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2009: Where is the Love (Song)?

When I decided to write about the top ten love songs of 2009, I thought it would be an easy task. Love is my favorite music subject, so I was eager to compile a great list. However, I was extremely disappointed! This year had a huge love song deficit, and it took me forever to find songs worth mentioning. The following is my top ten love songs of 2009:

10. “There Goes My Baby”-Charlie Wilson

I was driving home the first time I heard this song, and I loved it instantly. It’s about a man who spots an intriguing woman at the mall, and makes plans for their future without ever meeting her. It’s a feel good song like his “Charlie, Last Name Wilson” from 2005.

9. “It’s Yours”- J Holiday

This song portrays a man who has eyes for only one woman, and he just “can’t get enough” of her. It’s a great tribute to her, and many of Holiday’s songs are about making a woman feel special.

8. “Trust”- Keyshia Cole and Monica

It’s not common these days to have two powerful female voices on the same song, so this one is a pleasure to hear.

7. “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart”- Alicia Keys

“Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart? Well, you could try sleeping in my bed.” That’s my favorite part of this song about a lovesick woman who’s trying to move on.

6. “T.O.N.Y.”- Solange Knowles

“T.O.N.Y.”, which stands for “The Other Night oh Y”, is about a woman who realizes that the guy she had a one night stand with wants nothing more to do with her. It’s not your typical love song, but it’s an interesting one. Also, the video is pretty eye-catching, and there is a surprise at the end.

5. “It Kills Me”- Melonie Fiona

This tune tells the story of a woman who knows she’s in a failing relationship, but she does not want to give up on it. The title is not an exaggeration as the lyrics are the words of an extremely desperate woman.

4. “Part of the List”- Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo is one of the best song writers in the music industry today, and he does not disappoint with this ballad.

3. “Lions, Tigers, and Bears”- Jazmine Sullivan

This song about being afraid to love someone has one of the most unique melodies that I’ve heard in years. By the end of the song, I picture Jazmine as being exhausted from all of the emotions she goes through.

2. “Pretty Wings”- Maxwell

After staying out of the spotlight for several years, Maxwell returned with such a beautiful song. The title refers to a man letting a woman “free to fly” if he can’t have her.

1. “All I Ever Think About” – Chrisette Michele

This song has not been released as a single, but it is my favorite song on Michele’s Epiphany album. I first heard the song when she sang it live on VH1 Soul Stage and I was blown away. She is one of the few artists who actually sound much better singing live than she does on her albums. Her voice is truly impressive.

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2009 Women's Summer Fashion Trends for Barbeques and Parties

Warm weather, days by the pool: you need to prepare for the days ahead with a new wardrobe that’s on par with today’s fashion. What defines this year, though, more than most years is the shift toward more ethnic influences in clothing. Brighter colors and foreign patterns are becoming more commonplace on the clothing we wear. While some of the stuff you may see is now what you’d expect, they’re certainly the hottest things around right now. Here’s what to get to make sure you’re not only satisfied, but still in style with contemporary fashion:

Purple Floral Top
This intricately flower-designed purple top is a great choice for pool-side parties or outdoor barbeques. On the other hand, I wouldn’t suggest this for any indoor parties with music or food. Keep this for the outdoors because it’s simply meant for the sun. It’s moderately low-cut top and wide straps make it a unique and stylish choice for this summer. If you’re interested, you can take a look at it here. If you’d like to purchase this purple floral top, you can call Max & Co. at (323) 606-4440 and ask about their Purple Floral Top, which costs $155.

The hottest shorts for women now end nearly at the top of the thigh. They’re tight, light-colored, and simply designed. They’re cheap, too, at only $59. You can check out a pair of these summer shorts at #3 on the slideshow. If you’re interested in these simplistic yet fashionable shorts, you can purchase them at DKNY or buy them over the phone at (800) 777-4524.

Missoni Dress
This is a dress that is quite expensive, costing $475, but is well worth it if you can afford the price. The design itself blends the ethnic and contemporary trends that are coming together during the summer of 2009. It is intricately woven and elegantly reaches just beyond the knees. It is sleeveless and has two thin straps on the shoulders, making it an ideal choice for the warm weather of the summer. You can purchase the Missoni dress at Constance Boutique or over the phone at (828) 252-4002. Or, you can take a look at the dress by looking at #8 on this slideshow.

Floral Print Long Shirt
While this top has long sleeves and length, it is made of a thin material that will keep you cool during even the worst heat of the summer. It is a more conservative choice for the summer because of its all-around length, but is elegant in showing off the floral prints. Additionally, you won’t find any top more ethnic than this, making it a great choice for this summer of 2009. It is #6 on the slideshow and you can purchase it at

One Shoulder Fashion Trend
While the two-strap dress still remains popular, the one-strap dress is becoming more prominent in the contemporary fashion styles. Similar to the backless dresses, the one-shoulder dresses are meant to display the shoulders as one of the woman’s most powerful features. However, this one-shoulder dress is not for everyone. It requires shoulders that are tan and cut, otherwise the one-shoulder dress might not fit so well. Either way, it’s a great choice for the summer and is certainly a sensual trend that you should take a look at. You can view some dresses, worn by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba, here.

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2009 Volkswagen Golf - Versatility at Its Best

The Volkswagen Golf is a predecessor to the Volkswagen models that have been a force in the market since 1974 as a family car. The small sized car comes with a complete overhaul in terms of quality and the comfort this car provides is hardly comparable. This is something that Volkswagen designed to give more value for money for their customers. Volkswagen cars have been high performance vehicles and the Volkswagen Golf is no exception.

