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3 Home Gadgets that Say "I Love You"

Everyone likes to hear the words “I love you” directed at them. I would wager that most people enjoy saying it as much, if not more, as they like hearing it. Having someone to love can really add to our lives.

However, in our culture when people love their shoes, the movies they just watched, and their favorite professional sports teams, the actual three word message is losing its clout. We say we love our teams then condemn them when they lose. We say we love the movie we just watched but quickly forget about it once we have moved on to another activity. We say we love our shoes but fill our closets with more than what we will wear in any given month.

The flippant use of the phrase, means saying I love you, non-verbally, is more important than ever. Listening, valuing, and appreciating are actions you can take to show love; while flowers, cards, candy, and diamonds are always nice material ways to share the sentiment. Below are three items that say I love you that you may not have thought about before.

1) A Carbon Monoxide detector:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that is known as the silent killer. According to the Center for Disease Control nearly 15,000 visits to the emergency room can be attributed to CO in a year; CO is linked to 500 deaths making it the leading cause of accidental poisonings each year (

Simply placing one CO detector in each floor or level of your home could prevent you and your loved ones from joining those numbers.

The costs of the detectors (starting for as little as $25.00) are similar to coffee makers and other small appliances in the home, so they won’t hurt your budget when you purchase them.

2) A Smoke Alarm

According to one government website the chance of dying from a fire is cut in half when smoke alarms are installed in the home. The devices became common in homes in the early 1970s – their commonality helped lower the cost of the devices. They can be purchased for as little as $10.00 (

Put them near your sleeping quarters to wake you in case of a fire and keep them out of the kitchen (

3) A Fire extinguisher

You see these in public buildings all the time. Chances are you would be able to locate an extinguisher if needed. Doesn’t it make sense to have that same ability at home, especially in a kitchen or garage?

However the key to these devices is knowing how to use them when to use them ( Make sure you and your family have a safety plan in place (

None of these devices will wow a loved one like diamonds, or bring a smile to their lips like flowers and candy this is true. They will feel more loved when you appreciate them, value their opinions, and listen to them then if you handed them any or all three of the items listed above, this is true. But, ensuring these items are in the home is communicating a simple idea to those you love – sleep easy and be safe.


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3 Great Honeymoon Ski Destinations in America

Not every woman dreams of being a June bride, some would much rather have a fall or winter wedding or even a Christmas wedding. If your wedding day is quickly approaching, you’re probably trying to come up with the perfect place for a winter honeymoon. If you love romantic getaways, fun filled days, gorgeous mountain views and snow, you should consider spending your honeymoon at one of the many beautiful ski resorts! The crisp, cold weather will give you the perfect excuse to spend time warming up in front of a blazing fire!

The Poconos are one of the most popular places for skiing in the United States. And, the Skytop Lodge is the perfect place to stay while there. At Skytop, you have your choice of accommodations, you can stay in the lodge, the inn or in cottages!

The lodge is a Dutch Colonial stone manor that sits on 5,500 acres of forest! It rests on a plateau overlooking the elegant mountain estate and breathtaking views of the Pocono Mountains, the resorts golf course and the glistening waters of Skytop Lake. The lodge has 125 guest rooms and is designed in English country.

Skytop’s cottages have four bedrooms with private baths, a shared laundry facility, TV/VCR’s and a porch among other things. The Skytop Inn has luxurious rooms with a fireplace, private balcony gas fireplaces and some rooms have Jacuzzi tubs.

Skytop has their very own private ski mountain that features four gentle slopes and a 295 foot vertical drop! And, if you want a change from skiing, there’s ice skating, sledding, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing and golfing on their own private course! There’s a spa onsite where you can indulge yourself and get pampered after a hard day on the slopes!

The rates at Skytop vary depending on which accommodations that you want, but they generally range from $180 to as much as $540. Each night’s stay includes three meals at your choice of either of their two dining rooms and there’s even an onsite pub.

