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2012 Nissan GT-R Unveiled at the LA Auto Show

Nissan has officially unveiled the updated heavily-hyped 2012 Nissan GT-R at the LA Auto Show.

Car and Driver reports the much-anticipated “super sports car’ has been unveiled and is expect to be available in the US early next year. It will contain a set of design upgrades to the popular Nissan GT-R.

Unofficial tests have reportedly indicated the 2012 GT-R does 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds.

“The Nissan GT-R continues to be a multi-dimensional performance machine that lives up to the concept of ‘the ultimate supercar that can be driven by anyone, anytime, anywhere,‘” said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager of Nissan North America,” in a public statement.

“With the enhancements for 2012, including its 530-horsepower twin turbo V6 and revised styling, the GT-R legend continues to grow. We can’t wait for its arrival in Nissan showrooms, and on the streets, here in the U.S.”

The advanced VR38DETT 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 engine of the 2012 Nissan GT-R now produces 530 horsepower and 488 lb-ft of torque.

For more of what’s hot on the internet check out Forward Buzz.

The GT-R was the most anticipated reveal at the annual LA Auto Show.

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2012 NHL Draft: The Oilers Pick Number One Again, Again

Giddy, embarrassed, surprised and depressed. As an Edmonton Oilers fan, I felt like I had taken a shot with all four of those emotions mixed in one bizarre drink. I think it is called Failure Celebration. Against the odds this time, the Oilers won the draft lottery and have the number one pick in the NHL draft for the third straight season.

The glass half full view for this year’s draft is that if you are going to be in the lottery you may as well win it. Let me be clear though, there is nothing enjoyable about your team winning the draft lottery three straight times. Nothing.

These “Reverse Dynasty” years have at least taught us a few things though. For one, if you want your kid to be drafted first overall it helps if his name rhymes with words like fall or fail. It just is not as much fun if your bad team does not get to ” fall for Hall,” be “cryin’ for Ryan,” or “fail for Nail,” even if I did make one of those up.

We are also learning just how loyal Edmonton Oilers fans are willing to be. How much we are willing to put up with. It has been six long years since that improbable run to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final captured the city. The fall was quick and hard. The question is how much longer hope and optimism will sell?

There is some room to feel excited about the Oilers. There is a great young nucleus of players developing. Also, despite a 29th place finish, the 2011-2012 version of the Oilers was significantly better than the prior year. The penalty kill improved from being ranked 29th to 14th and the power play jumped from 27th to 3rd. Most importantly, the Oilers won seven more games and finished with twelve more points than the 2010-2011 team. Unfortunately those improvements only do so much when you are starting from rock bottom.

In the end this is still a team that finished 21 points out of the playoffs. Even with another improved season we may be looking at a seventh difficult season without playoff hockey. This is Edmonton though, and when it comes to hockey hope truly does spring eternal. If teams like the Devils, Blues, and Panthers can make twenty point improvements in a season, then why not the Oilers? I guess this fan is willing to buy hope and optimism for at least one more season.

Now excuse me while I take another shot of Failure Celebration to toast to what is hopefully the end of the Edmonton Oilers Reverse Dynasty.

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2013 Allstate Sugar Bowl Preview & Prediction; BCS NCAA College Football Pick

Allstate Sugar Bowl – Louisville vs. Florida January 2, 2013
The 2013 Allstate Sugar Bowl features a strong one-loss Florida Gators team facing off against the Big East champion Louisville Cardinals. Louisville is the heavy underdog in this game and will try to defeat the Gators, whose only loss is against SEC runner-up Georgia. Here is a quick preview of both teams heading into the game and a game prediction.

Louisville Cardinals
The Louisville Cardinals went the entire season without playing one nationally ranked opponent. It is safe to say that the Florida Gators will be the best team that the Cardinals have faced this year. The Big East Conference seemed especially weak in 2012 and Louisville is the only team in the conference that finished ranked in the Top 25. After a 9-0 start, Louisville dropped two straight games against Syracuse on the road and UCONN in a close overtime loss at home. A close 20-17 win over Rutgers propelled Louisville into the automatic BCS berth given to the Big East Conference champion.

The Louisville defense has had an up and down year with a few bad performances including allowing 524 yards of offense against Syracuse. The Cardinals are 37th in points allowed per game with 23.8. Their defense does not look to stack up very well against the Gators’ offense.

The Louisville offense has been solid, not not spectacular. The Cardinals average 31 points a game, good enough for 48th in the nation. Sophomore quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a good season with 25 touchdowns and 7 interceptions while passing for 3,452 yards. The Louisville rushing attack was split by running backs Jeremy Wright and Senorise Perry. Perry was having the more productive season until he was lost for the year with a leg injury. In their last game of the regular season, Wright had 22 carries for 17 yards. It is safe to say that the Cardinals rushing attack is in trouble without Senorise Perry and they will have to count on quarterback Teddy Bridgewater if they hope to compete against the Gators.

Florida Gators
Florida fans are looking forward to a BCS victory, but are not happy with the current structure of the BCS, and wish the playoff format was in place this season instead of having to wait several seasons. Currently ranked #3 in the country, Florida would be one of the four teams selected for the playoff format, and would have a chance to play for a championship. A close loss to Georgia gave the Bulldogs the spot in the SEC Championship Game instead of Florida, who would’ve then played Alabama. Florida will now have to settle with playing against a Big East opponent who they are heavily favored against.

Florida’s strength lies in it’s defense. They are 3rd in the nation in scoring defense, allowing only 12.9 points per game, even while playing a schedule filled with strong offenses in the SEC. The most points they have allowed all year was 26 against Florida State, a game in which they won 37-26. In games against LSU, Missouri, and Kentucky, the Florida Gators only gave up a combined total of 13 points.

