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2012 Chevrolet Corvette Unleashed

Last week, Chevrolet announced the first official details about the upcoming 2012 Chevrolet Corvette, which will feature several interior upgrades for the whole lineup and a few performance upgrades for the top-of-the-line Z06 and ZR1 versions.

“We constantly strive to make the Corvette a better car on the road and the track,” says Tadge Juechter, Corvette vehicle line director and chief engineer. “For 2012, the Corvette lineup achieves its highest performance level ever, while at the same time being easier to drive and enjoy thanks to several changes and new features inside the car.”

The interior changes include a new steering-wheel, new seats with microfiber suede inserts as an option, red, blue and yellow contrasting color stitching and padded center console and armrests. Several technology updates are also available, such as a new Bose sound system with nine speakers and a new Technology Package, offered for the 2LT version, that features head-up display, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation radio and the Bose audio system.

As for the performance novelties, the 2012 Corvette will come with new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires and also Chevrolet’s PTM (Performance Traction Management), a system that integrates active handling, traction control and selective ride control systems to get improved performance results. The PTM system debuts on the Z06 version for the 2012 Corvette. As for the tires, these were developed by the same company who produces the tires used by the Corvette Racing team in the American Le Mans Series and Chevrolet claims that the tires on the 2012 Corvette are basically street-legal version of these racing tires. The 19-inch on the front and 20-inch on the rear tires will be complemented by a set of Cup-style alloy wheels available in satin black or with matching finishes.

The Michelin tires, combined to the PTM technology, achieve an 8 percent improvement in lateral acceleration and also better braking distance. According to Chevrolet, during testing on the Virginia International Raceway, lap times were improved by as much as three seconds compared to the current model.

The performance upgrades list is completed by a racing-style spoiler which makes the car even more aggressive and which improves its aerodynamics, a carbon-fiber hood, a more fuel-efficient version of the standard manual transmission and the Magnetic Selective Ride Control advanced suspension system and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes with brake calipers available in several colors, depending on the customers’ wishes.

According to General Motors, the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette production is scheduled to start in July, with the first units to be delivered later this year.

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2012 Fall Festivals and Fun Activities in Ohio

Ohio is a beautiful state to travel through in the fall. The rolling hills of southeastern Ohio provides an eye pleasing backdrop for an array of festivals and seasonal activities that occur in the autumn. Ohio farmlands have great pumpkin patches. In fact the forty ninth annual Barnesville Pumpkin will be held September 27th through September 30th. The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival begins September 27th and ends September 30th. The festival is held in downtown Barnesville, Ohio and is a part of Belmont County.

Ohio farmers love to provide hayrides and recently many have enjoyed turning their corn fields into haunted corn maizes in September and October.

The state of Ohio truly has opportunities for the whole family to enjoy. Here is a list of fun festivals and activities that will be happening in Ohio in 2012.

Harvest Moon Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival

Corn maizes have become great entertainment for kids of all ages. The farm owned by the Niederman family near the Dayton and Cincinnati area provides a corn maize that covers over twenty acres of farmland. Not only does this farm have a large corn maize, but a farm animal petting area and a pumpkin patch. The Niederman family also gives hayrides to the public. This farm is open to the public for fun autumn activities in September and October.

Leaders Family Farms and Scream Acres

If the autumn weekends seem to long and dreary, the Leaders Family Farms just might provide some activities that put excitement back in the weekend. The Leaders Family Farms can be found in Napoleon, Ohio. Napoleon, Ohio is in the northwestern region.

This family oriented farm has activities for both the young and young at heart. According to, the Leaders family farm has a “corn cannon range”, “a karoke stage” and a “cow train” to name a few unusual and fun country things to do. The Leaders Farms and Scream Acres is open to the public on Friday from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.; Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.

French City Chili Fest

On October 6th, Galipolis, Ohio will be filled with the great aroma of chili. While the cooks are stirring in their secret ingredients and preparing for the judges, visitors can enjoy football on tv while sampling several different chili recipes.

Holmes County Antique Festival

The beautiful Millersburg, Ohio will be hosting the Holmes County Antique Festival on October 6th and 7th this year. Millersburg, Ohio is near the heart of Amish Country in Ohio. Holmes County has some great scenic landscape for autumn sightseers. The Holmes County Antique Festival features three different parades and houses approximately thirty antique dealers during the Holmes County Antique Festival.

Algonquin Mill Fall Festival

The Alonquin Mill Fall Festival will be October 12th through the 14th 2012 in Carorlton, Ohio. I attended this festival many years ago with family. It is a neat and educational festival for all ages. Carolton, Ohio is also a great town to visit during the fall months. The Alonquin Mill Fall Festival is a great way to see how the early settlers used steam engines in their everyday farming lives. There is a working steam engine “flourmill and sawmill” located in Carolton, Ohio. This festival focuses on showcasing the lifestyle in this area in the 1800’s.

The cooler weather in the autumn is a great time to slow down before winter hibernation. The in land lakes and tree covered hillsides in Ohio provides fall weekend getaways. For more information about festivals in Ohio please checkout the website

Personal Knowledge

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2012 Emmy Nominations: Eight Biggest Snubs

I will never agree with Emmy nominations, because science fiction and fantasy shows are unlikely to ever be highly considered for awards. Just look at the nominations this year. Sure, “Downton Abbey” and “Mad Men” are well made, but they are also a bit “soapy” for those of us who prefer an intriguing idea and some fast paced action over mind numbing who-slept-with-who melodrama. Here are the biggest Emmy nomination snubs. But don’t expect to ever see them nominated.

