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3 Delicious Foods to Not Miss in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a sprawling landscape mixed with volcanoes, beaches, and lush jungles. While the country might be known as an adventure lover’s paradise, foodies can find delicious treats here, too.

Be adventurous in your eating here — head to the sodas, the cheap restaurants offering some of the most mouth-watering dishes, or walk up to one of the food vendors on the streets. In Central America you want to skip the fancy, four-star restaurants, because the best food is found in some of the smallest and unusual places. Here are three delicious foods not to miss while traveling through Costa Rica.

Huevos Rancheros

If you’re looking for a little spice in your breakfast, huevos rancheros are a great pick. Easily found at any soda for around $2 or $3, this meal consists of scrambled eggs drenched in authentic ranchero sauce combined with sauteed onions and peppers.

Gallo pinto, a common side dish in Central America, comes with the meal as well. This is always a favorite breakfast dish in Costa Rica and is usually served with fresh, hot coffee and freshly made bread. Eating this while overlooking the Caribbean Ocean in Puerto Viejo is one of the best ways to start the morning.

Gallo Pinto Empanadas

Empanadas are found everywhere — at sodas, inside the San Jose bus station, and at just about every restaurant. Although this is a classic Costa Rican staple, it continues to be one of their best local dishes, as you can find empanadas stuffed with nearly anything and everything.

These empanadas are stuffed with gallo pinto, a mixture of beans and rice, as well as cheese, peppers, onions, and a bit of cilantro to give it an extra kick. Stop by a street vendor or head to a restaurant to find these for lunch or dinner.

Olla de Carne

Hope you’re hungry! Olla de carne, another favorite of the locals, is a nutrient-rich stew mixed with a variety of Costa Rican meats and veggies. Olla de carne usually includes giant pieces of beef, carrots, plantains, yuccas, camotes, chayotes, green plantains, potatoes, and more. Think of it like the beef stew your mom used to make on cold winter days.

The locals like to make this to give people a real taste of Costa Rican cuisine, and we can’t blame them — it’s delicious, flavorful, and a perfect meal to make you feel like you’re right at home.

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3 Easy No-Mess Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

Christmas trees are one of the most recognizable icons of the holiday season – and incorporating it into a holiday craft project for kids is a must! Christmas craft projects for kids can turn into a messy disaster if you pick the wrong project. Here are three simple, non-messy Christmas tree themed craft projects for kids of any age.

Easy Kids Christmas Tree Craft Idea #1: Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

What You’ll Need:
Construction Paper
Contact Paper (or a lamination device, if available)

This is a simple craft that children of any age will enjoy for the entire holiday season. First, using a large piece of green construction paper, draw a Christmas tree shape and cut out using scissors. Take a piece of brown construction paper and cut out a square to represent the trunk. Glue the pieces together. Then, place clear contact paper on each side of the tree. This “laminates” the tree in plastic so you can reuse the tree year after year. Smooth the contact paper and cut the tree out.

Then, using various colors of construction paper, use a cookie cutter or the bottom of a soup can to trace out circle shapes to represent ornaments. You will need 24 circles representing each day of December – make sure not to make the circles too big, as 24 of them will need to fit on the tree! Cut the shapes out and give each circle a number, 1 to 24. If desired, use contact paper to protect each ornament.

Using yellow construction paper, trace a star shape and cut it out. This will be the decoration added on December 25th.

During each day of December, have your child add the correct ornament to the tree, starting at the bottom right.

Easy Kids Christmas Tree Craft Idea #2 Stand-Up Christmas Tree

What You’ll Need
Green construction paper
Glitter (or glitter glue, if you think your children will make a mess with the glitter)
Gold star stickers

This is a very simple craft project suitable for young children. Using green construction paper, draw the outline of a Christmas tree and cut it out (older children can draw and cut out the tree themselves, but if you have younger children, you should do this for them).

Have children draw ornaments or garland with the glue and sprinkle different colors of glitter on top of the glue before it dries. Glitter can be very messy, especially with young children, so you might want to invest in some glitter glue to cut down on the mess. Top the tree with a gold star sticker.

After the glue dries, tap the paper trees over a garbage can to dust off excess glitter. Then, fold the trees in half to make them stand up. Decorate your fireplace mantle, a shelf, or a table to show off your kids’ creations!

