunction with chunky jewelry, offers the look of exoticness and mystery to the plus size diva. here you will find beautiful skirts that would compliment any black sheer blouse.

There are some musts for 2009 summer trends have that will complete the fashion conscious diva’s summer 2009 fashion trend wardrobe. It is a must to have good foundation and the plus size woman should know this. Don’t leave home without your spanx, it’s perfect underneath your clothing for a smooth, clean line that’s stylish.

One of the summer fashion trend is Mousse foundation, my preference is Maybelline New York. Is a must have, it offers a perfect matte finish with a smooth application on the face that’s light and wears well in the summer. Maybelline can be found at Walgreens or CVS pharmacies. Another great makeup piece is the lip stain, this add color without a lot of shine. It tends to stay on much longer than the traditional lipstick.

Bags are here to stay and designers are making them bright and funky with lots of colored stones and metal to highlight them. So, there you have the trends and must haves for summer 2009 plus size trends to make your fashion transition smoother.

Do a little shopping


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2009 SEC Championship Game

The Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide, both undefeated up to this point, faced off today in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia Dome at 4 p.m. The winner of this game would go on to compete for the college football national title on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California.

Alabama got the first possession and drove down the field and scored a field goal. The Alabama defense forced a punt from Florida on their first possession. The Crimson Tide then scored the first touchdown of the game but missed the extra point giving them a 9 point lead early in the game. During the first quarter Florida came back and Caleb Sturgis kicked a 48 yard field goal to bring the score to Alabama 9 Florida 3.

During the second quarter Alabama kicker, Leigh Triffin kicked a 34 yard field goal. The Florida Gators answered with Tim Tebow passing to David Nelson for their first touchdown of the game. Alabama then scored another touchdown with Mark Ingram and the extra point attempt was good. The Gators then rushed down the field but were held to a 32 yard field goal attempt, which was good, by the Alabama defense. The half ended with Alabama 13 Florida 19.

During the third quarter Alabama quarterback, Greg McElroy, passed to Colin Peek for a 17 yard gain and touchdown. The extra point attempt was good. Florida did not score and the third quarter ended with Alabama 26 Florida 13.

The fourth quarter was much like the third. Mark Ingram rushed up the middle and scored. Alabama attempted the two point conversion but failed. During the last minute of the game and as he was walking off of the field Florida quarterback, Tim Tebow cried. It was a rough ending to his senior year and not at all how he envisioned this game ending. Alabama though near to scoring again near the end of the fourth quarter took a knee. The game ended Alabama 32 Florida 13.

Mark Ingram, Alabama running back increased his chances at winning the Heisman award with his solid performance. He had 28 rushes for 113 yards and three touchdowns.

Alabama will now have a shot at the National Title. This was their 22 SEC Championship.

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2009 SEC Awards Announced: LSU's Trent Johnson Named Coach of the Year, Marcus Thornton Named SEC Player of the Year

The Southeastern Conference announced the collegiate basketball Coaches Postseason Awards today with top honors going to Louisiana State University. Trent Johnson was named the SEC Coach of the Year and Marcus Thornton, LSU senior guard, was named the SEC Player of the Year.

Trent Johnson has certainly made a statement here on campus in his first year of coaching at LSU. The men’s basketball program snagged the SEC championship, the first championship since won since 2006 with a 13-3 conference record. Not only did he turn the program around, he earned the respect of his team on and off of the court.

The other top award for the SEC Player of the Year also went to LSU’s Marcus Thornton. Thornton finished the regular season as the conferences’ second highest scorer, with an average of 20.9 points per game. Thornton is a native of Baton Rouge, LA. He was also selected with five unanimous votes for the All-SEC First Team.

Other awards went to Terrico White from Ole Miss for SEC Freshman of the Year, Justin Knox from Alabama for SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year with a 3.12 grade point average, Jarvis Varnado from Mississippi State for SEC Defensive Player of the Year and Brandis Raley-Ross from South Carolina for the SEC’s Sixth Man of the Year. Varnado also won the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award last year.

The team selections are as follows:

First Team, All-SEC:

Nick Calathes, Florida; Jodie Meeks, Kentucky; Patrick Patterson, Kentucky; Tasmin Mitchell, LSU; Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State; Devan Downey, South Carolina; Tyler Smith, Tennessee and Marcus Thornton, LSU.

