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2011 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women Inspired by Pop Culture

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for women for 2011, referencing pop culture will be all the rage.

Sexy superheroes and pirates will be popular thanks to movies like Green Lantern and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , as will characters from the Angry Birds video game (these baggy costumes would be great for someone who is pregnant or prefers to be a little more covered up). However, those that want to stand out from the crowd might want to be a little more creative.

For example, women that are fans of Green Lantern can beat Blake Lively to the punch by dressing up like Carol Ferris’ supervillain alter-ego Star Sapphire.

Or maybe women could try putting a new spin on classic Halloween costume ideas. Instead of dressing like a zombie, they could try transforming into a zombified celebrity (some undead ideas can be found here ). Turning a despised celebrity into a witch could also be fun — Lindsay Lohan , Kim Kardashian , Snooki , Casey Anthony, and Sarah Palin costumes can be made a little more wicked by adding pointy hats.

Buzzsugar has come up with a few Halloween costume ideas based on upcoming movies. Looks based on Katniss from The Hunger Games and Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake are perfect from those trying to be ahead of next year’s trends. Another fun idea could be to dress up like Kristen Stewart’s armored version of Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman, or Twilight fans could reference the princess role and Bella by dressing up like a vampire version of Snow White.

The movie Puss in Boots will be coming up right around Halloween, so fans of the feisty feline could combine a sexy cat costume, a pair of boots and a hat meant for a pirate costume, and a sword to transform into a female version of the beloved Shrek character.

Cross-dressing will also probably be popular, thanks to Lady Gaga’s alter-ego Jo Calderone . Women might have fun dressing up like male musicians that have made headlines in 2011 — Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Kurt Cobain, and Gene Simmons from KISS are all excellent choices (gal pals could even go as Simmons and a bride since he finally married Shannon Tweed).

And when it comes to female pop stars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse will probably be popular, so why not go for someone like pregnant Beyonce or Ke$ha instead? (All that would be needed for Ke$ha is a crazy blonde wig, neon-colored makeup, and a dress made out of a garbage bag).

Kate Middleton and Prince William will inspire a lot of costumes, but Princess Beatrice’s crazy Cthulhu hat would get a lot more laughs, and a group of three girls and one guy might consider going as Charlie Sheen and “Charlie’s Angels.”

And a redhead who is getting into the Halloween spirit by watching American Horror Story has it made — all she has to do is dress in a sexy maid costume to reference the spooky new series.

So when it comes to fun pop culture Halloween costumes ideas for 2011, women can find plenty of inspiration by simply looking back at the celebrities, movies, and TV shows that made headlines this year.

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2011 Guide to Local Chinese New Year Parades and Events

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Celebrate a prosperous and good year by visiting one (or a few) of the Chinese New Year events taking place throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California. The 15 day period commonly known as the Spring Festival commences with the Chinese New Year and ends with the Lantern Festival.

Monterey Park: The 2011 Chinese New Year Festival in Monterey Park will take place Saturday, January 29 through Sunday, January 30, from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., in the Monterey Park Downtown Business District on Garvey Avenue, between Garfield and Nicholson Avenues, Monterey Park, California.

This year’s festival will begin on Saturday morning with a traditional Chinese New Year lion, dragon dancers, and firecrackers. Food booths will serve up varied fare, and there will be numerous vendors offering one-of-a-kind gifts and specialty items. The festival promises lots of live entertainment provided on two stages throughout the weekend. A large carnival-inspired fun zone will be staged in parking lots at the corner of Garvey and Lincoln Avenues.

Parking will be available at two sites:

1. Ynez Elementary School, 120 S. Ynez Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754

2. Mark Keppel High School, 501 E Hellman Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801

Buses will be available to shuttle visitors to and from Mark Keppel High School and the east entrance of the Chinese New Year Festival (Garvey/Alhambra Avenues). Signs marking the pick-up and drop-off location will be posted in the parking lot of Mark Keppel High School. Buses will run continuously Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Garden Grove: Although the Tet Festival commemorates the Vietnamese New Year, both the Vietnamese and Chinese New Year are based on the Lunar calendar, and share similar characteristics. The Tet Festival in Garden Grove will be held at Garden Grove Park, 9301 Westminster Blvd, Garden Grove, California 92844. The three day extravaganza will begin on Friday, February 4 and end on Sunday, February 6. Festival hours are Friday, 2 p.m. – 10 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults; $4 for children under 4 feet tall; babies are admitted for free.

