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2010 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees Cause Divison Among Fans

The 2010 Nascar Hall of Fame Inductees were announced this past week to mixed reviews from fans of differing generations. The class was led by South Carolina native, ‘The Silver Fox’ David Pearson, founding member of the Alabama Gang Bobby Allison, one of the classiest men and the early voice of Nascar, Ned Jarrett, father of ‘The King’ Lee Petty and legendary car owner Bud Moore.

The inductees to the Nascar Hall of Fame are nominated by a committee of 22 that also have a vote on the final inductees. The nominated group is voted on by a group of 53 individuals consisting of the nomination committee, members of the auto racing media, retired drivers, retired car owners, retired crew chiefs, and a nationwide fan vote. The majority of the individuals are independent of any Nascar control and a quick look at the list shows some strong opinioned people. The committee debated the nominees behind closed doors for several hours before coming to a conclusion, which was overseen by the accounting firm of Ernst and Young.

There has been debate among different generations of fans that certain drivers with arguably amazing statistics were wrongly bypassed by the voting members; specifically Cale Yarborough and “DW” Darrell Waltrip. While Yarborough’s 83 wins including 4 Daytona 500’s, along with 3 Cup Championships and Waltrip’s 85 wins, 1 Daytona 500 and 3 Cup Championships are feats that few drivers will ever hope to reach, the voting committee had to take a lot more than race stats into consideration when voting.

Nascar is a grass-roots sport. Its founding members were the drivers that the fans came to see. Yarborough and Waltrip are legendary competitors, but who were the men that paved the way for their success both on and off the track and as world wide athletes? There seems to be no argument among anyone that both David Pearson and Lee Petty belong in the Nascar Hall of Fame, but that is where the agreement ends. The other three inductees have been debated back and forth.

Bud Moore sat at the table in the Daytona Beach hotel when Big Bill France called the meeting that formed Nascar in 1947. As a driver and car owner he earned 2 Cup Championships 63 wins and fielded cars for Joe Weatherley, Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker and three of the ten members of the Nascar Hall of Fame, Dale Earnhardt, David Pearson and Bobby Allison. To further the argument for his induction, he also fielded cars for both Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip.

Ned Jarrett was a gentleman racer and a businessman. In his short racing career that ended upon his retirement at 33 years old, he had already earned two Cup (Grand National) Championships and 50 wins. He is the only driver to retire as a reigning champion. Following his short but amazingly successful career as a driver Ned became the voice of Nascar bringing the sport to new fans as both a radio and TV announcer.

Finally Bobby Allison, the founding member of the legendary Alabama Gang. It’s hard to argue that Bobby Allison does not belong in this class of inductees. In his career he earned 84 victories including 3 Daytona 500’s, and one Cup Championship. Allison was instrumental in bringing the Alabama Gang together. The original group included Bobby, brother Donnie and Red Farmer. Later members also included Jimmy Means, Neil Bonnett and Davey Allison. Combined this group had 112 wins.

Is it wins, championships or history that determines who makes it into Nascar’s Hall of Fame. If it’s wins there is an argument for everyone on this list. If it’s championships there is an argument for everyone on this list. If it is history there is an argument for everyone on this list.

The argument will not end until it is replaced by the argument over the 2011 Nascar Hall of Fame class. It’s safe to say that the Nascar nomination committee, the independent and strong minded media members, retired owners, drivers, crew chiefs, and track owners and the nationwide fan vote did what they had to do and voted in some very deserving members of Nascar’s rich history. It will be argued that only wins and championships matter, but is that really true. Without the founders, there would have been no races, without the car owners there would have been nothing to drive, without the media we would have never heard about this great sport.

Congratulations to the 2010 Nascar Hall of Fame inductees. I am glad they are all still with us to receive and enjoy this honor. As far as 2011, the fan vote will begin when the nominees are announced. If you want your voice heard, you need to vote.

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2010 McDonald's Monopoly Game and List of Prizes

McDonald’s monopoly is back for 2010. Customers can collect the monopoly pieces and put them on their official monopoly board to win a variety of prizes and a chance for a cool $1 million grand prize award. McDonald’s has been offering the monopoly promotion for years and each year more and more customers are playing the game.

You can get the monopoly game pieces from the following items at McDonald’s: Large French Fries, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, 10/20 piece Chicken Nuggets, Medium or Large McCafe, Medium Soft Drink, Hash Browns, Sausage McGriddles, Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddles, and Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddles. Each time you purchase one of the products from McDonald’s you’ll get two game monopoly game pieces.

Here is the prize list for playing McDonald’s 2010 Monopoly Game:

Collect and Win McDonald Monopoly game pieces:

To win the $1 million dollars the grand prize you need to collect Park Place and Boardwalk Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $50,000 dollar cash prize you need to collect Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Pacific Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $25,000 dollar cash prize you need to collect Marvin Gardens, Ventnor and Atlantic Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $7,500 dollar value (4-day Beaches Vacation) prize you need to collect Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $7,000 dollar value (EA Sports Trip) prize you need to collect all the Monopoly Railroads.

