Saturday, July 23, 2016

2:15 a.m.

Three nights ago:
It is two fifteen a.m.
I am bored and looking for something to do.
Maybe a Red-Box movie.
Too bad I lost my debit card.
I wish there was a Chinese take-out restaurant open.
Maybe for lunch tomorrow.

Two nights ago:
Starring at the wall.
I got a text message.
I decided not to reply,
Maybe she will think I am asleep.
Go down stairs,
And drink some water.
Go back up stairs.
Staring at the ceiling hoping to fall asleep soon.

Last night:
Two fifteen a.m.
Watching a movie.
I send a text message.
I am surfing Wikipedia.
I have a soda in my hand,
and a cup of M&M’s next to me.

I am bored.
There is nothing to do in this small town.
Thinking about a night job.
I hate working days.
It’s so quiet at night.
My life as an insomniac.

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21st Century Leadership


So many people have unsuccessfully made attempts at defining leadership. The truth of this is not so obvious, the discovery of it is something to be excited about, and it come in stages.

First of all, you must note that you cannot really have a personal and satisfactory understanding of what leadership is unless and until you are operating as a leader.

“Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.”

– Harold Geneen

Leadership has been defined by many great leadership training experts as influence, control, inspiration and so on. The problem with those definitions is that leadership has been portrayed from an artistic perspective rather than a scientific one, they have majored on its results, and how they see it operates. They have not really dwelt on leadership from what it really is. I may be an actor on the stage and be a star appreciated by everyone. People are only familiar with my stage character, they don’t really know me. If that is all I am, it then means that any good actor can play my role and even do better. That’s the problem in defining leadership from an artistic perspective. It can give room for counterfeit leaders to emerge. It is a limited perspective.

“Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not “making friends and influencing people”, that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

– Peter F. Drucker

This write-up gives us the guidepost for avoiding the 21 century leadership pitfalls.

The 10 NOTS of Leadership

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what it was built for”

We must come to terms with what leadership is not in order to remove our wrong preconceived notions and be able to build on the very essence of true leadership.

Just take a look at all the slogans and labels, and trademarks of different organization or entities, from banks to schools, religious bodies to business enterprises, care centers etc. it wont take you time to figure out whether they have what they so vigorously profess especially when you find out what leadership is not.

“If a man does not know what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.”



Leadership is not about starting first

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

-Eugene F. Ware

It is about the courage to start, to begin, and to start well, not starting first. But, what do you dare to begin? Leadership is about the quality of what you start with and not about when you start up. When you are in a hurry to start or to make a name as the number one pioneer in a particular kind of venture, the greater question is about what legacy you want to leave behind as you start up. Let it be clear from the beginning. To be a light for people to follow, that’s what being first is all about, not just to make a name.

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision” or who has legs and has no direction.

-Hellen Keller

It is important to find your uniqueness, your power slot, what you have to offer that is peculiar either in expression or formation, which is what you start out with. As you fill this gap, others will fill theirs beside you and it won’t matter if you start out first, you are first.

You are the first when you are the best at your best, not when you start out first.

“If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

-John D. Rockefeller Jr.


Leadership is not the size of an entity.

Some organizations are big…and are big for nothing. Being a giant does not make you a leader, rather it is what you have to deliver to mankind that makes you one. What do you use your size to achieve? Of what benefit is your size if it is killing and not building up those smaller than you?

“A good leader is one who can step on your toes without messing up your shine.”


Leadership is not the age of an entity

“Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.”

-Thomas Edison

Leadership gathers momentum with time, it does not tire out and is not limited to the parameters of time. Some pride themselves in the greatness they have acquired due to how long they have been around. Experience comes with age, no doubt, but to be in the place of leadership means combining experience with revelation, new inspiration and fresh ideas. You have to move on.

“The moment you stop learning, you stop leading”

-Rick Warren

Experience is only valuable if you have learnt the right lessons. Wisdom does not necessarily come with age, neither does understanding always comes with experience. Haven’t you seen entities that should know better act very foolishly and are at the centre of corruption?

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”

-John Wooden


Leadership is not the image of an entity.

“Being in power is like being a lady. If you have to tell you are, you aren’t.”

-Margaret Thatcher

What is the essence of looks if there is no substance? An image without a corresponding object is a mirage, an illusion. Therefore leadership is not about your new face but your new heart. What is that renewed determination in you that will benefit others?

“Outstanding leaders appeal to the heart of their followers not their minds.”


Leadership is not the wealth of an entity.

It the right application of that wealth continually. What is the entity contributing to the society? How many lives has it changed, how many communities is it transforming? Who and who in the depths of poverty have benefited or been empowered by it? Are others becoming wealthy by its wealth? Do people feel secured around it or oppressed?


