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2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners: List of This Year's Winners

The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards winners were announced on Saturday. The 2010 winners were selected by the Screen Actors Guild, which has the actors and actresses vote on which of their group should take home the awards. It was a great night for the entertainment industry, as some of the best and brightest of the past year were brought up on stage. Some of the stand outs of the night included Jeff Bridges winning the award for Best Actor and Sandra Bullock winning the award for Best Actress. They had taken on roles in Crazy Heart (Bridges) and The Bind Side (Bullock), both films that have turned out to find massive critical appeal.

In the world of television, Alec Baldwin swept the comedic categories, taking home the awards for Best Actress and Best Actor in a comedy series (30 Rock). Glee ended up pulling a nice upset victory in the category of Best Comedy, and Michael C. Hall won another award for his great acting ‘chops’ on the hit Showtime vehicle Dexter. Mo’Nique also walked away with another award for her role in Precious, which was duplicated by Christoph Waltz who won again for his work within Inglourious Basterds. It was a fun night at the 2010 SAG Awards, and one that seemed to go by almost too quickly.

Full List of 2010 SAG Awards Winners

Mo’Nique, for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, for “Precious”

Christoph Waltz, for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, for “Inglourious Basterds”.

Julianna Margulies, for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, for “The Good Wife”.

Michael C. Hall, for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, for “Dexter”.

Drew Barrymore, for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries, for “Grey Gardens”.

Kevin Bacon, for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries, for “Taking Chance”.

Alec Baldwin, for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series, for “30 Rock”.

Tina Fey, for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series, for “30 Rock”.

Glee” for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a comedy.

Mad Men” for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama.

Jeff Bridges, for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, for “Crazy Heart”.

Sandra Bullock, for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, for “The Blind Side”.

Inglourious Basterds” for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Betty White, won the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by Sandra Bullock.

*From Live Broadcast on TNT*


2010 Sag Noms

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2010 Summer Jobs Abroad

During summer season summer break from school also happen and during this time you can also consider traveling abroad. Working abroad can be very rewarding because there are lots of seasonal jobs available for you. There are lots of 2010 summer jobs abroad that are available during this time. There are many ways to find these kinds of jobs. Here are some helpful tips for you:

1. You can check out the internet for more information. There are so many websites that specializes in listing seasonal jobs abroad. Looking from these websites will give you an idea about the kind of jobs you are looking.

2. In choosing 2010 summer jobs abroad, you need to choose the place you want to work and the type of work you want to do. When you have reached the internet and you know what is out there for you, you may narrow down your searches up to the place and type of job you are most interested in and continue to make your research.

3. Researching books will be very helpful too. There are tons of books regarding the subject 2010 summer jobs abroad. These types of books can offer you detailed information than some of the websites. Books can also help you in deciding what you want to do. You can also buy more books online if you wish, there are lots of eBooks available now for your convenience. There are also libraries that will help you save more money too.

4. You can also find summer jobs abroad through inquiring directly from a multinational company that have offices and affiliates abroad. Travel and tourism agencies and hotels may have seasonal job offer overseas that’s suitable for you.

5. You can also seek advice from your college professor. There are international relations program in most universities where you can find list of available internships abroad. You may volunteer for the program if you are interested. Your school can also give you credit for this type of activity.

Earning money is the main purpose of people looking for summer and seasonal jobs these days. There are so many things to keep in mind before you start engaging in this activity, here are some helpful tips:

Explore your options. Your interest will lead you to the right path when choosing a seasonal job. You should keep in mind that you will be spending the rest of your vacation in this job so you should like what you are doing.

Update your curriculum vitae. There are new ways to make and improve your resume and your cover letter. Revising it will help you find the right job abroad too.

Research, search, and search-internet can be very helpful to you in finding the right job for your needs. There are lots of known websites that cater to this special need of the people. There are also lots of known agencies that cater to those looking for jobs, seasonal or not. It is important to know what job you want so you will not have a hard time looking for it when you search.

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2010 Summer Fashion Trends

I love so many of the fashion trends this summer. They’re comfortable and casual as jean shorts, but also beautiful and elegant as glossy high heels. As much as I would love to have all the latest trends this summer, I am looking forward to an active and hot summer. If I am going to afford all of my 2010 summer adventures, I have to simplify, prioritize, and economize. Whether it’s out for a spontaneous movie or a sudden trip to Hawaii, I want my fashion and accessories to transition with me. I’m going for simple, but bright and colorful summer fashions, such as bright white, springy blues, and orange. After researching every 2010 fashion week show website that I could find online, I came up with a plan. I can enjoy the latest summer trends without sacrificing my summer adventures:


Miche bags are beautiful and convenient. I already have the base bag, so I just need to buy the bright summer shells. I’m going for the big bag to take along to summer art and music festivals, picnics, and the beach. I’m also going for the classic smaller bags for the warm summer evenings on my favorite restaurant’s dining patio. This purse is perfect for quick transitions because in one minute I can switch bags without leaving something important behind.


