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3 Common Problems with Online Data Backup

Online data backup is a safe and reliable way to begin backing up your files, and as any tech department will tell you, data backup is an absolutely essential part of computer maintenance. That being said, there are some common issues with the current crop of online data backup services, just as there are issues with any new technology. Here’s a look at some common problems that you might encounter while backing up your data with an online service.

1. Slow Connection Speed –
By far the biggest problem with online data backup is connection speed, as it varies enough from service to service and user to user to cause significant issues. After all, if you’re a photographer who needs to back up a gigabyte of pictures every day, you’ll need a service that can actually upload that amount in a relatively short period of time. Without that speed, you’re pretty much out of luck. First of all, make sure that your connection speed is fast enough–users that will regularly back up large amounts of data should have at least a 10Mbps connection. Try out a few online backup systems, such as ESS Data Recovery’s Storegrid, Mozy, and Carbonite, all of which offer free trials, and see if the servers of your backup service will be able to handle the data load you intend to process every day. It’s worth your money to spend a few extra dollars for a faster service.

2. User Interface Issues –
Another good reason to try out any sort of data backup software before using it is to ensure that there aren’t any big bugs or problems with the program’s user interface. If you can’t clearly understand what data is being up, when it’s done backing up, and other key elements of the service from the user interface, you’re simply not using a very good program. Your data is critical, so spend some time to learn how the program works, and if the UI is really bad, just ditch it and keep shopping around. The aforementioned three services all have fairly simple to understand user interfaces, though you’ll also have to take your operating system under consideration.

3. Lack of a Data Loss Notification –
The most important feature for an online data backup service to have is some sort of notification for users letting them know when it isn’t actually working, and that feature must be prominent and foolproof. Make sure that the relevant pop-ups are coming up to tell you when your online data backup program isn’t connecting properly; an easy way to do this is to schedule the program to start, then unplug your computer’s internet connection. The program should immediately identify the problem. Be sure to pay attention to these notices, and regularly check your data backup to make sure that it’s working.

Do you know of common issues with online data backup? Post in the comments section below.

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3 Common Problems with the iPod's TV Out

All iPods since the first picture iPod have had some way to output their video or picture data to a TV. The methods vary, as some iPods require a cord that hooks into the earphone jack while modern iPods and the iPhone need an adapter that plugs into the USB port of the device, but they’ve all got the output, and they tend to have a similar set of problems when it comes to actually outputting video.

Here’s a look at a few of the most common issues that iPods have with their TV out feature.

Fuzzy Picture – Fuzzy or unclear images usually indicated damaged or unclean connections between the TV and the cable running the iPod to the TV set. It’s unlikely to be a problem with the iPod electronics. Check to see that the cables running into the television’s AV inputs are clean, properly plugged in, and if they’re generic, consider the possibility that they may just be cheap cables. You can try rotating them a little bit to test whether the cables are the problem; if they are, the picture sent from the iPod should get less or more fuzzy as the video jack cable is rotated.

Picture Goes Dark – If the video cuts out or goes dark after a few minutes of play, you’ve either got a bad cable or your iPod’s going to sleep. This is a very common problem with the iPod Touch and iPhone’s TV outs when playing YouTube videos especially. Go into your iPod’s settings and make sure that it’s not set to go to sleep or go into auto-lock after short periods of time. This is more of a bug than anything else, so there’s a good chance that it’ll get fixed in a future iPod software update from Apple.

iPod Error Messages – If you’ve got the wrong cord attached, you’ll get a message that says “This accessory is not made for the iPod”, or something similar, or you may just get no picture and no audio (or just audio, in some cases). Apple sells a variety of cables for the iPod and iPhone to use for video out, so make sure you’ve got the right one; they’ve got a chart on their website, here. You might also get an error message, but see no problem with the video out. In these cases, just don’t worry about the error message; if you’re using an iPhone and it asks you whether to put the iPhone in “Airplane Mode,” just hit no and watch your videos. You shouldn’t have any problems, and certainly not any long term damage to your iPod or iPhone.

Do you know of any other common problems with an iPod’s TV Out? Post in our comments section below.

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3 Deadly Tools Most Likely to Maim or Kill

Statistics reveal that there is at least one deadly tool in your garage or tool shed right now. Know ahead of time the odds of falling victim to tool accidents by recognizing the most likely culprits in fatal or seriously injurious mishaps.