The new Volkswagen Golf looks sleek with its perfect exterior design and excellent finish. It features advanced technological features which puts it in a class of its own compared to previous Volkswagen designs. There is the ACC Automatic Distance Control and the DCC Adaptive Chassis Control as some of its features. The noise during driving is also significantly reduced with the sound dumping film that characterizes the windshield enabling a quite ride. All the new and improved features on the new Volkswagen Golf make it more reliable.

The interior design is very different from the previous Volkswagens. The car controls such as the climate control system, the power mirror adjustment control, navigation system and the steering wheel are easy to use. The drive is quite comfortable since the car does not pose any difficulty when driving. The materials used inside the Volkswagen Golf are high quality and makes the inside of the car to look classy.

Volkswagen Golf comes with a variety of engine options that are very powerful and provide users with an advantage; fuel efficiency. Engines are available from 1.4 to 2.0 liters. The Volkswagen which has a hatchback body design comes in 2 door, four door or convertible styles and is good for people who wish for a lot of car space for both passengers and cargo.

The safety kit of the Volkswagen Golf is comprised of the standard air bags for the front, side and knee, an ESP system with traction control and the disc brakes. The company has described the Volkswagen Golf as an all-round vehicle and it performs even better as a more practical model. What’s more, this hatchback is an economical car.

Generally, the Volkswagen Golf performs better as a family car providing you with all the features you could need. It provides room for up to four passengers. The Bluemotion is a Volkswagen Golf model for those who would love an experience with an eco friendly car.

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2009 Winter Wedding Dresses

The time is now to start looking for your 2009 Winter Wedding Dress. The 2009 winter wedding season has brought such a plethora of bridal gown trends it can be difficult for a bride to decide on just the perfect gown. I have waded through the many new gown choices out there and brought you a list of five of the top 2009 winter wedding gown trends and an example of each.

Trend 1: White dress, colorful details.

Dress 1: Mary’s Bridal Style: #F09 7973 –This gorgeous gown from the Unspoken Romance Collection is available in white or ivory with red embroidered detailing on the shirred bodice, pickup bubble skirt and detachable cathedral train. The veil with matching detail is included. I think this dress marries souther style with modern flair.

Trend 2: The basic ballgown with a twist.

Dress 2: Sottoro & Midgley Style ASM3239 –There is nothing basic about this elegant strapless A-lined gown with its pleated bodice Chardon Metallic Taffeta skirt. Available in white, diamond white, or dusty rose for the winter bride with a flair for color.

Trend 3: Light and floaty material.

Dress 3: Mori Lee Bridal Style 2415 –You will look and feel like an angel floating down the aisle in this gown of tulle and Venice lace.

Trend 4: The short wedding gown.

Dress 4: Alfred Angelo Style 2005 –Short and sassy only begins to describe this gorgeous cocktail length gown of Point d’ Esprit, satin, and sequin and crystal bead covered embroidered lace. Metallic accents add to the flair of this simply beautiful dress.

Trend 5: Slim lined gowns with romance.

Dress 5: David’s Bridal Style SVC 9840 –He will think you are the Goddess Aphrodite gliding down the aisle to him in this beautiful slim chiffon gown with ruched bodice and jeweled neckline. The sweep train addes to the romance of this beautiful gown that is available in white or ivory.

For these and more beautiful gowns in all the trends of the 2009 winter wedding season you can visit these sites.

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2009 Utah Sport Fishing Restoration Grants

The Sport Fish Restoration Program, which is one of the programs funded and authorized by the Dingell-Johnson/Wallop Breaux Act established in 1950, awards grants that improve recreational boating and fishing opportunities throughout the nation. The funding for these grants comes from a 3% tax on electric motors, a 10% tax on fishing equipment, import duties on fishing tackle as well as pleasure yachts and boats, motorboat and small engine fuel tax and interest earned on the Sport Fish Restoration Trust Fund.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for administering the Sport Fish Restoration Program grants that are awarded to state agencies throughout the nation, such as the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. In 2009 the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources was awarded nine grants. These nine grants are Blue Ribbon Fisheries Program Administration Grant, the Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting Southern Region Grant, thee Stream Restoration and habitat Enhancement Grant, the Willard Bay State Park Boater Access Grant, the Replacement of Restrooms at Deer Creek Reservoir State Park Grant, the Statewide Motorboat Access Development Installation of Replacement Vault Restrooms at Deer Creek Reservoir Grant, the Boat Ramp Extension and Replacement of Courtesy Docks at Rockport State Park Grant, the Upper Sevier River Stream Enhancement Grant and the Fish and Wildlife Grantee Administration Grant.

The Blue Ribbon Fisheries Program Administration Grant is $15,639 and extends from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009. This grant provides funding for the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council for the implementation off the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Program.

The Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting Southern Region Grant is $1,000 and extend from November 15, 2008 to December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for establishing and enhancing “riparian vegetation in areas where stream enhancement projects have been conducted.”

The Stream Restoration and Habitat Enhancement Grant is $27,625 and extends from November 15, 2008 through December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for thee closure and or placement of campsites on the Left-Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork with the placement of barriers for reducing damage due to non-management.

The Willard Bay State Park Boater Access Grant is $41,132 and extends from October 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for improvements to boating access on thee Great Salt Lake.

The Replacement of Restroom at Deer Creek Reservoir State Park Grant is $74,954 and extends from October 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for the replacement an upgrade of the existing restrooms.

The Statewide Motorboat Access Development Installation of Replacement Vault Restrooms at Deer Creek Reservoir Grant is $25,666.96 and extends through February 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for the replacement of two existing restrooms at Deer Creek State Park.