My summer days will include jean shorts with colorful shirts. To economize, I’m creating cut offs using old jeans packed away at the back of my closet. I will add a short demin jacket for those late nights in the convertible or on those long plane flights to visit friends. I’m also going for a couple of lose fitting summer dresses and skirts. The dresses and skirts will not only fit comfortably, but with the right accessories will transition perfectly to a wonderful evening with friends.


If I’m not wearing flip flops, I’m going for some strappy sandals that I can wear at the beach boardwalk with most shorts and skirts. For the evenings, I won’t change clothes; I’ll just add the highest and most glamorous heels that I can afford


A bright scarf will accessorize my summer evenings when it gets chilly, so I’m adding several scarves in floral and plain colors. I will match the scarves with my high heels to dress up my simple summer dresses for the evening.

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2010 Steampunk Fashion Show & Exhibition

One of my favorite shopping and fashion events takes place in Brooklyn, and will be held in DUMBO this week on October 24th! The Steampunk 2010 Fashion Show and Exhibition is an annual event drawing hundreds of residents and visitors to puruse and shop at the Brooklyn Indie Market. This years exhibit will be held at DUMBO Lofts, 155 Water Street in Brooklyn.

Last year, the Steampunk Exhibition was fantastic! There are always tons of up and coming, as well as established designers of vintage and Victorian-era jewelry, clothes and trinkets. This is the perfect place to purchase gifts, large and small, as well as a great place to add unique and ornatly crafted accessories to your wardrobe! Support local artists and designers, and don’t miss the fashion show at 4pm!

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2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards Recap

The 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards opened with host Neil Patrick Harris, who voiced Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions” earlier this year, entering the stage singing and dancing as if it were the Tony Awards. Luckily for all involved he swiftly pulled out dual assault rifles and mowed down his back up dancers and started the show.

The VGAs were like any other award show in the history of award shows. They were too long, drawn out, not funny, and ultimately a snooze fest. There was one highlight however, throughout the show Spike TV did reveal a multitude of exclusive upcoming game trailers such as Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Mortal Kombat featuring Kratos from God of War, Portal 2, Prototype 2, Mass Effect 3 and several more. Head on over to GameTrailers to see them all.

OK now on to the winners:

Best Game

Red Dead Redemption

Best Character

Sgt. Woods from Call of Duty: Black Ops

Studio of the Year

Bioware – makers of Mass Effect 2

Best Independent Game


Best PS3 Game

God of War III

Best Xbox 360 Game

Mass Effect 2

Best Wii Game

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best PC Game

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Best Handheld Game

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)

Best DLC

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Most Anticipated Game

Portal 2

Best Graphics

God of War III

Best Male Human Performance

Neil Patrick Harris – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions as Spider-Man

Best Female Human Performance

Tricia Helfer – Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty as Sarah Kerrigan

Best Adapted Video Game

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Best RPG

Mass Effect 2

Best Action/Adventure Game

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Best Shooter Game

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Individual Sports Game

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Best Team Sports Game

NBA 2K11

Best Multiplayer Game

Halo: Reach

Best Driving Game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Best Music Game

Rock Band 3

Best Downloadable Game

Costume Quest

Best Song in a Game

“Far Away” from Red Dead Redemption

Best Game Soundtrack

DJ Hero 2

Best Original Score

Red Dead Redemption

So there it is, the winners of the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Let the trolls emerge from their dens and let the debate begin, though half these games will make “Game of the Year” editions anyway.

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2010 Southern Conference Men's Basketball Tournament Preview

As we enter March, college basketball, revs it’s engine into high gear. That’s right, March Madness is upon us, and as a result, conference tournaments are starting all around the country. Starting March 5th, the Southern Conference goes to war for a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Providing a true underdog a few years ago (Davidson), the Southern Conference is a prime place for upset bids, so don’t miss out.

To kick things off, Davidson faces Elon University in the 3 vs. 6 match up, both from the Southern division, on Friday afternoon. Davidson does not have the star power it had last year with Stephen Curry, but expect Bob Mckillop to have his team ready to face an underwhelming Elon squad. Davidson should easily dispatch the Phoenix and move on to the second round.

Following that game, Northern division number 4 seed UNC-Greensboro will take on the Southern division’s number 5 seed, Furman University. This is where the two division conference comes into play, because while UNC-Greensboro is the higher seed, they actually have a worse regular conference record. Furman should take advantage of Greensboro’s poor defense and get away with a win here.