To win a $1,000 dollar cash prize you need to collect New York, Tennessee and St. James Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $200 dollar value ( Gift Certificate) you need to collect St. Charles, States and Virginia Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $100 dollar cash prize you need to collect Connecticut, Vermont and Oriental Monopoly game pieces.

To win a $50 dollar cash prize you need to collect Baltic and Mediterranean Monopoly game pieces.

Instant Win McDonald Monopoly Game Pieces:

A $50,000 value for a 2011 Shelby GT500

$25,000 cash prize

$10,000 cash prize

$5,000 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$3,800 dollar value for an EA Sports Ultimate Game Room

$500 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$500 dollar cash prize

$60 dollar value for an EA Sports Video Game

$50 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$50 dollar cash prize

$18 dollar value for a 3-month subscription to

$10 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$5 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$4 dollar value for a Snapfish Print Bundle

$1 dollar value for a Redbox Movie Rental

Online Instant Win Prizes for McDonald Monopoly game:

$40,000 dollar value for a 2011 Ford Edge Sport

$10,000 dollar value for an EA Sports “You’re in the Game Experience”

$10,000 dollar value for a Beaches Vacation

$5,000 dollar value for a Wal-Mart Gift Card

$1,000 dollar cash prize

$60 dollar value for an EA Sports Digital City Streets Xbox Console Game

$50 dollar value for a SHELL Gift Card

$20 dollar value for a Gift Certificate

$10 dollar value for a SHELL Gift Card

$1 dollar value for a Redbox Movie Rental

Instant Win Food Prizes for the McDonald’s 2010 Monopoly Game:

Small McFlurry, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, Breakfast Sandwich, Angus Snack Wrap, Medium Fries, Large Beef Sandwich, Small Frappie and Real Fruit Smoothie.

All these prizes are part of the overall McDonald 2010 Monopoly game. Good luck collecting the McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces.


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2010 MLB Draft Results Another Nationals Triumph

The 2010 MLB draft results started coming in last night. Of course, the MLB draft results 2010 for the first pick were known for some time. Once again, the Washington Nationals got the top pick, and once again, they used it on a supposed can’t-miss product. After getting someone who’s supposed to be the next great pitcher, they used this year’s pick on the supposed next great hitter. Now that the 2010 MLB draft results have given the Nationals a big batter, they will see for the first time how their big arm will work out.

The timing couldn’t be more fitting for the Nationals, especially considering tonight’s game. At this exact time last year, Washington took Stephen Strasburg as the new face of the franchise. But, no matter how well Strasburg does, he needs offensive firepower to give him wins.

The 2010 MLB draft results may help give him that offense, at least in a few years’ time. The Nationals took a 17-year-old from the College of Southern Nevada, though Bryce Harper is no ordinary 17-year-old. He has been projected as the next great slugger since he made the Sports Illustrated cover as a high school sophomore. As such, the Nationals had to use their latest No. 1 pick to take him.

For the second straight year, Washington led the 2010 MLB draft results by taking a can’t-miss prospect. Of course, the reason they drafted Strasburg and Harper is because they don’t want to earn the No. 1 pick anymore. They have been the worst team in baseball for years but, for the first time since they moved from Montreal, there is hope that they won’t be in the basement forever.

The Nationals are still last in the NL East, but they are a surprising 27-31, which is big by their standards. If they can get this close to .500 before Strasburg arrives, then hopes are high to keep this pace up with him here. But, the 2010 MLB draft results may take longer to pay off for Washington.

Strasburg was able to get to the big leagues in a year, but Harper will need more development. In addition, they need to actually sign him and, with Scott Boras as his agent, it could take some time. The Nationals nearly lost Strasburg when he literally waited until the last minute to sign a deal. Since Harper could command even more money, it may be a hard negotiation period.

By the time the 2010 MLB draft results can be judged for Washington, it could be 2013 or beyond. By then, they hope Strasburg will already be an ace, and that Harper will be the last piece to make them real contenders. Strasburg will start trying to fulfill his end of the deal tonight, as he makes his debut against the Pirates.


Sports Illustrated- “Nats infuse more hope for future by selecting phenom Harper No. 1”

Yahoo Sports- “Nationals finally relevant with Harper, Strasburg”

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2010 MLB All Star Team Selection

The MLB midsummer classic is coming up. Who should the starters be? Who should make the team? We’ll take a look. Beginning in 2010, there will be 21 position players and 13 pitchers per team. Also, both the American League and National League will select a DH for the team, regardless if the game is played in a American League stadium or National League. Players will be selected based on a combination of this year’s performance, as well as prior year’s performances. Although a particular player may be performing better this year than another, some credit will be given for earlier performances to try and eliminate any luck one particular player may be having this year.