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in Mammoth Lakes California is a great place to go if you’d love your own mountain hideout. The resort offers condos with two bedrooms, all the amenities of home, plus so much more! Nightly rates usually run from $125 to $225 with a three night minimum stay. But, from $600 up to $1,000, you can spend the whole week!

You’ll be within walking distance of the finest restaurants in the ares, dancing, ski clubs, festivals, sports shops and so much more. The resort is located on the side of Mammoth Mountain and offers gorgeous views out the front sliding doors. Each condo has a full kitchen and fireplace among other things. And, there’s even an entertainment center complete with a varied selection of music!

What could be more perfect than a Rocky Mountain get away for your honeymoon? The beautiful villas at the Snowmass Club offer from one to three bedrooms with gorgeous snow covered mountain views. The club has a 19,000 square foot athletic club that features four swimming pools, both outdoor and indoor hot tubs and spa services. The Snowmass Club has cross country skiing trails and within two minutes, you can be at the quad to enjoy downhill skiing at it’s best.

Snowmass is just eight miles from Aspen and some of their other activities include horse back riding, fishing, rafting and you can even go for a very romantic hot air balloon ride! While rates change at Snowmass, if you book a stay of five nights or more, you can get a 20% discount on the website!

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3 Great Dog Parks in Brookfield, MA

Brookfield is a small town in Massachusetts, but it is full of amazing places to walk and play with your Dog. If you’re visiting Brookfield soon and don’t know where these places are, we’re going to tell you all about them. So keep on reading for info on 3 great dog parks in Brookfield.

Lewis field
Located on Main St.

Lewis field is probably one of the best places to have fun with your dog in the entire state of Massachusetts. There is about an acre or two of land for Frisbee throwing, ball fetching, walking, and more. The field even features basketball courts, baseball fields, and football fields, but you and your dog won’t need those. When the baseball field isn’t in use, you and your Dog are free to do whatever you want, but even when it is in use, there’s still a vast area outside of it comprised of grass that is mowed weekly by the town’s people. This place is a great atmosphere for any Pet, and right when you enter Brookfield, the field is widely noticeable so you can’t miss it. Lewis field is an amazing place to have a great time with your loyal companion.

Town Common
Located on Common St.

Right in the center of Brookfield, the Town Common is a fantastic area for you and your pet to have a great time. In front of the Gazebo, there’s a large area of land where you and your dog can run around or do whatever. The Common even features a second smaller field area right next to it, so you can have more room. After you both are tired out, you can sit in the Gazebo and give your pet a tasty treat or a belly rub. The Town Common in Brookfield is a pretty incredible place to walk or play with your dog.

Elementary School field
Located on Central St.

Right behind the Brookfield Elementary School, there is a huge field for you and your dog to run around and play. People all over Brookfield come here to walk their dogs, play baseball games, or to simply sit on the swings. There are no major roads near this field, so your dog won’t get into any trouble if he runs out into the street. This place is almost as big as Lewis field, and you and your pet are promised a fantastic time here.

There you go! The 3 places in Brookfield to walk and play with your dog! There are no rules banning dogs, so feel free to do whatever, just remember to pick up after your dog if he makes any messes. Have fun!

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3 Great Burger Spots in the Philadelphia Area

Hamburgers are one of America’s favorite foods. It’s easy to find a hamburger but not so easy to find a great hamburger. Three of my favorite spots to grab a hamburger in the Philadelphia area are Standard Tap, Gullifty’s and Village Whiskey. Each of these spots offers great food and beer in a great atmosphere.

Standard Tap located on 2nd and Poplar Streets Philadelphia, PA 19123 is one of my favorite spots to go to in the entire city. The rotating beer menu of all local microbrews is a draw in itself. Just like the beer list the food is a rotating menu post on chalkboards throughout the bar. Luckily for everyone who visits this fine establishment the cheeseburger seems to be a staple of the menu. There’s nothing flashy about this burger they just know how to cook it to perfection. Sadly there’s no reservations at this spot and it has a tendency to get pretty packed so you might have to wait a bit to get your hands on this tasty treat. For more information on standard tap check out their website here,