Easy Kids Christmas Tree Craft Idea #3 No-Bake Edible Christmas Trees

What You’ll Need
Wax Paper
Sugar Cones
Green Frosting
A bag of mini M&Ms for baking

This is an easy, no-bake (and edible!) Christmas tree craft project with virtually no clean-up! Place sugar cones upside down on a large sheet of wax paper. Have children cover the cones with green frosting. You can use pre-colored green frosting in a tube from the store, or you can buy vanilla frosting in a tub and color with green food coloring. Use the mini M&M’ s to decorate the trees. While you can use many different candies, I find that Mini M&Ms for Baking works best, as they’re small enough and come in a variety of colors.

Prepare this a few hours in advance of your holiday celebration and arrange the trees on a decorative plate – and voila – you have your table centerpiece!

These no-mess, easy Christmas tree craft projects are a great way to get your kids in the holiday spirit and create wonderful, lifelong memories…and the best part is, your memories won’t be tainted by a messy cleanup!

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3 Crafts Made from Vintage Canning Jars

I am always coming across great vintage canning jars in all shapes and sizes at my local flea market. You can make so many wonderful crafts out of vintage canning jars! For the most part you can easily find vintage canning jars for about $1 a pop.

Craft #1 Made From Vintage Canning Jars

I think snow globes are a wonderful use for vintage canning jars. When you make the snow glove you can leave the vintage canning jar standing upright or turn it over to stand on its lid. Many canning jars can be found in blue, so if you are trying to use a little blue in your Christmas d├ęcor this is also a great look.

To make a snow globe you will need distilled water, glycerin, epoxy glue, glitter, plastic nick knacks to put in the snow globe, and a little time. For the most part you simply use the epoxy glue to adhere an object to the bottom of the canning jar or to the inside of the lid. Fill the jar almost all the way with water. Add a few drops of glycerin and then your glitter. Run a bead of epoxy glue in the lid and screw it into place. Pretty easy!

Craft #2 Made from Vintage Canning Jars

Ok, I came across this great little accent lamp at my local Goodwill a few years ago and it was made out of the cutest vintage canning jar! So cute. Now, you need to use a low watt bulb when making this small lamp, other wise it will get too hot.

You will need to use a drill bit to drill a hole in the bottom of the jar and in the lid. By a lamp kit at the hardware store and in stall it. Add a small accent lampshade and you are finished.

Make sure that hole in the bottom of the jar is coming out of the side on the bottom so your lamp can sit flat on the table.

Craft #3 Made from Vintage Canning Jars

So, the final craft is to turn your vintage canning jars into a whimsical “fire” in your fireplace.

Take some bricks and make a step in your fire place. Simply make a row of bricks in the back of the fire place. ON the ground in the fire place set out a row of vintage canning jars as wide as the opening. Now, repeat on the bricks making a second level. You can use more brick and vintage canning jars to make as many rows as you want. You can fill the jars with candles or even water and floating candles! Too cute!

Click here for more ideas from Rebecca.

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3 Easy Advent Calendar Crafts for Christmas

If you really want to help your family truly understand just what it is we’re celebrating this holiday season, consider doing a craft that is geared for advent by the week or by each day. I’ve done these crafts during the advent season with my own kids and their religious education classes. Doing advent crafts helps to reinforce the educational experience of what it is we are preparing for prior to the celebration of Christ’s birth. They’re fun and can be made easier for the littler ones, or more involved and elaborate for bigger kids

Advent Christmas Tree Calendar


Rectangular piece of cardboard

Green construction paper (for the tree)

Different colored construction paper (for the ornaments)

This is an easy but great way to prepare the family to celebrate the birth of Christ. I used a piece of cardboard that the kids drew a Christmas tree on and then cut out. Make it big enough so that when you display it, it can be easily seen. I’d suggest probably the size of a rectangular piece of construction paper. Then cut out some green construction paper to fit the cardboard Christmas tree shape and glue it to the cardboard tree. You can then cut out 25 ornaments and use a permanent marker to number them 1 through 25. We used a yellow star for number 25 that is placed on top of the tree on Christmas day. You can either cut out plain round circles for the ornaments or get a bit more creative and cut out different Christmas symbols to adorn the tree. I’ve seen these done with crosses which gave it a different twist. You can make any shape when it comes to the ornaments. Just glue them on til you reach Christmas Day.