American League Starters

C: Joe Mauer

1B: Miguel Cabrera

2B: Robinson Cano

3B: Evan Longoria

SS: Derek Jeter

LF: Josh Hamilton

CF: Torii Hunter

RF: Ichiro Suzuki

DH: Vladimir Guerrero

P: David Price

There were several tough calls in selecting the starters. Adrian Beltre might be having a better year than Evan Longoria, however, Evan Longoria has been more consistent the past several years, so he gets the nod. Likewise, it’s a tough call between Justin Morneau and Miguel Cabrera. Miguel Cabrera gets the call as the present league leader in home runs and RBIs. Derek Jeter also beats out Alex Gonzalez because of his consistent performance over many years, rather than the fact Alex Gonzalez appears to be having a better year this year. Victor Martinez might be having a better year than Joe Mauer at the plate, but we award Joe Mauer the spot because of his MVP last year.

Vladimir Guerrero is having an incredible resurgent year. His OPS has been dropping every year for the past 3 years. Down to a meager .794 last year. Vladimir Guerrero and David Ortiz share nearly the same OPS as each other, however Vladimir wins on account of his present .335 batting average.

Robinson Cano is the most obvious pick this year. He’s currently leading the AL in batting and no other second basemen are close to him on virtually any offensive statistic. Josh Hamilton and Ichiro Suzuki are the real only locks for the outfield positions. The center field position is a little more questionable, with both Alex Rios and Vernon Wells having good solid years. However, we give the starting nod to Torii Hunter because he’s been such a consistently good player for so long. Admittedly, we give a slight biased nod to Torii Hunter because of the All Star gaming being played in Anaheim.

Although there are many decent candidates to start the All Star game for the AL, David Price is the clear favorite given he is leading the league in wins and ERA.

American League Bench

SP: Andy Pettitte, Cliff Lee, Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, Fausto Carmona, Jered Weaver, Felix Hernandez

RP: Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Papelbon, Andrew Bailey, Neftali Feliz, Joakim Soria

C: Victor Martinez

1B: Justin Morneau, Billy Butler, Kevin Youkilis

2B: Dustin Pedroia, Ty Wigginton

3B: Adrian Beltre

SS: Alex Gonzalez

OF: Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Magglio Ordonez, Carl Crawford

The pitchers and relievers selected to be backups shouldn’t come as much as a surprise. They are consistently strong performers and present leaders in Wins, ERA, or saves. Relievers with fewer saves, but better ERAs or WHIPs were considered more favorably. Fausto Carmona may be viewed a stretch over some other pitchers, however a representative for Cleveland was needed. There are several other pitchers in the AL also having good years, or possibly better years, but we give the veterans a few extra points for the All Star backup roles.

Amongst the position players, most should be obvious selections. It as pretty much a toss up between Billy Butler, Paul Konerko, and Kevin Youkilis for the backup first base positions after Justin Morneau. Billy Butler has emerged as a rising star amongst first basemen and is currently hitting a whopping .333 while Kevin Youkilis has a slight edge on OPS over Paul Konerko. So we give them the two spots. Ty Wigginton might be the biggest stretch player to make the All Star bench, however we needed a Baltimore player for the team, and Ty is probably the best All Star candidate. Magglio Ordonez and Carl Crawford round out the outfield bench as both are having solid years.

American League Snubs

Amongst pitchers, there were a number of young pitchers having great years, such as Clay Buchholz, Jeff Niemann, Jason Vargas, and Phil Hughes. Francisco Liriano has come back after so many years of struggles. However, the veterans got the nod over the youngsters who haven’t quite been able to prove themselves year after the year. The exception was Fausto Carmona, who was added to give Cleveland a player on the All Star team. There was a desire to add Zack Greinke, the reigning AL Cy Young award winner, to the team, however he has not quite been the same as he was last year. His ERA of 3.94 is solid, but not remarkable.

Amongst position players, Paul Konerko may be the biggest snub. As discussed above, it was pretty much a toss up between him, Kevin Youkilis, and Billy Butler. Jose Bautista is amongst the league leaders in home runs and RBIs, however it was hard to give an All Star spot to someone batting under .230. David DeJesus has also been playing well, and is hitting .331 as of this writing. However, his lower power numbers and speed give the edge to other outfielders. It’s ironic that Kansas City, despite playing so poorly, had three legitimate All Star candidates. Nick Swisher was the other borderline outfielder, but just couldn’t quite stand up to the others. Nelson Cruz has played incredible this year, hitting .327/.405/.729, however his playing time has been limited due to injuries.

National League Starters

C: Yadier Molina

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Martin Prado

3B: Ryan Zimmerman

SS: Hanley Ramirez

LF: Ryan Braun

CF: Shane Victorino

RF: Andre Ethier

DH: Adrian Gonzalez

P: Ubaldo Jimenez

Ubaldo Jimenez is the most obvious choice here. As of this writing, he’s leading all of Major League Baseball in both Wins and ERA. He also has the best WHIP of any pitcher with at least 100 innings pitched. Albert Pujols isn’t having his greatest year. That said, he still has the highest OPS of National League first basemen. The starting second baseman was the toughest position to pick. Normally, this position would be locked down by Chase Utley, but he’s having a down year. Kelly Johnson is having a resurgent year with the Diamondbacks, leading all National League second basemen in OPS. However, he gets passed because his stats seem to be heavily weighted on by his incredible April where he hit .313/.404/.750. Martin Prado is growing into a star in his own right in Atlanta and leads the National League in batting average. He’s been the best and most consistent second baseman thus far.