The Boat Ramp Extension and Replacement of Courtesy Docks at Rockport State Park Grant is $30,000 and extends from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009. This grant provides funding for improvements to an existing boat ramp.

The Upper Sevier River Stream Enhancement Grant is $10,000 and extends from February 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010. This grant provides funding for stabilizing stream banks to reduce erosion, for the improvement of aquatic habitats along with riparian vegetation. This grant will also fund the Best Management Practices for managing livestock grazing that improves the fish habitat.

The Fish and Wildlife Grantee Administration Grant is $52,725 and extends from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009. This grant provides funds for ensuring that the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources remains eligible for Federal Aid Programs by following all the requirements set forth by the Sportfish Restoration Program. This grant also provides funding for “contractual annual payments for in-lieu-of-taxes to Utah counties for Wildlife Restoration Act and Sportfish Restoration Act Federal Assistance lands” and lands obtained under Section 8 of the Colorado River Storage Act.

The Sport Fish Restoration Program, which funds many grants, provides a cycle that begins and ends with the user of the facility where the grant has been awarded. The funds that are spent getting to the water and while on the water often help fund the grant that is awarded to make improvements as deemed necessary. Improvements such as the ones for which these grants have been awarded in the State of Utah create a safer and more accessible way for boaters and anglers to enjoy the vast bodies of water throughout Utah. The fund established by the Dingell-Johnson/Wallop Breaux Act enables boaters and anglers to invest in the recreational pastime that they choose each and every time they venture out on the water because the money they spend trickles back into the grant funds. Grants awarded by The Sport Fish Restoration Program are calculated using a formula that includes land area, the number of paid license holders as well as minimums and maximum. These grants are disbursed on a reimbursement basis of up to 75% of the cost of the project and up to 100% of the cost of projects for United States territories.

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2009 New Year's Resolutions for Britney Spears

I really want the best for Britney, but there are some basic resolutions that have to be a part of her life in 2009.

1. Britney should resolve to always wear underwear, especially when she is going to pop a squat in front of the paparazzi.

2. I’d like to see Britney resolve to never sing when she is strung out or geeked-up.

3. It naturally follows that she should resolve to stay clean and sober.

4. The kids would probably love for Britney Spears to include parenting classes in her 2009 New Year’s resolutions.

5. Keep your fulltime body guard, but also hire a fulltime psychologist.

6. Britney’s 2009 New Year’s resolutions might include a review of safe driving laws and practices.

7. She definitely needs to resolve to consult with an image consultant that will help her determine how a woman her age should dress.

8. Resolve to ditch Madonna as a role model. She’s a material girl. Find someone you can look up to and respect for clear decisions, integrity, and character. Check the kids’ dictionary for clarity on the meaning of those words.

9. Reserve your “goodies” for someone you love. Perhaps the psychologist can help you with this New Year’s resolution by explaining the difference between love, lust, and sex. It’s worth a try.

10. Brittany is a talented woman. Her fans would like to see her 2009 New Year’s resolutions include continued progress with fitness, dance, singing, self-discipline, and sanity.

Best of luck Britney Spears with your personal New Year’s resolutions. There are a lot of people supporting you.

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2009 New Year's Resolutions - for an Aries

Oh Beloved Aries – there is a reason why you lead the Zodiac. Overcoming fear is a strength, being impulsive is your weakness. And yet – the very idea of New Year’s Resolutions makes you laugh because you are always true to self – and know for a fact that knowing this much also means realizing that you never finish what you start. Too much energy in so many directions. But it is tradition – nonetheless – and there is no time like the present to put your energies into being a more perfect you.

Action is the mode of your life and winning’s its best reward. Spontaneous, confident, and the life of the party. And all that can get you into a heap of trouble. You don’t have a problem with being selfish (hey – survival of the fittest, right?), and you have the patience of a 2 year old that needs to go to the bathroom at the mall. But for all the right reasons – you are a leader – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So New Year’s is the time to think about a better you (but can you really improve on perfection? But I digress.). So here are 10 things to work on to ensure a new year is better than the one you just had.

1. Call your mother. Sure, she nags you to death about the fact that you change jobs like you change shoes, and she can’t keep up with your lovers (“are you still with Tommy? Oh no, so who are you with NOW?”). Your family does love you – even when you are difficult to measure with that temper of yours. Friends are cool with you because they know how you can be. Reward their patience – send them a card on their birthday and call once a month. When you end the call, you will be happy you did, Aries.

2. Get Fit – but make sure it’s something you like. Exercise helps mood, lowers blood pressure, and fights depression – just what you need to tame the beast in you sometimes. But…understand that you are a social creature and you will probably be bored to death at a gym. So do something outdoors. Do something social. Join a walking/runners club. Swim. Train for a triathlon. Play co-ed volleyball at the local sports center. Try to find local games playing in your town. Get Fit – Aries-style.

3. Kick a Vice in the Face – for good. Smoking, drinking, gambling, nail-biting, gossiping, swearing. We all have something – and most have a few things. But Aries are a particular kind of vice-lover – we just love them all at the same time! But this time, take the one thing that really annoys you about yourself – and get rid of it. You know what it is – the thing you do that makes your brain shout, “Why are you doing this – again??” Pick one thing – and devote your energy to kicking that one habit. It won’t happen overnight – but you above everyone else knows – it’s mind over matter. And you are way too strong-willed to let anything stand in the way of mental peace. And if you don’t know what to start with – ask Mom – I’m sure she can clue you in, Aries.