The next spot I love to grab a hamburger from, Gullifty’s, is actually located outside of the city on the main line at 1149 Lancaster Ave. Rosemont, PA 19010. Gullifty’s offers a good selection of untraditional burgers. You can grab a standard hamburger or cheeseburger if you’d like but they also have some interesting choices such as the apple burger, the French onion burger and the Mexican burger. However, none of those are the hamburger that makes me keep coming back to this place, the Kobe burger they offer here are one of my favorites and the star of the show if you ask me. Their Kobe Burger is made Kobe beef and topped with wasabi mayonnaise, pickled ginger and imported Gruyere cheese. The beer list at this spot is also worth checking out with tons of great imports. For more information please go to

Lastly the third spot I go to in the Philadelphia area when I want to grab a great hamburger is Village Whiskey. Located at 118 South 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103. Just like Gullifity’s and Standard Tap Village Whiskey has a great beer list and also features a great whiskey list. There are three burger options on the menu the Village Burger featuring a house made Thousand Island, the Whiskey King which features a maple bourbon glazed cipollini, rogue blue cheese and apple wood bacon and finally a Black Bean and Lentil Veggie Burger topped with guacamole and pickled red cabbage. There is also a list of burger additions featuring traditional and untraditional toppings such as avocado, fried egg, horseradish crab salad, jasper hill cheddar and more. Also be sure to grab a side of the duck fat French fries while there. For more on Village Whiskey visit their website at

These are the 3 spots in the Philadelphia Area that I visit when I’m in the mood for a great hamburger. Each works well as a date spot, a night out with friends or family. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these hamburgers as much as I have.

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3 Green Dream Jobs

“Rather than creating job-training pipelines that put these kids at the back of the line for the last century’s pollution-based jobs, we need to be creating opportunities for them to be at the front of the line for the new clean and green jobs.”-Van Jones

With a rise in green government initiatives, the demand for a green collar workforce is expected to rise. Here is a description of three green dream jobs worth considering for the eco-minded employee.

3 Green Dream Jobs

1. Energy Auditor

An energy auditor performs inspections to determine whether a home or building uses energy efficiently. During an evaluation, an energy auditor measures a building’s consumption of energy, tracks heating and cooling losses, and checks the efficiency of a building’s HVAC system. After an energy audit, this professional suggests things that will make the home or building more energy efficient. The demand in the field is growing, and over a dozen states require an energy audit before a home is sold. Energy auditor training is available in home study modules and can take as little as a few weeks to complete. According to, the average annual salary of an energy auditor is $58,257.

2. Photovoltaic Designer & Installer
A photovoltaic designer and installer develops and installs solar energy systems for homes or businesses. A solar energy system can be “off the grid” as a self-sustaining system, or it may supplement the energy obtained from a utility company. Photovoltaic training is available at learning centers and through distance learning courses. According to California Occupational Guides, a photovoltaic designer and installer makes between $24,000 and $45,000 per year.

3. LEED Green Associate
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED provides building operators and owners with a set of guidelines that measure a green building’s design, construction, operations, and maintenance. A LEED Green Associate is the entry level professional credential in green building and design. LEED certification can take up to 60 days to complete. According to, the average yearly salary for a LEED Green Associate is $64,000.

This article was originally published as a blog post at entitled 3 Green Dream Jobs

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3 Great Ways to Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles can result from sun exposure or occur naturally. Even though they are annoying, they aren’t harmful to the skin. However, the removal of them can improve your appearance. It can give you a more even and radiant complexion. If you want to reduce your freckles, below are some solutions:

Red Onions
Onions have exfoliating power and produce sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid helps keep the skin free of freckles. For treating freckles, only use red onions.

1. Grate a red onion and extract its juice.
2. Mix equal amounts of the onion juice and apple cider vinegar.
3. Soak a cotton ball in the solution. Then, apply it on your freckles.
4. Allow it to dry and then rinse it off with cool water.
5. Repeat the treatment daily.

Papaya diminishes the appearance of freckles. The enzyme in papaya, papain, helps speed up skin regeneration. This eliminates dead skin cells and promotes growth of new cells.

