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3 American Idol Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

American Idol birthday parties area huge trend in birthday parties for tweens and have been for the past 5 years! Here are some ideas for American Idol birthday party favors the kids can help put together and have a little pre birthday party fun!

American Idol Birthday Party Favor #1: Cookie Lollipops

Check out your local gourmet cookie stores for cookies that can have photos printed on them. You can take photos of your favorite American Idol contestant, past winners Randy, Paula, Simon, or even Ryan and have them printed on the cookies.

The great thing about this American Idol party favor idea is that they can be made for you and all you have to do is give them out. In most cases these printable cookies will come with plastic bags wrapping them. They are also usually tied shut with colorful ribbons!

American Idol Birthday Party Favor #2: American Idol Ipod Downloads

So, just about every kids I know has some form of an Ipod. Pretty much most of their time is spent searching for the next song they want to buy.

You can give out gift cards with 1 to 2 ipod songs prepaid for. This is a small favor an that is all it needs to be. It is not your job to pay for all of their Ipod songs, so do not go overboard what this one.

The kids can choose their favorite songs to download onto their Ipod when hey get home and keep that pop star theme going! To do this one simply buy 1 to 2 dollar gift cards and give one to each child.

American Idol Birthday Party Favor #3: Rock N Roll Candy Favors

Finally, yes, candy can fit into a pop star themed birthday party. Check out specialty candy stores for rock n roll or pop music themed candy. Small candy microphones, hard candy in the shape of musical notes, and even candy packaged in plastic fake iPods are so easy find today!

Candy has fallen into a huge theme trend, so simply look for the music theme. These can be loaded into a basket and kids can take one as they leave the party. The other idea would be to pre package the music themed candy in those clear cnayd bags we all know and love!

Let your child help pick out the pop music themed candy to make sure you get what kids will like these days!

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2nd Grade Science Lesson Plan: Mixing Shampoo and Vegetable Oil with Water

Grade: 2nd
Type of Lesson: Demonstration

Learning Objectives:
1. Students will be able to predict what will happen when shampoo and vegetable oil are added to water by drawing a picture.
2. Students will be able to draw how shampoo and vegetable oil react with water.

Grade Level Content Expectations:
S.IA.02.14 Develop strategies and skills for information gathering and problem solving (books, internet, ask an expert, observation, investigation, technology tools).
P.PM.02.12 Describe objects and substances according to their properties (color, size, shape, texture, hardness, liquid or solid, sinking or floating).

1. 4 clear cups
2. 2 plastic spoons
3. Shampoo
4. Vegetable oil

1. Create a worksheet by drawing 2 cups. Write “Before stirring” under one cup and “after stirring” on the other cup.
2. Double sided worksheets
3. Clear cup with shampoo in it
4. Clear cup with vegetable oil in it
5. 2 clear cups with water in them

1. Say: Has anyone ever mixed 2 liquids?Maybe you’ve mixed milk & chocolate syrup.I want you to think about what happened to both liquids.
2. Say: Todayyou will be observing what happens when I add a liquid to water. First I’m going to mix shampoo with water and I want you to observe what happens to the shampoo.

3. Explain worksheet to students. Have them make a prediction.
4. Slowly add shampoo to water.
5. Tell students to observe what happens to the liquid as it enters the water. (Does it sink/float?)
6. Have students draw a picture on their worksheet of how the shampoo looked as it entered the water. (Draw this in the “Before stirring” cup)
7. While students are drawing, the shampoo, which initially swirled, will settle at the bottom of the cup and spread out. Make sure students take note of this change and others.
8. Stir the liquid. Tell students to notice what happens to both the water and the shampoo.
9. Have students draw a picture on their record sheet that shows their observations of how the liquids looked after they were stirred.
10. Have students check their prediction.

11. Say: Next,I’m going to mix vegetable oil with water and I want you to observe what happens to the vegetable oil.
12. Have students make a prediction on the other side of their worksheet.
13. Slowly add vegetable oil to water.
14. Tell students to observe what happens to the liquid as it enters the water. (Does it sink/float?)
15. Have students draw a picture on their worksheet of how the vegetable oil looked as it entered the water. (Draw this in the “Before stirring” cup)
16. Stir the liquid. Tell students to notice what happens to both the water and the vegetable oil.
17. Have students draw a picture on their record sheet that shows their observations of how the liquids looked after they were stirred.
18. Have students check their prediction.