4. Image IS something – maybe you are a few lbs. overweight. Maybe your pants are too short, and your clothes look worn. INVEST! Aries are naturally self aware and image conscious, and you aren’t going to feel your social self if you feel you can’t represent yourself properly. So lose those 15 lbs., get a haircut, and get on with it. It will feel great Aries, promise!

5. Get in touch with your spiritual side – Choose your flavor. Yoga, meditation, nature hikes in the wilderness. Find something that brings peace to you and do it everyday for 15 minutes. Even watching comedy shows helps alleviate stress and gain focus – and it’s a great energizer, Aries.

6. Get out of Debt – Tear off that shackle, get into a plan, and stick with it. I once asked my mom, “Ma, how do you save money?” Know what she told me about this massive mystery that has plagued my 20’s? She says, “You put money in the bank and then…don’t touch it.” I gave her this DUH! look – but it brings home a simple point. Bringing your finances to a healthy state is not so much brainwork, but stick-to-it – ness. Ok – so you are $30,000 in debt. And you see yourself possibly coming out of it in 5 years. You scream – 5 YEARS! But if you keep at it – and occasionally work harder – time will still pass – and in 5 years – you will either still be $30,000 in debt – or you might be $5,000 or $6,000 in debt or even debt free! Time still passes – but being rudderless when it comes to your finances because you think the goal is going to take you too long will be just as costly if not more so. In this case – patience will pay off in spades. So go get ’em, Aries!

7. Find inspiration. Join a theatre group. Commit (I know this is hard) to a dance class. Do something completely unexpected from what you know or even thought possible. Maybe you are a secretary at a law firm and you have no interest in being a secretary or a lawyer. Try your hand at light carpentry at a local Habitat for Humanity project. Maybe you are a master carpenter that likes to sing in the shower. Go to Craigslist and take some private singing lessons. In other words – really commit to doing something unexpected. If anything – you are good at the unpredictable, aren’t you, Aries?

8. Get in touch with the altruist in you – Yes, you can be selfish and self-abusive – but in there beats a heart of gold. Just takes a while for anyone to penetrate. Commit to a gesture in kindness in the form of real time or money dedicated to a cause of your choice. Once a month is all that you really need – and you might end up liking it so much – you might even devout more. It might just become a good habit. It also helps for networking purposes (because everyone’s gotta know someone, right?) And you can beam with pride when people ask what you do in your free time – and you will be a source of admiration amongst all your friends. You just love that spotlight, don’t you Aries?

9. Clean house and organize – pack up the stuff you don’t want and go to the Salvation Army – because it’s out with the old and in with the new. Old dishes, shoes and books – GONE! Good bye! Then, buy a small notebook agenda and put everything in it – Dad’s birthday, Bro’s Anniversary, your vacation weeks (yippee!). Organize your life mentally, and clean out your clutter physically. You’ll feel better spiritually, Aries.

10. Air Out What’s Toxic in your Life – We all know who they are. The best friend that always feigns happiness when you have a new boyfriend – or the aunt who thinks you don’t notice that she always sends Christmas cards to you, and mindlessly forgets your wife’s name. Toxic people, they are everywhere. They are the ones that want to extinguish your excitement over a new job, a pregnancy, or a major move or business venture. These are the same people that work in a job for 15 years and cry about never getting a promotion, but never get educated or express interest in advancement. You know the type – you and your bff met your guys around the same time – but she has been with him for 7 years and no talk of marriage, and you have been married for 4 years with Baby #2 on the way. So they want to reign on your parade. Let them – but don’t let them in too close. Happiness is contagious, but so is misery. Draw positive people in – and let the negative ones fester outside the gates. You get what you give, and in the end, you’ll probably figure out it’s the best thing you did, Aries.

So there you have it, Aries – resolutions custom made just for you. And just think – knowing you – you will probably forget these by March – but you’ll be back in the saddle attempting them in June. Don’t be too hard on yourself, change is hard. But being you is its own reward, isn’t Aries?

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2009 New Years Resolutions for the Office

Returning to work on January 2 can be really depressing. Whether you work an office job or have a more hands on position, you can use the new year to make a difference in how you do your job and your outlook for the year. Here are a few tips to get you started.


When you arrive at work, analyze your environment. A lot of us are assigned work space or work out of a vehicle so the environment is somewhat fixed and out of our control but you can concentrate on what you can control. Remove any trash or materials that are no longer relevant, box and archive last year’s records, start with a new set of supplies, a new organizational notebook, add a new calendar, re-label shelves, start a few binders for paper storage. Fix any safety or compliance issues that might exist. Request new copies of any work-related posters or job documentation materials that are faded, torn, irrelevant or out of date. Set up a more efficient work space- can you move a few things around to make it a little more streamlined to do your job? Clean out your email and voice mail. Change out your personal effects at the office for a change and a lift in spirit. Add something that inspires you to do your best.


The first of the new year brings performance reviews for most companies. Use this as a catalyst to request changes, reorganize, set new objectives, find room to grow and to impress your boss. If your reviews are at another time of year, use this time to review and see if you are still on track. Innovate your role to do the job in a smarter, better, faster way. Use networking contacts and industry journals and blogs for ideas. Work on finding new contacts and look for industry-related groups to join. Consider furthering your education or training with a certification or degree. Set yourself up for 2009 to be the year you reach the next rung on the ladder.

Time Management

Have you been on a tardy streak (even the best of us end up in those)? Have you been working overtime to just get by with what must absolutely get done?