The Deadliest Tool: You!

The Tool Crib(1) compiled its list of the most dangerous woodworking tools and found that – hands-down – the likeliest contributor to tool accidents is the user. Perhaps it is a momentary lapse in judgment, a failure to properly respect the power of a tool, or simply the idea of cutting corners to save a bit of time, all of which makes the human component the most unsafe one. Participants in the site’s poll reported thinking “this could really hurt” just before doing something that landed them in an emergency room.

Tip: Whenever you are working with hand or power tools, listen to a sixth sense that may warn against doing something foolish. Yes, not turning off the power and putting down the guard saves two minutes; it also causes the loss of fingers or a hand.

The Table Saw: Deadly and Ubiquitous

Of the 60,000 people who were injured on table saws last year, none thought it would happen to them,” proclaims the SawStop(2) site. With good reason! A table saw is a common sight in the hobbyist’s workshop, the business environment and on the makeshift outdoor building site.

Familiarity breeds contempt and it is easy to become overconfident with one’s ability to handle the power tool. Considering that 3,000 table saw injuries result in amputations, it is worthwhile to see this tool as the most dangerous power tool you currently plug in.

Tip: Invest in – and use – a feather board and metal guide. While Dick over there might laugh at your ‘sissy’ gadgets now, you’ll have all 10 fingers while he is learning how to open a can of Bud with a hook at the company holiday party.

Nail Gun: Tool Accidents Waiting to Happen

Averaging the nail gun tool accidents between 2001 and 2005, the Centers for Disease Control(3) advised in 2007 that — annually — some 37,000 emergency room visits were directly related to nail gun accidents. Of those, 14,800 cases occurred among consumers (non-professional tool users). These figures did not include injuries from heavy-duty staplers.

Statistics reveal that the average age of the professional nail gun accident victim is 27, while the average consumer is about 35 years of age (about the age of a homeowner with a lengthy honey-do list). Not surprisingly, men made up 98 percent of accident victims.

Tip: Avoid ‘contact trip’ mode whenever possible. Yes, it means that you have to pull the trigger each time that a nail is to be shot into the material. It also means that the reflex grip on a slipping tool does not result in a bump-triggered nail embedded in your hand.

Also by this Author: Simple Woodworking Safety Tips



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3 Critical Secrets to Getting Out of Debt

Debt comes in many forms ranging from credit cards to student loans to car loans. Almost all debt arises for one simple reason – that you spent more than you earned. Even worse debt rarely ever stops with one purchase. Not only does the interest compound over time, but the principle can compound as well as you buy more and more that you can not actually afford. Regardless of how you got into debt it is likely that this debt is proving to be a significant financial and personal burden.

Before you can even begin the process of becoming debt free you must first rise to challenge of meeting each of the three steps outlined below.

1. Admit you have debt.
First and foremost you must admit to yourself that you have debt and that this debt is a burden to you. This admission is critical because it means that you are finally aware that you have a problem and that you are aware that that problem needs to be solved. Don’t just admit it to yourself, be sure that you step up and admit it to your family and friends as well. Your family and friends can act as a valuable social support group as you try to shake off your debt.

2. Resolve to get over your debt.
After you have admitted that debt is a problem in your life you must resolve to get past it. I don’t mean some kind of fake New Year’s resolution that you will abandon within a month. Your resolution to break the cycle of debt doesn’t need to be connected with New Year’s Day, Christmas, your birthday, arbor day or any other holiday for that matter. Your resolution needs only to be true and firm.

3. Being willing and able to make the needed sacrifices.
The truth be told, admissions and resolutions are the easy part of getting out of debt. Doing the actual work to break free from the shackles of debt is the hard part. If you are serious about becoming debt free you must be willing and able to make the necessary sacrifices to fulfill your goal. Yes I wrote sacrifices. You are going to have to tough things like cutting back on spending. You will probably have to give up or at least severely curtail costly activities. You should also focus on finding ways to increase your income, perhaps taking on a part-time job. Or better yet – do both, reduce your expenses and increase your income. If you can do these things on a consistent basis you will be able to become debt free.

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3 Up & Coming Electric Body Music Bands

Electric body music (EBM) has been around for quite some time, but is just coming to the surface of the mainstream music world. Electric body music is considered to be largely industrial with dance-type electronic undertones. This type of music purportedly began in Belgium and has spread like wildfire across the globe. Three bands that have emerged on the top of the electric body music scene include; Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection and Panzer AG.

