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2010 World Cup Stadiums: Ellis Park Stadium

The Ellis Park football stadium is located in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, also known as Jozi, or Jo’burg. Johannesburg is also the wealthiest province in South Africa due to the fact that’s one of the sources for the trade of gold and diamonds in the world.

The Ellis Park football stadium has hosted many important sporting events such as the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup final between Brazil and USA. This stadium was built in 1928 exclusively for rugby, but it was demolished and reconstructed again just for rugby.

This beautiful 2010 World Cup stadium was named after a city council named JD Ellis, who approved the used of 13 acres of land exclusively for a stadium.

This is the stadium in which the iconic scene of President Nelson Mandela lifting the 1995 World Cup trophy of rugby was born. The South African rugby team earned the cup beating the team from New Zealand, and history was made in this stadium.

You can watch the story in the movie “Invictus”, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman as Mandela, and Matt Damon as Francois Piernaar, the captain of the rugby team.

The matches that will be played in this stadium are:

June 12th. Group B Argentina vs. Nigeria
June 15th. Group G Brazil vs. Korea DPR
June 18th. Group C Slovenia vs. USA
June 21st. Group H Spain vs. Honduras
June 24th. Group F Slovakia vs. Italy
June 28th. Round of 16 1G vs. 2H
July 3rd. ¼ Finals W55 vs. W56

Ellis Park football stadium is home of one of the most popular clubs in South Africa, the Orlando Pirates. The climate goes from 39 to 75 Fahrenheit degrees, which is very appropriate for a great soccer match.

However, on the downside, Johannesburg is one of the most violent cities in South Africa with a high number of rapes, robberies, as well as assault and murders, so the authorities are making security a high priority during the 2010 World Cup.

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2010 World Cup: History of the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl of world soccer, is just around the corner. While many Americans take their children to play soccer on Saturdays in the park, most Americans do not carry the passion for FIFA’s World Cup, especially when it is compared the NFL’s Super Bowl, MLB’s World Series or the NBA’S Finals. To celebrate the beginning of the FIFA World Cup, use this primer to get you started on the right foot for this cup series.

The FIFA World Cup started back in 1924, according to FIFA, when soccer was included in the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee decided that organization of the soccer event should be done by a FIFA, and they have been the organizers since. While they were to recognize the Olympics as a world championship, the President of FIFA, Jules Rimet, also wanted to see a Championship run solely by FIFA. In 1930, the first World Cup opened in Uruguay, but turnout was reduced due to the distance Europe’s major teams had to travel by ship.

As a result of the long voyage, only four European teams participated in the event. This damaged the pride of the host country, Uruguay, as they had won both the 1924 and 1928 Olympic championship, and they now felt like they were being shunned by the community. As a result, Uruguay, who had also won the World Cup, refused to play in the 1934 World Cup. They missed only one World Cup, though, and they have participated every year since.

The event has grown immensely over the years, and with the advent of mass media, the audience has grown with it. The original World Cup could only be viewed by those at the location, and reports were transmitted by wire to news outlets around the world. With the economies of the world collapsing, though, it was difficult to make headway. Skip ahead to 2006’s television broadcast, and the worldwide total viewership reached 26.29 billion cumulative viewers for all matches, and, on average, 259 million people tuned in to watch each match.

The event is organized as a series of tournaments held by the regional FIFA Confederations, which run the rules and regulations on a geographic-based scale. These regional tournaments act as feeders to the main World Cup, which in 2010, will be held in South Africa. The qualifying teams will be set into groups, and a series of matches will be played between the teams of the group, much like conferences in the National Football League. The leaders of each conference will then be seeded into tournament brackets, taking the top two teams from each group. From there, they progress like any other tournament bracket, with a single knockout elimination. The one exception, obviously, is the Semi-finals losers, who square off to determine third and fourth place.

This tournament, in 2010, will take place in South Africa, and the games will be played in various cities across the small nation. It also marks the 80th year of international competition in a sport which relies heavily on the individual, and team efforts, as opposed to money and technology. As the eyes of the world are cast on to South Africa, the only question remaining on anyone’s mind is, “Are they ready for us?”

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2010 White House Easter Egg Roll: How to Get a Souvenir Egg

Each participant in the White House Easter Egg Roll will receive a souvenir egg. The official 2010 White House Easter Egg has not been unveiled yet, but is expected to be a painted wooden egg with the signatures of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

2010 White House Easter Egg Roll Theme

The White House Egg Roll is a tradition which dates back to 1878, and is always observed on the Monday after Easter. This year, the Easter Egg Roll will be held on April 5 with a theme of “Ready, Set, Go!”.