There will be many performances on the main stage throughout the Tet Festival, and there will be numerous food and cultural booths, carnival-styled rides, and dragon dancers. Six contests will be held throughout the festival, including Chinese chess, floral arrangement, and golden singing voice for competitors of all ages; and a drawing contest and a Vietnamese spelling bee for children of all ages, as well as a children’s culture pagent for children 3-12.

For more information regarding the contests, including application deadlines, please email, and visit

Parking will be available on-site at Garden Grove Park.

Los Angeles, Chinatown: The Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival in Chinatown is a popular and highly anticipated annual event. This year, the festival will take place on Saturday, February 5 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., through Sunday, February 6, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The crowd-pleasing Dragon Parade will start at 1 p.m. on Saturday, starting on Ord and Hill Streets, continuing on Hill to Bernard Street, Bernard Street to Broadway, and ending at Cesar Chavez. Although grandstand tickets will be available for $25, visitors may view the parade from the street for free. The festival will also include food, dancing, music, games, and a car show.

Parking in Chinatown generally ranges from $3-$8 per day. Public parking is available on Hill Street and on Broadway:

• Bamboo Plaza
988 North Hill Street (entrance on Bernard)

• Mandarin Plaza
970 North Broadway

• Modern Parking Incorporated
977 North Broadway

• Central Parking System
988 North Hill Street

As an alternative, you may avoid parking altogether by riding the Metro Gold Line to the Chinatown Station.;

Tustin: The Tustin Library, located at 345 East Main Street, Tustin, California 92780, will host a family-focused Chinese New Year celebration on Sunday, February 6, from 1:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. Chinese culture will be discussed and illustrated with exhibits, a lion dance, and a tea ceremony. Arts and crafts projects will be available for children, who will also enjoy a scheduled story time. The festivity-filled day will conclude with party favors distributed in symbolic red bags.

Parking is available in the library parking lot. In addition to the Chinese New Year celebration, a four-week photo exhibit will be displayed in the library’s gallery from January 8 through February 6.

Los Angeles, Olvera Street: Traditionally, the Lantern Festival occurs on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month to commemorate the closing of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and brightly colored lanterns are strung in the streets and in homes to mark the occasion.

The Chinese American Museum Lantern Festival at Olvera Street is scheduled for Saturday, March 5, from 12 p.m. – 7 p.m., at 425 Los Angeles Street at El Pueblo Historic Site/Olvera Street. Admission to the family-friendly Lantern Festival is free, as is admission at the Chinese American Museum. There will be lots to see and do, including live entertainment in the forms of lion dancers, acrobats, and musical and dance performances; arts and craft workshops will allow visitors to experience many different Asian art forms, including lantern making, Chinese calligraphy, origami, kite construction, string knotting, and Chinese Opera-style face painting. Plan to stay until the evening, which will conclude with a lantern parade. Children and their families are welcome to march with the festival dancers and musicians in a park-encircling route.

Lot parking is available. Lots 2 and 3 will be open until 9 p.m. on the day of the festival. Lot 2, on 615 North Main Street (enter on Main Street; cross street is Cesar Chavez), charges a flat rate of $9 on weekends. Lot 3, located at 853 North Alameda Street (enter on Alameda Street; cross street is Cesar Chavez), charges $2 per 20 minutes, with a maximum parking fee of $13.20.

Visitors may also take the Metro Red Line, Gold Line, or Purple Line to Union Station/Gateway Transit Center. Upon arrival, exit the station and walk across North Alameda Street to the El Pueblo Historical Monument.