Advent Christmas Chain


Red and green construction paper


I found this craft to be really great for my little kids around the ages of 2 or 3 and up to 6. While I was doing a more elaborate advent calendar for the bigger kids, I’d use the chain project for my small ones. Just cut out 7 or 8 inch strips of red and green construction paper. Make sure you alternate the green and red strips as you add each one on to represent each new day of advent. You’ll then have a pattern of red, then green, and so on. Make sure you write the numbers 1 through 25 on each strip. Another twist to doing this is to include a good deed on each strip then making sure that the kids accomplish it on that day.

Cut out Hands Advent Wreath and Calendar Combo


Paper plate (the plastic kind is studier for this)

Green, purple. orange and pink construction paper

This craft is a very good way to make the family aware of the days as well of the weeks of advent alike. First, have the kids trace around their hands with pencils on green construction paper til they reach 25 hands. Then have them cut them all out and number them starting at 1 up to 25. From there, adults and kids alike can write a good deed of some sort on the back of each paper hand. Then use the paper plate to glue each hand around the outside of the plate one by one in numerical order til you reach Christmas Day. Each day when a child glues the appropriately numbered hand along the outside of the wreath have them read the good deed for the day. Then it’s their responsibility to carry out that deed on that day.

For the candles, using the purple construction paper, roll around a 6 inch wide and 6 inch long piece, and glue or tape it to hold it after rolled. Do this same thing for the one pink candle that represents Christmas week. Next, glue the bottom of these candles to the middle of the wreath. Then, cut out some orange flame shapes and glue them to the side of each candle. The hands can be placed around these candles throughout the month.


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3 Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a hot way to make money right now. Based on all of the products on the internet offering to teach all of the secrets is enough to make me wonder what is the downside to affiliate marketing.

In this article we will look at some of the bad things that can happen to you when you sell products as an affiliate.

I guess you would have to start with returns. Have you ever gone to a store to return something you bought. Maybe you didn’t like the item. The color was wrong. The size was wrong. You suddenly realized you couldn’t afford it. This happens in affiliate marketing as well.

Most products bought online come with some sort of a money back guarantee. This is especially true for information products. Because they are easily downloaded almost any information product sold online comes with a give it a look and if you don’t like what you see we will gladly refund your money.

Clickbank is the largest information affiliate program in the world and they will give you your money back or replace a product for up to 8 weeks after you buy it. This is more than enough time to check out what you bought.

From an affiliate standpoint you are not going to get paid on every sale right away. Most affiliate programs have at least a one month time lag. For example all sales made in January will not be paid until February or even March depending on the program.

Clickbank is a little better. You can earn up to a 75% commission and get paid on the 1st and the 15th with a 2 week lag. This is one reason many people promote Clickbank products.

If you need immediate cash affiliate marketing is not the way to get it. However once you get your pipeline full you will start to see checks on a regular basis if you are making sales.

Another downside to affiliate marketing is you must understand the commission rate you are being paid. Different companies have different rates and sometimes that will change based on the product. There is nothing worse than thinking you are earning more than you are and finding out when your check arrives in the mail.

Know the fees that you are being charged. Many affiliate programs make their money on the fees they charge. This could be just a few percentage points on the sale or it could be a fee they charge to process your check or make a direct deposit. This is a part of doing business, but as an affiliate you need to know what these charges are.

Actually making sales is not as easy as it sounds. Most of what people offer to teach you is about getting your own website and then how to get traffic to it. You certainly need to know these things or you will not have any sales to worry about in the first place. The good news is you can learn how to do it if you treat being an affiliate as a business.

In summary go into affiliate marketing with your eyes open. Yes you can make money selling other people’s products as an affiliate, but it is not all peaches and cream.

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3-Dimensional Chat Worlds: Interacting and Exploring

Within the realms of cyberspace, you can find any number of online chat rooms that enable you to communicate in real time with people all over the world. While some chat services now offer the feature of voice chat, allowing visitors to speak to others while also allowing text messaging, the ultimate in chat technology would be that of 3-D chat. 3-Dimensional Chat provides not only the means to text message to other members, but to also see and interact with their ‘avatar’, which is a representation of them. By joining 3-D Chat, you often have to download the software that will enable to move around in an environment as well as build objects in that world.

Once downloaded, you select a user name I.D. and join in an introductory tutorial such as how to move and where to find things.
Some basic features all 3-D chat offers are;

Text chat. Like regular chat rooms, you can type out your sentences to enter conversations with one or more members. This text will either appear in the 3D world as a text bubble, or show up on member’s monitor in a chat window.