“Ready, Set, Go!” was chosen as the theme because it’s in line with First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative, which focuses on reducing childhood obesity.

Easter Egg Roll and Other Events

The Easter Egg Roll is held on the South Lawn of the White House from 8 am- 5pm. Participants use a large serving spoon to roll decorated eggs across the lawn. In 2009, there were five different start times in order to accommodate over 30,000 ticket holders. Each group has an hour and a half to participate in the egg roll and other events.

In addition to the Easter Egg Roll, there’s an Easter egg hunt, stations where children learn how to make healthy food, music, sports, storytelling, reading, crafts, and Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden is open for viewing. White House press releases caution that there is not enough time to do everything, so participants must pick and choose which activities to do.

White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets

Tickets are awarded through an online lottery. The only stipulation for entry is that a family has to have at least one child under the age of 12. This year’s lottery closed on February 28, and winners were announced on March 4. Because the date of Easter changes every year, look for the lottery about six weeks before Easter, with winners being announced approximately a month before Easter.

How to Win a White House Easter Egg Roll Souvenir Egg

Enter to win an official 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll wooden egg here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). The deadline for entries is April 5, 2010. The winner will be announced April 9, 2010. (Limit: one entry per day.)

Where to Buy a White House Easter Egg Roll Souvenir Egg

2010 White House Easter Egg Roll souvenir eggs are available in pink, yellow, green, and purple. A boxed set of all four colors is $26.50. The 2010 souvenir eggs are $7.50 a piece if purchased separately.

2009 White House Easter Egg Roll souvenir eggs are still available in rose, orange, blue, and green. A boxed set of all four colors is $15.00. The 2009 wooden souvenir eggs are $4 a piece if purchased separately.

The souvenir eggs can be purchased online at the National Parks Foundation website’s store page. Click here for a link to that page.

Sales of the White House Easter Egg Roll souvenir eggs help support the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House.


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2010 Winter Olympics Medal Count Round-Up for February 14: US Leads with 6

Day three of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver featured the crowning of five more new gold medalists, bringing the current total count of medals awarded at the Winter Games to 30.

Athletes from 16 different nations own the 30 medals awarded in Vancouver through February 14. The United States currently tops the Olympic Medal Count with 6 total, having earned a silver in the Nordic Combined event (Johnny Spillane) and a bronze in Men’s Moguls (Bryon Wilson) today in addition to the four tallied on day two.

Currently second in the Olympic medal count is Germany, with one gold and three silvers. France and Canada are tied for second place with three medals each. Other nations represented in the Olympic medal count tally include South Korea and Italy with two apiece, and Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Australia, Russia, Croatia and Austria with one each.

In non-medal round action, the US Women’s hockey team dominated team China 12-1, and pairs figure skaters Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo staked an early claim to Olympic gold by finishing first in the short program over chief competitors Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. The pairs figure skating competition will come to a close after Monday evening’s free skate.

Here’s a listing of the day’s Olympic medal count, organzed by event.

2010 Olympic Medals: Biathlon – Men’s 10 kilometer sprint

Gold: Jay Vincent, France

Silver: Emil Hegle Svendsen, Norway

Bronze: Jakov Fak, Croatia

2010 Olympic Medals: Freestyle Skiing – Men’s Moguls

Gold: Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada

Silver: Dale Begg-Smith, Australia

Bronze: Bryon Wilson, USA

2010 Olympic Medals: Luge – Men’s Singles

Gold: Felix Loch, Germany

Silver: David Moeller, Germany

Bronze: Armin Zoeggeler, Italy

2010 Olympic Medals: Nordic Combined

Gold: Jason Lamy Chappuis, France

Silver: Johnny Spillane, USA

Bronze: Alessandro Pittin, Italy

2010 Olympic Medals: Speed Skating – Women’s 3000 meters

Gold: Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic

Silver: Stephanie Beckert, Germany

Bronze: Kristina Groves, Canada


Vancouver Medal Count

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2010 New Year's Eve in Bethlehem, PA for Families

New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem, PA has a lot to offer people of every age group, making it perfect for families. Family events on New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem include First Night Bethlehem, Peeps® Fest, and Fireworks, which go off at two times throughout the night. Since Bethlehem, PA is Christmas City, USA, there are lots of family holiday events in Bethlehem, and New Year’s Eve is no exception, bringing the holiday season to a close with a festive and unique celebration.