On the following Saturday, March 12, a Chinese-style nine-course Lantern Festival banquet will take place. Participants will socialize and dine on delicacies while celebrating the Chinese New Year. The banquet will start with a social at 6:30 p.m., and dinner will be served at 7 p.m. The restaurant and prices are to be determined. RSVP at

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2011 Jeep Patriot Lives Up to Jeep Name

Being one not preoccupied with the latest gadgets, the 2011 Jeep Patriot’s bare minimum package was all I wanted. As long as it was 4WD, I was happy. Winter can take well over 6 months and a vehicle that can drive when I need to go, which is all year-round and up to the ski resort for some much needed pleasure when the snow is at its finest, it was essential to have all four wheels moving.

The perk of course was the manual engine. Driving up (and down) mountain passes can be a little stressful and being able to shift when I felt the vehicle needed to shift and not when the vehicle decided to blaze ahead or putter along was mandatory.

This perk was also why my vehicle was not endowed with the latest technology-no power locks, or power windows, certainly no navigation system. Would I do without all those extras if I could do it all over again? The manual engine would still be a necessity, but I might have tried a little harder to locate a vehicle with at least power windows and, if I really want to splurge, power locks as well. With a Jeep, I figure that I must toughen up a little bit to drive around in a vehicle known for its ruggedness. It is a Jeep.

Purchasing the vehicle at the end of 2010, which has always seemed bizarre to me, having a 2011 vehicle before the year has actually arrived, I got to test my black beauty in the snow of the San Juan Mountains. One unfortunate happening was that La Nina decided to hit which does not bid well for the southern mountains in the Colorado Rockies. The northern mountains were having a field day in dump after dump of the white stuff. We, on the other hand, had an average year. My Jeep stood up well even though we didn’t get our back-to-back feet of snowstorms. I kept the factory tires on and had little problems the entire winter season.

Like every winter, there is a stretch of negative degree weather. Even when it got as low as 20 degrees below zero, the Jeep started. There is nothing more reassuring to know that even in the most frigid days I could drive if I needed to hit the road.

This season I hope for much more snow and El Nino to return so I can really test out my Jeep in some real winter conditions.


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2011 Greenbrier Classic Winner: Scott Stallings by the Numbers

Known for being one of the most exciting annual PGA golf tournaments, the Greenbrier Classic has been one of the most famous since it was established in 2010. The West Virginia golf tournament was previously won by Stuart Appleby and Scott Stallings was the second winner of the tournament on July 31, 2011. To commemorate Stalling’s excellent performance, I have created a list of the top five numbers associated with his career.

Statistics are current as of July 31, 2011.

March 25, 1985: The Worcester, Massachusetts native was born on March 25, 1985. The 26-year-old was also a former student and golfer at Tennessee Technological University and he was a former golfer on the Nationwide Tour.

2007: The Massachusetts golfer started his professional career in 2007. Stallings has not had an excellent career, but he seems to have the talent and golfing ability to win many more tournaments and to potentially have a tremendous golfing career.

July 31, 2011: One of the most notable dates for Stalling’s professional golfing career is that the United States golfer achieved his very first PGA Tour victory on July 31, 2011. Although Stallings was not the favorite to win the second Greenbrier Classic, he managed to win in the playoff round on the very last day of the tournament. Bob Estes and Bill Haas were the runners-up.

1: Although Scott Stallings is only 26-years-old and has only golfed for the PGA since 2007, Stallings only has one PGA Tour victory. However, he demonstrated on July 31 that he should be considered as a golfer to watch for the remainder of the season and possibly for years to come.

As one would predict with a golfing tournament that is determined in the playoff round, the 2011 Greenbrier Classic was utterly exciting and featured some of the very best golfers in the world. The number three is associated with the three talented golfers who played to win during the playoff round.


John Raby, “Stallings wins Greenbrier Classic in playoff,” Yahoo! Sports.