The third game of the day will give us The Citadel facing Samford in another 4-5 match-up from the Southern and Northern division respectively. Watch for The Citadel’s Cameron Wells to have a good game, but don’t expect too much more. This will be a low-scoring, defensive battle, but the team with the best player will come out on top, and that’s The Citadel.

Rounding out the night, number 3(Northern) Chattanooga will square off against number 6(Southern) Georgia Southern. While the seeds would predict a Chattanooga win, this is another two division anomaly, where both the teams have almost identical conference records. Southern sports all-conference guard, Willie Powers and a solid offense. Look for a close game, but I give the nod to Georgia Southern in this one.

Saturday will see the second round begin, and the top seeds get into action. Starting off Saturday will be Western Carolina facing the Davidson/Elon winner. A Western Carolina/Davidson match up would be intriguing as the teams split their season series with two close games. Davidson could make another run at an NCAA tournament berth, but Western Carolina will do their best to deny them. Another close game here, but Davidson should pull away with the win.

Playing the second game that day, Wofford will face the UNC-Greensboro/Furman winner. Wofford is the number one seed and handled both of these teams easily in the regular season. Don’t expect anything different on Saturday as Wofford will roll into the semifinals.

That evening, Appalachian State, the Northern division number one, will take on the Citadel/Samford winner. The Citadel managed to hand App St. one of their few conference losses meaning App. St. won’t be taking them likely. Another top seed will be moving on here as they are just too strong for either team.

To close out the evening, the College of Charleston will face the Chattanooga/Georgia Southern winner. College of Charleston has two all-conference players, Andrew Goudelock and Jeremy Simmons, and that one-two punch should be enough to oust whomever they play. Charleston has performed strongly in past tournaments and will continue to do so.

The 2010 Southern Conference championship game will be played Monday, March 9th at 9 p.m. in the Time Warner Cable arena. My prediction will be College of Charleston facing off against Wofford. The teams split their season series and both sport two all-conference players. I think that Charleston’s experience will win out and give them their 5th Southern Conference Tournament Championship and NCAA tournament appearance.

2010 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship-SoCon, http://ift.tt/2bfmBaa, Southern Conference

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2010 Top Party Schools List Released by Princeton Review

The Princeton Review 2010 Top Party Schools list is out and there is a new No. 1. The 2010 Princeton Review Top Party Schools list is released by Princeton Review, and is a yearly event where they compare all 300+ universities and colleges around the country. They don’t just release a list of the top party schools either, but rather a list of everything that a student would want to see in a college. This ranges from the best overall school to the most affordable school and everything in between. It is the party school list that always gets the most attention though, and at times it has become one of those badges that college students find pretty cool if they are attending that school.

When it comes to the Princeton Review party schools list, ranking the nation’s top party schools isn’t just relegated to the big schools. Lots of smaller schools are polled as well, and as can be seen by the top ranked party schools (list at end of article), there are quite a few schools that might be a surprise to the list. The poll is given a lot of credence, because they interview students attending the school, and have them rate certain aspects of the school, coming up with an overall score for that particular University. Then all of the schools are compared to each other, and a complete list of the top party schools is released. The list itself doesn’t really mean anything by itself, but a number of people look forward to the rankings to see where their school might place.

The schools that make the list are often argued about, because no matter what the criteria is, some will find that other “party schools” deserve to be higher on the list. Other institutions will attach a negative connotation to being on the party school list, and thus frown upon those that enjoy it. Sure, it’s something that people could look at if they want to attend one of these schools, or if parents are trying to keep their kids away from one of them, but it is also a very subjective list that changes every year. Will this list make sense to everyone that looks at it? Probably not, but the Princeton Review claims to put a lot of work into making the poll, and thus it has been given a lot of respect over the years.

The 2011 Princeton Review Top Party Schools

1. Georgia
2. Ohio University
3. Penn State
4. West Virginia
5. Mississippi
6. Texas at Austin
7. Florida
8. California — Santa Barbara
9. Iowa
10. DePauw University
11. Florida State University
12. Wisconsin — Madison
13. Alabama
14. Sewanee — The University of the South
15. Indiana — Bloomington
16. Colorado — Boulder
17. Missouri
18. Illinois
19. Maryland
20. Michigan State

*The 2010 list is taken from the 2011 Princeton Review*



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2010 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Semi-Finals - Recap and Review

Game 1: Kentucky 74 – Tennessee 45

Although I would like to have seen Tennessee win this game, I picked Kentucky. For a Tennessee fan, of which I am, this game was very disappointing. I expected the Volunteers to do better, give the Wildcats a good game, and lose by no more than ten points. However, Tennessee must have thought it was playing in Rupp Arena, as the newly named Bridgestone Arena, was clad in Blue and White. I am surprised (and disgusted) that more Tennessee fans did not show-up in Nashville to support the Vols.