First Night Bethlehem
First Night Bethlehem is a collection of performances and activities for all ages scattered around downtown Bethlehem, PA. The First Night Lineup has a variety of music, from blues and rock to folk, Celtic, and even classical. Comedians, magicians, and kids’ musicians round out the performances. If you’re looking for kids’ entertainment, the Crayola Gallery at the Banana Factory on 3rd Street in Bethlehem’s South Side has a family-friendly lineup from noon to 9:30 pm with a mixture of music, magic, and clowning.

Another great First Night Bethlehem venue for families is the Steel Ice Center on East 1st Street. There will be a public ice skate from 4:30pm to 9:30pm, and snowman building from 6pm to 7pm. These family events on New Year’s Eve are fun for everyone and a great way to ring in 2010 as a family.

Admission to all First Night Bethlehem attractions is included in the purchase of a First Night Button. Ages 6 to 12 are $8 if purchased before 12/25, and $10 after; ages 13 and over are $12 if purchased before 12/25 and $15 after. These buttons will also give you free bus rides on the LOOP and Fest LOOP buses that will be running downtown from 5pm to 12:30am, so you can get to the various venues more easily. Buttons can be purchased online, in the Gallery Shoppe at the Banana Factory, or at the door of any First Night Bethlehem venue the day of.

PEEPS Fest is a brand new addition to New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem, PA, showcasing the famous confection from Just Born Inc., which are made in Bethlehem. This 2-day event is great for families; it celebrates marshmallow PEEPS through music, art, and family fun. The famous PEEPS drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem has been moved to the celebration, which will be housed in the Christkindlmarkt tents.

Here at PEEPS Fest, you can browse artwork from area students in the first ever Lehigh Valley Peeps Scholastic Diorama Competition. The winner will be invited to “drop” the PEEP at midnight. Family activities will be numerous, and include: musicians, clowns, PEEPS-themed arts & crafts, ice carving, make your own s’mores, and PEEPS Olympics, where you can compete for prizes from Just Born Inc. You can also learn how PEEPS are made and get a picture with the PEEPS mascot and the bright yellow PEEPSTER.

Downtown Bethlehem restaurants will be in on the fun as well. From December 21 through December 29, seven Bethlehem restaurants will be featuring PEEPS-themed desserts on their menus. Sample these creations and vote for your favorite on the PEEPS Fest Website.

PEEPS Fest will take place from 12 noon to 4pm on December 30th, and 12 noon to 12 midnight on December 31st. Admission is free on both days with a First Night Bethlehem Button. On December 30th only, admission is $4 for ages 6 to 12 and $6 for ages 13 and over without a button. Admission on December 31st will only be granted with a First Night Bethlehem Button.

The First Night Bethlehem fireworks go off at 2 times during the night: 5:45pm and midnight. The earlier show is perfect for families with smaller children, and while the show isn’t quite as elaborate as its midnight counterpart, it’s still a good show. My kids look forward to it every year, and since they’d never make it until midnight, it makes New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem special for them, too. For more information about the First Night Bethlehem Fireworks, including the best spots around the city to view them, go here.

For more information on Holiday Events in Bethlehem, PA, visit:
Shopping for Unique Christmas Gifts in Bethlehem, PA
Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA
Where to Visit Santa Claus in Bethlehem, PA
First Night Bethlehem Fireworks

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2010 New Year's Resolutions Are Being Watched

It’s not widely known or discussed, but all New Years resolutions are recorded and tracked by God himself. Each day he can be seen writing down each person’s resolutions for the upcoming year in an enormous ledger. When asked how he finds the time to take on yet another task considering all of his other responsibilities, he replies, “I’m God.”

As our conversation continued, I learned that people make their New Years resolutions with good intentions but unfortunately unrealistic expectations. For example, every year Walter Hanks from Colton, Ohio makes the resolution to climb and reach the peak of a large mountain. But Hanks has no climbing experience, and at no point during the year does he make any effort to acquire any. Finally, his resolution is totally discredited when he annually gets a nosebleed fetching the Christmas Tree from the attic.

“Lets look at some statistics,” God says leafing through his ledger. “The most common New Years resolution this year with over 300 million submissions is, ‘Lose Weight’ and the most unique resolution with 1 submission is ‘Kill God’, which is submitted every year by the Devil. I actually called him on this one year and he said; “Oh; Is that a problem? Ok then, put me down for Lose Weight.”