“Merlin” for Outstanding Drama Series

This is one of the best fantasy shows ever created. The stories are so intriguing and surprising, I constantly find myself on the edge of my seat. I never thought I could enjoy fantasy as much as I enjoy sci-fi, but this show is an exception. “Merlin” has no nominations.

“Fringe” for Outstanding Drama Series

You never know what to expect from “Fringe.” The stories are always mind-blowing. Sometimes I wonder whether the writers have very active imaginations or mental disturbances. The stories are some of the most creative I have ever seen on TV. “Fringe” has no nominations.

“Dexter” for Outstanding Drama Series

“Dexter” is up for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series for Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan. I don’t think that is enough. Besides perhaps “Breaking Bad,” all the Outstanding Drama Series nomination slots are filled with melodramas. “Dexter” is better than that. Even at its worst, “Dexter” is highly intriguing, sardonically humorous, and the whole idea of the show causes strange complex feelings of guilt for sympathizing with a serial killer.

“Person of Interest” for Outstanding Drama Series

Intrigue is the word here. “Person of Interest” tells a fascinating story that has captured the imaginations of millions of fans. It combines the fear of real-life surveillance, making you wonder when and how often you are being watched by cameras and tracked online, while weaving in interesting personalities and relationships with a touch of humor. All that, and they are only nominated for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour). Really?

“Once Upon a Time” for Outstanding Drama Series

“Once Upon a Time” has one of the best ideas for a TV show ever created. The stories are always interesting, but just the idea of fairy tales being real and pulled into the present day real world is itself worth the nomination. It is nominated for three Emmy awards (Visual Effect, Costumes, and Prosthetic Makeup).

John Noble (“Fringe”) for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

John Noble is a fantastic actor in general, but his performance on “Fringe” has always been “out of this world.” Unfortunately, he has never been nominated, even though he plays two versions of the same character in a totally believable way! He plays the oblivious Walter who has lost part of his brain, and the slightly evil “Walternate.”

Colin Morgan (“Merlin”) for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Colin Morgan not only looks exactly like what you would think Merlin would look like, but acts like him too. He effectively transports the viewer into a fantastic world of dragons and magic, making the unbelievable believable. That takes true talent!

Silas Weir Mitchell (“Grimm”) for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Silas Weir Mitchell has a knack for making fantastical creatures and circumstances seem common place, as the reformed Blutbad Wesen (wolf-like creature) Monroe. He basically plays a regular guy who can turn into a wolf. The fact that he manages to deliver hilariously gross lines as if they were normal while keeping a straight face is worth some sort of award. “Grimm” is nominated for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

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2012 Election Signs Around Plymouth, Canton, Mich.

Here are 2012 campaign photos from the Plymouth, Michigan area.

First photo is on Ann Arbor Rd facing I-275 in Plymouth, MI. This shows the line of yard signs down the street.

Second photo is of a collection of yard signs at a Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Joy and Haggerty in Canton, MI.

Third photo is of a lonely sign on Ann Arbor Tr and Sheldon in Plymouth, MI.

Fourth photo is a few signs on Ann Arbor Tr facing Sheldon in Plymouth, MI.

Fifth and final photo, is of a large sign on Joy Rd in Canton, MI.

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2012 Outfield (OF) Rankings - Fantasy Baseball 2012

Get ready for the 2012 Fantasy Baseball season by dominating your draft with these fantasy baseball rankings, stat projections, and player info. Outfield (OF) Rankings are based on a standard single season redraft mixed AL/NL fantasy baseball league for the 2012 season. Scoring settings include: runs scored, home runs, RBI, stolen bases, and batting average – (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG). ( ) = players age

For additional 2012 Fantasy Baseball rankings and draft tools, check out my blog at:

2012 Rankings: C – 1B – 2B – 3B – SS – OF – SP – RP

Updated: March 23, 2012

Outfield (OF) Rankings

1. Matt Kemp – LAD – OF (27)

2. Jose Bautista – Tor – OF/3B (31)

3. Ryan Braun – Mil – OF (28)

4. Justin Upton – Ari – OF (24)

5. Carlos Gonzalez – Col – OF (26)

6. Jacoby Ellsbury – Bos – OF (28)

7. Andrew McCutchen – Pit – OF (25)

8. Curtis Granderson – NYY – OF (31)

9. Mike Stanton – Mia – OF (22)

10. Matt Holliday – StL – OF (32)

11. Jay Bruce – Cin – OF (24)

12. Desmond Jennings – TB – OF (25)

13. Hunter Pence – Phi – OF (28)

14. Josh Hamilton – Tex – OF (30)

15. Nelson Cruz – Tex – OF (31)

16. Alex Gordon – KC – OF (28)

17. BJ Upton – TB – OF (27)

18. Ben Zobrist – TB – OF/2B (30)

19. Shin-Soo Choo – Cle – OF (29)

20. Michael Morse – Was – OF/1B (30)

21. Jason Heyward – Atl – OF (22)

22. Drew Stubbs – Cin – OF (27)

23. Adam Jones – Bal – OF (26)

24. Michael Cuddyer – Col – OF/1B/3B (33)

25. Carl Crawford – Bos – OF (30) — injury ?

26. Corey Hart – Mil – OF (30) — injury ?

27. Mark Trumbo – LAA – OF/1B (26)

28. Andre Either – LAD – OF (29)

29. Shane Victorino – Phi – OF (31)

30. Jayson Werth – Was – OF (32)

31. Ichiro Suzuki – Sea – OF (38)

32. Cameron Maybin – SD – OF (24)

33. Lance Berkman – StL – OF/1B (36)

34. Howie Kendrick – LAA – OF/2B (28)

35. Brett Gardner – NYY – OF (28)

36. Carlos Beltran – StL – OF (34)

37. Michael Bourn – Atl – OF (29)

38. Logan Morrison – Mia – OF (24)

39. Kendrys Morales – LAA – OF/1B (28)

40. Nick Markakis – Bal – OF (28)

41. Jeff Francoeur – KC – OF (28)

42. Alex Rios – ChW – OF

43. Chris Young – Ari – OF (28)

44. Matt Joyce – TB – OF (27)

45. Nick Swisher – NYY – OF (31)

46. Melky Cabrera – SF – OF (27)

47. Brennan Boesch – Det – OF (26)

48. Delmon Young – Det – OF (26)

49. Carlos Quentin – SD – OF (29)

50. Carlos Lee – Hou – OF/1B (35)

51. Lucas Duda – NYM – OF/1B (26)

52. Peter Bourjos – LAA – OF (25)

53. Brandon Belt – SF – OF (23)

54. Lorenzo Cain – KC – OF

55. Yoenis Cespedes – Oak – OF (26)

56. JD Martinez – Hou – OF

57. Dexter Fowler – Col – OF (26)

58. Ben Revere – Min – OF (23)

59. Austin Jackson – Det – OF (25)

60. Colby Rasmus – Tor – OF (25)

61. Martin Prado – Atl – OF/3B (28)

62. Seth Smith – Col – OF (29)

63. Yonder Alonso – SD – OF/1B

64. Jose Tabata – Pit – OF

65. Dayan Viciedo – CWS – OF (23)

66. Torii Hunter – LAA – OF (36)

67. John Mayberry – Phi – OF/1B

68. Jason Kubel – Min – OF

69. Vernon Wells – LAA – OF (33)

70. Jason Bay – NYM – OF

71. Chris Heisey – Cin – OF (27)

72. Nolan Reimold – Bal – OF (28)

73. Denard Span – Min – OF

74. Jesus Guzman – SD – OF/1B

75. Coco Crisp – Oak – OF (32)

76. Mike Carp – Sea – OF/1B (25)

77. Aubrey Huff – SF – OF/1B

78. Grady Sizemore – Cle – OF — injury ?

79. Josh Willingham – Min – OF (33)

80. Emilio Bonifacio – Mia – OF (26)

81. Alfonso Soriano – ChC – OF (36)

82. Allen Craig – StL – OF/2B

83. Josh Reddick – Oak – OF

84. Angel Pagan – SF – OF (30)

85. Mitch Moreland – Tex – OF/1B (26)

86. Mike Trout – LAA – OF (20)

87. Bryce Harper – Was – OF

88. Jerry Sands – LAD – OF

89. Leonys Martin – Tex – OF

90. Brett Jackson – ChC – OF

91. Travis Snider – Tor – OF

92. Chris Coghlan – Mia – OF

93. Eric Thames – Tor – OF

94. Tyler Colvin – Col – OF

95. Nyjer Morgan – Mil – OF (31)

96. Ryan Ludwick – Cin – OF

97. Marlon Byrd – ChC – OF

98. Michael Brantley – Cle – OF (24)

99. Nate McLouth – Pit – OF

100. Rajai Davis – Tor – OF (31)

101. Kyle Blanks – SD – OF/1B

102. Casper Wells – Sea – OF

103. Franklin Gutierrez – Sea – OF

104. Domonic Brown – Phi – OF

105. Charlie Blackmon – Col – OF

106. Luke Scott – TB – OF/1B

107. Bobby Abreu – LAA – OF (38)

108. Magglio Ordonez – FA – OF

109. Raul Ibanez – FA – OF

110. Juan Pierre – FA – OF (34)


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Yours truly has penned his first E-Book which I am eager to share with all of you. “An Advanced Guide To Winning Fantasy Baseball Leagues For The Advanced Player” is an in-depth discussion of all the tried and true methods and stratgies that have helped me win countless leagues and to have my work published by USAToday, the Sporting News, and sites such as Fantasy Baseball Cafe and the defunct Fanball. The E-Book takes a look at the following and much much more:

-An in-depth look at how to attack all 10 5 x 5 scoring categories both during your draft and during the season.

-How to adequately prepare for your draft so that there are no mistakes.

-How to handle spring training stats.

-The importance of mock drafts.

-How you should act and behave in front of your leaguemates and the strategy that goes with this to catch them off guard.

-The positions you need to attack at various parts of your draft.

-How to handle saves and steals.

-How to draft the catcher position.

-Keys to the very end of your draft.

-The art of trading.

-When you should use the number 1 waiver pick.

-How to make the other party accept your trade.

-Why you should never talk trash.

-How to handle pitching in an innings capped league.

-Why its a necessity to use advanced stats for everything.

-How to handle total moves capped leagues.

-How to use the Fantasy Sports Boss site to win your league.

All of that and more is included in the e-book which will be e-mailed to you right away once you purchase. This is a must read before the new season begins.