With five albums to their name, Combichrist is becoming more well-known by the minutes. Already having toured Europe, Combichrist is picking up in popularity and rapid rate. Combichrist takes a unique edge to hard metal, dark music and throws a wrench into the machine by keeping it lively. With a growing fan base, Combichrist isn’t like most bands; they keep in touch and relate to their fans on a personal level. Although the music may seem doom and gloom to some, there’s a message behind the lyrics, and the guys in the band are unique, talented and even comedic. It’s definitely a band worth checking out.

Aesthetic Perfection
Aesthetic Perfection is in it for the music. They don’t seem to care too much about the notoriety, but rather the music they’re making and the people they’re reaching. With artistic, talented, and intriguing, Daniel Graves as lead singer, you can really sit back and lose yourself in the music. The words flow and the beat reaches deep; something that’s hard to find in newer and lesser known bands these days. Aesthetic Perfection fails at being a cookie-cutter cut-out of what many bands think the music world wants, but rather succeeds at being what the music world needs.

Panzer AG
Run by Andy LaPelgua, one of the creative geniuses behind Combichrist, Panzer AG takes industrial dance to a whole new level. With deep and well-orchestrated beats, coupled with a unique composition of sound, Panzer AG doesn’t fail when it comes to turning heads and perking ears. Unlike many other bands that all run together with one another, each sounding more alike than the next, Panzer AG is simply unforgettable and gets the listener’s blood pumping and heart racing.

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3 Common Problems with iPhone Car GPS Apps

The iPhone really seems to have an app for everything, but its GPS functionality makes it an especially useful device for drivers. Unfortunately, while the iPhone is capable of working as a great car GPS, it wasn’t designed specifically for that purpose, and GPS apps from companies like TomTom, Magellan and MotionX often have minor issues that can quickly get annoying.

Here are a few common problems with iPhone GPS apps designed for car navigation and how to fix them.

Battery Drain Issues. Using the GPS takes a bit of battery power, but the complex apps that use the iPhone’s GPS draw a whole lot more. You may notice that your iPhone starts to lose battery power very quickly when it’s running a GPS navigation app. Sometimes, the battery will even drain while the iPhone’s plugged in to a car charger.

If this is the case, you can close a few of the other apps that you have open in order to get better battery life. To do this, go to the iPhone’s Home screen and hit the Home button (the button on the face of the iPhone) twice. This brings up all of the apps that are currently open.

Touch one of these apps and wait for a wiggling “-” mark to appear, then hit the minus sign to close the app. Try closing everything but your GPS app to get the best possible battery life, and consider dimming your iPhone’s screen if you’re still seeing serious battery drain.

The iPhone Can’t Find A GPS Signal. This is undoubtedly the most common problem with iPhone GPS apps. It’s particularly annoying with apps like MotionX GPS, which has live voice guidance–hearing something like, “make sure your iPhone has a clear view of the sky” every 30 seconds can drive any driver nuts.

So, what do you do if your iPhone can’t find a GPS signal? Well, you make sure…that it has a clear view of the sky. Shocking, right?

Don’t keep your iPhone in your lap or on your passenger seat while you’re driving. Invest in a cheap mount that attaches to your car’s dashboard or windshield. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration, and you’ll give the iPhone the best possible chance of receiving a good GPS signal.

No Internet Connection. It’s important to make a distinction between a loss of GPS signal and a loss of Internet connection, as either can be an issue while you’re using your iPhone as a GPS.

Your iPhone uses its GPS to know exactly where it is, but it needs the Internet for live guidance. If you’re not around a network, you won’t be able to get new directions. The only way to fix this is to get your directions.before you leave or to buy a GPS app like Magellan GPS, which can install map packs. Otherwise, you’ll end up lost, even if your iPhone’s GPS is working perfectly.

Have another problem with your iPhone’s GPS? Post in the comments section below.

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3 Common Music Contract Red-Flags

Often, artists sacrifice years of hard-work in hopes of obtaining a recording contract, however, many are deceived into signing deals that are financially detrimental.

I’ve listed three red-flags that are common in major label contracts. Don’t allow your career to be destroyed due to ignorance.