Look at your routine to see that you are preparing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for your day. Get more sleep, wake up earlier, add a workout or a healthier breakfast. Change pesky bad habits for new ones like setting out clothing and packing a lunch the night before. Stage your gear by the front door for a more efficient exit. Buy gas in the evening on the way home and stock packable breakfast items to eliminate standing in lines in the morning. Buy a coffee pot with a timer to have the hot life-giving serum ready when you wake up. Train pets (and yourself) to a walking/ feeding schedule. Start with one change at a time, and add others as you master them to keep from being overwhelmed or downright rebellious.

If you have more workload on your desk than you have hours in the week, converse with the powers that be to see if tasks might be delegated, reprioritized or exchanged. Realign your tolerance for a work/life balance that is out of whack. If you aren’t getting enough downtime with your family or adequate time to manage your personal responsibilities, you aren’t going to be able to perform your best at work. There are several great time management and organization books available with the latest and greatest at the local bookstore and timeless classics available for free checkout at the library. Discover something that works for you, start using it a step at a time and stick with it. The investment will pay off.


Check your tax forms and personal information with your Human Resources department. You might need to update something or can make changes to add a few more dollars to your paycheck. Double check to be sure you have received all of your benefit identification cards and information for the new year before you actually need them. If you don’t already do so, direct deposit some funds directly from your paycheck into a savings account, forget about it, watch it grow, be prepared, feel prosperous.


Were you on the outs with a co-worker during the last year? Did that person who always expects someone else to do their job step on your last nerve? Do you work for a really scary boss? The new year is a great time to start with a clean slate. You might not be able to change a troublesome co-worker but you can decide to not let it affect you and cause you stress. If there is something you can do to alleviate a situation, by all means pursue it. Leading by example often has much more effect on others behavior and makes things smoother than conflict or confrontation. In the very least, you will be less stressed and your boss will separate you from the trouble making. Unless of course your boss is the troublemaker, that is a whole new article in itself. The important thing in dealing with difficult relationships is to remember that you work to provide for your family and to achieve your personal dreams. We are all in that situation together and need to work as a team to make our companies successful and prosperous for stable employment. If you are distracted and unable to tolerate a lot of workplace relationships, look for a work at home position. Very little that happens in relations at work should be taken personally. Be the wise one who can handle the not-so-wise ones and succeed in spite of them.

Reporting to work on January 2 can be a depressing experience or it can be an exciting catalyst for change. Imagine where you want to be on January 2, 2010, and take the first step to getting there.

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2010 is the 37th Year for the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

The Gus Macker three on three basketball tournament was started by Scott and Mitch McNeal in Lowell, Michigan in 1974. The first Gus Macker games were a tournament involving a group of Scott and Mitch McNeal’s friends. The group competed for a prize of $18. Thirty-seven years later the All World Tournament travels through 75 cities according to Approximately 200,000 basketball players compete in this tournament according to the website The tournament awards first, second and third place finishers in each division.

This three on three tournament is for both male and female players. The Gus Macker Tournament is bracketed based on age, how long the team has played and height. There can be up to four players per team. The Gus Macker teams can be beat twice before they are eliminated from the tournament.

A Hall of Fame for teams and players has also been established in The Gus Macker Tournament. According to the website, the first team named to the Gus Macker Hall of Fame was Miss Elizabeth’s Fan Club, a team from San Diego.

The Gus Macker has become a tournament that doesn’t encourage negative advertising. It is good entertainment for the whole family. With so many players and a traveling entourage, it is a great outlet for sponsors. This three on three tournament has become a great way for non-profit organizations to raise money. According to www.Macker, organizations have raised close to $15,000.00.

After 37 years of traveling from city to city, the Gus Macker Tournament organizers have built a tournament that has gained a good reputation. This three on three basketball tournament provides both basketball players an opportunity to compete against a wide range of players during the summer months. It also gives fans great basketball to watch and a way for fellowship during the summer months.

Sources: Macker Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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2009's Movie Moneymakers/Outlook for the 2010 Oscars

Will the Box Office have the success during 2010 that it had during 2009? Only time well tell. I must say though that the Box Office did very well in 2009. Several hit movies hit the theaters over the year including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Proposal, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Avatar, 2012, Angels and Demons, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and more. The total gross of the Top 10 movies of 2009 is over $7.1 billion compared to 2008’s $6.38 billion (According to Box Office Mojo). It is probably safe to say that 2009 was the most successful or one of the most successful years in terms of money earned.

The year of 2009 was not only a special year in terms of money earned at the Box Office. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that 274 feature films are eligible to receive the Best Picture of 2009. The number of nominees allowed for this category has been increased from 5 to 10. While I am not 100% sure which movie is going to get it, I think that 2012, Avatar, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince stand a pretty good chance. Personally, I would pick 2012 for Best Picture of 2009. That movie had some of the best special effects I have seen in some time. While the acting may have been a little disappointing, the special effects more than made up for it. The Academy Award nominations will be announced on Tuesday February 2, 2010 at 5:30 am PST. The awards for the films’ achievements will be given out on March 7, 2010 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

My Prediction for winner of Best Motion Picture of 2009: 2012.

Once the nominations for Academy Awards are announced on February 2, I will make my predictions as to which movies/actresses/actors I think will win. Here are which movies/actors/actresses I think will be nominated:

Performance by an actor in a leading role:

Tom Hanks in “Angels and Demons”

Mark Wahlberg in “The Lovely Bones”

John Cusack in “2012”

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year:

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Performance by an actor in a supporting role:

Tobey Maguire in “Brothers”

Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brothers”

Sam Neill in “Skin”

Morgan Freeman in “Invictus”

Achievement in Visual Effects:


“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

“The Princess and the Frog”

Performance by an actress in a supporting role:

Jennifer Aniston in “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Amy Adams in “Julie and Julia”

Best Motion Picture of the Year:


“Race to Witch Mountain”

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”



Achievement in Directing:



“Angels and Demons”



“2009 Yearly Box Office Results,” Box Office

“274 Films Eligible for 2009 Oscar Race,” Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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2010, 2011 Budget for the City of Birmingham, Michigan; What Changes Will Be Made?