Second Team, All-SEC:

Alonzo Gee, Alabama; Michael Washington, Arkansas; Korvotney Barber, Auburn; Garrett Temple, LSU; David Hueratas, Ole Miss; Terrico White, Ole Miss; Dominique Archie, South Carolina; Zam Frederick, South Carolina; Wayne Chism, Tennessee; and A.J. Ogilvy from Vanderbilt.

SEC All-Freshman Team:

Jamychal Green, Alabama; Courtney Fortson, Arkansas; Erving Walker, Florida; Trey Thompkins, Georgia; Terrico White, Ole Miss; Dee Bost, Mississippi State; Scotty Hopson, Tennessee; and Jeffrey Taylor from Vanderbilt.

SEC All-Defensive Team:

Quantez Robertson, Auburn; Garrett Temple, LSU; Chris Johnson, LSU; Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State; Dominique Archie, South Carolina; and Devan Downey from South Carolina.


LSU Sports: – Johnson, Thornton Garner SEC Coaches’ Top Honors

The Advocate: – LSU’s Thornton, Johnson Win Top Conference Honors

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2009 Tween Hair Styles

Are you a tween wondering how to wear your hair for the 2009 hair style fashion? The 2009 tween hair styles seem to be long. Luckily, if you are a tween you can set your own fashion style and stick your tongue out at the rest of us. Who knows, you may just set the next trend.

In order to “justify” tween hairstyles or any hairstyle, you have to check out what the idols or stars are sporting for their hair do. In this case you need to look at the celebrity’s tweens watch. A quick watch of Disney and you will know tween hairstyles for 2009 are going to be long and wavy. If you are a tween that can get away with hair color(most parents aren’t going to allow this, understandably) I suggest highlighting or lightening your hair. Most of the dark haired celebrities have added a hint of red to their color.

Who are the tween inspirations this year? Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place), Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Brenda Song (Suite Life on Deck), the Cheetah Girls and Disney’s newest member Demi Lovato (Sonny with a Chance) are all 2009 television cast members this year.

Miranda Cosgrove’s hair is parted on the side. It is usually a little flat and straight to about her ears where her hair is then curly. This is a great little hair do for any tween. Part your hair to the side and have you hair straight to about your ears where then you will have waves or curls. Miranda Cosgrove’s hair goes a little past shoulder length.

Demi Lovato sports parted wavy hair as well. She adds bangs to her style. If you like bangs I definitely recommend Demi Lovato’s look. Her hair is past her shoulders as well.

Selena Gomez has beautiful wavy hair. Selena parts her hair to the side with no bangs. Recent pictures of Selena Gomez show her hair above her shoulders. I don’t particularly care for this look on her but she may be trying a new trend.

If curling your hair is too much work or you just don’t like it on you, you will be happy to know straight is always an option. Miley Cyrus wears her hair straight. Sometimes her hair is wavy. Miley Cyrus even wears her hair do as long and full. She will sometimes add volume to her hair without even curling it. You can always say you are copying Miley Cyrus’ hair do.

All the Cheetah girls have long wavy hair. Even Brenda Song has let her hair grow a little longer and added waves to her do. So in 2009 it looks like the tweens hairstyles will be long with waves, or long straight hair with some volume. Don’t wear long straight hair completely flat. It doesn’t look like you care about yourself or your appearance unless you put some type of effort into your hair even if it is a ribbon.

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2009 Top 10 Fantasy Football Picks for Keeper Leagues

Finally Fantasy Football is back and draft day is very soon upon us. For those of us in keeper leagues, having a solid draft pick will significantly improve the quality of your Sundays for many years to come. Nothing is worse than dropping a keeper pick on some rookie star that has never played a down of NFL ball in his life, only to find out he is a perpetual bench warmer. Or grabbing that killer veteran for the next 3 years only to find out that shoulder problem was more serious than we thought.

Keeper leagues require foresight, patience and a lot of luck, football is a rough high stress league that will eat up the best of them in a hurry. Below are my ten top picks for 2009 that should give you quality consistent points. Point totals may vary depending on your league rules.

The Quarter Back (QB) position is by far the greatest for Fantasy Football, only the occasional out-of-his mind Running Back (RB) or Wide Receiver (WR) can compare in consistent big points. In Keeper Leagues this is a number one priority pick.

Veteran QBs – Drew Brees, for the New Orleans Saints, he scores a ton of points, had 295 points last year and looks to do the same this year. Drew is on the second half of his career but I think the next 2-3 years for Brees are gonna be great.