  • This is a trap that can leave you broke and working at Pizza Hut if you are not careful. A six-figure deal sounds rewarding, and pride may even lead you to believe, “hey, I deserve this.” One thing that you have to remember about advances is that every penny must be recouped before you are entitled to receiving royalty payments. If that advance is far more than you think that you will earn, it is wise to renegotiate this clause.
  • Controlled Compositions

    This clause usually states that any compositions that you write and control must be licensed to the label at a reduced rate. This clause contains many loop holes and if you are not careful can really reduce your publishing earnings.

Name Usage

If you grant the recording company the rights to use your name and likeness any way that they choose, you may find that you will be missing out on potential endorsements. Some experts say that your name and likeness should only be used in direct connection to record sales.

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3 Common iPhone Error Messages and What They Mean

The iPhone may be a status symbol, but it’s sure a fun status symbol, and owners quickly get used to the incredible conveniences of the device. Unfortunately, any piece of technology is prone to failure, and various glitches and bugs affect the iPhone. Here are a few error messages you might see on your iPhone, and instructions on what to do if you come across them.

(Note: these glitches all occur when trying to update the iPhone, which really seems to bring the bugs out of the woodwork. If you have a different error with your iPhone, please post a comment and I’ll try to research your issue and write a supplemental article).

iPhone Error 1602

Some iPhone users see error 1602 when trying to upgrade their phone’s firmware to version 1.1.3. Fortunately, this is a very minor conflict with theiTunes software in many cases, and can be solved by simply switching the USB port that the iPhone is plugged into.

You can also try reinstalling iTunes, which seems to work for some users. If the problem persists after trying both of these fixes, try a second computer, and if that fails you’ll have to call Apple support.

iPhone Error 1603

A firmware issue in the iPhone can cause the iTunes software updater to display the message “Error 1603”, obviously in a similar manner to the one above. This one has a few easy fixes. You can try restarting your computer, plugging the iPhone into a differentUSB port, and if neither of those works, you’ll have to remove the SIM card, update the firmware, then put the SIM card back in. I’ve written a guide on how to do that which is available on Associated Content here.

iPhone Error 6

This is an “unknown” error, which sounds scary, but just means that the problem isn’t deeply catalogued by Apple. I can’t definitively say what causes this error, but after reading the accounts of a few people that eventually got past the problem, I believe it’s either a power issue or an issue with the data transfer rate from the computer to the iPhone.

My recommendation if you get “iPhone error 6” when updating your iPhone is to first let the iPhone charge for a while, then restart it by holding the home and sleep/reset buttons for about 10 seconds. If you still get the error, try updating the iPhone on a different computer or preferably with a different iPhoneUSB cable.

As always, I’m interested in hearing about other problems with the iPhone, iPod, Zune, or what-have-you. It piques my nerd brain’s interest. Please post in the comments if you’re having a different issue.

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3 Cool Pre-paid Cell Phones Both Kids and Parents Will Love

Cell phones are among the top of many kids’ Christmas or holiday wish lists. Parents like the idea of a child having a way to contact someone in case of an emergency as well as GPS tracking on many cell phones, but are understandably concerned about high monthly and hidden cell phone charges. Enter pre-paid cell phone plans. Parents are attracted to pre-paid cell phone plans because they allows parents to control how much money they will spend (and how much time they will allow) on their children’s cell phone use. Pre-paid phone plans also helps kids learn to set their own limits. Parents can buy a set amount of inexpensive minutes and tell the child once the minutes are gone, they are gone. As a result, kids learn to self limit text messages and cell phone use to actual emergencies or calls that actually need to be made on a cell phone rather than a land line.

All of these pro pre-paid cell phone arguments make great sense to parents. However, in the past pre-paid cell phones have been a hard sale to kids because of a lack of “cool” acceptable phone options available. That’s no longer a valid argument. Today’s pre-paid cell phones include many cool, kid approved options. Kids today want a cell phone with: the ability to send and receive text messages; voice mail capability; fun games; and cool ring tones. It’s vitally important to kids that the phone looks sleek and small. Giving a kid an awkward, large cell phone is pretty much assuring that the kid will never use it. A built in camera phone is a big plus also. (Parents should know that text messages generally costs 1/3 of talk minutes.) Depending on your provider, a good ample supply of minutes can be bought for as low as $10 per month. Many merchants will throw in free minutes as well. Here are three popular examples that are sure to satisfy both kids and parents:

Cool Prepaid Cell phone Number 1: The LG 225: This very attractive, streamlined flip phone is sleek and small. It weighs a mere 3.26 ounces. The LG255 has a built in camera. It allows text messaging, voice mail, free caller id and free call waiting (huge for parents who don’t want to rack up wasted minutes on call waiting.) The LG 255 comes preloaded with fun games, cool wallpapers, and awesome ring tones. It also allows your child to hold and store up to 255 friends in the cell’s phone book and includes a built in hands free speaker. The LG 255 retails for about $90.