1. Rub the inside of the papaya peel on the freckles.
2. Let it dry for 15 minutes.
3. Then, rinse it off with cool water. Use this remedy once a day.

It contains lactic acid, which promotes gentle peeling of the skin. It peels the skin without irritation or dryness. It also enhances skin elasticity. This improves the smoothness and radiance of your skin.

1. Dip a cotton ball in buttermilk and apply it on your freckles.
2. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
3. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this treatment twice daily.


Top 10 Home Remedies. How To Get Rid Of Freckles.

Wikihow. How To Get Rid Of Freckles.

All Women Stalk. 10 Ways To Get Rid If Freckles. Author: Melanie Fitzpatrick.

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3 Great Gift Ideas for Men

The complaint is often heard as shoppers walk into our mens gift shop that “men are so hard to buy for”. This complaint is often followed by “what do you get a guy who has everything?” Hearing these pleas for help so frequently makes one realize just how common the issue is. In these next few minutes we’ll take a look at some great gift ideas that will enable shoppers to choose gifts suitable to their man, making the shopping experience not only bearable, but enjoyable.

Stress-free shopping, particularly at Christmas when the malls are packed, is a high priority, so we’d like to offer some tips that will help shoppers have ideas before they enter the shops so they can quickly and easily find the perfect gift for him.

Before looking at the 3 great gift ideas for men, one must consider what his interests are. What does he love doing? Where does he like spending his time? What sort of a job does he have? What is he avid about? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best category below to consider when choosing presents for the one you love.

1. Outdoor Gift Ideas for Men

If your man is an outdoorsman, there’s no point buying him office accessories (though we’ll talk more about desk gadgets later!). Consider his interests – camping, being “Mr. Fix-It”, remodelling old cars, hiking, bike riding, horseback riding, gardening, building, adventure sports (including rock climbing, hang gliding, water skiing, or snow boarding). Does he need new equipment for any of these hobbies? Would he want some rustic decorations to hang in his workshop, a new beer stein for drinks while he works, home d├ęcor reminding him of his favourite activities, or gift cards to do any of these events? Put your thinking cap on and consider what might float his boat (quite literally!).

2. Office Gift Ideas for Men

Some men just are not into the outdoors and love crunching numbers and shuffling papers. Desk accessories and stationary thrill them to no end – they get excited just stepping foot in an office supply store. Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but an office guy does like a nice desk set with his name engraved on it. Mugs with names on them, a nice engraved pen, a clock and pen holder – these all make nice executive gifts. Then there are the quirky gadgets like Plug Mugs (needing the owner’s plug in order to be able to use the mug – prevents office theft), Rubiks Cube mugs, and flying monkeys to ward off office boredom. And don’t forget the whole set of USB gadgets that can be operated through the computer – his office will never be a boring place again!

3. Sports Gift Ideas for Men

Your man may not enjoy hiking, but most men are into some form of sport – whether it be playing it or watching it in front of the television. New sports equipment, a membership with the local sports team, sports merchandise of his favourite team, and tickets to the next football match all make great gifts for the sports addict. Make a memorable day and plan a family outing to his favourite sporting event. Or purchase a tour of the local sports stadium and throw in some of his favourite merchandise with it.

These are basic ideas, but the goal is not to give a “one-size-fits-all” sort of answer. Because, in reality – one size does not fit all! But with these broad categories the aim is to get your mind whirring with the limitless possibilities of what to give your man for his birthday, Fathers Day, or Christmas.

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3 Healing Bible Verses for Every Illness

You can treat and cure any illness no matter how deadly or advanced with healing scriptures from the Holy Bible, says a leading evangelist.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, deafness and anything else that ails you can and often do vanish – sometimes instantly – when dosed with what preacher Kenneth Hagin calls “God’s Medicine” topped with a heaping helping of faith.

And Hagin, who heads up a worldwide ministry, knows what he’s talking about. That’s because, as he explains it, God miraculously healed him of a deformed heart and incurable blood disease when he was a boy of 17.