The new budget for the 2010 – 2011 fiscal year has been created and it really is quite interesting although I find that 436 pages is a bit long. Because of the economic difficulties that the state of Michigan has been facing the budget for the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year has also been created.

There are a lot of improvements and repairs planned for the city of Birmingham; the sewer and water main systems as well as the street and bridges are schedule for improvements or repairs. Also, the automobile parking systems will get an upgrade as well as reconstruction to the Lincoln Hills Golf Course, clubhouse and parking lot.

So how does the city of Birmingham plan on paying for all these new and exciting projects? They are planning on reducing 13.5 full-time positions in the 2010 – 2011 fiscal year and another 4.5 full-time positions in the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year, but the budget does not state which positions will be going. I am not sure why the city would add a half percent to the totals, how do you eliminate half a position? Is it going to be 13 or 14 full-time positions this year? It is also written in the budget that the reduction in full-time positions will be achieved primarily through attrition, does this mean that they plan on 13 or 14 people either retiring or kicking the bucket? They have also eliminated all non-essential overtime and reduced administrative pay by 2 % to help make ends meet.

Instead of reducing positions and pay within the city, maybe the city of Birmingham should concentrate on raising more revenue for the city by making it less expensive and complicated with less restrictions for new businesses who would like of operate within the city.

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2009-2010 Fantasy Hockey - Sleeper Defensemen

Once the top 25 defensemen are off the draft board most owners scramble and without much knowledge take the next best player on the default rankings list. The teams that go against this strategy will be the most successful as the season progresses so in order to help you without further ado here are 5 defensemen to keep in mind in your 2009-2010 NHL fantasy drafts.

Christian Ehrhoff – Vancouver Canucks (13th round or later)
After 5 solid seasons in San Jose, Christian Ehrhoff will enter his 6th NHL season in the lovely city of Vancouver with a supporting cast of scoring machines. This will be a breakout year for Ehrhoff now that he is out of the defensive focused system of Sharks head coach Todd McLellan. After putting up 42 points in 77 games last season, Ehrhoff can easily reach the 50 point plateau which is phenomenal for a defenseman and would put him in the top 10 in scoring for his position. With an average draft position of the 13th round or later, Ehrhoff has extreme sleeper value written all over him as 20-25 other defensemen are being taken before him especially since he sizzled out during the 2nd half of the 2008-2009 campaign. He will be a great D2 or D3 option for your team this season.

Brent Burns – Minnesota Wild (13th round or later)
Entering his 6th season with the Wild, the 24 year old Burns has been taken a bit later in drafts this season due to a concussion he suffered last year that forced him to miss the final 19 games of the season. Prior to the injury Burns put up 27 points in 59 games and in the 2007-2008 campaign he put up 43 points in 82 games. Last season Coach Todd Richards shifted Burns between defense and forward a few games before the injury (Prior to playing for the Wild, Burns played right wing with the Brampton Battalion). If he goes this route again this year, Burns can easily reach the 45 point mark and possibly finish as a top 10 defenseman in scoring. If you’re looking for value at defense in the middle rounds Burns like Ehrhoff can provide you with a great return on your fantasy investment.

Zach Bogosian – Atlanta Thrashers (14th round or later)
The 3rd overall pick of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft got a taste of the honey last season, and is ready to put up some good numbers in the 2009-2010 NHL season. Highly touted as the top prospect in the Thrashers system, Bogosian moves the puck well, skates with conviction and has a scorching shot in his arsenal. In the 2007-2008 OHL season, Zach notched 61 points in 60 games with the Peterborough Petes. He only played in 47 games with the Thrashers last season due to a broken leg early on bet was able to net 9 goals, 10 assists and 47 PIM. The pride of Armenia is destined for big things this season and if he stays healthy he has the potential to put up 45 points or more. On average he is being taken around the 14th round this season, but in dynasty leagues I’d recommend taking him around the 12th. At the age of 19, Bogosian figures to be a valuable D3 this season on fantasy teams with the potential to be a top 5 defenseman in the NHL in the near future.

Victor Hedman – Tampa Bay Lightning (18th round or later)
The 2nd overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft is going in the 18th round or later. Something is wrong with that sentence. Victor Hedman is going to make waves in the NHL this season and will most definitely be one of the top candidates for the Calder once all is said and done. There is a reason why the Islanders flirted with the possibility of taking Hedman #1 overall instead of John Tavares. Standing at 6 foot 6 and weighing in at 227pounds, Victor has drawn many comparisons to powerhouse defender Chris Pronger (Flyers). The 18 year olds numbers in Sweden were mediocre which is why I wouldn’t recommend taking him much earlier than his average draft position. It will definitely take some seasoning for Hedman to get his bearings. On the upside Hedman will be a value in PIM and +/- as he will give his opponents an extremely difficult time on the offensive. A point total in the high 30s or low 40s is expected which would make Victor a fine D4 in all formats. Dynasty leagues should target Hedman in the 15th round or later.