God went on to compare the contrasting resolutions between people in the public eye. For example, in 2010 Oprah Winfrey wants to rid the world of poverty and sickness, whereas Dick Cheney wants to rid the world of poor and sick people.

There is some frustration with how quickly people will break their resolutions. “I’ll have guys give up alcohol for the year, then turn around and start drinking beer while watching the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. New Years Day!! When I see someone being that negligent, I may induce an instant heart attack”. As a look of horror came over this interviewer’s face, God said “Hey relax, I’m only kidding. But seriously, those guys annoy me!”

As our conversation was winding down, God admitted that even he makes New Years resolutions. “Well there are a few things I would like to improve on, but this year, I’m working on my biggest flaw” God says. “Which is don’t create and define a new species while drinking. For example, making salmon swim upstream, leaping through rapids and waterfalls, just to lay their eggs and then die within a week. Yeah, that was all tequila.”

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2010 New Year's Eve Activities at Raleigh, NC Downtown Churches

This year’s Raleigh, NC New Year’s celebrations will include many churches in the downtown area. Head out to any of the churches below for fun, music, entertainment and New Year’s festivities.

This will be Raleigh’s 19th annual First Night Out Celebration. So duck into a church to get out of the crowd, yet enjoy some great holiday, New Year’s celebrations.

The churches helping First Night Raleigh, NC celebrate the New Year for 2009 – 2010 are:

First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary

At 7:00 PM, Jeff Little with Helen White and Wayne Henderson will sing, blending old time music with blue and jazz infused American root tunes. These three will also play again at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 PM. For more information on these players, you should visit Jeff Little’s website and the website of Wayne Henderson.

At 7:30, 8:30 and 10:00 PM – Chuck Davis and the African American Dance Ensemble will perform to the beat of old rhythms. This particular show will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church. For more information on this group, visit their website.

Edenton Street United Methodist Church Sanctuary

At 7:00 PM, William Weisser will play organ music. For those who love organ music, this is definitely the place to be. Weisser will also play an encore at 9:00 PM. Visit William Weisser’s website.

At 8:00 PM, the Opera Company of NC will perform opera. This opera company will perform a second time at 10:00 PM. Opera lovers, don’t miss this New Year’s Eve celebration with the Opera Company of NC.

Church of Good Shepherd Sanctuary

At 7:30 PM, th’ Bullfrog, Willard McGhee, a Raleigh, NC musician, will play the blues for all you blues lovers. Visit th’ Bullfrog on his MySpace Page.

At 8:30 PM, Bob Margolin will become unplugged. Bob Margolin is a North Carolina Blues Artist. For more information, visit his website.

Christ Church Parish Hall

At 7:30 PM, The Lenny Marcus Trio Jazz band will hold a concert. For more information on the Lenny Marcus Trio, visit their website. At 9:00 PM – bring your instrument and play along with the Lenny Marcus Trio Jazz band.

First Baptist Church Sanctuary, Wilmington Street

At 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 PM, Lyndale Lewis and New Vision will perform.

First Baptist Church Sanctuary, Salisbury Street

At 7:30 PM, Taylor Flemming will perform.

At 8:30, 9:15 and 10:15 PM, Justin David will perform. Justin is a Nashville, TN country music artist. Don’t miss this one! For more about Justin David, visit his website.

First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, Salisbury Street

At 7:30 and 10:30 PM, Music and Dance Productions will present Latin Dancing. Head over to the First Baptist Church and go dancing!

Keep in mind that the People’s Procession will start at 6:00 PM at the State Capitol Grounds and Fayetteville Street. Also, the First Night Tram will operate in a continual circle to deliver you to your next event. You will need a First Night Admission button to ride.

Don’t forget about the Resolution Oak Tree in the 200 block of Fayetteville Street. If you want to record your resolution for 2010, you can write it on an oak leaf and add it to the First Night Celebration.

Don’t miss First Night Karoake from 7:30 – 11:00 PM on the Wake County Courthouse steps!

Happy New Year to All! Have a great time!

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2010 New Years Resolution: Make Time for Those You Love

1) Set aside 1 hour on two days a week to call someone you care about.

2) Respond to every voice mail, e-mail and Facebook message a friend sends you.

3) At least twice a month, go to lunch or dinner with one of your friends that you don’t usually spend personal time with.

4) Seek out someone you had a falling out with and try to make amends. Extend a hand and make clear you don’t expect anything of them except to meet and listen.