Donovan McNabb, yes for all the trouble people perceive the Eagles to be in every year, they seem to always have a better than expected season. If McNabb who scored 231 points last year, if he can stay healthy he still has a couple good years left for Fantasy Football, I think this year will be his best.

Tom Brady, for the New England Patriots, the Brady of old was successful, productive and consistent. Obviously a new knee that hasn’t gone through a NFL season is reason enough to pause in Keeper Leagues, but how can you not bet on one of the best to ever play the game.

Upcoming QBs – Aaron Rodgers, for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron is slowly becoming a Fantasy Football phenom. Second in total points last year to only Drew Brees with 278 points, Rodgers is just in his second year as the leader of the Packers and his future could be very bright in Keeper Leagues and he is tough as nails.

Matt Ryan, for the Atlanta Falcons, had a really good rookie season with 186 fantasy points, although the league has caught on to his play and will play him more tight this year, Ryan has also learned how to read and react to NFL defenses much better, and I’ll choose Ryan on winning those chess matches for the next few years to come.

Eli Manning, New York Giants, we all know the Giants are gonna be around for awhile as long as Eli is behind center. The Mannings are all great quarterbacks and as long as Eli who scored 189 points last year can get some run support, he will be able to manage big games and deliver consistent points and hopefully will develop the same taste for the end zone as his older brother Peyton.

A good Running Back (RB) is also crucial and second on my long-term Keeper Picks list, but RBs are sketchy. A career ending injury is just around every carry and a temperamental coach or too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to reduced carries and goal-line opportunities, turning a great pick into a decent bye-week replacement in a hurry.

Adrian Peterson, for the Minnesota Vikings, is young, and probably the best pure runner in the game today. With 233 fantasy points in 2008 and the fact that he is only 24, I would drop a keeper pick on Peterson in the first or second round without any doubt.

Michael Turner, for the Atlanta Falcons, had 265 fantasy points and was a surprise powerhouse in 2008. I don’t know if he’ll match that amazing output but he should be at least in the 200 point range for the next 2-3 years.

DeAngelo Williams, for the Carolina Panthers, Williams scored 272 fantasy points last year and although he is young, the fact that the Panthers have a split backfield with one hell of a second option in Jonathan Stewart may make Williams a riskier choice in keeper leagues.

Wide Receivers, Defenses and the occasional Kicker can all yield big consistent points to get them into the Top 20 scorers in your fantasy league. Unfortunately good and consistent Wide Receivers, Kickers and Defenses come and go like the wind so be careful with wasting a keeper pick on any of these positions in earlier rounds unless they are mentioned below.

Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions, with 196 fantasy points during his rookie season on possibly the worst team of all-time doesn’t convince you that Calvin is spectacular, the addition of Matthew Stafford at quarterback and a new coach and commitment in Detroit to never go 0-16 again should be insurance enough to take this pick.

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense is very productive scoring 176 points last year and being younger than the Baltimore Ravens defense along with an offense that can keep them competitive makes them my defensive keeper pick of 2009.

Stephen Gostkowski, for the New England Patriots, who scored 155 points last year, which could be considered an off year for Stephen will definitely get more opportunities to score now that Brady is back.

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2009 St. Patrick's Day Events in Houston, Texas

St. Patrick’s Day is another fun holiday for adults and children alike to celebrate. It’s fun to wear green, eat traditional St. Patrick’s Day food and hang out with a few friends. This guide will tell you two child friendly St. Patrick’s Day events that are in Houston, Texas for 2009. If you don’t find either event to your liking, have your own St. Patrick’s Day celebration at home with your family. Have your kids make crafts and cook a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal (along with some not so traditional fun food like vanilla pudding dyed green).

2009 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Houston, Texas #1: St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Melcher Neighborhood Library, located at 7200 Keller Houston, Texas 77012, is having a St. Patrick’s Day Craft event at their library on March 17th, at 4 PM. All ages are welcome so bring your children and make a craft along next to them. When you’re finished, look in the library to find books on St. Patrick’s Day check them out and have a story night at home. For more information, call (832) 393-2480.

2009 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Houston, Texas #2: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Houston will be on March 14th, starting at 12 PM. It is free to attend so bring the family for a fun filled afternoon. Don’t forget to wear green as you wouldn’t want to leave out the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! The parade starts at Minute Maid Park (intersection of Texas and Hamilton, downtown). This will be the 50th year the parade has been going on, so you know this year’s parade will be a great one. It is expected to last two hours with over 100 entries. For more information, call (713) 365-9648.