It was a tough call at third base. Scott Rolen is having a resurgent year in Cincinnati. While he was an elite third basemen several years ago, he hasn’t topped 11 home runs the last 3 years and struggled to a .823 OPS last year. However, he’s been incredible, already hitting 14 home runs and currently has a .923 OPS. However, we’ll give the starting nod to Ryan Zimmerman. Scott Rolen is having a slightly better year, but we’re going to reward Ryan Zimmerman for his better performance the last few years. The starting shortstop would be Troy Tulowitzki, however he’s out until August. Hanley Ramirez gets the nod despite numbers below what would be expected for him. Rounding out the infield, we’ll give Yadier Molina the nod over Brian McCann. Both have struggled offensively compared to the last few years. Yadier Molina gets the nod with his two Gold Gloves the past two years. He’s thrown out 52% of the runners attempting to steal from him, while Brian McCann has thrown out 29%. Ivan Rodriguez may have had the chance to start over Yadier, but an injury limited some of his playing time early this year.

Despite missing some time on the DL, Andre Ethier gets the nod in right field. He’s currently leading all NL outfielders in OPS. Ryan Braun gets the nod in left field with another solid star season. The starting center fielder was a tough call. Matt Kemp has struggled after a relatively good start. Youngster Colby Rasmus of the Cardinals leads all NL center fielders in OPS at .947, and he’s not even close to anyone else. However, he hasn’t played regularly. Young Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates has also shown signs of becoming a great player. Marlon Byrd is on pace to have his best year ever. However, we’ll give the starting spot to the veteran Shane Victorino, rewarding his consistent play over the past several years.

As for the DH, we’ll give the nod to Adrian Gonzalez. He’s having an incredible year again, and due to mini-slumps or slow starts by other first basemen, he can finally overcome their shadow.

National League Bench

SP: Tim Lincecum, Adam Wainwright, Roy Halladay, Josh Johnson, Matt Cain, Tim Hudson, Roy Oswalt

RP: Jonathon Broxton, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Marmol, Billy Wagner, Ryan Franklin

C: Brian McCann, Ivan Rodriguez

1B: Ryan Howard, Joey Votto

2B: Chase Utley, Brandon Phillips

3B: Scott Rolen, David Wright

SS: Stephen Drew

OF: Corey Hart, Andrew McCutchen, Marlon Byrd

There’s not much to say about the pitchers and the relief pitchers. They’ve all been having good or great years. They are all amongst the league leaders in ERA or saves. Again, relievers with fewer saves, but better ERAs or WHIPs were considered more favorably. Roy Oswalt may be the one pitcher that stands out as a bit of a stretch for this year. There are a few other pitchers, such as Yovani Gallardo or Chris Carpenter, that may have been viewed as a better candidate this year. However, the Astros needed a representative on the team.

Joey Votto beats out several other standout first basemen as the youngster has shown why he’s a rising star. Despite his age, Ivan Rodriguez is having another fine season, hitting .325 at the time of this writing. David Wright is having a good bounceback from his off year last year. Stephen Drew is having a solid year, and gets the spot for the Arizona Diamondbacks. If Troy Tulowitzki wasn’t injurred, he might not be here. Kelly Johnson might have been given a spot instead of Brandon Phillips for second base to fulfill the Diamondbacks roster spot instead. There were a number of solid candidates for the backup outfield positions. Corey Hart currently leads the NL in home runs, so he was a must add for the outfield.

National League Snubs

While there are some that would like to see Stephen Strasburg on the All Star game, he should absolutely not be on the All Star team. It would be insulting to the rest of Major League baseball if he were added. If he had started the year at the Major League level, it would be a different story, since we could judge his performance for at least the first half of the season. However, he will only have around 6 career starts by the time the All Star game is played. If there were not any other half-viable candidates on the Nationals, then it might be another story. While the All Star game is a spectacle and a showcase, we shouldn’t devolve it into a concocted mechanism for promoting Major League stars.

Jonny Gomes, Troy Glaus, and Adam Dunn are the position players that were probably the biggest snubs. There are always a glut of talented good outfielders and first basemen, and ultimately someone cannot make the All Star game. Kelly Johnson had a chance to be given a spot, but it appears that his numbers this year are predominantly due to just one stellar month.

Likewise with starting pitchers, Yovani Gallardo, Chris Carpenter, and Mike Pelfrey were reasonable candidates. One could have argued easily that Yovani Gallardo or Chris Carpenter should have had the spot over Roy Oswalt. However, the Astros needed at least one player to be represented, and Roy Oswalt was by far their best player.