5) If you get into a fight, give it a few days and than apologize. Accept apologies from others. Not worth losing a friend over pride.

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2010 Y!CN Content of the Year Awards: My Nominations

For those readers that are not current, “the Yahoo! Contributor Awards are a continuation of the Associated Content platform’s annual People’s Media Awards (PMAS).”

Yahoo! will soon proclaim the winners of the 2010 Yahoo! Contributor Awards. The timing is perfect, because the Yahoo! contributor network just rolled out the Contributor Connect: The Y! Contributor Network Blog for important announcements.

There is no question that the panel that was assigned the task of determining the winners for category of the 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor Content Award was faced with an enormous challenge. With the wealth of talented Yahoo! Contributors there were thousands upon thousands pieces of content that merited consideration. The number of winners for the 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor Content of the Year Award increased from the three content awards that the 2009 PMA awards recognized to five. However, I doubt this makes the final decisions any easier.

Everyday that I read articles on Associated Content, I learn something new, gain a new insight or benefit in one way or another. Therefore, I in my own personal nomination process I made a huge compilation of potential nominations. It was a difficult process to winnow my nominations to a manageable number. I found that my decision making process was fluid and tended to ebb and flow, depending on a whole variety of factors. Ultimately, I nominated eight pieces of content for the 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor Content of the Year Award.

Obviously, my article: 2010 Y!CN Outstanding Contributor of the Year Awards: My Nominations was public. Therefore I produced this article following the same logic, believing public nomination articles makes the contributors feel special and perhaps help each one of them gain additional exposure. Accordingly, in this article I identified seven of my eight nominations for the 2010 Yahoo! Contributor Content of the Year Awards. For better or worse, when I went through my notes to produce this article, one piece of the paper was ripped off and therefore I could only see seven of my final eight nominations. I re-read many articles trying to recall which one was my eighth nomination. There were so many quality articles that I was considering, I couldn’t remember my last selection. However, chances are that if I have read any of your work in 2010, you could have been my last nominee. In any event, what follows is a list of seven of the eight pieces of content that I nominated for the 2010 Yahoo! Contributor Content of the Year Awards. They are arranged in no particular order.

Jack Wellman demonstrates that he is biblical scholar with his academic article: Jesus’ Amazing Fulfillment of Hundreds of Prophecies.

Mike Hatz presents a living and breathing article about priorities in his article: Regaining Control (and Making Tough Choices).

Kay Balbi gets personal and discusses how to overcome a supreme challenge with her article: Born Without a Vagina.

Maria Roth reminds her audience how one sick family affects an entire family with her poem: Happy Birthday Audrey! You’re Awesome Zach!.

Karen Bishop permits her reader to feel her painful affliction in her article: My Journey Living with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Theresa Wiza shares a gem of tip about how we all can make this world a better place with her article: I Wish Someone Would Do Something About That!.

Cherie Bowser writes about a strange character indeed in her story. The Headless Man Bull Rider of Associated Content.

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2010 New Years Resolution: I Am a Professional Writer!

Last year, I set my resolution to write more. Do to the traumatic year I had, I fell extremely short of that goal. Oh, I still wrote and accepted a few assignments, but with everything going on in my life, working on my craft was not a very high priority.

This year I plan to restructure how I look at my writing. Sure I have made some money, but does it pay the bills? Not by a long shot. When most people ask if I work, I tell them I do a little writing from home. Thier next thought is surely, “Oh, so you don’t work?” Well, anyone that is trying to make a living writing can tell you it is a lot of work.

So, my New Years Resolution for 2010 is to change the way I look at myself. No longer will I say, “I do a little writing from home.” Ask me what I do and I am going to tell you, “I am a professional writer!” And that is just what I plan to be! I have set myself up a few goals. Nothing too hard or stringent, because I think people can set goals to high, and that is why a lot of New Years Resolutions die out, even before the end of January comes along.

New Years Resolution #1

Sure there are a lot better writers than I am, but I will remind myself that there are a lot worse writers out there too. I think I have insecurity issues when it comes to my writing. I’ll see this really good assignment, or call for content from magazines, and think I am not good enough to write for them. After all they are a major market! I am done with that! No pain, no gain, right? I plan to submit right along with the best of them.

New Years Resolution # 2

Marketing myself as a professional writer is something I haven’t been doing much of either. Some writers will tell you if you write well, the article will market itself. I agree with that in some ways, but yet no body knows about a great product, unless someone markets it to the public! So, I plan on spending some time marketing me; you know getting my name out there. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you!