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2009: What Thankful Looks like to Me

Thanksgiving Day 2009 is going to be more than a routine holiday for our family; more than a day off from work or school; and much more than just eating super delicious, outrageously fattening foods. This year, for the first time ever, both sides of the entire family will be together under one roof. This is not an attempt to share expenses or avoid duplicate menus in several homes where the leftovers will be more abundant than what is consumed.

The past year served up more than the average share of good and bad events. The health of the mother of my step children has been a rollercoaster ride all year between holding her own to being at death’s door and back again. At the moment she is able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. An uncle learned he has advanced leukemia and is bravely trying the most advanced techniques to gain the upper hand. My daughter-in-law’s father lost his long battle with several life claiming illnesses. My husband’s eye procedures were successful and his vision is the best it has been in over fifty years. One granddaughter became a victim of the H1N1 virus. She thoroughly recovered and successfully managed to not share the ailment with a single member of the family.

On the other side of the slate, we were blessed with the arrival of our first grand grandchild, Wagner. Of course, he is the most handsome little child ever. One granddaughter celebrated her first wedding anniversary the same week that one grandson was married. One of my step daughters has been recognized as one of the five female finalists for the “Threads of Hope” charity awards in the San Francisco area for her community work that positively impacts the lives of others. We are more than proud parents. While my stepson still holds on to his 2008 state tax return IOU from California, he IS still employed.

There is the blessing that no one in the family has lost their employment in this downward economy. Several relatives have finished their schooling and are ardently seeking employment, and they are having to lower their expectations for landing that super cool six-figure job. They are finding out what “working your way up” truly means. One grandson, a world class photographer has relocated to New York City. While seeking a job that recognizes his talents and enthusiasm, with the accompanying paycheck, he is working the part time, odd job scenario.

While we are assembling for a myriad of personal reasons like celebrating good fortune, remembering lost relatives, welcoming new family, or encouraging ailing kin; it is primarily this emotional, appreciative opportunity that we are alive and able to gather, to love, and to appreciate each other that surfaces as the main thread throughout. No doubt someone will toast the group with well wishes of good health and being together again next year. Everyone will agree, clink glasses, sip their wine or grape juice, and silently pray that this blessing stay a reality. Family is people you cannot pick, people you can appreciate, and people who accept you regardless of appearances, with or without flaws, achievements, or lack of success. With this circle of support, every year will be a time of thankfulness.

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2009 US Open Golf Leaderboard Led by Unusual Suspects

The 2009 US Open golf leaderboard is now a big story, now that the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard is no longer overshadowed by rain for the moment. The 2009 US Open golf leaderboard is now starting to show who can possibly win the 2009 US Open golf tournament. The leaderboard doesn’t have the big names on top, which shouldn’t be completely surprising. The Tigers and Phils are playing catch up, while newcomers and lesser names head up the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard thus far.

Just after 9 am this morning, the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard was being led by someone named Lucas Glover. Glover wasn’t among the leaders after Friday’s action, but he came on in a flash this morning as he finished a second round of 64. After his two rounds, Glover is a leader at the 2009 US Open at -7, making his first ever US Open cut.

Going into the morning, former Masters champion Mike Weir led the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard. Weir, Glover and Ricky Barnes are leading the pack by several shots as the second round nears an end at last.

Those trying to move up the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard are David Duval, who hasn’t contended in a major in ages, Sean O’Hair, one of golf’s hottest new stars, and big names like Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson.

As for Tiger Woods, the 2009 US Open golf leaderboard not only doesn’t have him at the top, it might keep him from making the cut altogether if he doesn’t do something. Woods teed off his second round after 10 am at +4, which would keep him out of the next round unless he gets better, or the leaders drop off.

The 2009 US Open golf leaderboard is looking most unusual, both because of the unexpected names on top, and because they’re actually shooting well below par. The US Open is famous for having even the winner struggle to make par, but that is not the case at Bethpage so far.

It might be another story if the rain comes back, which many fear that it will later in the day. Therefore, the rush is on to complete as much golf as possible before it does.

The third round Saturday at a golf tournament is moving day for those on the leaderboard. At the 2009 US Open, Saturday is likely to be a prelude for 36 hours of golf on Sunday, or an extended stay through Monday or Tuesday.