2012 Holiday Gift Guide for the Wine Lover

If you’re close to a wine connoisseur, chances are you’ve already given them their fair share of wine bottles and glasses. The good news is that there are lots of other gifts you can bestow on them. Below is a list of a variety of gifts under $40 for the wine lover in your life.

Winerd Board Game, Fred Flare, $36.95
This gift isn’t for the wine novice and is best for someone who has wine-loving peers that will be more than happy to play the game. With this board game, players will be tested on their knowledge of all things wine.

Wine cork coasters, Etsy, $25
These wine cork coasters come in a set of four and have a slate base. They would make a nice touch to any home.

Ravi Instant Wine refresher, Brookstone, $19.98
On sale from $39.95, this wine refresher can chill wine to whatever temperature it needs to be.

Automatic wine preserver, Brookstone, $29.99
This gadget ensures that every bit of your wine will stay fresh. This is for the person you know who can’t bear to throw out the last bit of wine in a bottle because it is no longer good.

Terracotta wine cup, 7 Hopes United, $12
Instead of giving yet another wine glass, think of giving a red, terracotta clay cup. These kinds of wine cups originate from Portugal and are truly unique.

Wine candle, Etsy, $10.50
These candles are made in recycled wine glasses. While you can choose from a variety of candle scents, the Merlot scent is appropriate for the wine lover in your life.

Recycled cork wine charms, 7 Hopes United, $12.95
These cute recycled wine cork charms come in sets of six and are a great way for the wine lover you know to add flair to their wine glasses.

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2012 Health: Five Things I Vow

New Year’s resolutions, every year it’s the same thing. In the months prior to January the first we draft in our heads between five to ten things we don’t like about ourselves that we vow to fix. We then make a loose list of rules to follow in the coming months and it’s out of those rules that would become our resolutions. Fast forward several months later and, chances are we will find ourselves drafting an identical list to the last. It’s a vicious cycle for sure.

For me it’s not simply some frivolous goal that I am setting up for myself. My life depends on it, literally. For the last four years I’ve been contending with a lung disorder that, while not curable, is better managed with a healthy lifestyle regimen. It’s time I take better care of myself now, in the present, so that I’ll have a future for more resolutions.

1) Go To The Gym. In my 2011 list I vowed to join a gym. Well I did this. In May of this year I joined a Planet Fitness that opened in my neighborhood. I even went enough to drop nearly ten pounds of weight. Sometime in August my scheduling changed and I’ve only returned a handful of times. In 2012, I vow to go a full five days.

2) Change Eating Habits. About the same time I joined Planet Fitness I had begun eating healthier. This means I had salads, fruits, vegetables and tried carb cutting tactics like eliminating breads. As you could guess I fell of this diet and I’m sitting back up at my old 245 lbs. I want this to change. My target goal is 180.

3) Walk More. This is probably the easiest thing on my list. I’ll make a conscious effort to walk places. On days when my asthma isn’t bad I’ll walk the five blocks to work instead of driving. If I’m someplace like the mall or a movie theater I’m going to park farther back than seeking out the closest spot. In short, if I can hoof it I will.

4) Sleep Better. This is something I don’t have much control over since I work in a grocery store. One day I’ll be scheduled till 11pm or I’ll be opening at 6am a couple days later. My schedule at work shifts so much that it’s been years since I’ve been able to have a straight 6-8 hours of rest at night. I’m not entirely sure how I can follow through with this resolution, but with my sleep apnea I’m going to have to.

5) Be Happier. I should be simple, right? I’ve always felt the best route to a healthy life is to be positive about life. All too often I’ve found myself focusing on life’s little negatives and not nearly on what makes it most extraordinary. If in the end I find I can’t follow through with the first four things on my list, I resolve to at least keep this.

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2012 Fantasy Football – Running Back (RB) Keeper Rankings

2012 Fantasy Football Running Back (RB) Keeper Rankings are based on a three year outlook for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 fantasy football seasons. 2012 Running Back (RB) Keeper Rankings are established for a standard fantasy football scoring system, with scoring categories including: Passing Yards: 1 point = 20 passing yards / Rushing Yards: 1 point = 10 rushing yards / Receiving Yards: 1 point = 10 receiving yards / Passing Touchdown: 4 points / Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 6 points / Interceptions: -2 points / Fumbles Lost: -2 points

A *RISING* or *FALLING* status is included after specific players based on their potential ranking heading into the 2012 season. Each players age is listed after their name. For additional Fantasy Football information, check out the Hawk Fantasy Sports Facebook Page:

2012 Fantasy Football Keeper Rankings — QB Keeper Rankings — RB Keeper Rankings — WR Keeper Rankings — TE Keeper Rankings — Top 20 Hidden Gem Keepers

Rankings Updated: June 5, 2012

1. Arian Foster – Hou = 25 —– After a breakout 2010 season, Foster has proven this season that he is no one year wonder. At age 25, and with a solid offense surrounding him in Houston, there is virtually no reason to not rank Arian Foster as the #1 fantasy football RB heading into the 2012 season.

2. LeSean McCoy – Phi = 23 —– A small version of Arian Foster with less touchdown potential, McCoy is an absolute yardage monster who can consistently rack up 100 total yards per game week in and week out. His small size is somewhat of a problem for dynasty keeper leagues, but for the next 3-4 seasons McCoy should consistently be a top 5 fantasy football scoring RB.

3. Ray Rice – Bal = 24 —– One would have thought that Rice would be an easy top 3 fantasy football RB at this point in his career, but the lack of touchdowns have really hurt his fantasy football value in leagues that score heavy on touchdowns rather than yards.