19. Ask:
A. Did either of the liquids sink/float? Which one?
B. Did either of the liquids mix with the water or did they remain separate?
C. Which liquid mixed with the water? How can you tell that it mixed?
D. Which liquid did not mix with the water? How can you tell that it didn’t mix?

Formative: Students will be observed during the lesson.
Summative: Students will be assessed by whether they were able to draw two predictions and two observation pictures.

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3 Age-Appropriate Sunday School Lesson Plans for Easter

What Sunday Schooler doesn’t love Easter Sunday? Easter is a time for rejoicing for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promise of new life He brings.

At the same time, Easter can be a challenging time for Sunday School teachers. Often, teachers may not know how many children to expect in Sunday School on Easter, as their frequent attendees may be visiting family elsewhere. In addition, many families choose to visit churches on Easter, even if they seldom attend church during the remainder of the year. Sunday School teachers may find several first-timers in their classes on Easter Sunday morning. For this reason, Easter Sunday School lessons need to be fairly simple and visitor-friendly.

Each Easter Sunday School lesson plan detailed here includes both a teaching and a simple age-appropriate craft for children to complete at church on Resurrection Sunday. In all cases, the suggested crafts are simple and low-maintenance, so Sunday School children’s fancy Easter apparel will not be marred by paints, glitters, glues or other art supplies.

These three Easter Sunday School lesson plans may be adapted for other age groups as well. Projects include colorful Easter flowers (made from coffee filters), yummy Easter empty tomb rolls and a Bible message Easter Egg hunt.

Easter Lesson Plan for Preschool Sunday Schoolers: Filter Flowers Springing to Life

Resurrection Sunday, or Easter, is the highest point in the Christian calendar, when believers celebrate the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Easter is marked by the empty tomb and the resurrection of the Messiah from the dead.

Easter is also the unofficial start of spring in many regions. Nature springs to life, with brand-new green shoots erupting in garden beds. Soon flowers will appear. What a wonderful object lesson for Easter for preschoolers. Even the youngest children can understand how the ground looks dead in winter, but comes to life in spring.

The preschool Sunday School teacher might bring a bright bouquet or a potted flowering plant into the classroom to illustrate this point. Perhaps the teacher will first show the preschool Sunday School children a flower bulb, explaining how the bulb looks dry and lifeless. However, after resting in the ground for a while, the bulb may come to life, producing a beautiful blooming flower.

After this Easter lesson, preschool Sunday School children will enjoy making colorful Easter bouquets. Generic white coffee filters make lovely spring paper flowers. Very young children can color the coffee filters with washable markers. The colors bleed into the coffee filters, making natural-appearing blossoms. (Teachers should be sure to cover Sunday School classroom tables with newspapers, as the markers may bleed through to the table as well.)

Coffee filter flowers can become bouquets with the addition of chenille pipe cleaner stems.

Easter Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Sunday Schoolers: Learning with Empty-Tomb Rolls

How did Jesus’ followers know He had risen from the dead, as He had promised? A few of His followers went to His tomb on the first Easter Sunday morning – and found the tomb was empty.

Here’s a simple object lesson for kindergarten Sunday Schoolers that is ideal for illustrating the surprise and wonder of Jesus’ empty tomb.

To perform this Easter Sunday School activity, the class will need to have access to the church kitchen, or the Sunday School teacher might use a toaster oven in the classroom. (Of course, only the teacher should handle the toaster oven.)

To make Empty-Tomb Rolls, the teacher will need to collect the following ingredients: 1-2 packages of refrigerated crescent roll dough (enough for one roll per Sunday School child), 1 package of large white marshmallows and a large baking sheet (or the toaster oven baking sheet).

Before class, the teacher will preheat the oven and separate the crescent roll dough triangles and lay them out on the baking sheet.

When children arrive, the teacher can introduce the concept by telling the kindergarten Sunday Schoolers about how Jesus died on the cross and was placed in the tomb, which was sealed. Next, each kindergarten Sunday School child (with freshly washed hands) may be invited to place one marshmallow on a dough triangle and to fold the dough over the marshmallow.