Cool Prepaid Cell phone Number 2: The Motorola W370: This phone was inspired by (and looks a lot like) the immensely popular MOTORAZR. The W370 is a sleek, cool looking flip phone that weighs only 3.35 ounces. This phone allows a kid to download his own MP3 ring tones and graphics (Kids absolutely love to personalize their cell phones). Also included is a hands-free speaker, text messaging, and games. Kids will also get voice mail, free caller id and free call waiting. The phone boasts a battery talk time of up to 6 hours. The Motorola W370 retails for about $70.

Cool Pre-paid Cell phone Number 3: The Motorola C261: This cute, flat phone is small and compact at only 3.06 ounces. It has a built in VGA camera. (A huge plus for kids.) The Motorola C261 allows text messaging and voice mail. It also offers free caller ID and free call waiting, which helps keep minute usage down. The C261 has a bright, colorful display with an assortment of cool screen savers, wallpapers and games. It has preloaded ring tones, a built in hands free speaker and allows 250 saved phone numbers in it’s phone book. The battery has an average 6 hour span without needing to be recharged. The C261 retails for about $80.

As you can see, today there’s no need for kids and parents to fight over cell phones. Completely cool and totally acceptable pre-paid cell phones are available that will thrill both parents and kids alike.

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3 Dresden, Germany, Churches that Have Risen from the Heap of World War II Destruction

I visited 3 Dresden, Germany churches that have risen from the heap of World War II destruction. These 3 Dresden, Germany churches that have risen from the heap of World War II destruction are very inspiring places indeed. Here’s more about these 3 Dresden, Germany churches that have risen from the heap of World War II destruction. I attended the German National Tourist Office’s “The Making of Christmas” press trip, in which I got to experience the following things discussed in the article. I freely write my impressions without any editorial scrutiny from the press trip sponsor.

3 Dresden, Germany Churches That Have Risen From the Heap of World War II Destruction: Some Background

World War II bombing by the Allies on February 13 and 14, 1945 is purported to have smashed the city with some 650,000 incendiary bombs, according to Wikipedia. Various estimates of killed range between 25,000 and over 100,000 people. The subject of the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse-Five describes walking amongst the ruins as if walking on the moon. The book’s author was one of seven surviving American POWs from that horrific event in World War II on Dresden, Germany churches and people.

3 Dresden, Germany Churches That Have Risen From the Heap of World War II Destruction Selection 1: The Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

Augustus the Strong, the Prince Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, was jealous of great Catholic cathedrals, so he had this Lutheran house of worship built between 1726-1743 by George Bähr (mostly completed by 1736). Johann Sebastian Bach gave an organ recital there in 1736 according to Wikipedia.

The incendiary firebombing of the city February 13-14, 1945 had created a temperature around the church of 1000 degrees Centigrade (1832 degrees Fahrenheit), which caused the church’s 6,000 tons of stone and die Steinerne Glocke or “Stone Bell” (the iconic skyline feature of the city) to collapse on February 15 after the sandstone pillars gave way. Ironically, this church had survived 100-plus Prussian cannonballs bouncing off of it during the Seven Years War of the middle 1700s.

In 1982, the ruins became an area for protest gatherings against the Communist regime, but in January 1993, original plans from the 1720’s were used to reconstruct the church, using thousands of recovered stones which were put back in their original place (including ones darkened from the firebombing, which is why you see the exterior walls in checkered patterns). Photos and computer technology were used to reconstruct the church in as close of detail as possible, which took until 2005, costing 100 million Euros, 90 percent of that coming from global donations, according to Rick Steves’ Germany 2009. The church is 92 meters high (about 302 feet) and you can take in a view from 85 meters (about 279 feet), according to the guided tour I took. You must climb some 220 steps to get up there. Near one of this Dresden, Germany church’s entrances are remains of the World War II destruction (that look like a sculpture) for people to ponder.