Yahoo Sports- “2009 U.S. Open – PGA Tour – Golf Leaderboard”

In Entertainment- “US Open Golf 2009 Leaderboard: Ups and downs”

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2009 Super Bowl XLIII Preview and Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 17

The 2008-2009 NFL season has emerged as the most ridiculously random year in recent memory. The free agent – NFL Draft – salary cap parity of the league has manifested itself as an unpredictable product where all possibilities may occur upon Any Given Sunday. The idea of long lasting NFL Dynasties matching the swagger of the 80’s-90’s San Francisco 49’ers – Dallas Cowboys or 70’s Pittsburgh Steelers is a dated concept that may be put to rest.

Top notch scouting, exotic coaching schemes, and world-class training has ushered us into an era where the margin of error separating the victors from the defeated is almost nonexistent. Luck, in terms of escaping injury, benefiting from questionable calls, and right time-right place turnovers has emerged as the key ingredient of these improbable title runs over the past decade. The Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Wild Card Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants have all caught fire during the stretch run of the regular season before laying claim to the Lombardi Trophy as unlikely champions.

The movement has crystallized with this year’s curious match-up:

The Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

The pairing even looks grotesque on paper and I am foreshadowing a ratings bust for the NBC network and its advertisers. The very same parity system that the NFL has embraced is shunned by America. Our citizenry is desperate for the dominant big-ticket clash of titans that we Love to Hate, or the plucky David versus Goliath matchup that has struck a chord in the United States psyche since the Red Coats were defeated at Yorktown.

We want the Golden Boy quarterback, the pompous wide receiver telling us to have our popcorn at-the-ready, the celebrity-model girlfriends, the swashbuckling owners that drill for oil and plastic surgery, and the wily “aw-shucks” goofball competitor that refuses to back down. The Land of the Free does not want parity. We seek dominance. This is America.

Tom Brady is on crutches, Terrell Owens actually is making popcorn right now, and the Giselle Bundchen-Jessica Simpson duo is most likely on vacation. I am afraid that all karma generated by the football diehards and the casual fans seeking drama expired with last year’s epic New England versus New York Giant fairy tale Super Bowl at Glendale that was the second most watched television program ever to the 1983 M*A*S*H finale.

There will be no jet setting quarterback leading his undefeated juggernaut versus an upstart quarterback bearing a Manning name that is synonymous with NFL Royalty. There will be no helmet catches. There will be no heated rivalry between two neighboring, blowhard Northeast cities that have despised each other for two hundred years. There will be no drama.

This game features a veteran, good-guy Christian quarterback in Kurt Warner that bagged groceries before answering the call to the NFL, serving as the face of the Arizona Cardinals – the most star crossed franchise in all of football west of Detroit. The opposing Pittsburgh Steeler sideline represents the AFC’s second seed and a team built upon defense, clock management, and special teams. Do not wait up for any throwback rendition of the Super Bowl shuffle, bombastic bulletin material, or the outrageous solicitation arrest.


Let us evaluate the match ups that will crown the ultimate Super Bowl champion in this game that fails match the entertainment quota-hype. Although staunch technicians of football strategy will revel within the sheer gamesmanship forged by these contradictory opponents – the action on the field is set to be a large disappointment to casual fans outside of Pittsburgh and Arizona. Hopefully, the commercials will be good.

#3 Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner versus Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Coordinator Richard “Dick” LeBeau

The Hall of Fame chatter surrounding Kurt Warner has only intensified leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. The veteran quarterback has brought two different franchises to a total of three Super Bowls – winning one with the St. Louis Rams. Warner, 37 has won two NFL MVP’s, one Super Bowl MVP, and has thrown for over 28,000 yards. Warner is the second most accurate passer and the fourth highest rated quarterback (QB rating) in the history of the NFL.

Kurt Warner has indeed come a long way from bagging groceries in Iowa and barnstorming as an Arena Football League signal caller to the ultimate pinnacle of the NFL. Of course, the journey has not been without trials and tribulations as the turnover-prone Warner struggled through injury and media backlash at New York before being shipped off to Arizona and languishing on the bench behind USC Golden Boy draft pick Matt Leinart.

The Arizona Cardinals are now Kurt Warner’s team.

The prime time quarterback airmailed his Arizona Cardinals into the Super Bowl with a scintillating 4,586-yard, 30 touchdowns against 14 interceptions 2008-2009 campaign. These numbers may only be rivaled by Drew Brees as Warner translated his St. Louis “Greatest Show on Turf” moxie to the Arizona desert.

The precise passing game is highlighted by Warner’s keen decision-making and ability to execute all throws within the quarterbacking manual to perfection. The Arizona Cardinals passing attack ranks second to Brees and the New Orleans Saints in terms of yardage this regular season.