Jeff Schultz – Washington Capitals (last round or free agent pickup)
Entering his 4th NHL season, the 27th overall selection in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft is in line to get a lot more playing time. There is nothing intriguing about the 12 points Schultz put up in 64 games with the Capitals last season. There is something intriguing about Schultz getting 1st line duties with an offense loaded with talent. His +/- is going to be through the roof and Assists should follow, as Semin and Ovechkin are both maniacs on the offensive. Standing at 6 foot 6 inches tall Schultz is a force to be reckoned with and combined with his ability to distribute the puck from the point Schultz should see significant time on the Power Play this season. If you are in need of a defenseman in the final rounds of your draft he’s a great speculation and if you’ve already had your draft there is a good chance Schultz will be on the waiver wire for your pickup pleasure.

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2010 11-inch MacBook Air Preview: Apple's New Netbook?

Steve Jobs introduced the new 2010 line of MacBook Air laptops by asking “What would happen if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up?” You’d think the result would be a netbook … and in some ways the MacBook Air counts as one, especially the new 11-inch model.

But at the event where he introduced the iPad, Steve Jobs denounced netbooks as useless, or at least as machines that “aren’t better than anything:” not better than laptops for using as your main or travel computer, and not better than smartphones for browsing the web on the go. So why the new netbook-sized 11-inch MacBook Air laptops? What are the problems with netbooks, and how does Jobs think Apple has fixed them?

Size matters

The standard netbook has a 10.1 inch display, with a squashed aspect ratio that makes the screen look like it’s been flattened. Meanwhile, even if a netbook’s keyboard spans its whole width, that doesn’t leave much room for a touchpad.

The new, smaller MacBook Air laptop has an 11.6 inch display, just half an inch smaller than Apple’s old 12-inch iBooks’, with a normal aspect ratio for a laptop. Except that with the MacBook Air’s widescreen display, it should have a roomier keyboard than the old iBooks did. Plus, instead of a tiny rectangle touchpad with plasticky buttons on each side, the new 11-inch MacBook uses a larger, all-glass touchpad, like other MacBook laptops.

Speed counts

One area where netbooks might seem to outshine the 11-inch MacBook Air is in the size of their hard drives. The netbook I used for a few weeks last year had a 160 GB hard drive, while the new 11-inch MacBook Air only has 64 GB of space, at least in the base (under $1000) model.

But where a netbook’s hard drive is slow and clunky, the new 11-inch MacBook Air uses solid-state flash storage, the same kind used in the iPhone and in digital camera memory cards. Not only will it be extremely fast, especially when starting up, but it’ll also make the 11-inch MacBook Air more durable, since it’ll have no moving parts.

Power under the hood

Netbooks generally use Intel Atom processors, extremely low-power chips that stutter on full-screen Flash video without an optional (and more expensive) HD video decoder. The 11-inch MacBook Air, on the other hand, will have an Intel Core 2 Duo, with an NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor. So not only will the 11-inch MacBook Air be able to play HD video, you’ll be able to get an adapter for it that’ll let you plug it into an HDTV or other HD display.

The Upshot

In Marco Arment’s much more detailed rundown of the new 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs’ technical specs, he compared the new MacBook Air to “a two-seater car,” and said that it’s not for everyone … especially if “the application you use most frequently begins with ‘Adobe’ or costs more than $100”. Even he had to admit that the new MacBook Air makes a great secondary computer, though … one that he’d rather bring with him traveling than an iPad.

So, it looks like Apple was able to make an almost netbook-sized computer that has none of the traditional netbook’s disadvantages. And even the pricetag — $999 for the base 11-inch MacBook Air — isn’t too bad for a machine in its size and performance class. The old 12-inch iBooks sold for $999, after all, and so do today’s 13-inch MacBooks. And they’re both twice as heavy as the new 11-inch MacBook Air, and are (or were) made out of polycarbonate plastic instead of aluminum.

What do you think? Is the new 11-inch MacBook Air something you’re interested in? Would it be able to replace the machine that you’re using right now? Especially now that it has two easily-accessible USB ports, instead of the one USB port behind a side panel like last year’s MacBook Air model had.

Scroll down and leave a comment; and whatever computer you’re using a year or two from now, I hope you have fun with it.

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2009 New Year's Resolutions for Celebrity Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan the No#1 Bollywood Cine Star, who has been very recently nominated at 41st position among world top 50 most powerful people in the world by the prestigious Newsweek magazine, with Barack Obama topping the list. I had chosen to write about 10 top resolutions for a celebrity, and to me who else it will be than KING KHAN. The Heart throbbing, loved by millions of Indian’s, Pakistani and Afghanistan as well as all over the world. Shah Rukh Khan well known as SRK the ‘King of Bollywood’, a title that every cinegoer is aware of, like people know their A-B-C.

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2009 for Shah Rukh Khan (No#1 Bollywood celebrity)

1)Don’t compare with Amitabh Bachhan the Big “B”
In my opinion Shah Rukh Khan should stop comparing and copying the Big “B” Amitabh Bhachan. SRK in his own accord is a super star and a great entertainer. He is born in a different era; there is no comparison among them.

He had great hits and wonderful movies under his belt. Why copying his movies like DON or anchoring in small screen (TV) in the same lines of Kaun Banega Crorepati of Big “B” and Kya aap panchvi pass se tez hai?

This world don’t want copy Cats but Originals. And he is a wonderful actor, dancer and a great human being.

2) Bring back Juhi Chawla in his team ,
SRK shouldn’t forget his top movies he had teamed with Juhi Chawla, and he had such a great chemistry between him and Juhi. She on her own is a great actress, so by teaming with her he could create wonderful movies and a terrific team.

In my opinion and opinion of other fans he should bring back Juhi.

3) Don’t make Art movies or parallel movies

Shah Rukh Khan please don’t try parallel movie like “Swadesh”. It is not his cup of tea baby. He is born to be a great entertainer, dance numbers and romantic with his heroine which is his strong point.