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2010 Missouri Senate Race: Republican Roy Blunt, Democrat Robin Carnahan Battle for Kit Bond's Seat

Missouri is a bellwether, swing state and the race between Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and former House leader Rep. Roy Blunt is on to replace outgoing Republican Christopher “Kit” Bond. Blunt has used Carnahan’s party affiliation to his advantage this election, an election that was likely to have been close in any season. For her part, Carnahan hopes to demonstrate that Blunt’s leadership in the previously Republican-controlled House leave him ill-suited for the Senate seat.

Candidates for Missouri Senate Seat (four-year term)

Candidate: Robin Carnahan

Party: Democrat

Political experience: Carnahan became secretary of state for Missouri in 2004.

Professional experience: Carnahan served as the executive editor of the Virginia Journal of International Law at the University of Virginia School of Law. After graduation, she practiced law with the St. Louis law firm Thompson & Mitchell.

Key issues: Carnahan would like to see the next Farm Bill, due to be written in 2012, to be a stable and predictable safety net for farmers. She would boost renewable energy through biofuels and support farms through investments in rural infrastructure.

In addition to biofuels, she’d like to reduce dependence on foreign oil overall by increasing green- and clean-energy industries and jobs through incentives, her website suggests. Cutting pollution will also benefit the state’s health and economy, she contends.

Endorsements: Carnahan is endorsed by the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club, EMILY’s List, Human Rights Campaign and Council for a Livable World.

Chances of winning this seat: The Carnahans are a political dynasty, and Robin Carnahan was elected to secretary of state with ease. According to, there’s some degree of daylight between Blunt’s remaining campaign money, currently at $4,002,743 and Carnahan’s, which is closer to $3,640,492. The race is considered a toss-up but leaning a bit toward Blunt.

Candidate: Roy Blunt

Party: Republican

Political experience: Blunt is a seven-term Republican representative who served temporarily as House majority leader from Sept. 29, 2005, to Feb. 2, 2006, following House Majority Leader Tom DeLay having to step down. He served as the House Minority Whip until 2008. Like Carnahan, he has been a Missouri secretary of state.

Professional experience: Blunt grew up on a dairy farm. He did student teaching at Skyline High School in Urbana, Mo. He served on the adjunct faculty of Drury University and taught and served as president at Southwest Baptist University and is a published author.

Key issues: Blunt feels that checks and balances are not in place due to the executive and legislative branches both being controlled by the Democrats. A Republican-controlled Senate would offer a check on the president and vice versa. It would prevent unpopular bills such as the stimulus, which he opposes, from passage.

Blunt believes a strong national defense requires that the United States closes ranks with its allies in eastern Europe; he disagreed with the decision to scrap missile defense planned for the region. He is a strong believer that America’s best ally in the Middle East is Israel, and he wants to make sure Israel maintains a security edge in the region, according to his website.

Endorsements: Blunt has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NRA, Eagle Forum, Missouri Dairy Association, Missouri Farm Bureau and outgoing Sen. Kit Bond.

Chances of winning this seat: Though the race can be considered a toss-up, it remains possible for Carnahan to disappoint Blunt, though he is more favored by conservative and independent voters. Polling from Rasmussen Reports indicates a 10-point difference between the candidates; Blunt would win today 53 percent to 43 percent. However, that lead has narrowed three points since another poll in early September. With roughly seven weeks to go, Blunt must maintain his edge and pull in the remaining undecided voters. He’s slightly disadvantaged only because Carnahan may be a candidate for a major party assist in an effort to steal away a formerly Republican-held seat.

Key Differences between Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan

Jobs: Blunt feels the stimulus was a failure and that Americans can’t borrow their way out of debt. He wants people to make their own decisions on how to buy, save and how much to borrow — and he doesn’t want government to make that decision for citizens. He would reduce taxes and he wants the president to have a line item veto. Carnahan is against giveaways and bailouts to companies that ship jobs overseas. She would strengthen the financial system and hold Wall Street accountable, see to low taxes for working families and invest and support education, job training and small businesses.

Health care: Both Carnahan and Blunt note that they are cancer survivors. Carnahan wants to cut costs, stop insurance companies from denying coverage, put doctors and patients in charge, strengthen Medicare and provide greater access to the uninsured. Blunt wants to reform the system, but he would prefer that Medicare not be cut for new spending programs. He calls the current reform program government-run care and suggests that patient’s rights to doctors of their choice and treatment as a doctor directs should be enshrined. He’d expand access to small businesses, enhance health information technology, control costs and expand coverage to young Americans.

Education: Blunt is a former teacher, so he has some firms views on education. He thinks that funding and control of classrooms should be state and locally decided. He would encourage policies that emphasize school improvements and make sure federal dollars spent would show results. Carnahan would reform No Child Left Behind and get parents and families more involved in education through the Parents as Teachers program.