DeMarcus Cousins put Kentucky on the scoreboard first with a dunk before the first minute elapsed. J.P Prince tied the game at 2-2 with less than three minutes played. Cousins dunked again to make it 4-2, but Wayne Chism tied at 4-4 for Tennessee. The Wildcats jumped out to 10-4 lead, before Cameron Tatum of Tennessee cut it to 10-5 after a free throw. Scotty Hopson hit a three pointer to make it 10-8, followed by a two pointer by Kenny Hall to tie the score at 10-10, marking the last time Tennessee would pull even with Kentucky. Cousins put Kentucky up by six points, 17-23, with seven minutes left in the game, but Wayne Chism kept the Vols within four with a lay-up with 6:12 to play. Yet that was the last score by Tennessee in the first half, as Kentucky scored nine more points before going to the locker room with a 19-32 lead.

The second belonged to Kentucky, as the Wildcats maintained a comfortable nine to ten point lead until Scotty Hopson scored two, bringing the score to 37-45, followed by another two points by Brian Williams, to put Tennessee within six points, at 39-45, with 9:32 to go. That scoring burst by Tennessee would be its last for the second half, as the Volunteers would score only six more points compared to 29 by the Wildcats!

DeMarcus Cousins, of Kentucky ruled the game, scoring 19 points, grabbing 15 rebounds, stealing the ball twice, and blocking two shots. Eric Bledsoe followed Cousins in the scoring column with 17 points, 15 of which came from three point range (5-8), and two from the foul line (2-2). John Wall scored 14 points, made nine assists, grabbed six rebounds, blocked one shot, and stole the ball twice.

Scotty Hopson, who had not played well against LSU and Mississippi, led Tennessee with 11 points; he also grabbed three rebounds and stole the ball once. Brian Williams and Wayne Chism, both of whom played awesome games in the first two rounds, but bothered by sore backs today, scored only eight points each; Williams had five rebounds and Chism grabbed two. J.P Prince scored six points, led the Vols in assists with four, and made two rebounds.

Overall, Kentucky shot over 52% from the floor, over 36% from three-point range, and over 53% from the foul line. The Wildcats grabbed 40 rebounds, including 12 offensive rebounds, stole the ball eight times, blocked five shots, turned the ball over 17 times, and committed 17 personal fouls.

In comparison, Tennessee shot nearly 31%, over 13% from three-point range, and 60% from the charity stripe. The Volunteers made 26 rebounds, stole the ball eight times, blocked one shot, turned the ball over 15 times, and committed 25 personal fouls

Each team received two technical fouls during the second half, which reflected the intensity of the rivalry between these two teams. One technical against Melvin Goins, compounded by a flagrant foul to Cousins, resulted in Goins’ ejection from the game.

Game 2: Vanderbilt 52 – Mississippi State 62

I picked Vanderbilt to win this game, with the thought that since they would be playing at home in Nashville, they would enjoy a home court advantage. However, most of the Blue and White that cheered the Wildcats on to dismantling the Volunteers remained in the house to watch this game, leaving little room for the Commodores’ Black and Gold. As with Tennessee, where were the Vanderbilt fans? On the other hand, you would think that the Kentucky fans would have been behind Vanderbilt to win this game because despite Vanderbilt’s 23rd national ranking, Mississippi State is the better team, coming into the tournament, at least in my view, seriously under-rated by the national polls. Based on the Bulldogs regular season overtime loss to Kentucky in Starkville, MS, they will most likely prove to a stronger opponent against Kentucky in the final.

Vanderbilt got on the scoreboard first, 2-0, with two free-throws by Jeffery Taylor, and went ahead 5-0, on a three-pointer by Jermaine Beal. Mississippi State, however, tied the score at 5-5, with a lay-up by Jarvis Varnado, followed by a three-pointer by Barry Stewart with 16:54 left in the first half. The score continued to see-saw between the teams, until the Bulldogs tied it at 11-11, with 13:13 left in the half, off a three pointer by Phil Turner, and then took the lead, 11-14, with 12:59 left, off another three pointer by Turner. After that State maintained the lead for the rest of the first half, which ended in 27-32.

Mississippi State ruled the second half, jumping out to a 15 point lead, its largest margin of the game, with 17:13 left to play. Vanderbilt, however, chipped away at the Bulldog’s lead, and closed to with three points, 48-51, off a three-pointer by Brad Tinsley with just under six minutes left to play. Ravern Johnson responded with a lay-up, increasing Mississippi State’s lead to five points, at 48-53, after which Vanderbilt’s Andre Walker made one of two free throws, decreasing the margin to four points, at 49-53, with 4:56 left to play. For the next four minutes, the Commodores failed to score, and the Bulldogs scored eight unanswered points. Vanderbilt’s last points came with less than a minute to play, as Brad Tinsley hit a three-pointer, making the score 52-61. With 30 seconds left to play, Varnado made one of two free throws, resulting in the final score of 52-62.