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2011 Hurricane Season Reason to Be Wary, Not Afraid

COMMENTARY | The 2011 hurricane forecast was just released by NOAA, and while it contains dire predictions of an extremely busy hurricane season, I’m not too worried. I’ve lived most of my life in parts of the country where hurricanes are just a fact of life. My family lived through Hurricane Andrew, though our house was destroyed and I had to switch school districts while over the course of many months it was rebuilt. I was 8, and far from being traumatized, I thought it was cool that my second floor bedroom closet was now in a pile of drywall by the front door. My bookshelf, made of rickety black metal, was miraculously untouched.

As I’ve gotten older, that attitude hasn’t changed much. I live in New York now, where hurricanes do hit but are rarer. Even when I was still in high school in south Florida, tropical storm warnings meant days off of school. I thought of them as the South’s answer to snow days. Most storms blew over with little to no damage, resulting in a few hours or days without electricity at most.

When I was older and attending the University of Miami, storms were just an excuse to have a hurricane party. My fellow students and I would choose the sturdiest house to barricade ourselves in with some beer and board games. If we were without power afterward, it just meant we had to barbeque anything and everything left in our fridge before it went bad — another excuse to socialize. The longest I went without electricity during that time period was three weeks one hurricane season; annoying and uncomfortable, but hardly deadly.

But apart from my own rather benign attitude toward hurricanes, here’s why I’m not too worried. Once the 2011 predictions are broken down, they aren’t as bad as they seem. Though there should be 12-16 storms, the majority of those will be minor ones that won’t do much damage even if they make landfall. Last year there were 19 named storms, the Sun Sentinel reports, more than is being predicted for this year, but only one wimpy one made landfall in the United States. Floridians generally don’t even put up shutters for tropical storms or category one storms. Even category twos aren’t much to fear. Out of the three to six major storms predicted, most of those will probably stay far out in the ocean, blowing themselves out where they won’t do any harm.

Another reason to stay calm is that Florida, which is generally one of the hardest-hit hurricane states, is probably also the most prepared for a major storm for that very reason. Andrew’s lessons still linger and homes and businesses are built to be able to withstand all but the strongest storm. And from what I’ve seen, the further north a hurricane travels, the weaker it gets, since the warm water is what fuels them. So if Florida is bypassed, the northern states probably won’t have too much to worry about anyway. Of course there are exceptions, but catastrophic storms are fairly rare. People should do what they can to prepare, but not live in fear of something that is unlikely to happen.

The only states that worry me are the ones around the Gulf of Mexico, where warm waters can fuel storms. But to get to the Gulf, storms generally have to pass over Florida first, and there they usually blow themselves out while on land. I’m not an expert, but I’ve watched hurricanes form and dissolve out in the ocean year after year and lived through plenty of my own. In the end, the worst thing is to live in fear. No matter how many or how few storms are predicted, it only takes one. So rather than live afraid, it’s better to buy hurricane shutters, stockpile a few gallons of water and some canned goods, and then move on with your life.

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2011 Fort Worth Memorial Weekend Events

Memorial day weekend is just around the corner! Here are a few ideas on how to welcome back the lazy days of summer to Fort Worth:

Family Fun

The Fort Worth Zoo is always a great attraction for families to visit. The zoo will be featuring the Dinosaurs Unleashed! exhibit, which will offer a glimpse into Texas’ own prehistoric past. While you’re at the zoo, you can also enjoy the other popular exhibits, from penguins to African wildlife. Admission to the zoo is $12 for adults, $9 for kids (ages 3-12), and $9 for seniors.

Or if your family is heading to The Fort Worth Stokyards for the Championship Rodeo, you can bring your little cowboy or cowgirl to one of the most popular stockyard events: Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show. Tickets can be purchased at the door and there are showtimes on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. A variety of performers, including trick ropers and singing cowboys will be on hand to entertain.

Fun for Grown-ups, too!

Billy Bob’s Texas Honky Tonk is a long-time staple of Fort Worth adult fun. Memorial weekend will be no exception as they welcome The Band Perry on May 28th. Reserved tickets are $20 and general admission tickets are $15.

If you are looking to grab a taste of Fort Worth night life, be sure to check out the Magnolia Avenue restaurants and bars. There you’ll find unique places such as the Yucatan Taco Stand and The Usual, along with many others. If you’re looking to try something different, this is definitely the street you need to be on.