Voice chat. With the use of a headset or microphone, you can easily talk to people you see in the 3D environment.

Interact with others. Some 3-D chat will not only allow you to move and take action in the 3D world, but also interact with other members by hugging, fighting, or some other form of interaction between the avatars. Games, adventure, and more are there for the taking.

Interact with the 3-D environment. Some chat worlds allow for clicking and moving objects, building, and building objects. In Second Life, you can find cars to drive, books to read, and movies to watch.

Choice of avatars. Become someone else in the world of 3D. You do not have to remain human. In Activeworlds, some avatars include dragons, crabs, or robots. Second Life offers high-end avatars similar to famous celebrities, while allowing for choices to be animals, or even objects.

Virtual homes. A virtual home can get huge, such as a castle or even your own city. Generally for ‘members only’, this service of real estate requires that of real money. You pay a monthly fee to become a member. With some online worlds, you have to enter into a Sim economy, while other 3-D chat worlds offer you a free virtual house. From here, you buy and setup your home with your own taste for decor.

The more popular 3-D chat worlds include Second Life (http://ift.tt/Jzv98r) and Activeworlds (http://ift.tt/14M0MA9). Both provide very much the same services and features, including the ability to build within the chat world. Secondlife, however, includes a unique economy, which allows users to build and then sell their items. Some members buy, develop, and sell virtual land, becoming virtual real estate agents. Others open shops to sell clothes, skins, jewelry, cars, or just about anything you can create in the Build worlds.

Both sites include free software you will need to download in which to enter the 3-Dimensional worlds, with the option of remaining free as a tourist, or purchasing a monthly membership to become a citizen. Once setup, you can then find museums, dancing clubs, libraries, and online collages. Enter worlds of fantasy or science fiction, or explore a number of ‘Sims’ for educational purposes such as libraries. These communities are vast and endless, with members from all over the world. With so much to explore, and so many people to meet, you will find an endless amount of fun in 3D.

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3 Easy Steps on How Not to Offend Others

Below are the three easy steps that you can begin following today, in order to stop offending other people in any given conversation.

  1. Step 1

    Choose your words carefully. It is easy to speak from emotional anger that you have towards something that needs to be reprimanded. But in order to really get your point across your words, and how you say your words will be the ultimate deciding factor of your effectiveness. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be consious of the consequences of the words you speak when reprimanding.

  2. Step 2

    Sandwich technique. Start with a compliment, tell them what needs improvement and end with a compliment again. You want the reprimand to come in the middle of the compliments. This is the secret to effective reprimanding. Your words will be more effective when you use this approach.

  3. Step 3

    Think bigger picture. Always look at the bigger picture. When your angry with a certain individual for an action they did that was way out of line, you must approach the situation with the bigger picture in mind. Always be in a calm and relaxed state of mind, before you think of attacking back. The person that looses their cool first is generally the person that doesn’t get their message through clearly.

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3 Crushing Tips for Playing Pocket Pairs Preflop in Tough No-Limit Hold'em Games

In weak no-limit Hold’em games, we can get away with simply raising and reraising preflop with big pairs and calling with medium and small pairs to try to hit sets. However, in tough no-limit Hold’em games you’ll encounter many stronger players who are aware of these lower-level tactics and will easily be able to put you on a hand, which will drastically lower your profits. To adjust to these more difficult games, you’ll need to make three key adjustments to how you play pocket pairs preflop.

The first adjustment is to stop playing the lowest pocket pairs out of position. If you’re dealt pocket Threes in early position and it folds to you, that should be a fold. If a player in late position open-raises and it’s folded to you in the blinds with pocket Fives, that should also be a fold. The smallest pocket pairs are only very happy on flops that hit a set, which happens around 11.5% of the time. Since you’re going to be out of position against a good player for the rest of the hand, it’s unlikely that you will win a large pot since your opponents will be less likely to pay you off with hands like top pair and overpairs. Getting opponents to pay you off with these hands will be a large portion of your profit against weaker players, but it just isn’t a profitable play against tough opponents.

The second key change you should make to your preflop play with pocket pairs is to identify who is doing a lot of reraising preflop. If you have someone to your left who likes to do a lot of reraising preflop, then you can slowplay your big pairs when facing a raise by just calling. The purpose of this play is that when the opponent left to act after you reraises, you have trapped them in a huge pot where they will have a really hard time folding because of all of the dead money. This is a great tactic to use against the typical young Internet players who are hyper-aggressive preflop.