I took in a noontime devotions service that featured organ playing, but not before hearing Peal of the Peace Bell, which rang for a few minutes. I noticed just how opulent it is inside because of the Baroque style interior, which even features luxury boxes on the second floor like a sports stadium has! President Obama visited this Dresden, Germany churches selection of mine in June of 2009, which you can read more about at this Associated Content article.

Located at An der Frauenkirche 12, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 351- 6560-6100. Open church visits are free, but some special events and tours have admission prices. Website here.

3 Dresden, Germany Churches That Have Risen From the Heap of World War II Destruction Selection 2: The Hofkirche (Cathedral of the Holy Trinity)

This Catholic church was built between 1739-1754, according to church literature. This is so August the Stong could become King of Poland, a Catholic country. It has the look of Roman Baroque style and is a stone’s throw from the River Elbe. The crypt contains the heart of August the Strong, too. This Dresden, Germany church was one of the casualties of World War II bombings in Dresden, Germany on February 13, 1945. The only aspect of the church building that was reconstructed from the ruins is the organ backdrop, containing a restored Sibermann organ that contains 3,000 pipes, in which I heard a beautiful Bach organ concerto playing during the noon hour. There are 78 figurines on the exterior of the church that were created by Lorenzo Mattielli.

The Memorial Chapel at the rear of the church honors those who died in the firebombing and is made of Meissen porcelain. It’s got a look, in my view, of a creepy interpretation of modernist art, but made me ponder the World War II destruction of Dresden, Germany nonetheless. It contains these dates: 30-1-33 (rise of Hitler) and 13-2-45 (the first night of firebombing).

Located at Theaterplatz 01067 Dresden, Germany +49 (0351) 4844 712. Website here.

3 Dresden, Germany Churches That Have Risen From the Heap of World War II Destruction Selection 3: The Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross)

The church has been onsite since 1215, making it the city’s oldest church. It held the first Lutheran service in Dresden, Germany in 1539, and has been destroyed several times: by fire in 1491, 1699; by war in 1760 (Prussians); and much of it was destroyed in the February 13, 1945 bombing raid. This Dresden, Germany churches selection that I toured was then rebuilt and reconsecrated February 13, 1955. Professor Anton Dietrich’s painting, called Golgotha, survived the World War II bombings and subsequent fires but lost its luster until it was restored in 2001. This Dresden, Germany churches that have risen from the heap of World War II destruction selection has the second largest peal bells in Germany weighing over 28 tons, according to one of the church’s English brochures. They are still in disrepair, according to the church attendant I spoke to there. But the church can hold 4,000-5,000 people currently, making it the largest house of worship in Dresden, Germany.

The church features the Charred Cross and the Coventry Cross of Nails, which came from the German destruction of a church in Coventry, England in November of 1940. This shows the gesture of peace between the two countries.

Located at An der Kreuzkirche 6, D-01067 Dresden, Germany. Phone: +49 (0351) 439 3912. Website here. Admission Charge to the tower.

Dresden, Germany Restaurant Recommendation

After taking in these 3 Dresden, Germany churches that have risen from the heap of World War II destruction, you may want a really hearty Saxony meal with big portions and friendly service. Well the Pulverturm and der Frauenkirche is the place to go, and is centrally-located in Dresden across the street from the Frauenkirche, one of 3 Dresden, Germany churches discussed. The restaurant resides on land where structures have stood off and on since 1565. This Dresden, Germany restaurant is located in a cellar of low ceilings and gives off a medieval ambience and festive atmosphere. The servers are dressed in period costumes ranging from the 1500s-1900s, depending on the season or holiday period. You might hear German folk songs being sung at the tables whenever the accordion player stops by.

The Dresden, Germany restaurant stresses Saxon cuisine, and many entrees feature potatoes and pork. Price ranges for main courses are currently 7-32 Euros (a Euro is about $1.50). I enjoyed via candlelight their tender and tasty Roasted Trout Filets as well as their Herb Spaghetti with large parmesan cheese shavings, in which the scent and taste of basil and olive oil dominated my taste buds during the latter course. Ask for some of their yummy homemade Schwarzbrot, their whole grain rye bread that’s chased with herbs. This restaurant is open from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. daily. Prices and menu items quoted subject to change.

Contact An der Frauenkirche 12, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Phone: 49 (0) 351-26-26-0-0. Website here.

Dresden, Germany tourism information here.

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Printed Brochure, The Coventry Cross of Nails (literature found in the Kreuzkirche)

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