The Memorial Jam Texas Style festival will hit the Fort Worth Stock Yards on May 28th. The festival will feature 20 great Texas performers, including Kyle Bennett and No Justice. Tickets are $20 and all the doors open at 11 am. You can grab great food and enjoy other entertainment. This event is recommended for ages 17 and up, but children are also permitted.


Fort Worth’s renowned Kimbell Art Museum will be featuring a new exhibit, “Picasso and Braque: The Cubist Experiment, 1910–1912” beginning in May 29th. This collection will showcase the work of two remarkable artists, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The museum will also feature a lecture to accompany the exhibition on Saturday, May 28 at 10:30 am. Harry Cooper, curator of modern and contemporary art at the National Gallery of Art, will discuss the pieces featured in the collection.

Memorial Day Highlights

To pay tribute to those veterans who have served our nation, the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery will again host their annual program beginning at 11:00 am on Monday, May 30. This is a popular event, so be sure to arrive early.

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2011 Hottest Layered Hairstyles

Layers, texture, and more layers are on the rise for being one of the hottest hairstyle trends for 2011. This is one look that will never go out of style, but always have new ways of wearing them.

If you have hair to the shoulder or longer this look will be perfect for you. It will give you personality, add some flair, and definitely make your hair easier to mange in the heat. I love the variations you have with this look. Make the whole top and sides real choppy, and thinner once you get to the middle of the sides all the way down to the length. Or make the whole top and crown area choppy with loads of layers, keep the sides one length straight and the back length one length straight down.

The main key is to have volume and messiness, but be fashionable at the same time.

Sexy Long Bang With Choppy Sides And Length

Very hot Summer look. Your top bang and crown area needs to be around 6-9 inches long in length, and razored at the ends so the ends of the bangs slightly flip out.

Then have the stylist layer the back section of the head and the underneath as choppy as possible. The length of the hair should look slightly stringy, but up towards the sides should be short, texturized, and winged out. This look is easy to maintain, and great for those on the go. Use some styling products in the hair, blow dry your head messy, and flatten the length some.

Bangs are so hot. Have them choppy, wear them to the side, chunk them, piece them, make them wispy, or wear them uneven. The ideas for bangs are endless, especially with layers in the hair.

Bodacious Curls With Layers And Bangs

Big bouncy loose curls is totally in again for summer 2011. Create a soft “S” curl on the entire head using big rollers, fingers, perm, curling iron, or by getting different length layers added to your hair.

Then have the top section and bangs layered as much as possible. Spritz with sea salt and use your fingers to style. Do not worry if the hair looks unkempt, it’s suppose to.

Jennifer Aniston Angled Hair Back Once Again

The “Rachel” haircut went big. Millions of people copied this layered style for years. It was one of the most popular hairstyles that ever came about. It faded out for some time, but now it looks like it’s making its way back in the homes of many. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had to do this look. I could probably do this cut with my eyes closed by now.

To understand this style more and learn how to create it. Put “How to get Jennifer Aniston Haircut” into the Google Search box. This way you can see actual pictures, and print them out to bring to your stylist on your next visit to the salon. Some websites even have diagrams to show exactly where to angle the hair and so on.

The most important part of this layered look is the angles, and using a razor to create the texture. Make sure your stylist knows how to cut with a razor before you go with this look.


Professional Beautician

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2011 Love Horoscope for Cancerians

With regard to romance in 2011 you will no doubt become quite involved in relationship affairs. Single Cancerians will feel a strong need to begin a relationship of special meaning.

With emphasis on your opposite sign, the very start of the year is an excellent time for important romantic decisions, announcing an engagement or getting wed. You and your partner won’t, of course, agree with each other all of the time but this is not a sign that your relationship is in jeopardy. Rejoice in each other’s differences and learn from each other. Romance can be a lot of fun if you focus on the good side and you don’t allow your mind to prey on foolish little arguments that are best forgotten.