The teacher will then explain how the marshmallows have been buried, just like Jesus was buried in the tomb. Like the Roman soldiers, who stood guard outside Jesus’ tomb, the children can stand and watch the oven, as the crescent rolls bake.

When the rolls are done baking, each child may eat the one he or she prepared. The children will notice that the marshmallows are gone – just like Jesus was gone from the tomb on the first Easter morning. His body was not there, because Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning.

Kindergartners love to color with crayons and markers. Why not close out the Easter Sunday School lesson with a few Easter coloring pages, downloaded free from ChristianAnswers, ItMimG, Parenting-Lee Hansen, TeacherHelp or another free Easter coloring page website?

Easter Lesson Plan for Elementary Sunday Schoolers: Hunting for Easter Egg Clues

Hunting for Easter Egg Clues is a fun activity for Resurrection Sunday with early elementary children. This lesson plan gives youngsters an opportunity to move around the classroom, collecting Easter eggs, which will lead to the telling of the Easter story.

Supplies for the Easter Egg Clue Hunt include plastic Easter eggs, jelly beans and Easter Scripture verses (printed on small slips of paper). Biblical accounts of the Easter story may be found in Matthew 28, Mark 16,Luke 24 and John 20.

The teacher will write or type the Easter Scriptures, trimming the papers into single-verse strips and tucking these into the plastic Easter eggs. (Bible verse numbers should be left intact, so Sunday school children may read their verses in order.) Along with the Easter Bible verses, the teacher might include a few jelly beans inside the Easter eggs.

The teacher should try to prepare enough Easter eggs for each Sunday school child to receive at least one (including sufficient extras for the inevitable Easter Sunday guests).

On Easter morning, before children arrive for Sunday School, the teacher will assemble the Easter eggs and hide them all around the classroom. After greeting the class and perhaps singing a song or two together, the teacher will instruct the Sunday School children to hunt for eggs.

After the Sunday School children have found all of the eggs, the teacher will ask the youngsters to line up in order (by Bible verse) and to read their verses aloud, one by one. (Younger children may require some assistance with this.)

When all of the Easter Scriptures have been read, the class might sit down and discuss what the meaning of Easter together.

Afterwards, as time permits, students might enjoy painting Easter eggs, completing an Easter word search (like this one or this one) or doing an Easter crossword puzzle (like this one, this one or this one) or doing another sort of Easter word puzzle (like this one).

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3 African Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning your bridal shower will be an exciting part of your wedding planning process. For the African American bride it can be an added treat to incorporate African traditions in your special day. When looking to African ancestors you will notice their pre wedding customs have a strong emphasis on the spiritual preparations for marriage. Many cultures also perform purification rituals to cleanse the body and soul of any impurities. You can also do as many African ancestors have done and receive support and guidance from your elders. It is tradition to invite them to your bridal shower and receive advice regarding their experiences of getting married, family relationships, and secret for keeping the love alive. Below you will find three unique Afro centric ideas sure to incorporate the African customs of counseling and purification into your bridal shower.

Host a Kwanzaa bridal shower

When hosting a Kwanzaa bridal shower, guests are asked to bring offerings and gifts based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Guest have several options when purchasing bridal shower gifts for the couple to be. For example, if a guest chooses collective work and responsibility they can offer to baby sit for the couple once their first child is born or offer to volunteer with the couple as they support a charity of their choice. For creativity, the couple can be given a gift to an art show or museum. They can also be given a membership to a black cultural institution. For self determination, guests can offer the bride items created by entrepreneurs.

Host a Jumping the broom bridal shower

Guests can really interact with each other if you choose host a jumping the broom bridal shower. Have each guest bring a ribbon inscribed with advice and words of wisdom regarding marriage. The ribbons will them be placed in a basket for the bride and groom to be to take out and read aloud during the shower. Once the shower is over the ribbons are tied to create a decorative broom that can be used by the couple if the bride plans to jump the broom at the actual wedding ceremony.

Host a Queh – Queh bridal shower

Queh-Queh is a Guyanese custom that is usually held a week or two before the wedding. It is a co- ed celebration that includes African dancing, drumming and music. Guests are encouraged to sing traditional songs. Elders are invited to speak words of wisdom for the couples new journey.