4. Matt Forte – Chi = 25 —– A bigger version of LeSean McCoy, Forte is more suited to take the pounding that an NFL back receives on a weekly basis, and at age 25 there is no doubt that Forte is definitely in his prime right now.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jac = 26 —– Bouncing back from injury, Jones-Drew showed his durability once again during the 2011 season, and at just age 26, he is in the prime of his career and should be a top 10 scoring RB in fantasy football leagues over the next three seasons.

6. Chris Johnson – Ten = 26 —– A huge drop in production for this 2011 pre-season holdout, Johnson’s fantasy football keeper value has taken a significant hit heading into the 2012 season. However with Johnson firmly entrenched in the prime of his career at age 26, there is plenty of reason to believe that Johnson can rediscover his magic in 2012.

7. Darren McFadden – Oak = 24 —– After a slow start to his NFL career, McFadden finally lite the fantasy football scene on fire during the 2010 season, and if not for a nagging foot injury in the middle of the 2011 season, McFadden would easily be a top 5 fantasy football scoring RB in 2011. At just age 24, and with an emerging offense in Oakland that is now led by Carson Palmer, there is plenty of reason to believe that McFadden should be ranked as an easy top 5 RB keeper heading into the 2012 season.

8. Ryan Mathews – SD = 24 — if Mathews could prove to stay healthy, he would easily be a top 10 keeper RB heading into the 2012 season.

9. Adrian Peterson – Min = 26 — injury ? – torn ACL and MCL / if the injury had been early in the season like Jamaal Charles’ then Peterson could be ranked higher, but with the injury coming so close to the end of the season, it is quite possible that Peterson only plays a handful of games if that during the 2012 season. As of right now, I would not be surprised if Peterson does not make any type of fantasy football impact in 2012.

10. Trent Richardson – Cle = 21 — Easily the best running back prospect entering the 2012 NFL draft, Richardson will have the opportunity to be a workhorse from day one in Cleveland. Touchdowns may not be easy to come by in 2012, but Richardson could easily finish as a top 15 fantasy football RB as a rookie in 2012.

11. Jamaal Charles – KC = 24 —– injury ? – The torn ACL suffered in the beginning of the 2011 season makes Charles an iffy keeper RB heading into the 2012 season, but at age 24 there is plenty of hope that Charles can recover fully and once again be a force in fantasy football leagues.

12. Steven Jackson – StL = 28 —– much like Frank Gore, Jackson is a heavily used RB who is approaching the age 30 plateau.

13. Marshawn Lynch – Sea = 25 — after resigning with Seattle, Lynch should continue to be the workhorse in the Seahawks offense once again during the 2012 season.

14. Frank Gore – SF = 28 —– wear and tear may be catching up to Gore as he enters his age 28 season in 2012. Expect second year man Kendall Hunter to see a good chunk of touches over Gore.

15. DeMarco Murray – Dal = 23 — injury ? – *RISING* — broken ankle / should be fully healthy to start the 2012 season. At age 23, Murray offers top 10 keeper RB potential as the feature back in Dallas. If you are thinking long long term, then taking a chance on Murray before Steven Jackson and Frank Gore is a solid high upside gamble for fantasy teams.

16. Roy Helu – Was = 22 — *RISING* — at age 22 and as the primary RB in the Redskins offense, Helu could easily break out as a top 10 scoring fantasy football RB in 2012.

17. Doug Martin – TB = 23 — plenty of potential as the potential feature back in the Buccaneers offense, especially if Josh Freeman can rediscover the passing game to keep defenses on their toes.

18. Ahmad Bradshaw – NYG = 25 — if Bradshaw wasn’t so injury prone, he would probably be an easy top 15 keeper RB heading into the 2012 season.

19. Jonathan Stewart – Car = 24 — *RISING* — entering the 2012 at age 24, this could be the season that Stewart breaks out as a top 10 fantasy football RB.

20. Beanie Wells – Ari = 23 — the potential is there, but Beanie has injury prone concerns and often times just simple lack of stats.

21. Michael Turner – Atl = 29 — the Turner wheels are wearing down, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 2012 season was his last as a top 15 fantasy football RB.

22. Mark Ingram – NO = 21 — injury issues and a plethora of RBs in New Orleans make Ingram’s stat potential iffy in 2012.

23. CJ Spiller – Buf = 24 — *RISING* — entering the 2012 season, it is anyone’s guess as to what role Spiller will play in Buffalo if Fred Jackson is back and fully healthy as expected.

24. Shonn Greene – NYJ = 26 — if the Jets offense goes back to running the ball, Greene’s value would rocket up for the 2012 season.

25. James Starks – GB = 25 — if Starks can ever stay healthy, he could easily become an excellent late round fantasy RB in all leagues in 2012.

26. Darren Sproles – NO = 28 — more of a receiver than a rusher, and lack of TD potential hurts Sproles’ fantasy football value, but in total yardage leagues he can be a stat beast.

27. Isaac Redman – Pit = 27 — *RISING* — with Rashard Mendenhall out for at least the first half of the 2012 season, Redman is looking like the new starting RB in Pittsburgh to begin 2012.

28. Daniel Thomas – Mia = 24 — a true rusher for the Dolphins, Thomas is a better keeper RB option than Reggie Bush heading into the 2012 season.