Finally, the third major preflop adjustment you have to make with your pocket pairs when transitioning from easy games to tough games is to size your preflop raises with medium pairs so that you’ll be able to call a reraise in position getting the correct odds to hit a set and stack someone. If the stacks are 80 big blinds and you open raise to 5 big blinds in late position with pocket Nines, when your opponents reraise it will usually be to at least 12-15 big blinds which will not allow you the 15-to-1 odds you need to call, so you’ll have to fold. Instead, you should plan ahead with these medium-strength pocket pair hands by sizing your raises more intelligently.

If you implement these three critical ideas into your preflop play when you’re dealt a pocket pair, you’ll be well on your way to holding your own and eventually dominating the more difficult no-limit Hold’em games you’ll play it, both live and on the Internet.

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3 Easy Steps to Have Beautiful Nails This Season, at Low Cost

Despite of going to nail salon for manicure and/or pedicure, you may now consider doing it yourself at home. Thanks for the complete product collection by Sally Hansen, we can now have beautiful nails at a low price. I am a fan of Sally Hansen nail care products because its products are easy to use, effective, long lasting (last more than a week), with charming colors, and of course under very reasonable prices. With the following Sally Hansen products, you can have charming nails in your most desirable colors in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Gel Cuticle Remover ($5)

This gel is effective in removing excess and overgrown cuticles before applying nail color for better result. The gel is green in color, with a very light scent which makes you feel refreshing after applying it. To use it, just apply a thin strip around cuticle and wait for a while (usually about 1-2 mins but no longer than 8-10 mins). Then, use a flat end pushing tip to push back excess cuticle. After that, just wash away excess gel with warm, soapy water.

I recommend this product because it is enriched with jojoba and kiwi extract. You’ll feel moisturized, healthy and soft after using it.

Step 2: Nail Polish ($3~$8)

After removing the excess cuticle, it’s time to select your favorite nail color and apply it. Sally Hansen provides various nail polish collections which fit different needs with very reasonable price. For example, French Manicure, Maximum Growth (24 fabulous shades with vitamins A, C, E and soy protein), Diamond Strength (36 shiny shades), Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear (30 most wanted shades), HD Hi-Definition (8 luminous shades), and Complete Salon Manicure (42 salon-inspired shades with all 5 steps of a salon manicure in 1 bottle).

My personal favorite collections are Maximum Growth and Complete Salon Manicure. Maximum Growth provides healthier and stronger nails because it is enriched with vitamins and soy protein. Its #05 Innocent Nude is my most beloved color for this season. And with Complete Salon Manicure, it saves me a lot of time that I just simply apply 2 thin coats and it’s done! In the coming fall, I’ll try HD Hi-Definition collection for its multi-dimensional and vibrant color. My personal pick will be #03 Pixel Pretty.

Step 3: Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat ($6)

Do you have experience that you cannot do anything when waiting for the nail polish to dry? Try this! I really love this product and would recommend it to everybody because it really saves my time and keeps the nail color last for more than a week without chip. To use it, after applying nail color, wait 2 mins and then apply one thin coat. The manicure will be ready to touch in 30 seconds.

You can find Sally Hansen nail care products at almost any grocery store or pharmacy. With the above 3 products, you can now do your nails with less than $20. Why go to the nail salon?

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3 Easy Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids

The Valentine’s Day party is a classroom favorite each February. Kids put a great deal of effort into choosing favorite Valentine’s Day cards, creating boxes and card holders as unique as each child, and looking forward to one of the few school sanctioned parties of the year.

If you are the room parent for your child’s classroom, coordinating these parties rests on your shoulders. You have the party food planned, the party helpers are scheduled and the craft supplies are ready-now you need games. Party games do not need to be complicated or expensive to provide the kids loads of fun. Remember, many classroom parties are limited to about 30 minutes to allow for food, crafts, games and the ritual of exchanging the Valentines. The following games are easy to set up, low cost, adaptable to suit various ages and perfect for your party goers.

Conversation Heart Guessing Jar Game

This is the easiest game known to room parents. It incorporates the Valentine’s Day Theme, serves as a game with a prize reward, and helps the kids practice their estimating skills for math.


Decorative Jar with Lid

Conversation Heart Candies

Slips of Paper & a Pencil to record child’s name and number guess

Small Prizes such as stickers or pencils for each child playing.