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3 Areas to Negotiate when You Buy a House

After recently purchasing my 3rd house, I found there were some key points that I learned this time, that I was not aware of in my previous purchasing experiences. As with all negotiations, the most important thing is to find what leverage you have, and what you do not have. If you focus of getting the best case scenario for the following 3 areas, you can get the best house for your money, both short and long term.

Purchase price – This is where most people focus, if they can lower the price by $5,000, then you saved almost double that after 30 years of payment. If you are within $1000, between the offer and sale price, and cannot agree, you are just being stubborn. The difference monthly is around $5. Where you can really find a good deal is if you see a house that is dropping in price consistently. If you offer 10% less on a house that has dropped in price 3 time in the last 3 month then you have a good chance of getting a deal done. If you offer 10% less on a house that has stayed at the same price for the last 3 months, there is a good chance they will not even respond.

Interest Rate – If you had a choice, to get the seller to drop their price by $10,000 or get the lender to drop the interest rate by .25% points, which would you do? The answer is both. Each are independent of each other, so you should not have to choose one over the other. As far a monthly payment go, if you drop the sale price $10,000 or drop the interest rate by .25% points, the impact is around the same, about $50 a month for each. Don’t just focus on the house price, if you do, you are leaving money sitting on the table. – (Calculations done by )

Real Estate Fees – Some Relators refuse to budge from the 3% commission, others will agree to lower it, and some will give you a rebate if you pick them. Websites like and others provide relators who are willing to give you a rebate if you select them as your relator. Be sure to check, because the $2,000 rebate they are willing to give you can give you a safety net for one of those “Joys of Homeownership.”

By focusing on purchase price, the interest rate and real estate fees you can drop your payment over $100 a month and have a safety net to cover some costs that may pop up.

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"3-1-1": Inconvenience for Illusion's Sake - Liquid on Planes

I’m going to be flying on an airplane tomorrow. Most of the mindless airport security policies (which do little to really improve our security, and a lot to waste our time) irritate me, but one of them in particular really bothers me.

Like every other time I’ve flown on an airplane in the last year or so, I won’t be able to carry liquids of any sort on the airplane, unless they’re in 3-ounce or smaller manufacturers’ containers in a one-quart clear plastic bag.

The Transportation Security Administration has a cute catchphrase for their new pet policy. They like to call it “3-1-1”. I like to think of it more honestly: as inconvenience purely for illusion’s sake.

The policy was implemented at some point last year after some liquid-related security incident that nobody really remembers because we’ve all become so jaded from hearing all the terrorism hype. Seeing a chance to pretend like they’re doing something to keep us safe, the TSA decided to enact a new policy of not allowing liquids through airport security checkpoints.

My problem here isn’t with not being able to bring a Coke from home on an airplane. It’s with the government agencies that think it’s a good idea to waste my time with nonsense and force me to wait in even longer lines as other passengers argue with TSA officials. You see, this does absolutely nothing to help keep any of us safe.

Let’s ignore for the moment just how rare dangerous plots involving liquid chemicals are. Anyone intent on causing any sort of trouble would not be deterred by this policy in the slightest. One very obvious way to do this would be to empty a 3-ounce shampoo bottle or similar container, wash it out, fill it with your liquid, put it in your 1-quart clear plastic bag, and proceed as normally.

An even simpler way, unless the liquids in question are metallic, would be to merely put your containers in your pockets and simply walk through the metal detector with them. There are probably several more ways to sneak liquid through security checkpoints, but the two mentioned above are simple and foolproof enough to make it insultingly clear to any layman just how little this policy does to protect anyone.

What this policy does accomplish, however, is the creation of yet another unnecessary inconvenience for every innocent citizen trying to get somewhere by airplane. Though this policy doesn’t protect us, it absolutely wastes our time every time we fly. Even passengers who try to escape the hassle and just avoid bringing liquids in their carry-on baggage have to stand and wait as other passengers argue endlessly with TSA drones about whether their containers are small enough or their plastic bags are appropriately sized.

Does this policy protect anyone? Obviously not. Does it add even more inconvenience and wasted time to every airplane trip? Clearly. Our helpful government agencies know they can’t eliminate the possibility of air-terrorism, so they waste more of our time with policies like “3-1-1” that pretend to improve security. Policies like this aren’t designed to protect us. They’re designed to make the millions of people who never use their brains feel safer.