Leadership is not the speed of an entity.

It is a movement in the right direction. It is now ‘how far?’ but ‘how well?’ In a racing competition, you will be disqualified from the prize if you break the rules even if you came up first position. It is the case in leadership, leadership does not separate purpose from success, and does not sacrifice objectivity for productivity. Leadership does not run at the expense of others, it runs for the inspiration of others, it motivates others to run as fast and as well.


Leadership is not the individual strength of an entity.

“People support what they help create.”

The strength of leadership is in relationship; relationship is the symbol of trust. Solitary mentality in an expression of insecurity. An entity is only strong to the extent that it is bent on releasing its power of relationship, the world is designed for synergy.

“It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together.”

-Lioyd Doben and Clare Crawford-Mason

How well you work with others: that is the true test of leadership. The virility of leadership strength is both the intra and inter relational qualities, it empowers others not repress them.

“I will have no man work for me who has not the capacity to become a partner.”

-J. C. Penney


Leadership is not great titles or first ranking

“Asking “who ought to be the boss is like asking “who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?” obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”

-Henry Ford

It is not an office but a function. Can you deliver? Are you a performer?

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do”

Reputation is built on what is already done. You cannot assume a title or role for which you have no pedigree.

“A great man is always willing to be little.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Leadership is not crowd attention

“Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.”

-Marian Anderson

But this is not playing to the gallery, it is the gallery that plays to him, to his genius. He is the physician, the crowd is the patient. What you truly are will meet a need and fill a gap, leadership brings out the real you, the shine. in you. That is what people will naturally respond to graciously, not what they will be manipulated by. Be yourself.

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”

10. Leadership is not about being Smart

It is being right. It is doing the right things the right way. It is both doing right things and doing things right. If you have enough sense to do this, you are operating in leadership. You must Get things right.

“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

-Abraham Lincoln

It is good to be very intelligent, brilliant and enlightened, but this could very well lead to pride. Satan is very smart, subtle, knowledgeable and is said to be full of wisdom, but without love all of these qualities became sensual and corrupted. When wisdom or intelligence only serve to profit self or is self-seeking, if it is merely to advance a personal agenda, then the purpose of it is abused. Most of what we refer to as enlightened self-interest is nothing other than self-centredness in their purest form. Leadership therefore does not take knowledge at face value, if it is not for the common good it does not operate with it.

*Self-seeking wisdom is self glory and is from the debased nature, leadership apply mental prowess to benefit mankind. When you have enough sense to live for others, you are a leader and you are wise.

“Knowledge puffs up but love builds up”


Leadership is not best behaviour

It is good character. It is not being nice, it is being frank.

“One with God is majority”

“The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be willing and able to pull his own weight.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

While leadership seeks to please others and to live in peace with everyone, it does not do so at the expense of truth. It is not hypocritical. Not a praise singer, a sycophant. It is a non-compromisable non-conformist. It distinguishes itself with excellence not flattery. It doesn’t cave in to blackmail, it doesn’t negotiate without principles, and it does not fall under pressure. It is the radical element, the rebel with a just cause that refuses the conventional method if it doesn’t serve the people. It does not live by this dictum;

“Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do or die.”

It refuses to be the ‘yes men’ in every system, ready to lose the present privilege, to suffer if need be, rather than be ‘settled’. He does so with humility and love, not vendetta or jealousy.

“When others bow to compromise, leadership stands erect with integrity.”

It doesn’t seek peace or canvass for relationship at the expense of justice, equity and fairness. You cannot be a leader if you can be cowed or boxed into a fraud. Leadership concerns itself with a good legacy to be laid down for future generations, regardless of what people say.

“The majority that is wrong will become a minority, and the minority that is right the majority, it is a question of time.”


Leadership is not an attribute in non-living entity

“Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man. His character determines the character of his organization.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t let anybody deceive you and don’t deceive yourself, leadership does not reside in non-living entities like organizations, institutions, enterprises, states etc. rather, it is people in them that exercises leadership potential. The best way to rate an entity is to determine the quality of its leaders. Don’t buy into an entity, buy into its leadership. The best time to connect or disconnect from an entity is the period of leadership transition.

*When you want to set the leadership pace for an entity, chose the right person to head it.

“The single most important factor in determining the climate of an organization is the top executive”

-Charles Galloway

The right person for the job will also understand this very fundamental law of organizational success which is:

“You manage things; you lead people”

-Grace Murray Hopper (Admiral, U.S. Navy Retired)

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21 Quotes on Truth

Why 21 Quotes? There are 21 quotes, for 21 days, the number of days it takes to create or break a habit. Do you want to motivate yourself to write, create or get healthy and loose weight? Do you want more peace, love, happiness, creativity, justice, or courage in our lives and world, we must first THINK about these things; because inevitably, we become what we think and our world is a reflection of us.