Pittsburgh Steeler defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau looms large. The mastermind will stalk the opposing sideline and is also heavily credentialed as a Hall of Fame candidate. Lebeau excelled at cornerback position for the 1959-1972 Detroit Lions and is the 6th leading interceptor of all time in the NFL. The gentleman has risen through the coaching ranks with stops at Philadelphia, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and of course, Pittsburgh. The 71-year-old coordinator is genuinely loved by his players and hailed as a father figure.

Dick LeBeau is also largely acknowledged as the father of the 3-4 defense.

LeBeau’s version of the 3-4 scheme is designed to create havoc and confusion upon the gridiron and within the minds of opposing signal callers. The defense is reliant upon three immovable down linemen and four interchangeable, versatile linebackers that may blitz the quarterback, blanket wide receivers, or execute perfect form tackles to stymie the running game.

LeBeau will be dialing up exotic blitz packages that call for rare combinations of safeties, linebackers, or even cornerbacks to attack. The blitz may arrive from all angles at any time – complimented by 300-pound man eating defensive tackles dropping into zone coverage further exacerbating the complete chaos.

Pittsburgh Steeler personnel are the perfect fit for this frenzied strategy. The defense features perennial Pro Bowler Troy Polamalu at safety and the best linebacking unit in the NFL, led by NFL defensive player of the year James Harrison. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the NFL’s top ranked defense in terms of points and yardage allowed. The group is reminiscent of the 1970’s Steel Curtain and represents the fusion of superior talent along with first class coaching. According to ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski:

“Dick LeBeau is the best ever to coach defense.”

Defense wins Championships. NFL Lore is littered with felled, high-powered offenses that have been short-circuited by aggressive defenses. The K-Gun Buffalo Bills and last year’s 18-1 New England Patriots are the most recent of examples.

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner versus Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau:

Advantage – Pittsburgh Steelers Dick LeBeau.

#2 Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald versus Pittsburgh Steelers secondary

Larry Fitzgerald has emerged as the top wide receiver in the National Football League. Statistically, his 2008-2009 NFL Playoff 23 reception – 419 yard – 5 touchdown performance already trumps all contenders at his position – even the transcendent All-World Jerry Rice. The 6’3 220 Larry Fitzgerald is the prototype – the perfect combination of size, speed, athleticism, hands, and route running.

Fitzgerald has torched all comers all season with a dazzling 2008-2009 regular season campaign. His 96 catches, 1,431 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns compare favorably to the elite crop of prime time wideouts that include Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Steve Smith, and Brandon Marshall.

The Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald pitch-and-catch routine is unstoppable – due to Fitz’ remarkable leaping ability and timing that allows the receiver the attack to football at its highest point. Larry Fitzgerald will get his catches.

It is what he does after the catch that will determine the outcome of this Super Bowl.

The Steelers cannot afford to allow Fitzgerald to run freely throughout the secondary, control the football, and pile up massive yardage after the catch. Dick LeBeau’s 3-4 units must bump Fitzgerald at his line-of-scrimmage release, throttle him if he dares to wander across the middle, and corral the star performer immediately after the inevitable reception with sure tackling to mitigate the damage.

The Pittsburgh game plan versus Fitzgerald is easier said than done. Over commitment to Fitzgerald will expose soft spots in the Steeler defense that will be exposed by the flame throwing Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

Arizona lines up two other dangerous, 1000-yard receivers in Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston in formation alongside Larry Fitzgerald. Boldin is a wunderkind in his own right and may very well lay claim to the toughest man in the NFL title. The former Seminole returned back to the gridiron shortly after a gruesome hit that shattered his facial bone structure.

Anquan Boldin is ready for war after having his face reconstructed and learning how to speak again.

Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald versus Pittsburgh Steelers secondary:

Advantage – Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald

#1 Pittsburgh Steelers Legacy versus Arizona Cardinals Legacy

The Pittsburgh Steelers arrive at Tampa to claim their sixth Super Bowl victory and Lombardi Trophy. The 6th championship represents historical NFL supremacy to the franchise over the revered Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49’ers, Oakland Raiders, and Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers enter Super Bowl XLIII upon the threshold of laying claim to the title as the most accomplished organization to ever exist in the National Football League.

Steeler Football is a way of life for Western Pennsylvania.

The tough, blue-collar work ethic is emitted from the depths of the Alleghany coal mining shafts and onto the steel mill floor – illuminated by white-hot vats and raging sparks. The classic Black and Gold uniforms, conservative coaching, steady ownership, unforgiving rushing attack, and aggressive 3-4 defenses are synonymous with the gritty values industrial values instilled at the city of Pittsburgh.