2008 results: Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand bested Republican Sandy Treadwell 62.1 percent to 37.9 percent.

Demographics: According to the U.S. Census, 82.1 percent of the state is white, 11.1 percent black, 3.1 percent Hispanic, 1.4 percent Asian, and 0.4 percent American Indian and Alaska Native.

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2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results

Set forth below is the 2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule: it includes each game date, opponent, location, result/time, team record, and AP Top 25 weekly ranking, if applicable.

Led by senior quarterback Adam Webber, the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team enters its 129th year as one of the oldest and more competitive programs in college football history.

The 2010 Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Schedule includes games against familiar foes and perennial Big 10 rivals: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, and Wisconsin. The 2010 schedule also includes four non-conference home games against national power USC, Middle Tennessee State, Northern Illinois, and South Dakota respectively.

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results Week 1

Date: September 2, 2010
Opponent: Middle Tennessee State
Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Result/Time: W 24-17
Record: 1-0
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 2

Date: September 11, 2010
Opponent: South Dakota
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 41-38
Record: 1-1
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 3

Date: September 18, 2010
Opponent: USC
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 32-21
Record: 1-2
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 4

Date: September 25, 2010
Opponent: Northern Illinois
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 34-23
Record: 1-3
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 5

Date: October 2, 2010
Opponent: Northwestern
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 29-28
Record: 1-4
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 6

Date: October 9, 2010
Opponent: Wisconsin
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Result/Time: L 41-23
Record: 1-5
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 7

Date: October 16, 2010
Opponent: Purdue
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Result/Time: L 28-17
Record: 1-6
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 8

Date: October 23, 2010
Opponent: Penn State
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 33-21
Record: 1-7
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 9

Date: October 30, 2010
Opponent: Ohio State
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: L 52-10
Record: 1-8
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 10

Date: November 6, 2010
Opponent: Michigan State
Location: East Lansing, Michigan
Result/Time: L 31-8
Record: 1-9
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 11

Date: November 13, 2010
Opponent: Illinois
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Result/Time: W 38-34
Record: 2-9
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 Minnesota Gophers Football Schedule and Results – Week 12

Date: November 20, 2010
Opponent: Iowa
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result/Time: W 27-24
Record: 3-9
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A


“Historical Scores – University of Minnesota,”
“2010 NCAA Football Rankings,” ESPN
“University of Minnesota Football – 2010 Schedule,” University of Minnesota

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2010 Midwest State Fairs: Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota

If you are looking for something fun and wholesome to do with the family in the summer, consider taking a trip to one of the numerous Midwest state fairs. There are so many activities to see and do at a state fair that every member of the family should find something of interest.

There are wonderful family memories to be made at a state fair and I am personally fond of a few of the Midwest state fairs just because that is where I grew up. There are so many animals, rides, entertainment and of course the food! The Midwest state fairs are really an experience and taking the family to a state fair will make for an exciting day or even an exciting week if you choose to make a trip to a Midwest state fair an extended vacation!

Although I have not attended all the Midwest state fairs, the ones that I have attended have proved to be well worth the trip and my eventual goal is to make it to all the Midwest state fairs.

Here you will find the dates, location, and information about a few of the 2010 Midwest state fairs which includes: Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.

Wisconsin State Fair

Dates: Thursday, August 5-Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hours: Gate Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-11:00pm, Friday-Sunday 8:00am-12:00am, Final Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm *Check times on website for outdoor exhibitors and Midway* Buildings: Daily: 9:00am-10:00pm, Final Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

Location: 640 South 84th Street West Allis, WI 53214

Scheduled Concerts:
Lyle Lovett, The Spirit of Michael Jackson Laser Show, Jordin Sparks, Third Day, Steve Miller Band, Montgomery Gentry, Three Dog Night and Bret Michaels

Illinois State Fair

Dates: Thursday, August 12-Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hours: Fairgrounds: 7:00am-Midnight and Buildings: 9:00am-9:00pm

Location: 801 Sangamon Avenue Springfield IL 62706

Schedule of Events in Order of Date:

Preview Night, County Fair & Horse Racing Day, City of Springfield/Local Officials Day, Veterans Day, Senior Citizen Day/Scout Day, Agriculture Day, Governor’s Day, Republican Day, Futures for Kids Day, Park District Conservation Day and Family Day

Minnesota State Fair

Dates: Thursday, August 26-Monday, September 6, 2010

Hours: Fairgrounds: 6:00am-Midnight (Labor Day-Closes at 10:00pm) and Buildings: 9:00am-9:00pm

Location: 1265 North Snelling Avenue St.Paul, MN 55108

Schedule of Events:

Thrifty Thursday(08/26), Seniors & Kids Day(08/30), Ticket Deal Tuesday(08/31), Seniors Day(09/2) and Kids Day(09/06)

The Wisconsin State Fair, Illinois State Fair and Minnesota State Fair have all been equally enjoyable, there are aspects of each fair that I favor. The Midwest state fairs are great fun for the family and provide wonderful experiences for each family member!