Truth Quote 1
God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please – you can never have both. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Truth Quote 2
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. ~Aldous Huxley

Truth Quote 3
The greatest enemy of any one of our truths may be the rest of our truths. ~William James

Truth Quote 4
The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple. ~Rebecca West

Truth Quote 5
When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do. ~William Blake

Truth Quote 6
Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas. ~Shoseki

Truth Quote 7
Truth is after all a moving target
Hairs to split,
And pieces that don’t fit
How can anybody be enlightened?
Truth is after all so poorly lit.
~Neil Peart, Turn the Page

Truth Quote 8
Truth is a great flirt. ~Franz Liszt

Truth Quote 9
We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter. ~Denis Diderot

Truth Quote 10
All great truths begin as blasphemies. ~George Bernard Shaw, Annajanska, 1919

Truth Quote 11
I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth – and truth rewarded me. ~Simone de Beauvoir

Truth Quote 12
We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable. ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Truth Quote13
The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. ~Jim Davis

Truth Quote 14
Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident. ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Truth Quote 15
There is no truth. There is only perception. ~Gustave Flaubert

Truth Quote 16
If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on. ~Stopford Brooke

Truth Quote 17
Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch, nay, you may kick it all about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Truth Quote 18
Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~Leo Tolstoy

Truth Quote 19
Truth is the breath of life to human society. It is the food of the immortal spirit. Yet a single word of it may kill a man as suddenly as a drop of prussic acid. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Truth Quote 20
I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks; my country is Truth. ~Alphonse de Lamartine

Truth Quote 21
Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth. ~Jean-Paul Sartre

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21st Century Discoveries that Will Change the World

Scientific discoveries that have changed history have been well documented by history. There is no doubt that the cultivation of fire and germ theory, to name just a few, have had far-reaching impacts for all time. In the Twentieth Century, Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity gave rise to a massive shift in Physics, Astronomy, space exploration, warfare, and energy production. Such discoveries that cause such profound paradigm shifts in science, technology, society, culture, and even philosophy and religion used to occur very rarely.

In the first decade of the Twenty-first Century we are already on the cusp of a number of potential life changing events that will take years before we may appreciate the true importance. Even today, the gravity of Einstein’s Theories has not yet completely unfolded. The following contains a short list of scientific discoveries that show a great degree of having a instrumental impact on our lives.

Stem cell therapy is rapidly becoming a widespread reality despite many ethical objections this century. Proponents of stem cell therapy cite the possibility of growing new tissues and organs for patients facing organ failure and the like. Even more encouraging is the possibility stem cells can be used to treat broken bones and autoimmune diseases. According to CNN, in 2009 scientists discovered a way to help heart attack patients by prompting bone marrow to release stem cells.

Exoplanets have been confirmed to exist revolving around distant stars similar to our sun. As NASA’s Kepler Mission discovers more worlds living in the goldilocks zone, so-called because they should exhibit just the right temperature and conditions for life, we may begin a rethinking of the universe and our place within it. This could easily rival the revolution in though that took place when it was confirmed the Earth was not the center of the universe.

Sequencing of the Human Genome: From 1990 to 2003 the National Institutes of Health funded the human genome project that successfully mapped out the entire genome for our species. Researchers have been using this information to determine the nature of degenerative diseases and the genetic component for curing or even eliminating diseases from our lives. According to National Geographic ” A breakthrough is going to be happening fairly soon. When it does, it’s going to be very exciting.”

3-D Printing has developed at a marked pace the past ten years. What was once a lower-cost method of making prototypes has rapidly developed into the way things will be made in the future. Just imagine a world in which practically any object can be made via a printer in much the same way any document can be produced with an inkjet printer. Some of the most dramatic impacts this could have according to the Economist, manufacturers will be “Freed of the constraints of traditional factories, additive manufacturing allows designers to produce things that were previously considered far too complex to make economically.”

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21 Political Quotations

As Election Day draws near, politicians scramble for votes. If you’re tempted to either skip the polls, plan to cast your vote by closing your eyes and pointing to a name, or write-in Snoopy for governor, these political quotations may serve as reminders for why each and every voice contributes value to our communities.