4) Quit Smoking
Becoming a non-smoker is probably one of the best decisions Shah Rukh Khan can ever make, and is a life changing as well as a life saving decision.
The benefits for his health, relationships, finances, vitality, the environment and to his sense of self-esteem for having conquered a really hard-to-kick habit will make any and all of his efforts and determination more than worth while. The resolution to become a non-smoker will also help him to live longer and enjoy the finer things in life.

Once he made the resolution to stop, acted upon it and succeeded, he’ll feel great about what he have achieved. Resolving to give up is his decision, and will improve his life from that moment on. No one can make him quit, and no one can help him make the resolution. He has to do it by himself & to do it now!
SRK remember smoking in public and in movies are banned. So why not quit smoking today!

5) Become brand Ambassador
Shah Rukh Khan has a great fan follow up in the Muslim world, even in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the mullahs ban his films. (The movies thrive on the black market).

I also know that he had married to a Hindu girl and in his house he teaches his children both The Gita and The Quran alike.
So to spread love and prevent terrorism he can be the best bet for brand Ambassador.

6) Be macho don’t do add films like Lux
Do add movies like Santro cars, Belmonte Suiting which make him look real macho looks. He shouldn’t demolish his macho image by acting in add films like LUX soap, which he can leave it for Heroines.

7) Don’t be too modest
SRK’s modesty is a jewel and a great virtue of an immense personality and Celebrity, but too much modesty is not good. In this cruel world if one is too modest he or she will be crushed.

He is no #1 super star of Hindi film and Bollywood, and Amir Khan trying to project himself as no#1 and he accepting it, is too innocent in this glamorous world. I have full regards for Aamir Khan and I know they are great friends, but let the no#1 position be decided by the public.

8) Act in mature Character Movies
Now that he had crossed 40 years, so he should start acting in matured roles & character. He is in his prime at the moment so he act more sensible and in choice of movie and its theme.

He has reached pinnacle of his acting career, he is King Khan now.
Dancing and romancing with heroines behind the trees be avoided. He should devote is energy in theme based movies, as his message will be accepted by younger generation very easily.

9) Have Rumours one or two ,
We all know he has a very clean character, and how much he love Gouri Khan his first love and his wife.
Just to add fun and excitement in the minds of public , he may have couple of rumours, masalas, gossipsj in his life which will help people like me to write masala or gossips, which in turn help gossip magazines to sell more.

Hey SRK ! I’m just kidding.

10) Learn Something New
In the world of recessions each and every one should start learning some thing new in order to fight global recession.
Perhaps he should consider a career change, want to learn a new language or musical instrument, or start acting institute or just how to become a better cook? Whether he take a course or read a book, find education to be one of the easiest, most motivating and beneficial resolutions to keep. To Challenge his mind in the coming year, break out of currents routines and challenge every comfort zone and watch his horizons expand.

Therefore King Khan, SRK or Shah Rukh Khan Best of Luck for 2009 New Year’s Resolutions.

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2009's Top 5 Celebrity Retro Hair Cuts and Styles

For the past 5 to 10 years, we have had a trend that was not necessarily a new trend, but a trend of re-inventing old trends, and bringing them back with a somewhat newer updated look.

Not only has retro clothing made a complete comeback, but so have old toys, candy, and hair styles.

Some of the hottest retro hair styles can be seen worn on regular everyday people, and of course some of our favorite celebrities.

One hair style came back after Katie Holmes was caught sporting the short bob cut. Not only did adults crave an identical look, but many parents ran to the salon looking to get the cut for their children. I mean could you blame them? Look at how adorable Katie and Tom’s daughter Suri looks in this photograph. Simply charming.

The bob style was extremely popular back in the 1960’s, and frankly I am glad such a cute style has decided to make another round in our culture. It has been around for years, and I have a feeling it will be staying around.

The next retro style is seen worn often is by Christina Aguilera.

It’s a clean and classical retro style inspired from the 1940’s. Although I think it ages women, the style has taken off in popularity over the years, and is not all that difficult to obtain. Marilyn Monroe the classic beauty queen originally made this hair ‘her own’. Christina Aguilera may have copied the 1950s bombshell, but she wears the retro look well, as you can see here in this photograph. Nothing though can steal the spotlight from Marilyn Monroe, as seen here.

This next retro style was extremely popular back in the 1970s. The style was a simple wave toward the front of the face, and is mostly known as the Farrah Fawcett. This beauty queen will not only be remembered for the warm gentle heart she was, but she will also be remembered for inventing such a gorgeous hairstyle back in the 1970’s, that has yet to go away! May she rest in peace. Click to view this stunning, stunning individual.

This feathered look can still be seen worn by many, many popular stars. Whitney Port from The Hills, and her show The City has been spotted sporting the retro look; as well as Paris Hilton, and Tyra Banks.

Bumped up hair is also back, giving a beehive look a more modern, and acceptable edge. The bumped up hair can now be done easily using the Bump it hair styling product called Bumpits.

Ashley Tisdale; as seen here, and Paris Hilton sport the look often.

Super pin straight hair and long bangs are also a 1960s retro look that has made a huge comeback as well. This hairstyle is more a look to sport around in the fall season, and it is hot! Check out how smoking sexy hot Tyra Banks looks wearing the retro look.

Another retro look from the 1970s includes straightening your hair, and braiding two small braids at the sides of your face. Next take the braids and clip them back to make an almost headband type pull back made from your braids. Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are known for wearing their hair like this, and the trend is back in full swing.

As you can see, retro is back. Besides the clothes, the memorable wax bottle candy, and pez, hair styles have also made a nice comeback, with a nice modern twist to them.

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