29. Stevan Ridley – NE = 22 — *RISING* — plenty of upside here with Ridley if he wins the #1 RB job, but at the same time you have to remember that the Patriots offense just doesn’t run the ball that much to make Ridley a weekly starting option in fantasy football leagues right now.

30. Fred Jackson – Buf = 30 — injury ? – broken leg / should be fully healthy to start the 2012 season.

31. Jacquizz Rodgers – Atl = 21 — *RISING* — a new and younger version of Darren Sproles, plenty of upside as a perfect compliment to the aging Michael Turner.

32. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Cin = 26 — a warm welcome to the newest Law Firm in Cincinnati. 1000 rushing yards and 5-8 touchdowns are within reach for Green-Ellis as the feature back in the young Bengals emerging offense.

33. Toby Gerhart – Min = 25 — *RISING*

34. Joe McKnight – NYJ = 23 — *RISING*

35. David Wilson – NYG =

36. Ben Tate – Hou = 23

37. Donald Brown – Ind = 24 — *RISING*

38. Shane Vereen – NE = 22 — *RISING*

39. Peyton Hillis – KC = 25 — welcome to Kansas City and Jamaal Charles

40. Michael Bush – Chi = 27 — welcome to Chicago and Matt Forte…..hmmmm

41. Kendall Hunter – SF = 23 — *RISING*

42. Reggie Bush – Mia = 26

43. Felix Jones – Dal = 24

44. Isaiah Pead – StL =

45. Rashard Mendenhall – Pit = 24 — injury ? torn ACL — *FALLING* — at just age 24, Mendenhall’s keeper league value could still be fairly solid when thinking long term, but the 2012 could be a wash season for him and fantasy football teams.

46. Jahvid Best – Det = 22 — *FALLING*

47. Pierre Thomas – NO = 26

48. Willis McGahee – Den = 30

49. LaMichael James – SF =

50. Mike Tolbert – Car = 25 — welcome to Carolina and Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams……..yikes

51. DeAngelo Williams – Car = 28

52. Mikel LeShoure – Det = 21 — injury ?

53. Ryan Williams – Ari = 21 — injury ? — *RISING*

54. Kevin Smith – Det = 26

55. Joseph Addai – NE = 28

56. LeGarrette Blount – TB = 24 — *FALLING* — Blount is no longer the main RB in Tampa Bay, as rookie Doug Martin will see plenty of playing time in 2012.

57. Lamar Miller – Mia =

58. Chris Ivory – NO = 23

59. Javon Ringer – Ten = 24

60. Delone Carter – Ind = 24

61. Ronnie Hillman – Den =

62. Bernard Scott – Cin = 27

63. Robert Turbin – Sea =

64. Montario Hardesty – Cle = 24

65. Knowshon Moreno – Den = 24

66. Dexter McCluster – KC = 23

67. Rashad Jennings – Jac = 26 — injury ?

68. Alex Green – GB = 22 — injury ?

69. Kahlil Bell – Chi = — *FALLING* — the signing of Michael Bush seemingly plummets any type of fantasy football value that Bell may have had heading into the 2012 season.

70. Mike Goodson – Oak =

71. Bernard Pierce – Bal =

72. Cedric Benson – FA = 28

73. Brandon Jacobs – SF = 29

74. Vick Ballard – Ind =

75. Leon Washington – Sea = 29

76. Danny Woodhead – NE =

77. Ryan Grant – FA = 28

78. Jackie Battle – KC = 28

79. Carnell Williams – StL = 29

80. Dan Herron – Cin =



80. Ronnie Brown – Phi = 29

78. Evan Royster – Was = 24

70. Marion Barber – FA = 28

71. Brandon Jackson – Cle = 26 — injury ?

73. Maurice Morris – Det =

74. Marcel Reece – Oak =

75. Deji Karim – Jac = 25

76. Jonathan Dwyer – Pit = 22

77. Taiwan Jones – Oak =

78. Chris Ogbonnaya – Cle =

79. Tashard Choice – Buf =

80. Justin Forsett – Sea =

81. Steve Slaton – Mia =

82. Anthony Dixon – SF =

83. LaDainian Tomlinson – NYJ =

84. Keiland Williams – Det =

85. Thomas Jones – KC =

86. Jason Snelling – Atl =

87. LaRod Stephens-Howling – Ari =

88. Jerious Norwood – StL =

89. Dion Lewis – Phi =

90. Kregg Lumpkin – TB =

91. Johnny White – Buf =

92. John Kuhn – GB =

93. Lance Ball – Den =

94. Le’Ron McClain – KC =

95. Chester Taylor – Ari =

96. Mewelde Moore – Pit =

97. Derrick Ward – Hou =

98. Jordan Todman – SD =

99. Kevin Faulk – NE =

100. Ricky Williams – FA = retired

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2012 Fantasy Baseball: Third Base (3B) Sleepers

2012 Fantasy Baseball Third Base (3B) Sleepers are based on a standard single season redraft mixed AL/NL fantasy baseball league for the 2012 season. Scoring settings include: runs scored, home runs, RBI, stolen bases, and batting average – (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG). ( ) = players age

Third Base (3B) Sleepers are based on players who have the potential to make a significant statistical impact during the 2012 season, and are typically ranked and drafted lower in fantasy baseball leagues than what their potential stats warrant for the 2012 season.