Of the People: The Art of Politics

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.
Nikita Khruschev, Soviet Political Leader

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
Ronald Reagan, 40th US President

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.
Ernest Benn, British Writer and Publisher

The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving you are unworthy of winning.
Theodor Adorno, German Philosopher and Social Critic

Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.
Adlai E. Stevenson, American Politician

For the People: The Power of Speech

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
Hubert H. Humphrey, 38th US Vice President

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are-you aren’t.
Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The measure of a man is what he does with power.
Pittacus, Greek Statesman

You have not converted a man because you’ve silenced him.
Viscount John Morley, British Liberal Statesman

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell, English Author and Journalist

A man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that sometimes he has to eat them.
Adlai E. Stevenson, American Politician

The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.
Chinese Proverb

If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all.
Noam Chomsky, American Linguist, Philosopher, Political Activist

By the People: The Value of Votes

Bad Officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
George Jean Nathan, American Drama Critic

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.
John Adams, 2nd US President

The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.
Robert Hutchins, Educational Philosopher

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.
Bertrand de Jouvenel, French Philosopher

The true republic: men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less.
Franklin P. Adams, American Journalist and Poet

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.
Dante Allghieri, Italian Poet

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President

You can not simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.
Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicist

Now go vote..


All biographical information retrieved from
ABC-Clio. (2010).

Quotations selected from author’s notes and
Price, Steven D. (2004). 1001 Smartest Things Ever Said.

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24 Ounces of Skim Milk as a Weight Loss Product - Will it Work?

Milk – it does a body good. This phrase is more than just an advertising ploy – although it is a pretty good advertisement. The idea sticks in your head, doesn’t it? But there are no two ways about it, milk is good for the human body.

We all know that milk contains a lot of calcium and that calcium is essential for building and maintaining strong bones. Calcium is also essential for nerve function, blood clotting and muscle contraction. Milk also provides protein, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D – all good things for the bod.

Wow. And to think that I was only drinking it for the calcium.

The problem with milk in this weight-conscious society of ours is that many of us are raised on whole milk, or even 2%. One cup of whole milk contains a whopping 145 calories. And if whole milk is what you are used to, the taste of skim milk, or even 1% milk can seem watery. But … skim milk has a mere 83 calories per cup, and it is not only every bit as good for you, but it has also been suggested by various studies that including 24 ounces of skim milk per day on a reduced calorie diet can help you lose weight and burn even more calories than cutting calories alone. You have got to love that. But … remember that this is skim milk that we are talking about here. If you are a whole milk person, you should seriously think about training your mouth to enjoy skim milk.

Now bear in mind that this whole ‘drink milk and lose weight’ thing is not yet carved in stone. Many would argue that you could add chocolate brownies to a reduced calorie diet and lose weight – as long as the rest of your diet has reduced more calories than the brownie is worth. And this is true. But … brownies are not good for you. Oh, all right. They are good for you psychologically, but they just don’t do much for you physically. Milk, on the other hand, is full of vitamins that are good for you. So maybe this milk thing works for losing weight – maybe it doesn’t. But why not give it a try? If you are reducing your calories by more than those 24 ounces of skim milk are worth, you will lose weight, and you will have something that is good for you in your diet. And maybe – if you’re lucky – these studies will prove correct and you will lose even more weight. What have you got to lose? Healthy bones?

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23 is the Happiest Number

A study from the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics says we’re happiest when we’re 23 and 69. We asked 23- and 69-year-olds simply: What makes you happy? Here are some brief answers we received.

I’ve worked five years on my undergraduate degree, I make nowhere near as much money as I’d like, and I’ve gained more weight than I would ever admit.

However, I have the most wonderful husband this planet has ever seen, the loveliest sisters I ever could have dreamed, and two of the most hard-working parents this world did ever see.

This makes my current age, 23, the happiest I have ever been. My life, together with the goals and future children I have planned for it, are still ahead. And even if they don’t happen, I will still have what I need. I don’t know if age 24 will bring my dream job or riches or a skinny body, but I am certain it will be a happier age than 23 was simply because it will mean I have lived one more year with the people I love.

— Kelly Moreno, Miami

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24 Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas: There's Always Something Open!

You know that feeling when you wake up after having a long day and you’re just so hungry but there is nothing around to eat! Well if you are vacationing in Las Vegas, you will not have any worries finding restaurants that are open 24/7 that can tame those hunger cravings. Below is a list of 10 of the many 24/7 restaurants located in the Las Vegas area.

Mr. Lucky’s Cafe at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located at 4455 Paradise Road is open 24/7 and has something for everyone. You can order breakfast which includes pancakes, omelets, french toast, breakfast burritos,. breakfast quesadillas, and even T-bone steak and eggs (yummy by the way). Or you can go with lunch items that include burgers of all kinds (including turkey and vegetarian), tuna burgers, chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken, brick oven pizzas, and I cannot forget the ever so fabulous reuben! And if you’re not in the mood for any of that, well just wait until you hear what they have for “big plates”. Fajitas, chicken bowls, shrimp bowls, tofu bowls, hammered chicken (yes it’s beaten well) and of course T-bone steak. You can even get an 8oz. steak dinner with a salad and a potato for just $7.77. Now that’s an awesome deal in itself!!