Set-Up Instructions

Simply find a jar with a lid-either decorative or a plain canning jar that can be decorated for the party theme. Fill the jar with a counted number of conversation heart candies. Write down the exact number of candies so that you know which child is closest to the winning number! Prepare the slips of paper.

Playing the Game

Provide each child with a slip of paper and ask them to guess how many conversation heart candies are held in the jar. For younger children, you may wish to provide a range such as “less than 100, but more than 50” or something similar. Older children should be able to estimate that by themselves. The child with the answer closest to the exact number wins the jar of candy. Each child playing would then receive one of the smaller prizes.

Broken Heart Matching Game

Want to get the kids up and interacting with one another? This game requires that the kids move around the room and work together to find the other half of their heart cut-out.


Construction Paper of one color or multiple colors depending on the difficulty level



Small Game Prizes for every child playing

Set Up Instructions

Cut large heart shapes from individual pieces of construction paper. Cut each heart down the center into a variety of patterns and shape cut-outs so that only one heart set matches each corresponding half. For younger kids, the simple changes in pattern will make the game challenging. You may even wish to use multiple colors to make the game faster paced for them. For older children, you may choose to cut the same pattern down the center-but, write Conversation Heart style phrases across the heart before cutting down the center to match up as well.

Playing the Game

Mix up the heart “puzzle” pieces and pass one out to each child. The children then move about the room comparing shapes to those held by other children. Once a pair finds its match, they win their prize.

Heart Themed Ring Toss Game

Ring toss games bring the carnival feel to the party and it appeals to both and girls.


Paper Towel Roll or Cardboard Tube

Heavy Paper Plates or Foam Plates

Stickers, Markers, Construction Paper or other Materials to decorate the game pieces

Game Prizes for the winners of each round.

Set Up Instructions

Set the cardboard roll or tube on the center of a paper plate and trace around it onto the paper plate with a pencil. Carefully cut out the circle and insert the roll through the hole, adjusting it so that it balances when stood upright. Decorate both the roll and the base to fit your desired Valentines theme. Prepare the rings by cutting the center portions from paper plates to yield 3-5 rings, depending on the number of ring throws you wish per turn. Decorate the rings to match the base. You may choose to make two or three of these games depending on the size of the class so that you can divide them into smaller groups and play more rounds of the game!

Playing the Game

Divide the children into groups or have the entire class stand in line. Determine the starting line and mark it with a strip of tape on the floor. Set up the ring toss a few feet from the line. Have the children stand behind the line and toss the rings toward the base. The child with the most “ringers” per round wins a prize.

Now that the games are ready, you can concentrate on having fun at the party!

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3 Easy Tips for Weight Loss After the Holidays

With the holiday season comes the wonderful foods which we all look forward to from months in advance. There is just something special about the holiday season which brings out the yummy in everything we eat. The collective smells which we associate with the season are enough to break even the strongest willpower, so it is quite easy to gain weight during this time.

Losing weight after the holiday season can be difficult to do for some individuals. This being the case for many, here are a few weight loss tips you can use to help shed those extra pounds, and get yourself back into shape well before the summer season hits. By following this easy weight loss plan, you will find yourself not having to frantically lose weight fast after the holidays.

Tip 1. Hands down, one of the best things you can do to minimize weight gain during the holidays is to drink plenty of water. You will gain two benefits from making water your main drink. First, you will have zero calories added to your diet, and secondly, you will stay well hydrated. Keeping your hydration level high is good for your skin, and the water intake is also good for weight loss. A healthy water intake makes for better overall health.

Tip 2. The holidays bring with them the highest calorie foods of any other time during the year. One of the reasons this is true is that there are tons of treats and foods which are filled with rich butter and sugar. You can maximize your holiday weight loss by using a sugar substitute such as Splenda for all of your baking and cooking. Splenda is a good addition to your diet, and will help you in your weightloss efforts.

Tip 3. Use sensible portions. The best weight loss diet you will ever follow is simply following a sensible portion control program. You will have no need of weight loss pills or fad diet plans which can be harmful to your health.

You can enjoy yourself during the holiday season, and partake of all the wonderful flavors which it brings. Just remember to drink plenty of water, stay away from the sugary foods, and keep those portions under control. The best thing about these weight loss tips is that they are easy to follow, so no one has any excuse for not shedding those extra holiday pounds.

Sources for this article:

My own weight loss experiences mostly, and:


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