2012 Sleepers: C — 1B — 2B — 3B — SS — OF — SP — RP — Printable Cheat Sheet

2012 Deep Sleepers: C — 1B — 2B — 3B — SS — OF — SP — RP

2012 Third Base (3B) Sleepers

Mike Moustakas – KC – 3B (23)

Considered one of the top power hitting minor league prospects entering the 2011 season, Moustakas earned his major league call-up in early June last season and immediately took over as the Royals everyday starting third baseman. After struggling initially at the plate to begin his major league career, Moustakas improved significantly as the season went on and he gained more experience. As the Royals cornerstone at 3B, Moustakas should take over as one of the Royals top power hitting run producers during the 2012 season, as he will likely bat 5th or 6th in the everyday lineup.

2011 Minor League Triple A Stats: 223 AB, 38 R, 10 HR, 44 RBI, 1 SB, .287 AVG

2011 Major League Stats: 338 AB, 26 R, 5 HR, 30 RBI, 2 SB, .263 AVG

2012 Stat Projections: 70 R, 25 HR, 80 RBI, 5 SB, .275 AVG

David Freese – StL – 3B (28)

Even though injuries have derailed much of Freese’s major league career thus far, he exploded late in the season last year while putting on an MVP performance in the postseason and carrying the Cardinals to the championship title. Having only been able to play in 70 games and 97 games over the last two seasons in the majors because of injuries, Freese will seemingly always be an injury risk until he proves otherwise. However with the Cardinals in need of a power hitting run producer to replace Albert Pujols in the lineup, Freese should be given every opportunity to take over as a key run producer in St. Louis in 2012.

2011 Major League Stats: 333 AB, 41 R, 10 HR, 55 RBI, 1 SB, .297 AVG

2012 Stat Projections: 80 R, 20 HR, 90 RBI, 0 SB, .295 AVG

Lonnie Chisenhall – Cle – 3B (23)

After beginning the 2011 in the minors, Chisenhall received his major league debut call-up in late June of last season. Deemed the starting third baseman of the future in Cleveland, Chisenhall took a few baby steps into that direction over the second half of the 2011 season. With the starting 3B job his for the taking to begin the 2012 season, Chisenhall offers solid power hitting ability to become a 20 home run threat in the Indians lineup in 2012.

2011 Minor League Triple A Stats: 255 AB, 45 R, 7 HR, 45 RBI, 0 SB, .267 AVG

2011 Major League Stats: 212 AB, 27 R, 7 HR, 22 RBI, 1 SB, .255 AVG

2012 Stat Projections: 65 R, 18 HR, 70 RBI, 2 SB, .260 AVG

Others to Keep an Eye on

Danny Valencia – Min – 3B (27)

Ian Stewart – ChC – 3B

Chris Davis – Bal – 3B/1B (26)

Pedro Alvarez – Pit – 3B (25)

Juan Francisco – Cin – 3B


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2012 Fantasy Second Baseman: Robinson Cano V. Dan Uggla

Robinson Cano is a great player that any great fantasy baseball manager won’t draft. Every year, there is someone in the mix that elite managers will pass on and this year’s man is Robinson Cano. The reason is value (a balancing of Production vs. Cost). Robinson Cano costs too much on draft day; the players you give up by taking him outweigh his value over the other second basemen available, especially a man by the name of Dan Uggla, who elite managers will place at the top of their value list both overall and at second base.

Let’s directly compare the two right now to see what I’m getting at based on ESPN’s projections for them in 2012:

Cano: 103R, 28HR, 111RBI, 6SB, .306AVG
Uggla: 91R, 34HR, 90RBI, 2SB, .263AVG

The major differences are there; Cano is clearly projecting to produce better numbers than Uggla for 2012. But, the issue isn’t just production, it’s also about cost when you’re making a selection on draft day. Robinson Cano has an ADP of 7.8, while Dan Uggla checks in with an ADP of 47.7. That’s pretty much 40 picks. Most importantly though, you’re taking Cano ahead of some super studs like Joey Votto, Adrian Gonzalez, Evan Longoria, and Justin Upton. Surprisingly, Votto and Gonzalez, despite being first basemen, are better value over the kind of guy that would be available to you in Round 2 at first base (Mark Teixeira – ADP 23.6) than Cano is over Uggla; surprising because everyone says 2B is the shallow position and gives Cano value because of it. Don’t believe me, check out the numbers (ESPN’s projections again).

Votto: 104R, 32HR, 107RBI, 10SB, .312AVG
Gonzalez: 111R, 30HR, 120RBI, 1SB, .313AVG
Teixeira: 99R, 36HR, 113RBI, 3SB, .266AVG

Teixeira is farther from Votto and Gonzalez than Uggla is from Cano; and that’s the guy you would take in the second round! Teixeira is clocking in with an ADP of 23.6. That’s a full 2 rounds ahead of Uggla! Second base is the only position in fantasy baseball where the #7 overall guy is marginally better than the #47 overall guy in the draft. First base, while plentiful, is packed with elite players that aren’t going to make it out of the first 15 picks of a draft (Pujols, Cabrera, Votto, Gonzalez, Fielder) then one reliable guy (Teixeira) and a couple of people eligible at better positions to place them at (Napoli and Santana eligible at Catcher) and upside hopefuls (Sandoval, Morse, Ike Davis, Eric Hosmer).

If you take Robinson Cano, keep in mind that someone’s going to take Votto or Gonzalez. Then you’re either going to take Teixeira while he loads up a quality player like Curtis Granderson, Mike Stanton, Adrian Beltre, or Cliff Lee in Round 2; or you’re going to pass on Teixeira and wind up hoping a guy that you put in the one of the few bankable positions in fantasy produces for you. Meanwhile, that someone will wait until Round 4 and snatch Dan Uggla.