Peppermil Las Vegas , located at 2985 Las Vegas Blvd is one of Las Vegas’ best restaurants and has won best of the best year after year. The Peppermil offers a wide variety of all American foods for everyone to enjoy.. Burgers, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, fruit platters, and amazing breakfast plates. Not only does the Peppermil have great food for small parties, it also accommodates large parties for wedding receptions, birthdays, and business parties. So drop by this 24 hour restaurant and have a plate of steak and eggs… Price for two people is under the $20.00 mark !

Sherwood Forest Cafe-24 Hour located at 3850 Las Vegas Blvd S is one 24 hour restaurant you do not want to pass up. Breakfast menu includes many different kinds of omelettes, breakfast burritos stuffed to the max, pancakes, filet and crab cake benedict, scrambled eggs with an array of roasted vegetables on the side and so much more. Lunch and dinner menus include some items such as fried calamari, chicken fingers, quesadilla, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, burgers that are made with perfection and really good, as well as salads which include, cobb, house, and chef !! All portions are huge, you will not leave hungry at all. And if you do get hungry 10 hours later and it happens to be 3 in the morning, no problem, remember this place is open 24/7 ! Price for two people is under $20!

Roberto’s Taco Shop located at 1220 E Harmon Ave is the best 24/7 restaurant you need if you are in the mood for the best taco’s in Las Vegas. Of course Roberto’s Taco Shop has other items, but before you look into them, you must get a couple of taco’s first! They are fabulous and the price will not empty your pockets! You will wish that you had one of these restaurants in your town ! If you would like a menu you can call 702-792-3611 and the fabulous staff with fax it to you!

Fatburger located at 6392 McLeod Dr is the top 24/7 burger joint in Las Vegas that you are going to find. I am telling you there burgers rock to no end. You have the Fatburger which is huge, then the King Burger which is ½ pound of hamburger and then if you can take it, there is the Triple Kingburger (its HUGE). They also have other types of sandwiches such as chicken, veggie and turkey, so if your not a beef eater like myself, try one of those.. This 24 hour restaurant is kid friendly with many different menu items for the little ones..If you would like a menu faxed to you call 702-740-8001, you can even fax your order back!

Sundance Grill inside the Sliverton Hotel and Casino located at 3333 Blue Diamond Rd is a great 24 hour restaurant you can go to for amazing casual dining. Who could beat $8.00 for a pizza that can feed four people? Or shrimp cocktail for $2.00.. Not me, I personally love it at the Sundance Grill. You will not walk away broke, and if you get hungry in the wee hours of the night you get to come in and order some chicken fried steak and eggs and pancakes. Who could resist that !

Blue Ox East Restaurant & Lounge located at 4130 S Sandhill Rd Ste A is your all American 24 hour restaurant where you can kick your shoes off and relax till all hours of the night. With burgers of all kinds, sandwiches that will knock your socks off and amazingly fresh seafood entrees you would expect to pay a pretty penny. But guess what, at $8 – $12 a plate the Blue Ox will surely be one of your favorite 24 hour restaurants that you will stop by when you are visiting in Las Vegas.

Village Pub & Poker located at 3455 E Flamingo Rd, has the best fish and chips made from Cod fish you will ever have for the low price of $7.99. The portions are amazing and filling, making you want to come back the next day for the exact same dish ! Best thing about the Village Pub is that it has a dail $5.99 special you will not believe. Mondays are baked half chicken, Tuesdays are potroast, Wednesday are meatloaf, Thursdays are BBQ ribs and chicken, Friday is fried shrimp, Saturdays are roast pork and Sundays are lasagna! You just cannot pass up this wonderful 24 hour restaurant. It has the right atmosphere, the right prices and fantastic food.

Carl’s Jr located at 2001 S Las Vegas Blvd is yes a fast food restaurant with drive thru, but you can come inside and sit down as well. Carl Jr’s is one of my favorite places to eat burgers without paying a seriously hefty price. Forget Burger King, Carl’s burgers taste identical but are much bigger and cost 50% less. Also if you decide to go here, get the chili cheese fries! They are absolutely amazing, a little spicy but that’s what makes them unique.

Last but not least….