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2010 NBA Draft Lottery Scheduled

The 2010 NBA Draft Lottery has been scheduled for May 18. The way that the NBA Draft Lottery works is that all of the teams that didn’t make the playoffs are entered into a drawing to decide which teams get the top three picks in the NBA Draft. All of the 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs have a chance at the No. 1 pick, with the highest chances going to those teams with the worst records during the 2009-2010 NBA season. It means that the New Jersey Nets will have the best chance at winning the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery, but nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the randomly selected chances at winning these drawings. It’s also what makes it so exciting.

The way that the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery will work is that each team that didn’t make the NBA Playoffs is assigned a specific number of ping pong balls depending on their final record. The worse the record, the more ping pong balls that a team gets in the lottery. There are 1,000 total ping pong balls in the lottery, and New Jersey gets 25% of them (250) for a chance at that No. 1 pick. The best team to not make the playoffs was the Houston Rockets, who will only get five ping pong balls in comparison. The NBA Draft Lottery is always interesting, though, because in a drawing like this, it is still possible for a great team to get a very nice pick. For instance, it would be almost unfair if Houston got the No. 1 pick, but that’s how it works.

The NBA Draft is going to be on June 24th, 2010, and will get the prime time treatment as always. They run through two rounds, with every team getting one selection in each round. Teams are allowed to trade their picks though, and quite a few of those picks have been traded over the past few years. One that could come in to play in the lottery is the one the New York Knicks had, which now belongs to the Utah Jazz, and could net the Jazz a really good player. It would be interesting to see what Utah would do if they won the NBA Lottery, with the best player in college being point guard John Wall, as the Jazz already have one of the best point guards in the NBA.

The May 18th NBA Draft Lottery could also dictate which direction many teams go this off-season. Look for some of the high picks to be traded away as the draft draws closer, and if a surprise team ends up with the No. 1 overall pick, there could be a shocking trade in the NBA’s near future.



NBA Draft Schedule

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2010 NBA Playoff Schedule Released; First Round NBA Playoff Schedule Begins Saturday

2010 NBA Playoff schedules for this weekend were released. The NBA Playoff schedules are for the NBA’s first round games, with four games scheduled for Saturday, and the other four series getting started on Sunday. There are some really intriguing match-ups in the 2010 NBA Playoff schedule, with a very interesting Utah vs. Denver series starting on Saturday night. All of the series have first games that will be nationally broadcast with the NBA Playoff schedules for round one getting split up between ESPN, ABC, and TNT. It’s easy to guess that it is the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers that are getting top billing on ABC this weekend.

The NBA Playoff schedule gets started with the Chicago vs. Cleveland series on Saturday afternoon. This is the battle of the No. 1 and No. 8 seeded teams in the 2010 Eastern Conference Playoffs with the Chicago Bulls sneaking into the playoffs during the last week of the regular season. Game one starts at 12 p.m. PST on ABC. After that, they stagger each playoff series by two and a half hours so that viewers can be watching the 2010 NBA Playoffs without interruption all Saturday. Milwaukee vs. Atlanta starts at 2:30 p.m. PST on ESPN, followed by Miami vs. Boston at 5 p.m. PST on ESPN, and the finally Utah vs. Denver at 7:30 p.m. PST on ESPN.

The intense NBA Playoff schedule continues on Sunday afternoon when the rest of the teams get their chance at prime time. The Oklahoma City vs. Los Angeles series starts things off at 12 p.m. PST on ABC, followed by Charlotte vs. Orlando at 2:30 p.m. on TNT, San Antonio vs. Dallas at 5 p.m. PST on TNT, and then Portland vs. Phoenix at 7:30 p.m. on TNT. Because the games aren’t being played in the same location, there could be some overlap if someone goes to overtime. Otherwise the 2010 NBA Playoff schedule should provide a lot of excitement for fans of the NBA, and this weekend provides a ton of basketball watching opportunities.

The teams will get off days in between game one and game two, but as they will be played in the same location, it shouldn’t affect the stamina of each team. What it may end up doing, though, is allowing NBA fans to keep a close eye on all the first round series as they play out. Watch out for some upsets over in the 2010 Western Conference Playoffs, because parity has really balanced out the seeding.

2010 NBA Playoff Schedules (Game One)

Saturday, April 17

Chicago vs. Cleveland at 12 p.m. PST on ABC
Milwaukee vs. Atlanta at 2:30 p.m. PST on ESPN
Miami vs. Boston at 5 p.m. PST on ESPN
Utah vs. Denver at 7:30 p.m. PST on ESPN

Sunday, April 18

Oklahoma City vs. Los Angeles 12 p.m. PST on ABC
Charlotte vs. Orlando at 2:30 p.m. on TNT
San Antonio vs. Dallas at 5 p.m. PST on TNT
Portland vs. Phoenix at 7:30 p.m. on TNT


2010_NBA_Playoff_Match ups


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2010 MLB Playoffs NLDS Prediction: Atlanta Braves Vs. San Francisco Giants

Halfway through the season, it looked like the Atlanta Braves were going to win the NL East and the San Francisco Giants would be on the outside looking in as the San Diego Padres built up a formidable lead. Flash forward to the end of the season, and the Giants are the NL West champions and the Atlanta Braves were barely able to hold onto the National League Wild Card spot.