On offense, the Florida Gators have received contributions from running back Mike Gillislee and quarterback Jeff Driskel. Gillislee has rushed for over 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns. Quarterback Jeff Driskel has not been given many opportunities to take over games, but has contributed 1,471 yards through the air, 11 passing touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. On the ground, Driskel has rushed for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns. Although they are scoring only 26.8 points per game, Florida scores more than enough points with the stinginess of their defense.

Game Overview
The game will be controlled by the Florida Gators on both sides of the ball. Louisville has had a great season, but they do not have the talent or the experience to compete on the same level as Florida. Florida will win with ease in a lackluster game.

Betting Line: (December 12, 2013) Florida Gators -14

Prediction: Florida Gators 27, Louisville Cardinals 10 (Florida -14)

*All statistics are from ESPN via

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2012 Presidential Election a “War of Words” or Lies

With public relations of any kind, words can carry great weight to influence positive or negative reactions out of people; presidential campaigns are no different. Putting the right “spin” on whatever a presidential candidate’s position is, can be very critical in winning the majority’s approval or disapproval.

Any election rides on what I call a “war of words” between any two rival candidates, though those words are expressed through political ads or by speeches on the campaign trail. The winner of any “war on words” wins the election.

There is also a “war of words” for this election between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. Though this war is different from past presidential “war of words”, many of the words being used in the current election season are in my opinion, closer to outright lies than the usual rhetorical spin, at least coming from the Republican nominee’s campaign.

The first outright lie was the way the Romney team used a political ad that took words that Obama said right out of context:

“If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” Romney’s ad quotes the president. What the ad doesn’t show is the full context of Obama’s words in which he was quoting Sen. John McCain, meaning the words were actually McCain’s.

I knew when I first saw this political ad by Romney several months back, that his campaign would continue to resort to undignified and deceptive tactics to win this election, and they’ve proven me to be right.

Mitt Romney is also known to tell lies even about his own record, such as how many jobs he’s created while working for Bain Capital. Let’s not also forget his well-known flip-flop record of when he was the governor of Massachusetts and now that he’s the Republican nominee to be president.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has made claims that President Obama doesn’t have a jobs plan. Anyone who pays any attention to the news would know that President Obama gave Congress a jobs plan back in September of 2011 called “The American Jobs Act”.

Is Romney counting on enough voters who haven’t heard about the American Jobs Act to believe him when he makes that claim? Even if that is possibly true, it would still have a much more negative effect on those voters who know that he’s not telling the truth than those who don’t, and thereby causing him to lose favor with even more voters who actually know the truth about Obama’s job record.

Then there is pieces of campaign speeches that Mitt Romney has given, clearly making statements that are not only misleading but just right out untrue. In one speech Romney said this:

“One must ask whether we will still be a free enterprise nation and whether we will still have economic freedom. America is on the cusp of having a government-run economy. President Obama is transforming America into something very different from the land of the free and the land of opportunity.”

I think Obama would be wise during one of the debates between the two, to ask Mr. Romney to clarify his statement “One must ask whether we will still be a free enterprise nation…”

President Obama’s record for “free enterprise” is something to be proud of. Not only are taxes the lowest they’ve been since 1950 for all Americans, but corporations have made huge profits under his administration. Back in May of this year, the stock market reached its highest level since 2008 before the Great Recession.

Then let us also add to Obama’s “free enterprise” record the return of the auto industry – which by the way – Mitt Romney has tried claiming credit for himself.

It seems to me that the media is always taking snapshots of Mitt Romney saying things that aren’t true and eventually we have a whole portfolio of what Romney is all about and what Mitt Romney is about is a façade. Opportunely, that façade will be on display effusively when we finally arrive at the presidential debates between Romney and Obama later this year.

As always when it comes to Mitt Romney and what he has to say, character is always at the forefront of any thought of electing such a man as he. Voters must decide by November if they want to trust someone like Mitt Romney or stay with the status quo. The status quo to us voters may not be perfect for sure, but at least we all know what we’re getting.

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2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Power Rankings

  • 1) Mitt Romney Still the front runner, with a tremendous fundraising advantage. The fallout from the debt ceiling crises will define his campaign more than the other contenders going forward. He has wisely kept a low profile, trying to read the tea leaves. Last Ranking 1
  • 2) Michele Bachmann- She has arrived and out of Sarah Palin’s considerable shadow. Now the fun begins. How will she respond to the attacks and the inevitable close scrutiny? Last Ranking 2
  • 3) Tim Pawlenty- Still struggling to make a splash, but it is a long campaign process. Building grass root support? Last Ranking 3
  • 4) Herman Cain ‘” Getting name recognition with bombastic statements and some Muslim bashing. His candidacy is moving up .Last Ranking 7
  • 5) Ron Paul ‘” At some point he has to realize that his ‘truths” can only gain traction if he builds a movement. Last Ranking 4
  • 6) John Huntsman- Another Tim Pawlenty. He needs a splash but he might be working hard and quietly behind the scene. Last Ranking 6
  • 7) Newt Gingrich- The question. Can he pull a McCain? Because his campaign appears to be imploding. Last Ranking 5
  • 8) Rick Santorum- Why is he running? Last Ranking 8
  • 9) Gary Johnson-Former Governor of New Mexico. Even his outrage at the Family Leader Pledge did not move the meter. Last Ranking 9
  • 10) Fred Karger, Jimmy McMillan and Jonathon Sharkey.

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