Jack in the Box located at 1055 E Tropicana Ave is another fast food type restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. Again you can either drive up and order or come inside and sit down. Before you order anything, you have to order the strawberry smoothie, it is unbelievable, and its only a few bucks.. Then once you have done that, you have a choice of burgers and fries, chicken and fish, salads, and breakfast items. You just cannot go wrong !

Happy 24 hour eating in Las Vegas !

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21st Century Self-Sufficency: Alternative Methods of Food Production

Self-sufficiency has a place in several circles. Those of us who are more environmentally-inclined will find methods of generating power that are incompatible with the way power is generated for large grids. Those of us who are more health or animal rights-inclined will find that growing one’s own food can be a healthier, more moral choice than buying from the mass producing factories that may use harmful chemicals, or have less-than-adequate conditions for their animals. Similar arguments can be presented for an array of goods or services such as clothing, sewage, or crafts of any kind.

My personal inclinations are separate from these, though. Any one would agree that the sense of accomplishment acquired from producing something of quality and practical use from one’s own hands has the ability to give life itself meaning. Environmentalism may be a valid pursuit and even a worthwhile byproduct of self-sufficiency, but it is not necessarily the only end. I value this alternative end.

Some of those who pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle, in one sense or another, will want to work the way generations long since past have worked; others, though, enjoy the prospects of 21st century technology and the lifestyle it offers. I will write for this latter group, all due respect to the former.

In this article, I will provide a brief overview of two methods of growing food: hydroponics and aeroponics. Surely, some one will have heard of hydroponics on Star Trek, or some other venue. In fact, hydroponics and aeroponics both hold great opportunities to grow food where soil is unsatisfactory, nonrenewable, or nonexistent.

The concept of these two systems, hydroponics and aeroponics, is that plants do not actually need soil to get their nutrients. Without mention of chemistry, Schmitt et al outlines plants’ needs as appropriate temperatures, light for photosynthesis, water, oxygen, mineral nutrients, and some sort of support for the plant. The support is usually provided by soil, but this is the only function of soil. More to the point, soil is a slower method of providing nutrients and air to the roots of plants than other artificial means of support.

Hydroponics uses various means of artificial supports, but most importantly, the roots of every plant are allowed to hang in either standing or running water without soil to hinder airflow. In artificial systems such as this, a platform is usually used to support the plant. One can either ‘start’ the plants in other mediums and then transplant them, or make use of some sort of medium that does not extend below the platform meant only to support the plant.

Second, light cannot be allowed to touch the water feeding your plants. Allowing this will lead to problems with algae and diseases.

Third, Water must be engineered to flow throughout the system. Flowing water is obviously more turbulent than stagnant water, and thus infuses more oxygen into the water and leads to healthier, more bountiful plants. Several standard methods can be used to achieve a flow, but I leave it to the reader’s creativity to design such methods. After all, the sense of accomplishment felt from successful creativity is much greater than from following an instruction manual! But, many such instructions do exist, thanks to the creative imagination of others.

Fourth, nutrients must be mixed into the water that would usually be found in soils; this means fertilizer. The nutrients are all commercially available, but despite how you get them, your plants need them!

In summary, the medium being separated from the delivery system for nutrients and oxygen provides for a much greater amount of oxygen and nutrient uptake for the plants. This brings us to the next section.

Aeroponics operates on the same concept as hydroponics, removing soil from the equation. There are some benefits and some drawbacks of this method, but I personally think the engineering creativity involved is much more satisfying. The concept for both systems is to increase uptake of nutrients and oxygen, but mostly oxygen. Aeroponics does this by spraying the water onto the roots, rather than submerging them. In this case, the oxygen that couldn’t reach the submerged roots in hydroponics is easily able to reach the roots. The same stipulations apply, however, for the platform supporting the plants, the limited amount of light that can touch the inside of the container or the water, and the sorts of nutrients needed. One downside is that most people have problems with the nutrients clogging the sprinklers.

Both hydroponics and aeroponics have higher yield than growing plants in soil. According to Ritter et al, aeroponics even has a 70% higher yield than hydroponics, thanks to the increases oxygen levels. All-in-all, though, these systems create opportunities for densely populated areas such as India to build veritcal farms. One could build ten acres on one acre of land, simply by building vertically. Such system make this not only possible, but more pragmatic than if the ratio was only one acre to one acre. By these systems, each acre produces more than a typical acre by other methods! Practice and implementation of variations of these methods has the possibility of increasing food production exponentially.

For the 21st century self-sufficient gardener, or even for the hobby gardener, these systems provide boundless innovation, mechanization, and computerization. One could develop methods of easily cycling water through a hydroponics system, pumping water through sprinklers, maintaining proper levels of nutrients in the water, and even make use of artificial lighting and greenhouse methods. Possibilities are thus obviously great for both the humanitarian, and the futurist – hopefully one is not always exclusive of the other!