You have a lot of responsibility in February and March and that’s why it won’t be easy to squeeze in much time for your partner. Occasionally you will have to be reminded of your priorities. Your significant other will start to feel neglected if you begin acting as if they don’t exist. Make time for those who mean the most to you and you will see a difference.

Friends will appear genuinely enthusiastic and will enjoy what they are doing with you in the spring. Just don’t be surprised if, between the months of May and July, all goes quiet on the romantic front. Single Cancerians shouldn’t be too hopeful about the promises a new love makes you in June. Don’t expect quick results in any area of your life. Patience is a must. It’s possible that working and social commitments at this time will be heavy and your love-life will take a backseat role. Nonetheless, with the Sun and Venus moving through the most romantic area of your solar chart in the autumn, you might expect some incredibly exciting developments in love.

There’s a lot going on in your world during 2011 and you may want to be fit and healthy to cope with it all. It might be a good idea, therefore, to think about joining a health-club. Not only will this keep you in trim, but exercise will also be an excellent means of relaxation. You could meet someone who will become special to you in a club or association you are involved in.

Cancer, romance and creative pursuits are strongly indicated at times throughout the year. You could get a lot of pleasure through learning new skills or developing existing talents. It will be better still if you can share these with your friends and loved ones.

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2011 MKZ Hybrid, 2011 MKX SUV Underscore Changes at Lincoln

Seeing as how Ford will completely shut down the Mercury brand at the end of the year, the Blue Oval is preparing some big changes for its upmarket Lincoln division.

We’ve already seen some interesting development with the 2011 MKZ Hybrid as well as the 2011 MKX SUV. Now, the actual plans of the Lincoln brand have been revealed, and it’s safe to say that a lot of things will change in the near future.

First off, we have the Lincoln MKZ. The model, alongside its Ford sibling, the Fusion, will be refreshed at the end of 2012, and get not only a redesign but also new options. THe two cars will sit on Ford’s new global mid-size platform, meaning an increase in reliability. Even though they will share most of the mechanics, Lincoln designers will need to really differentiate the MKZ from the Fusion, in order to attract more customers.

The Lincoln MKS will also receive its own redesign, around the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012. The main goal is to expand the life of the larger sedan, until it will be replaced with the next generation model, sometime around 2015. Until then, it will continue to sport the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine which was introduced this year.

Sticking to sedans, it seems that Ford might be inclined to launch a smaller model, which will slot it below the aforementioned MKS. The model is set to be based on the European Mondeo, which will receive its next generation around 2012. Not much else is known, but given the popularity of the Mondeo and its long list of options, Lincoln customers looking for something a bit smaller might choose it.

The last in the sedan range, the Lincoln Town Car, doesn’t have a long life ahead of it, as it will no doubt be axed at the end of 2011, given its outdated design and seeing as how it doesn’t exactly get along with the rest of the MK range.

Moving onto crossovers, the smaller MKX has already received a redesign with the 2011 model year, as well as new options like the MyLincoln Touch infotainment system. Besides that, in the next year, the MKX will see a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, the same one as on the 2011 Ford Explorer, join the existing 3.7-liter V6. In 2014, both the Lincoln MKX and the Ford Edge will sit on the new global mid-size platform, and will also receive drastically different designs.

The Lincoln MKT isn’t exactly sitting on solid ground, as both it and its Ford sibling, the Flex, aren’t striking a chord with crossover customers. The front-wheel drive models are scheduled for a refresh at the end of 2011, when an upgraded design and more interior options will be added. Afterwards though, rumors say that 2014 might the last year for the crossovers.

Last but not least, the Lincoln Navigator is still doing pretty good, and will no doubt receive a high capacity EcoBoost engine to balance out the thirsty 5.0-liter V8. A redesign might appear around 2012 for both the Navigator and the Ford Expedition, but don’t bet on that just yet.

Previous rumors revealed that Ford might create a Lincoln version based on the 2011 Explorer, but not much has been heard since.

With all these redesigns and plenty of other surprises, Lincoln is looking pretty good. Too bad it came at the expense of Mercury.

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