High scorers for Mississippi State included Barry Stewart with 14 points, followed by Jarvis Varnado, Dee Bost, and Phil Turner each will 11 points. Varnado led the Rebels in rebounds with nine, followed by Barry Stewart with eight, Turner with five, and Kodi Augustus with four. Varnado also blocked six shots.

For Vanderbilt, only Jermaine Beal scored in double figures, with 11 points. Jeffery Taylor and Brad Tinsley each had nine, and Festus Ezeli had eight. Taylor made eight rebounds, Ezeli grabbed six, John Jenkins claimed five, and A.J. Ogilvy had four. Ezeli blocked two shots.

Overall, Mississippi State shot over 39.3% from the field, over 27% from three-point range, and 60% from the foul line. The Bulldogs grabbed 32 rebounds, stole the ball twice, blocked eight shots, turned the ball over eight times, and posted 14 personal fouls. In comparison, Vanderbilt shot over 34% from the field, 50% from three point range, and nearly 59% from the foul line. The Commodores grabbed 31 rebounds, stole the ball three times, blocked three shots, turned the ball over 11 times, and committed 21 personal fouls.


ESPN, Tennessee 45 – Kentucky 74, ESPN Men’s Basketball Website

ESPN, Vanderbilt 52 – Mississippi State 62, ESPN Men’s Basketball Website

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2010 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament Preview

The Teams

–For the conference tournament, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) seeds teams in its two divisions from 1-6 based upon records in conference play. The top two teams in each division enjoy first-round byes, while the third seeds in each division play the sixth team in the opposite division. The fourth seeds play the fifth seeds of the opposite division.

Eastern Division

#1 seed: University of Kentucky Wildcats (29-2, 14-2 SEC)

#2 seed: Vanderbilt University Commodores (23-7, 12-4 SEC)

#3 seed: University of Tennessee Volunteers (23-7, 11-5 SEC)

#4 seed: University of Florida Gators (20-11, 9-7 SEC)

#5 seed: University of South Carolina Gamecocks (15-15, 6-10 SEC)

#6 seed: University of Georgia Bulldogs (13-16, 5-11 SEC)

Western Division

#1seed: Mississippi State University Bulldogs (21-10, 9-7 SEC)

#2seed: University of Mississippi Rebels (21-9, 9-7 SEC)

#3 seed: University of Arkansas Razorbacks (14-17, 7-9 SEC)

#4 seed: University of Alabama Crimson Tide (16-14, 6-10 SEC)

#5 seed: Auburn University Tigers (15-16, 6-10 SEC)

#6 seed: Louisiana State University Tigers (11-19, 2-14 SEC)

Things to Watch

–The Kentucky Wildcats have run roughshod over their competition this season, making them favorites to grab one of the four #1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament. First-year coach John Calipari has seen freshmen Eric Bledsoe, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins join forces with junior Patrick Patterson to help Kentucky recover from the 2008-2009 campaign that saw them miss the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 18 years. The three freshmen were unanimous SEC All-Freshman Team selections, and Cousins and Wall were both unanimous All-SEC First Team selections, while Patterson made both the All-SEC First Team and SEC All-Defensive team. The tremendous depth of the revamped Wildcats is what has led them to this point (they are currently ranked #2 in the NCAA), but the youth that supplies that depth has been their downfall in losses versus South Carolina and Tennessee. Wall, the SEC Player of the Year, and Cousins, the SEC Freshman of the Year, could have problems in what would be virtual road games against Tennessee and Vanderbilt (if they play), and the NBA-bound underclassmen must step up to add an SEC Tournament title to their trophy case.

–The tournament has been moved this year from its usual site in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee’s Sommet Center, shifting the home court advantage from the hands of Georgia to those of Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Tennessee has beaten then-No. 1 Kansas and then-No. 2 Kentucky on its home floor, and Vanderbilt’s campus is in the same city as the tournament, so look for these home-state teams to make some noise in Nashville.

–Florida, Mississippi State, and Mississippi are on the cusp of making-or missing-the NCAA Tournament. The Gators have missed the NCAA Tournament the last two seasons after back-to-back national titles, and they need a win or two to get in this year. Mississippi and Mississippi State probably need at least two wins each to get in, and both may need to reach the SEC title game for both to get in. Mississippi State’s Jarvis Varnado claimed the NCAA’s all-time record for blocked shots in a career, so look for the Bulldogs’ big man to give opponents fits in his final SEC tournament. Since the tournament awards an automatic NCAA Tournament bid to its winner, any team, even a six seed, can get into the Big Dance. South Carolina’s Devan Downey is one of the best scorers in the nation with 22.6 Points Per Game(PPG), and the Gamecocks have several shooters who could keep them in any game. Georgia’s Trey Thompkins (17.7 PPG, 8.2 Rebounds Per Game) and Lousiana State’s Tasmin Mitchell (17 PPG, 9.5 RPG) are stars who are worth watching for their talent and ability to keep their teams in games.