They’re merely inconvenience for illusion’s sake.

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3 American Idol Shirt Designs that You Can Sell in Your Cafepress Shop

American Idol has quickly become a very fascinating show to people across the country. Whether you already have a Cafepress shop or you are thinking about starting a Cafepress shop but just weren’t really sure what to sell, then this idea is for you! Here are three shirt designs that can be created based around the American Idol theme to be sold in a Cafepress shop. These shirt designs are sure to bring in a lot of fans from American Idol who are looking to sport their American Idol memorabilia around the town!

American Idol Shirt Designs Ideas for Cafepress Shop #1: Danny Gokey American Idol Shirt Design Ideas: We have all grown to love Danny Gokey from American Idol and there are thousands of people looking to Cafepress to purchase Danny Gokey shirts. For a Danny Gokey American Idol shirt design you just have to include the glasses. The rest is history as they would say…the ideal American Idol shirt design with Danny Gokey in mind should say “Go Gokey Go!” and then you can incorporate the American Idol symbol in the lower region of the shirt. Make sure to incorporate the glasses into this Cafepress shirt design by using them as the O’s in Go and Gokey.

American Idol Shirt Designs Ideas for Cafepress Shop #2: Adam Lambert American Idol Shirt Design Ideas: Adam Lambert has either captured your heart or made you cringe throughout the American Idol. There have been so many mixed emotions around this American Idol singer throughout the season but as the finalists continue to sing their last songs he seems to be right on top every time! For an American Idol Adam Lambert shirt design a Team Lambert design with Adam on the back side of the shirt is perfect. Make the shirt design on Cafepress like a typical college bum shirt or jersey with the first name on the back rather than last. Another great way to create an Adam Lambert American Idol shirt design is to place a big heart with the words “I Heart Adam” on the front.

American Idol Shirt Designs Ideas for Cafepress Shop #3: Kris Allen American Idol Shirt Design Ideas: Kris Allen and his guitar has been the star to many American’s who have been watching American Idol. There are many Kris Allen American Idol shirts that would be great to sell on Cafepress. One thing that must be incorporated into the Kris Allen American Idol shirt is the guitar. Write the name Kris Allen on the shirt design but use the guitar as the R in Kris. This can be done by drawing a very simplistic guitar that is curvy making it shaped similar to an R for the American Idol Kris Allen shirt design. This design will likely sell thousands in a Cafepress Shop!

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2nd Iranian Plane Crash in 10 Days Kills 17

For the second time in a little more than a week, an Iranian passenger jet has crashed, killing passengers aboard. 17 people have been confirmed dead in this latest Iranian plane crash. Iranian aviation authorities are also reporting 20 injuries associated with this latest plane crash.

The Ilyushin-62M Russian-made plane operated by Aria Airlines is reported by the Iranian Press TV to have skidded into a wall after a tire failure on landing in Mashad, Iran about 6 p.m. local time. The crashed plane’s front end was sheared off on impact. The plane that crashed was carrying 153 passengers, including the manager of Aria Airlines who was killed. The flight originated as Flight 1525 in Tehran.

On July 15, Iran experienced another aviation disaster when Caspian Airways Flight 7908 destined for Armenia exploded into flames in midair and crashed into a field, killing all 168 people on board.

While today’s Iranian plane crash is not one of the deadliest in the country, its proximity to the deadly Caspian Air crash 10 days ago raises concern about the safety of Iranian airline flights.

According to various media reports, Iran’s airlines have difficulty obtaining parts. The Iranian airlines are not only short of cash for purchasing parts, they are subject to American sanctions which prevent them from purchasing parts from U.S. based suppliers. The Iranian airlines have turned instead to Russian suppliers whose parts have proved less reliable.

The Iranian plane crash today is the fourth deadly plane crash this summer. This spate of plane crashes makes the summer of 2009 the deadliest summer in aviation history.

On June 1, an Air France Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 228 passengers and crew. That flight, en route from Rio De Janiero to Paris, crashed after encountering severe thunderstorms.

153 people were killed June 30 when a Yemenia Airlines passenger jet crashed into the Indian Ocean. That plane was traveling from Yemen to the Comoros Islands.

