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3 Great Ways to Support a Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warriors are severely injured service members that have given more than you can imagine for their country. My Husband is a Wounded Warrior in the United States Marine Corps. He was wounded in action a little less than two years ago while serving our country on the front lines. His injuries were extensive and he is still recovering daily- throughout his recovery there have been many people who show their support for him in various ways and it really does boost his morale and bring a smile to his face. There are also many people I’ve encountered who sometimes ask what it is they can do- they want to show their support but just don’t know how. Here are 5 Tips for Supporting a Wounded Warrior:

Tip for Supporting a Wounded Warrior #1: Say Thank You

Believe it or not, one of the most powerful and easiest things you can do to support a wounded warrior is to just say thank you. While they would never go around and ask for your thanks, letting them know how much you appreciate the sacrifices that they have made goes a very long way.

Tip for Supporting a Wounded Warrior #2: Send Cards and Letters

My Husband had to spend about a month in the hospital after he was injured while serving in the Marine Corps. While laying in the hospital bed day in and day out something that brought a smile to his face daily was the cards and letters that we brought to him from multiple different people. There were cards from children thanking him for his service, from close family friends, from family members, and from complete strangers- but every single one of them touched his heart and made him feel supported.

Tip for Supporting a Wounded Warrior #3: Donate to the Semper Fi Fund or Wounded Warrior Project

The Semper Fi Fund and Wounded Warrior Project are what made my Husband’s transition from the war to the hospital and then back to daily life. These organizations are amazing in their support for the Wounded Warrior’s and I can not praise them enough for everything that they have done for my Husband and for me. Because of the Semper Fi Fund I was able to stay with my Husband for the whole month that he was in the Hospital. If you feel like you don’t know another way to support a Wounded Warrior and you really want to help and are financially able- definitely consider giving to one of these amazing organizations. They take care of the Wounded Warrior’s and their families and this really does make a huge impact.

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3 Great Indoor Winter Activities for 2-5 Year-Olds in Chandlers Ford, England

If you have preschoolers or Year R children, keeping them entertained over the winter can be difficult. My daughters love playing outside in the garden all summer and autumn, and start getting “cabin fever” if they’re cooped up inside because of bad winter weather. If you live in the Chandlers Ford area of Hampshire, there are some great activities for your two to five-year-olds. Here are three great options for winter activities in this area of Southern England.

The Public Library

Chandlers Ford has a nice public library that has recently been refurbished. The Chandlers Ford Library is located on Oakmount Road (across the street from Fryern Arcade) and does have free off road parking, or is easily accessible by bus. Parents will like this option because its free, and also because the children’s room only has one entrance/exit. This makes it easy to keep tabs on your kids. Kids love this library because they have a good selection of children’s books, and a well laid out children’s area with toys, puzzles, and small tables. My kids love visiting at any time to socialize, play and get new books. The library also holds regular children’s activities that are perfect for preschoolers and reception students, including story times.


Located in the Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate, Kids2Day has ample parking. This indoor play zone is a popular spot for local birthday parties, but is a good time to visit whenever there’s bad weather and your children need a good active play. They have large “soft play” areas with slides, tunnels, etc. I like that there are two sections, including one just for younger children. This helps your preschoolers to feel more confident. Admission is £3.95 for one to four-year-olds, and varies by age.

Kids2Day also has plenty of other offers and activities that may be of interest to your family, including loyalty cards, craft times, and hot meals in their cafeteria.

Go Swimming

In the winter, weather in Hampshire is often unreliable. If you’re children can’t spend as much time running around outside, the perfect antidote could be a trip to the swimming pool at Fleming Park Leisure Centre . You can take your kid(s) for a single swim, or sign them up for swim lessons. A family admission to the pool costs £8 ( click here for a full price list)… They do have a smaller learner’s pool as well as larger, family changing rooms to make it easier for parents with young children.

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