Round One: The first round pits South Carolina versus Alabama on March 11th at 12 p.m. Eastern Time, and Downey will likely take this one over. South Carolina should win easily. Louisiana State plays Tennessee at 2:15 p.m. ET on Thursday, and the close proximity to home should combine with the superior guard play to allow Tennessee to roll against the worst team in the conference. At 6:30 p.m. ET

On Thursday, Auburn plays Florida in a game that may be quite close. Florida’s three-game losing streak and Auburn’s shooting proficiency could be a mixture for disaster for the Gators, who were eliminated by the Tigers from the 2009 SEC Tournament. However, the Gators still should edge Auburn in this one due to frontcourt advantages over the Tigers. Finally, Georgia plays Arkansas at 8:45 p.m. ET on Thursday night, and the presence of Trey Thompkins should give Georgia the slight edge over the Razorbacks, though Arkansas’s Rotnei Clarke could cause the Bulldogs problems from behind the arc.

Quarterfinals: Kentucky should defeat South Carolina in a fairly tight one in the quarterfinals at 12 p.m. ET on Friday, while Tennessee should handle Mississippi at 2:15 p.m. ET on Friday. At 6:30 p.m. ET on Friday, Florida should take down Mississippi State in a five- to nine-point game, while Vanderbilt should easily handle Georgia at 8:45 p.m. ET on Friday.

Semifinals: Despite their virtual homecourt advantage, it’s hard to see Tennessee taking down Kentucky when they play at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday, and I think the Florida Gators will advance to the finals in a narrow victory over Vanderbilt at 2:15 p.m. ET on Saturday. This game could go either way, though, so I’d consider both teams as possible finalists.

Finals(12 p.m. ET on Sunday): Whether it is the Gators or the Commodores in the spot opposite Kentucky in the finals, the revenge factor would seem to be stacked heavily against the Wildcats. The 2010 SEC Tournament Champions (and owners of an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament) will be either the Vanderbilt Commodores or the Florida Gators, depending on their semifinal match-up. The Wildcats will still likely be a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament, but an SEC title won’t be the reason why.

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2010 Super Bowl: Five Players Who Will Determine the Winner

Every Super Bowl, there is always a handful of players who make the game changing plays. Here are the five impact players that will help determine the winner of Super Bowl XLIV.

Peyton Manning

If the Indianapolis Colts are going to come away with their second Super Bowl win in four years, you can be sure that Manning’s success will be one of the reasons.

So far during the 2010 NFL playoffs, Manning has earned a 104.5 QB rating by completing 67.4% of his passes for 623 yards with five touchdowns and one interception.

The one area of concern for Manning is the four sacks he has taken during the last two games. During the regular season, Manning was only brought down 10 times. The Saints will need to find away to put pressure on Manning even if they only bring four players on certain plays.

You can count Manning to get out to a slow start as he tries to exploit the holes in the Saints’ defense. If the game can remain close through the first half, Manning and company should be able to put some serious points up on the board in the second half.

Drew Brees

Just like the Colts, the Saints reached Super Bowl XLIV thanks to the outstanding performance of their quarterback. Though Brees was able to put up MVP caliber numbers during the season, he has stepped up his game in the playoffs.

Through two games, he has earned a 109.6 QB rating by completing 64.3% of his passes for 444 yards with six touchdowns and zero interceptions. The one area of concern for Saints fans has to be the two fumbles during the playoffs.

The time has come for Brees to step up and show he can be an elite quarterback when the championship is on the line. Brees should have a field day against the Colts secondary if he is able to avoid the Colts’ rush.

Robert Mathis

With the injury to defensive stud Dwight Freeney, the Colts need someone to step up. Mathis who has been an underrated force on the defensive line is the right person for the job.

During the 2009 regular season, Mathis recorded 9.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles for the Colts. Colts fans need to be concerned with the dip in Mathis’ production towards the latter part of the season.

Mathis will need to find a way to maintain the pressure on Drew Brees and make sure he does not have all the time in the world to throw a pass. If Mathis is able to make a big play or two, it will go along way to securing a Colts Super Bowl win.

Darren Sharper

While all of the talk about the Saints’ defense has been their brash coordinator Greg Williams, the real reason for their turn around was the addition of Darren Sharper.

Sharper had a career year hauling in nine interceptions and scoring three defensive touchdowns. Sharper is the main reason the Saints have been able to maintain a + 16 turnover ratio in the regular season and + 6 in the post season.