New Years Resolution #3

Marketing myself also means marketing my writing. We are like peanut butter and jelly! We are looking for the perfect slice of bread! So that means attempting some of those markets, that I have always wanted to write for. You know, the big guys that actually pay a decent amount for an article or story. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have been very thrilled to earn the few PV pennies from sites like Associated Content and Helium, but it is time to move up in my expectations!

New Years Resolution #4

Fiction. Hmm, I have attempted a few short stories at Associated Content. They were well received by my readers. Some of my writer friends even told me I was pretty good at it, and should pursue fiction a little heavier. I don’t know about good, but I sure had fun writing fiction. So, I plan to take a stroll down fiction lane, and submit a few pieces to some fiction venues too.

New Years Resolution #5

Ask me what I do. I am a professional writer! There, that sounded pretty good to me, how about you? From now on, I don’t make a little money writing from home. I earn my living through my writing, and being able to do it from home is a perk! Hmmm, that sounds pretty good…I guess I am not to bad at this writing stuff….

Resolution #6 would be to learn links! For now, here are a couple of my fiction attempts.

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2010 New Year's Eve Parties in San Francisco

San Francisco is the ideal place to spend to bring in the New Year because it’s such a grand city that has so many things for you to do and that includes, New Year’s Parties. If you haven’t given much thought to New Year’s yet, you need to. Many places sell out on tickets and you don’t want to be stuck celebrating somewhere that was your last choice. This article will go over the top five choices to spend New Years Eve in San Francisco, California.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in San Francisco #1: The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is having a party on New Years starting at 8 PM. There will be a dinner show, several party rooms and live entertainment to keep you occupied until it becomes 2010. There will be multiple DJ’s spinning R&B, Swing, Salsa, Jazz, Top 40, Oldies and Comedy. Prices start at $175 for General Admission. A General Admission ticket will get you access to the multiple rooms, party favors and a Mystic Silver Dinner. More expensive packages get you bigger perks.The Ritz-Carlton is located at 600 Stockton Street at California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Click here for more information and call (800) 595-4849 to purchase tickets.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in San Francisco #2: M.O.A.N.Y. (Mother Of All New Years) SF

M.O.A.N.Y. (Mother Of All New Years) SF is a party event held at the Regency Ballroom. This event gets you away from nightclubs and hotels for a really fun party event. There will be three floors with different designs, d├ęcor and music choices. There will be several DJ’s on hand playing all sorts of tunes you can groove to. There will be a large balloon drop as well as a chocolate fountain. General Admission starts at $50 dollars and prices go up to $810. The Regency is located at 1290 Sutter St San Francisco CA 94109. Click here for tickets.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in San Francisco #3: Lot 46 Nightclub & Lounge

If you’re afraid of getting bored easily at one New Years Eve party, then go to Lot 46. They’ll be having two parties that you can get into for the price of one. You can have access to Lot 46 and the Risque Lounge. There will be three rooms filled with different kinds of music, three full bars, six DJ’s (2 that are Video DJ’s), free snacks, party favors, red carpet entrance and a champagne toast and balloon drop at midnight. If you buy tickets now, you can get a presale ticket for $40 dollars. Only a certain amount of the $40 dollar tickets are available so you may have to pay more if you’re too late. Lot 46 is located at 46 Geary Street and Risque Lounge is located at 45 Maiden Lane. Click here and scroll down to buy tickets.

2010 New Years Eve Parties in San Francisco #4: 8th Annual New Years Eve In The City

Suede is being host to the 8th Annual New Years Eve in the City. This is a sell out event so you’ll want to buy your tickets as soon as possible. There will be 2 levels that will hold six DJ’s, 5 rooms, four bars and three dance floors. Prices start at $29 dollars for basic admission. You can buy a ticket that is for one person or a ticket that gets two people in. Suede is located at 383 Bay Street, near Pier 39/Fisherman`s Wharf. To buy tickets, click here.

2010 New Years Eve Parties in San Francisco #5: Atmosphere

Atmosphere is having a New Years Eve bash with three levels of entertainment. This party is being DJ’d in part by DJ Revolution who is a part of The Wake Up Show so he may be very familiar to some of you. There will also be other DJ”s on hand to bring you hot music to dance to. Early bird tickets are being sold for $60 dollars. The general ticket will get you party favors and access to a complimentary bar. Atmosphere is located at 447 Broadway. You can purchase tickets here.

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