The Steeler roll call is a brief address to the mainstays of NFL Football Lore. Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swan, Jack Lambert, Chuck Noll, “Mean” Joe Greene, and founder/owner Art Rooney headline a staggering list of Pittsburgh Hall of Famers. “Three Rivers,” “Terrible Towels,” and the “Steel Curtain” defense are terms identified with Pittsburgh that have entered the vocabulary of the casual fan and serve as testimony to the sheer dominance of this iconic franchise.

The Arizona Cardinals are the antithesis of this Greatness.

The Cardinals are a rag-tag bunch of cast-offs and non-history. The Cards execute at The University of Phoenix Stadium that is openly mocked as the representation of a giant toaster – in spite of its recent construction as a technologically superior facility.

An unwanted quarterback that had been benched by this very same club as recently as last year leads the Cardinals. Commentators have guffawed at the idea of these 9-7 NFC West Wild Card Round Arizona Cardinals marching within the slightest of proximity to the Tampa grounds of Super Bowl XLIII.

This losing franchise has indeed shocked the World.

Detroit-West has never competed for a Super Bowl title until this 2008-2009 NFL season. The Cardinals claimed two NFL Championships in 1925 and 1947 as the Chicago Cardinals of Comiskey Park two decades prior to the Super Bowl era. The shocking futility has been absolutely glaring.

The Arizona Cardinals will be greeted at Tampa-St. Petersburg by legions of rabid Pittsburgh Steeler fans. The well-traveled group will decorate Florida with black and gold gear and revelry and the allegedly “neutral” Super Bowl XLIII will certainly degenerate into a road game for the upstart Arizona Cardinals. The Cards must maintain a business-like approach from landing at Tampa through media day and deep into the fourth quarter in order to remain competitive amidst this hostile environment.

Ben Roethlisberger and company will seek to convert Super Bowl XLIII into a suitable coronation event for Steeler Nation. The young quarterback is eager to erase the memories of his wretched 9-21, 123-yard, 2 INT disaster at Detroit Super Bowl XL. The lowly 22.6 rating stands as the worst performance of any winning signal caller in the history of the Super Bowl. Roethlisberger will always compete in the shadows of Steeler Great Terry Bradshaw and must contemplate the mission of equaling this man’s Legacy.

Head Coach Mike Tomlin must also vanquish the critics. Tomlin’s Super Bowl victory would alleviate concerns that he is indeed, the right man for the job. Mike Tomlin was a Minnesota outsider, handpicked by Steeler owner Art Rooney to replace the scowling Bill Cowher. The selection passed over long standing in-house Steeler assistants Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm.

Mike Tomlin, 36 would be the youngest coach to ever win the Super Bowl.

Ironically, the very same Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm patrol the Arizona Cardinal sidelines as coaches and have also dedicated their lives to carrying the Lombardi Trophy and thwarting this outcome. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt is desperate to bring a championship back to the Arizona desert, shock the world, and earn respect.

Pittsburgh Steelers Legacy versus Arizona Cardinals Legacy

Advantage: Pittsburgh Steelers Legacy.

The Pick:

Pittsburgh Steelers: 27

Arizona Cardinals: 17

Defense wins Championships. The Cinderella story ends at Tampa for Arizona. The Show is over and the Big Game will not match the hype.

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2009 New Year's Resolution: Equal Parenting and How to Maintain It

I am the father of four lovely children. I divorced the mother of two of those children more than 25 years ago, and I am currently in a “hostile adversarial divorce battle.” Things are different today from what divorce was like back in 1980. We hear the new term “Parental Alienation Syndrome” often. Most recently with the celebrity case of actor Alec Baldwin.

Equal parenting is what we know best in the “intact family,” where both parents are involved in the raising of the children. My New Year’s resolution for 2009 is to do whatever it takes to bring about equal parenting rights for my 9-year-old son. he is the only one of four who can benefit from the hate taught to my children by a soon-to-be ex wife!

This is not a gender issue. The more I read about “Parental Alienation Syndrome,” I have learned that Mothers too have been alienated from their children by the fathers, ( and ) who vilify their ex spouse.