Ritter, et. al. (2006). “Comparison of hydroponic and aeroponics cultivation systems for the production of potato minitubers”. Potato Research 44, no. 2 (2001): 127-135.

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24 Famous Faces of '24'

Keifer Sutherland is the face of “24 “, but he was a familiar face long before landing the role of Jack Bauer. And… Sutherland is not the only familiar face we’ve seen on “24”. The Fox hit debuted in November, 2001, spawning eight seasons and a television film before ending its run in 2010. “24” is returning for a limited run starting May 5, 2014. After a four year hiatus, a refresher is in order. Do you remember these 24 famous faces that once shared the screen with Jack Bauer?

Keifer Sutherland has years of Hollywood under his belt. Aside from his own numerous film and TV roles, his father Donald Sutherland has an impressive resume as well! Some of Keifer’s “24” co-stars had boast-worthy lineage and credentials of their own.

  • Kevin Dillon (brother of Matt) made a name for himself in films like Heaven Help Us (1985) and Platoon (1986). In season 2 of “24”, he portrayed Lonnie McRae, an isolated, doomsday prepper who sets his sights on Jack Bauer’s desperate daughter Kim during one of her many close calls of the series. His run was brief (three episodes), but memorable.

  • Sara Gilbert (sister of Melissa) brilliantly created her own identity as Darlene Conner in the long-running hit series “Roseanne”. A personality that was memorable for being snarky and indignant, Darlene was a far cry from the Laura Ingalls character brought to life by Melissa. So too was Paula Schaeffer, Sara’s season 2 contribution to “24”. Paula was only around for five episodes, but her exit was a breathtaker!

  • Sean Astin (son of John Astin and Patty Duke) is practically Hollywood royalty. His father played Gomez Addams in “The Addams Family”, and his mother famously played a dual role as twin cousins in a show named after… herself. Let’s not forget that Sean was an original Goonie. And then there’s Lord of the Rings . Unfortunately, Sean’s “24” character, Lynn McGill spent most of his season 5 appearance (ten episodes) as an unlikeable creep. In true “24” fashion, he was one of those characters you don’t grow to like until he’s on his way out. Sometimes, death is endearing.

  • Tobin Bell, while we’re on the topic of resumes, has a nice gold star at the top of his! Horror fans may recognize his voice even faster than they place his face. It was that voice that chilled us all as the evil mastermind Jigsaw in the Saw movie franchise. Bell was no less despicable in the role of Peter Kingsley for four episodes near the end of season 2, and once again, he was pulling the strings.

Viewers may have failed to notice the appearance of some of the Federation’s finest on “24” over the years. After all, who would expect to see space explorers embroiled in Jack Bauer’s missions? More than once, Star Trek heroes have assisted in vital CTU missions.

  • Zachary Quinto has adapted the most famous Vulcan, Spock, into a revived favorite through his role in the recent reboot films in the Star Trek series. Quinto’s “24” run spanned season three. He portrayed Adam Kaufman, a brash, argumentative CTU analyst.

  • Alexander Siddig is familiar to Trekkies as Doctor Bashir from the “Deep Space Nine” series. Though he ends up being a valuable contributor to Jack Bauer’s season 6 efforts as Hamri Al-Assad, his character was not always of noble motivation. Al-Assad was an Islamic terrorist leader who originally falls under Jack’s radar as a suspect behind the terrorist plot. So much for that Hippocratic Oath, eh?

  • Connor Trinneer’s appearance was nearly a blink-and-miss-it situation. “Star Trek: Enterprise” viewers knew him as Commander Trip Tucker, a charismatic, impulsive, Maverick-esque talent. To Jack Bauer, he was Carl Gadsen, a nervous port authority supervisor in way over his head. Carl served his purpose in only one episode.

Some of Jack Bauer’s most notable allies have paved respectable paths since leaving “24”, even if their exits were less than pleasant.

  • James Morrison was a fan favorite as Bill Buchanan, the by-the-book CTU Director who later goes rogue while teaming up with Bauer on uncovering a governmental conspiracy. Buchanan sacrifices himself in one of the most dramatic scenes from the series. After three seasons (4-7) on “24”, Morrison later held significant roles on both “Private Practice” and “Revenge”.

  • Roger Cross portrayed Curtis Manning in seasons 4-6 of “24”. Manning was CTU’s SWAT-trained Director of Field Ops, and a close ally to Bauer until his overwhelming need for revenge against Hamri Al-Assad cornered Bauer into a painful decision. With Manning poised to kill Al-Assad, Bauer made the choice to take Manning down. Following his run on “24”, Cross landed roles on “Arrow” and “Continuum”.