The worst disaster in aviation history occurred in March 1977 when 2 airlines crashed in the Canary Islands. The two planes that crashed were among the largest passenger jets made, both Boeing 747 jumbo jets. 583 people were killed.


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3 Bars that You Should Visit in San Jose

The night life in downtown San Jose is alive with restaurants, bars, and night clubs throughout strips. From my own experience and personally opinions, here are three local San Jose bars that I recommend.

3) Toons Nightclub

Sitting on the street of 52 E. Santa Clara St, One of the many bars I’ve been to, Toons, is a great place for leisure gatherings with friends or partying on your own. The bar is mostly open seven days a week and is a popular hang out for San Jose State students. The bartenders are very nice and always encourage their specialty drinks. The bar also has live music that plays on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays nights. On those days there are rotating Djs that play a wide variety of music such as hip-hop all the way to funk and current dance club hits. One of the many great features that Toons has to offer is their Latin themes on Thursdays and their local bands playing on Tuesdays. With a very affordable price range, Toons Nightclub is a must for locals and people visiting San Jose

2) San Jose Bar and Grill

With one of the most wide ranged audiences, right on 99 E. San Fernando St, the San Jose Bar and Grill is waiting for all. Throughout the mornings there are many chances for sports fans, groups of friends, and even business men to sit down and drink to their hearts content. Also another popular student hang out, they offer many great cheap drinks and a atmosphere that is really relaxing. But, as the sun starts to set the mood totally changes; it turns into a busy and fun bar where many groups of people come to have parties and listen to great music. There are Djs that come and spin music like hip-hop and soul. And if that’s not your cup of tea, there are late nights where karaoke is available. And, for those late night sports fans, there is always a game on the T.V

1) WET Nightclub

Maybe one of the most popular bars offered in downtown San Jose, right on 396 S. First Street, lies the premiere go to place for an night life experience. The setting is just great with lit floors and dim lights that urge people to get one the dance floor. With many events going on at once, there are bartenders giving drinks out while doing tricks, famous Djs spinning the hottest music, and lots of eye candy with their water theme. One of the greatest features is their atmosphere water theme. There are koi ponds and water walls, aquariums filled with fish and turtles. The WET nigthclub is the go to bar if you’re looking for the ultimate night life experience, as long as you don’t mind spending quite a lot.

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3 Awesome Viral Internet Videos

Viral internet videos are those videos that find their way into your email inbox, get posted on social networking sites and viewed among friends. Ever been at someone’s house and see them tripping over themselves on the way to the computer? “Oh my God, you’ve gotta see this!” your friends proclaim, eager to share their latest funny find. These are just 3 of the many viral internet videos that have become my favorites in recent years.

Evolution of Dance – Watch free at YouTube

This may just be the king of viral internet videos, having earned 142 million views on YouTube in just about 4 years. Comedian Judson Laipply revisits several popular songs and dance moves of the last ~60 , including several we’d like to forget. Remember the Macarena, the Worm, or the “Night at the Roxbury” dance to Haddaway’s “What is Love?”? One song and dance blends seamlessly into the next, offering 6 full minutes of funny remembrances. If you like this video, check out the sequel on the official website of the Evolution of Dance.

Golimar (Indian Thriller) – Watch free at YouTube

This viral internet video is just plain hilarious, which is exactly why I love it. Bollywood/Indian films have always fascinated me, since seemingly every single one features singing and dancing. I’ve never seen Donga, the original film that this little number was featured in, but I’d love to find it. This is a watered-down Indian spinoff of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller”, featuring many similar dance moves. I can’t help but laugh every time I see this video. This is only one of many video copies of the song floating around – as of this writing, this specific version has garnered nearly a million views. This viral internet video, just like the one above, got so popular it spawned its own website – visible here. Enjoy!

Star Wars According to a 3-Year-Old – Watch free at YouTube

This video does exactly what the title suggests – shows a 3-year-old girl’s commentary on the original Star Wars film. Having only seen the movie once, she’s still able to recall characters and important plot elements vividly. This isn’t so much of a funny viral internet video as the first 2 choices in this article, but it’s still entertaining. This is one of the most popular YouTube videos starring children, having received over 14 million views to date. Watch out for Darth Vader, he’ll getcha!

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