This is achieved in many ways. Most common is demeaning behavior during the marriage that extends into the adversarial battle of divorce. The children are “kept up to date” on issues of divorce, instead of keeping them out of it. Courts fail because judges fail to address these issues from the beginning. Visitation is restricted and decisions in a child’s life are one sided to the “temporary custodial parent” until custody decisions are made. By the time these decisions are made, the alienation is in place and a change of custody is not possible. Worse yet, the estranged parent has a difficult time in getting any parenting time at all.

To help my son, I have decided to make my New Year’s resolution all about him:

Make committed efforts in working with groups like The Equal Parenting Party, Inc. ( ), a group that is focused on a selection of candidates to state senates, judicial positions and other areas where laws and legislation for Equal Parenting can be proposed.

Even though I was “forbidden by a judge” to continue support counseling for my son, to help him cope with the stress of this adversarial divorce, I will continue to go myself and get counseling on how to help him better by explaining issues I have identified.

Although I treasure my “private time” with him during visitation, I know he enjoys interaction with new people (children) and will strive to bring him to activities where he will gain such friendships that are critical to him growing up “the social butterfly.”

Concern myself with a stronger drive to provide him with the best parenting I can. He has but one life. The divorce of his parents threatens the outcome. It is up to me to prevent that since his Mother fails him continuously.

The world is a big place. There’s much to see and learn about. I will focus on helping him to realize the beauty of the world he lives in. Shelter him in his youth from the impact of media and instead teach him the appreciation there is to learn.

Who knows if I succeed in all of my goals? I do know that if I tell him I am trying my best, that he will see my love for him. With or without success, I am confident that I will thwart the efforts to alienate him against me as we enjoy the short times we have together. As I grew up, at his age, my father spent little time with me. He was always too busy. To this day I feel the loss. Discipline was harsh, I thought back then. Today I realize it was extreme abuse. My son will never see that from me. I promised myself that a long time ago.

My Son will see my genuine effort to be one of the most contributing, significant and concerned people in his life. This will be my contribution to his young evolving life with so many years ahead of him.

I dedicate this to you, my son!

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2009 New Year's Eve Firework Attractions in San Francisco

After one of the most anticipated holidays of the year passes, Christmas, the next celebration everyone looks forward to is New Year’s Eve. The night leading into the New Year has many attractions to offer such as fireworks. In the Bay Area California, San Francisco to be exact, there are many locations to view bommin’, colorful fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

Tip on Parking: When going to any of these events in San Francisco it’s recommended that you park close to the site or attraction you’re attending. Anyone that has ever been to San Francisco knows for a fact during holidays and special events, the traffic is jammed! Do yourself and others a favor by parking within 100 feet of your destination if you can. If not, prepare yourself for a long stressful drive, enjoy your New Years!

Hornblower Crusies and Events: Do you enjoy moonlit boat rides? If you’re looking to get a little one on one time with you and your significant other, or just looking to enjoy a family event, look into Hornblower Cruises. Not only do these cruises occur year round, they specialize in giving New Year’s Eve tours so you may view the bright fireworks. After a night of dancing, dining and entertainment, prepare yourself to see skittle flavored colors fill the black sky. For those of you that can’t make it to Pier 3 in San Francisco, there are also other boarding locations in Berkeley as well as Sausalito. Although the view is spectacular, don’t think it’s cheap! Be ready to spend a little as prices are up to $249 for adults and $119 for children. If you can afford it, this will truthfully be a New Year’s Eve to remember! Phone: 415-788-8866

New Year’s Eve @ Gordon Biersch: Get ready to experience a different kind of New Year’s Eve. Sure you’ve been to all of the parties New Year’s Eve has to offer, however; have you been to a club/fireworks show? Gordon Biersch, which camouflages itself as a Brewery and Restaurant, will be providing entertainment such as DJ’s, music, appetizers and drinks to those whole make RESERVATIONS! The key word here is “RESERVATIONS“, without “RESERVATIONS“, you won’t be getting in! The only way to attend this event is to purchase tickets off of their private website. Ticket prices are starting at $150 a person so make sure your money game is right! Website:

Any Hotel along Embarcadero in San Francisco: For San Francisco locals, you can view the firework show anywhere along Market St. or Embarcadero. These hotels include, The Hyatt or Harbor Court. For the best view, stay about the 15th floor, you will be able to get a better view of what all the firework show has to offer.

San Francisco Bay Waterfront: Since the fireworks will be being held over the water in San Francisco Bay, you could simple walk up to the Pier and watch the fireworks theatrics. If you want to get the perfect “sightseeing” spot, make sure to show up early, at least 1 hour in advance. Oh yeah, make sure you bring your camera!

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