  • Eric Balfour appeared in “24” season 1 as Milo Pressman, disappearing with season 2, only to return more prominently in season 6. While Balfour fans new and old grew attached to Milo, the poor soul should have never returned to CTU. Milo sacrificed himself during a tense hostage situation in CTU headquarters. Though it was a quick death, it was beyond painful for the audience. Luckily, Balfour has since found a new home on the hit SyFy series, “Haven” as Duke Crocker.

More than a few “24” guest stars have springboarded into more dominant, feature roles. Some of your current TV favorites may have tangoed with Jack Bauer long before they became the characters you know them as today.

  • Dean Norris spent only two episodes as General Bowden, assisting President David Palmer in military projections during season 2. Five years later, he’d become Hank Schrader in “Breaking Bad”. Norris will be reprising his role as Jim Rennie in the second season of “Under the Dome” this summer.

  • Fans of the series “Lost” will recognize a couple castaways hidden in the “24” ranks as well. Before they were stranded together, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) both crossed paths with Jack Bauer. Cusick’s role as German intelligence agent Theo Stoller lasted only two episodes in season 5. Kim’s field agent character, Tom Baker, assisted Jack Bauer in 11 episodes over seasons 2 and 3.

  • ABC’s hit fantastical drama, “Once Upon a Time” seems to have sowed a number of seeds from the “24” cast list. Raphael Sbarge plays Jiminy Cricket, and the town therapist, Archie Hopper, in “Once Upon a Time”. When fate led him into Jack’s path in season 6, he was Ray Wallace, an average suburban Joe with a horrific path ahead when chance throws him a curve ball. Ray wasn’t around very long, but he left an impression, and Sbarge played the part with stand-out skill. David Anders (Dr. Whale) portrayed Josef Bazhaev in season 8, a man tormented between base morals and family bonds. Considering that his bloodline is clashing with Bauer, his fate is naturally sealed from the beginning, but Josef’s predictability ends there. Evil Queen Lana Parrilla portrays the polar opposite Sarah Gavin, a CTU agent who ultimately finds herself at the receiving end of misplaced torture methods while vehemently proclaiming her innocence in season 4. The kicker is, she truly is an innocent in this realm! Perhaps the most amusing Oncer to appear in “24”, Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold) played the role of Carl Benton in the “24” television movie. The movie was released between seasons 6 and 7, opening in Africa where Bauer and Benton are struggling to protect a group of children from violent militants recruiting child soldiers. Ultimately, Benton sacrifices himself in the process of this mission. Now I remember why I hold out hope for Rumplestiltskin’s humanity!

  • The CW smash hit “Supernatural” has a fandom to rival all fandoms, but some loyalists may have missed a few series favorites during their “24” stints. Mark Sheppard (Crowley) appeared as Ivan Erwich in season 5, a smuggler assisting in a potential nerve gas attack. Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) made a two episode run as hitman John Quinn in season 7. Everyone’s favorite wayward angel, Misha Collins (Castiel) took on a much different role as the seductive villain Alexis Drazen in season 1.

  • A few “24” alums went on to create anarchy on a well-known FX Networks hit, “Sons of Anarchy”. Sprague Grayden’s Donna on “Sons” was quite a different character than the conniving First Daughter Olivia Taylor of “24” season 7. (On a side note, Grayden has recently migrated to join the cast of another Fox favorite, “The Following”.) Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) makes a brief appearance (one episode) in season 7 as well. Ironically, Flanagan portrays Gabriel Schector, an arms dealer/smuggler. Anarchy fans will also enjoy the role Jeff Kober plays in season 5. Conrad Haas, the hopeful Presidential assassin, is not what we would expect from Charming’s Mayor Jacob Hale.

  • If you follow Jeff Kober, you’ve likely caught his recent run on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Another zombie survivalist may have picked up a few skills while working with Jack Bauer too. Before taking on the coveted role of Abraham on “TWD”, Michael Cudlitz seemed to be as findable as Waldo. During the second season of “24”, he appeared in three episodes as Rick Phillips, valiantly trying to battle the bad guys alongside a much more bulletproof Jack Bauer.

If a few of these appearances surprised you, you’re not alone. Whether their roles lasted an episode or a season, all of these faces are familiar to television viewing audiences before and since their “24” roles. Makes us wonder who we may be seeing on the upcoming rebirth season! Though the core cast has been revealed, there’s plenty of room for a surprising guest or two. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a first time for the series. Keep your eyes peeled when “24” returns to Fox, Monday, May 5. More “24” coverage from Dawn Sabato: ’24: Live Another Day’ Resurrects Jack Bauer

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