Atlanta Braves 2010 MLB NLDS Playoffs Preview

Long-time manager Bobby Cox announced before the season that he was going to retire after the 2010 season. Not wanting to disappoint Cox, who led the Braves to fourteen consecutive division titles from 1991-2005 (there was no division title in 1994 due to a work-stoppage), the Braves players rallied Atlanta to one more playoff appearance for their manager.

The Braves haven’t played nearly as well in September and October as they did early in the season, however, and the Braves look like a very vulnerable playoff team. They don’t have any real standouts on offense outside of Jason Heyward and Brian McCann, and the Atlanta pitching staff has played much better than anyone expected this season. Most of the players on the 2010 Atlanta Braves weren’t around for the glory days of the Braves franchise, and inexperience could play a huge role in the Braves’ ability to continue on in the playoffs.

San Francisco Giants 2010 MLB NLDS Playoffs Preview

So much for Tim Lincecum’s mid-season problems. Lincecum overcame some early season struggles with his command to end the season in style, winning five of his last six starts, striking out 52 batters in 41 2/3 innings during that span. The San Francisco offense isn’t the strongest, perhaps somewhat comparable to the Atlanta Braves offense, but their pitching staff led the National League in ERA and opponent batting average.

The front-three of the Giants’ pitching staff (Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez) are as good as any in the National League except for the Phillies’. San Francisco also had the advantage of ending the season, going 19-10 in September and October. The Giants and Braves seem pretty evenly matched on paper, but the Giants’ edge in pitching is going to be the difference

Braves vs. Giants Conclusion

While the Braves struggled to hold onto their spot in the playoffs, the Giants were playing lights out baseball and pushed their way into the NL West title. Neither team is going to light up the scoreboards on offense, but the Giants’ pitching staff is much stronger than the Braves’ pitching staff. It’ll be a close series, but the Giants will come out the victors in five games.

2010 MLB NLDS Playoffs Prediction: San Francisco Giants defeat Atlanta Braves, 3-2


All statistics retrieved from ESPN.com

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2010 NBA Finals: Slam Dunk or Total Flop?

The 2010 NBA Finals have arrived, and fans are excited to see the “rivalry” of the Lakers and Celtics being renewed once again. This should prove to be an exciting series between the defending NBA Champions, the Lakers, and the NBA Champions of two years ago, the Celtics. The last rematch of these two teams resulted in a Celtic win over the Lakers in a Game 6 blowout! Blowout or not, if these games are like the games leading up to the NBA Finals, basketball sports’ fans could be on the verge of witnessing an ugly and frustrating demonstration of some very bad acting. After all, one of the playoff teams is smack dab in the middle of “The Acting Capital of the World.” While this is true, what should come to mind is that acting and basketball have nothing in common. But, when you think about it, what a person does to be successful in acting isn’t all that different from what an NBA player does to get a “good” call.

With this in mind, the basketball sports world is about to be assaulted by a concert of great players “flopping” for calls. These players will, in some cases, call on their acting skills to convince the referees to give them the favorable edge, and ultimately, gain the advantage over the opposing team. Sadly, one of two things will happen. The referees will, either fall for the acting skills of “the flopper” and reward them with what could be a game-altering call, or they will recognize the poor acting skills and neglect to make the call in order to protect the high-profile egos of the players and their dramatic performances.

Three players worth watching during this year’s 2010 NBA Finals Series are Celtics Forward, Paul Pierce; Celtics Guard, Rajon Rondo and Lakers Guard, Derek Fisher. While other players that have been known to “flop” for the call, these three have continually proven that they will most likely fall flat on their backs at the slightest anticipation of the most minute contact by an opposing player. Afterwards, they could possibly lay on the floor for a moment, grabbing their back or holding their side in a further plea for the referee to make a call in their favor. The refs rarely disappoint. Fans will see the play in slow motion and watch the poor acting skills unravel like a cheap sweater, but low and behold the whistle will have been blown. The decision will have been made.

NBA sport’s fans are not stupid. They are well aware of what transpires in the course of most basketball games. Instead of flopping around and acting hurt, much like Rondo did during the last game of the series with the Orlando Magic, most players need to take their cues from Phoenix Suns Guard, Steve Nash, and wait until they need stitches or they have a broken nose that needs realigned, before acting like something has happened to them.

Traditionally, fans of any professional sport expect nothing less than to see a great, competitively-played game, not witness dramatic acting by what should be professional, mature players. By keeping the 2010 NBA Finals’ games fair and accurate, the National Basketball Association can be assured of producing both an entertaining and a professional series of basketball games for all NBA fans.

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