If the Saints are going to come away with the upset, Sharper is going to need to make a big play or two early in the game. Expect to hear the announcers call his name a lot, especially when the Colts try to go over the middle of the field.

Indianapolis Colts Running Backs

Though the Colts are primarily a passing game, their success in Super Bowl XLIV will largely be determined by how well Joseph Addai and Donald Brown are able to run the ball.

The two have run for 131 yards on 39 carries during the post season, averaging only 3.3 yards per carry. While they have found less success in the post season, there is a ray of light for Colts fans.

The Saints defense has been susceptible to the run, allowing 122.2 rushing yards per game during the regular season. If Brown and Addai are able to run effectively, this will slow down the Saints defensive schemes. That prospect would give Manning more time to work his magic and dissect the Saints’ secondary.

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2010 Unemployment Extensions Pass Just in Time for Christmas

Jobless Americans might wake up wondering the answer to the question, “did unemployment extensions get passed”? The answer is an incredible yes. A Barack Obama signature will most likely complete the good news for many unemployed Americans today. The 2010 Unemployment Extensions have passed!
Late last night Congress finally approved the new tax bill, which included Unemployment Extensions until late 2011 or possibly 2012. I am no longer unemployed–but completely thankful for those who will now be able to enjoy Christmas and the holiday season without having to worry about being able to pay bills or even put food on the table. It’s definitely a huge win for jobless Americans–although the true victory will be when the actual unemployment rate drops and steady jobs become more available.

It appeared a lengthy delay on unemployment extensions was inevitable. But compromise finally led to the extensions of unemployment insurance benefits–putting money back in the hands of jobless Americans just slightly before Christmas. Does that mean those who were without benefits are going to have Christmas cash? It doesn’t seem likely that the retro pay would get in the hands of the jobless before the Holiday season. Still, the thought of receiving those unemployment extensions in late December or early January is certainly better than what could have happened. The scenario without the unemployment extensions getting passed is not a pretty picture. In fact, the unemployment extension news is great news this time around for those who lost jobs through no fault of their own.

According to at least one publication, the benefits will be extended for an additional 13 months once it is signed into law by President Barack Obama. There was talk of a possible year long extension of benefits–and the addition of such an extension is much needed relief for those suffering from long term unemployment. The only hitch is that the so called 99’ers–those who have been unemployed for longer than 99 weeks are not included in the plan. The 99’ers are still doing without. It’s unfortunate that some type of compromise wasn’t worked out in regards to the 99’ers. I have mentioned before that I believe a bill should be created with a conditional return to unemployment benefits after a one month gap without. Wouldn’t this be a worthy compromise and allow the long term jobless Americans to still make ends meet until they find employment? In this potential bill, the long term unemployed would still need to submit to job search criteria even during the one month hiatus.

Will the 2011 unemployment extensions fight once again be used as a tool for political gain like it was during 2010? It’s unlikely the issue will pop up until January of 2012 unless there is talk for an unemployment extension past the 99 week mark. That type of unemployment extension was recently shot down and doesn’t appear to have any steady footing. The 99’ers are the unfortunate victim of just reaching a certain number that is excluded from the current bill. It’s horrific that anyone would actually be out of work for that amount of time-let alone over a year.

The fortunate thing for the jobless Americans(who have not reached 99 weeks)is that they now have time to focus on the job search–which can be completely overwhelming. I was personally out of work for more than one year. I searched and searched and landed few interviews even with a college degree and a vast amount of experience in my particular field. It’s unfortunate that there have been many comments on articles relating to the 2010 unemployment extensions that refer to the bill as providing a handout.

I’ve seen too many such cruel comments to count-and it’s just a lack of information(I hate to say ignorance) in regards to the situation. The job market is still horrible. There are probably still 6 people for every single open position. Until that changes, and it will take a considerable amount of time, the 2010 unemployment extensions should carry over into 2011 and 2012. What happened last night is what should have happened 6 months ago–even a year ago.

It should have been a no brainer but yet the issue was used for a political war in recent months. Many unemployed people suffered for several months during the summer while the decisions were being made by politicians. It seemed as if the jobless were in store for another long wait this time around. Maybe Christmas or the coming New Year helped cooler heads prevail. Either way, this is a huge victory for the jobless.
Searching for a job with the backing of a steady income, albeit probably much less than what workers initially made, can only be seen as a welcome relief heading into 2011.

But the good news in regards to the 2010 Unemployment extensions doesn’t stop there. The entire country should benefit from the money being put back into the economy. Many financial analysts have said for the past year that the majority of the money sent to the jobless will be injected back into the economy–fueling growth and helping us get out of the recession. Hopefully the extension of unemployment benefits will stimulate the economy and finally provide a legitimate reason for the extensions to come to an end once we reach the 13 month mark. In other words, let’s hope the answer we have been looking for is actually provided in part by the latest unemployment extension news.