As for position scarcity, let’s drive the point home with a look around Uggla’s ADP of 47.7. Clocking in around there are Hunter Pence, Alex Rodriguez, and Desmond Jennings; two outfielders and a third baseman. How do they stack up against Uggla?

Pence: 83R, 23HR, 91RBI, 11SB, .289AVG
Jennings: 82R, 16HR, 51RBI, 37SB, .256AVG
Rodriguez: 75R, 24HR, 89RBI, 6SB, .257AVG
Uggla: 91R, 34HR, 90RBI, 2SB, .263AVG

Second base is shallow and you need to get Cano? Hardly, it’s just fine in Round 4 thanks to Dan Uggla. Pass on Cano, pick up your first base stud, load up on a guy like Adrian Beltre (ADP 27.2), David Wright (ADP 30.8) or Ryan Zimmerma (ADP 37.2) at third base (all project far better than A-Rod in Round 4 and everyone else at 3B going on from there) and a guy like Curtis Granderson (ADP 21.1), Andrew McCutchen (ADP 29.2) or Cole Hamels (ADP 33.2) to anchor your outfield or rotation in Rounds 2 and 3 while you wait to snatch amazing value in Round 4. Your team will be markedly better and you’ll be coming back to thank me for a great season.

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2012 Fantasy Football Top 10 Tips

Here is your Top 10 tips for next year’s Fantasy Football draft: These tips are learned from many years of playing the Fantasy Football game and if followed will win you your league!

  • 1. Don’t follow last year points, unless their names are Rodgers, Brees or Brady just going on how many points a player scored this year will get you into trouble. Think 2010 examples; C. Johnson, Vick, McFadden, Hillis. Vick was a one year wonder and propelled him into a first round choice, many a veteran fantasy owner would have reviewed his portfolio and saw he was injury prone and only had one “unreal” year. Unless there is a three year track record, don’t simply take last year’s top point getter.
  • 2. Next Year take a Running Back in the first round! Either way, the pool of Running Backs next year will be thin and you better choose one in the first round or you are going to end up with a back-up as your only choice.
  • 3. “Next Year the crop of WR will be real deep”. There are the well-known names at wide receiver that everyone will want to draft in the early rounds. While they are doing so, get your running back and stud quarterback. Knowing that the next generation of stud WR’s will be there for you to scoop up and surprise everyone when you win consistently. Don’t worry if you miss out on Roddy White, Miles Austin, Calvin Johnson and the like. The pool is deep next year and Laurent Robinson, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Torrey Smith, AJ Green, Vincent Brown, and Heyward-Bey are going to get you some pretty big weeks.
  • 4. You better be prepared to play the “wire”. If you have played Fantasy Football for a while, you already know that the team you draft will look nothing like the team you end with. Injuries, unexpected new stars, suspensions, will all take their toll on your team. Keeping abreast of who is available on free agency is a must! You cannot win without exercising the add/drop button throughout the year.
  • 5. It’s a long season! Don’t pull the trigger to sit that number one wide receiver, running back or tight end too soon. You have to let the season play out for you. In 2011, Roddy White was off to a slow start and many owners sat him or traded him. He came into a very strong second half of the season and won those who had faith championships. Be patient with your studs.
  • 6. Have a backup plan at draft time. After you have drafted your starting running backs, look to draft their backups. Owners in 2011 who drafted Arian Foster were smart to draft Ben Tate. They were paid off very nicely; while Foster nursed his hamstring Tate had impressive stats. The same goes for McFadden and Bush, Peterson and Gerhart, Bradshaw and Jacobs, I think you get the point. This will reduce the number of waiver wire moves you will have to make. It’s just like purchasing insurance.
  • 7. Take some Risk for Reward. Start your studs, but always take a chance with those players who have big play ability but may not always be consistent. For example; Roddy White is a must start and is Mr. Consistent. If you had Torrey Smith, Antonio Brown or Julio Jones on your roster, you may want to put one of them in for the hope of one of their huge weeks.
  • 8. Beware of the Expert Advice. Wait a minute isn’t this article “expert advice”? Well, sort of but not the kind I am writing about. Each week in the national media you will hear the so called “experts” say you have to sit so and so because they have a tough match up. There are too many examples for me to list where they were all out wrong! They are right, maybe 50% of the time. Really, that means that whatever they say they have a 50/50 chance of being right. Never, ever listen to them if they say; “sit Lesean McCoy this week, he has a tough match-up”. You play your studs, bottom line (unless injured, of course).
  • 9. Save your kicker for the last pick. Ok, veterans of fantasy and even relatively new players know this, but I am not going to assume that everyone has thought of this. Find offenses that are high scoring and choose kickers of those teams.
  • 10. Pick kickers who play 50% of their games in domes. A nice strategy that has worked very well. Removing the elements from a kicker’s game is a huge benefit, especially in the winter months. If all the kickers who play in domes are gone by the time you pick, stay away from the Northeastern teams (think; Buffalo). Wind, sleet, snow, heavy rain all play havoc in the kicking game.

About the Author: John Lewandowski, owner of Johnny Lew’s Sports and an avid Fantasy Football player for over 5 years! He was and lost championships, but most of all has had a blast along the way. Hope you share the same passion. Write with any questions or advise to:

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