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2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results

Set forth below is the 2010 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Football Schedule: it includes each game date, opponent, location, result/time, team record, and AP Top 25 weekly ranking, if applicable.

Led by third-year Head coach Rick Neuheisel, the UCLA Bruins football team enters its 92nd year as one of the more successful programs in college football history: it has acheived over 500 victories and has appeared in 28 bowl games.

The 2010 UCLA Football Schedule includes games against familiar foes and perennial Pac-10 rivals: Arizona, Arizona State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, USC, Washington, and Washington State. The 2010 UCLA schedule also includes non-conference games against Kansas State, Houston, and Texas.

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results Week 1

Date: September 4, 2010
Opponent: Kansas State
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Result/Time: L 31-22
Record: 0-1
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 2

Date: September 11, 2010
Opponent: Stanford
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: L 35-0
Record: 0-2
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 3

Date: September 18, 2010
Opponent: Houston
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: W 31-13
Record: 1-2
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 4

Date: September 25, 2010
Opponent: Texas
Location: Austin, Texas
Result/Time: W 34-12
Record: 2-2
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 5

Date: October 2, 2010
Opponent: Washington State
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: W 42-28
Record: 3-2
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 6

Date: October 9, 2010
Opponent: California
Location: Berkeley, California
Result/Time: L 35-7
Record: 3-3
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 7

Date: October 21, 2010
Opponent: Oregon
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Result/Time: L 60-13
Record: 3-4
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 8

Date: October 30, 2010
Opponent: Arizona
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: L 29-21
Record: 3-5
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 9

Date: November 6, 2010
Opponent: Oregon State
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: W 17-14
Record: 4-5
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 10

Date: November 18, 2010
Opponent: Washington
Location: Seattle, Washington
Result/Time: L 24-7
Record: 4-6
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 11

Date: November 26, 2010
Opponent: Arizona State
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Result/Time: L 55-34
Record: 4-7
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A

2010 UCLA Football Schedule and Results – Week 12

Date: December 4, 2010
Opponent: USC
Location: Los Angeles, California (Rose Bowl)
Result/Time: L 28-14
Record: 4-8
AP Top 25 Ranking: N/A


“Historical Scores – UCLA,” jhowell.net
“2010 NCAA Football Rankings,” ESPN
“UCLA Bruins Football: 2010 Schedule,” University of California, Los Angeles

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2010 Tylenol Recall Extends to Motrin and Benadryl Recall as Well on List

The 2010 Tylenol recall list is becoming more extensive. The 2010 Tylenol recall list is not just for Tylenol, but also Motrin, Benadryl, Rolaids, St. Joseph, and Simply Sleep products. If you use any products under these company names, make sure to check the list and links on page two to make sure that you are following the recall advice of the FDA. The FDA also is very unhappy that complaints haven’t been dealt with quickly enough by Johnson and Johnson, and that the recall needs to be stepped up on Tylenol and other products to make sure that consumers aren’t using a sub-standard product.

At the heart of the 2010 Tylenol recall is an awful odor that several products are giving off, which is said to be an “unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like” odor. To make sure that you aren’t using one of the products that are being recalled, make sure to compare your in-home product to what is now on the recall list. Many consumers use different versions of the Tylenol products are making the recall list, including Tylenol Extra Strength, Tylenol Regular Strength, Tylenol 8-hour, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, Tylenol PM, and Children’s Tylenol. As you can see, the list has become extensive, and you need to make sure that you aren’t using one of the “lots” of the product that could be sub-standard.

As part of the 2010 Tylenol recall, Motrin IB, Motrin Junior Strength, Benadryl Allergy, several different flavors of Rolaids products, St. Joseph’s Pain Relievers, St. Joseph’s Chewable Aspirin, St. Joseph Safety Coated Aspirin, and Simply Sleep medications are also on the recall list. The complaints associated with these products have been coming in since 2008, and is the main reason that the FDA is now very frustrated that the companies have not fixed the problems. The FDA even issued a statement where they said that the company should have acted faster to deal with the problem.

The complaints that have been associated with this recall stated that the sub-standard product had caused stomach problems, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. The company calls these complaints “non-serious”, but any product that is intended to make you better, and instead makes you sick, seems pretty serious to both consumers and the FDA. If you think you have one of these products, make sure that you stop using it until you are sure. We have linked the recall notice from the company where you can enter the lot number to find out if your product has been recalled.

List of Some Recalled Products

Junior strength Motrin, children’s Tylenol grape melt away tablets, extra strength Tylenol, extra strength Tylenol rapid release gel caps, extra strength Tylenol PM gel tabs, Motrin caplets, extra strength Rolaids fresh mint tablets and St. Joseph Aspirin chewable orange tablets.

Tylenol Recall Site

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