“The Bible says God’s words ‘are medicine to all their flesh’ but you need to learn how to take God’s medicine in order to get it to work for you,” declares Hagin, author of the riveting book, “Healing Scriptures” (Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 50126, Tulsa, OK).

“God’s word, His medicine, won’t do you a bit of good even if you hear it over and over, yet continue to think wrong and talk wrong. You’ve got to hear, really hear, God’s word because that’s how faith comes, and healing comes. Then you have to act on your faith. So when you’re confessing God’s word, think like this: ‘I’m taking my medicine – God’s word. God’s medicine always works. God’s medicine never fails.’
Say that to yourself and think on that and you’ll get God’s word – His medicine – working in you.”

Here are three healing scriptures that Hagin has culled from the Bible. He suggests that you read the passages out loud, meditate on them – and watch your healing miracles unfold.

As simple as they might seem to be, remember: They are effective for every illness – and over the years, they arguably have healed untold numbers of true believers of every ailment, including the deadliest known to man.

1. JOEL 3:10
– “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.‘”

2. JEREMIAH 30:17
– “For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds,” saith the Lord.

– “And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness .”

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3 Handmade Facial Treatments: 2 Beauty Masks and a Facial Scrub

Why visit a spa or salon for a soothing and effective facial, when you can make one at home for minimal cost?

An optician in Texas told me that the facial scrub used at a well know retreat she attended was identical to this Honey-Almond. Scrub.

An older nurse friend has been using the egg white one since her Grandmother told her about it as a young girl. Her beautiful skin has been noticed from teen to golden years.
My grandmother also introduced it to me years ago. Perhaps it along with glycerine and rosewater is a bit of southern culture?

First is the basic clay mask.These are familiar commercial products. Perhaps you have used them? You can make a natural one.
Even if you are surrounded by clay outside, do not dig your own. It will contain impurities.Instead,purchase some cleaned and purified. for cosmetic use.This can usually be found at the Health Food stores If not, consult your Pharmacist .The pharmacy will likely order it for you. Fullers earth or French clay are the most commonly used.

The clay mixed with water hardens thus firming the skin. I t tightens the pores and removes the pore clogging components. A much safer way to remove “blackheads” than by squeezing which damages the sensitive skin.

You may use tap water when mixing any of these products..I keep distilled water around for making other products so use that rather than tap water.

.These handmade natural products have no additives to prolong shelf life. So, should be discarded after using. They should be made just prior to use or kept covered no longer than 12 hours in the refrigerator


You will need

Powdered Clay

4 ounces of water

A one Tablespoon measure

A small open large mouth container

The mask may be mixed directly in the container

A fork or craft stick for stirring

Use a dry 1 T measure and add

4 Tablespoons of powdered clay to the container

5 Tablespoons of water.Stirred to mix thorourglhy

Use fingers and lightly apply over the face. Avoid the eye area

Allow to dry for 15 minutes and remove with warm water rinsing thorourghly
Pat the face dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Apply your usual moisturizer


Separate the whites from two large eggs.Chill the whites in the refrigerator.

Measure from regular Cornstarch !/8 teaspoon.Set aside.

Be ready to apply the facial mask as soon as it is done

Whip the chilled egg whites until they start to form peaks

Slowly add the cornstarch to the egg whites as they continue to peak.

The mixture is then ready to apply.
Cover the face except the immediate eye area.

Allow to remain in place for 20 minutes.Rinse off
Pat the face dry with a soft cloth or towel and admire the softness and youthful glow.

Discard any remaining mixture.

You no doubt are familiar with the three steps in skin care: cleansing,exfoliating.and moisturizing. This scrub is one of the best for exfoliating ( to rid the blockage of pores,small impurities and dead skin.)
The masks do this.This scrub, however, does an even more effective job.


This is especially good for oily or blemished skin but will soften any skin type For blemished skin, it may be used twice a week.

You will need

A wide mouth small container for holding and mixing the messy contents

A fork or craft stick for mixing

Two one Tablespoon measures (one for wet and one for dry)

Small microwave safe container or sauce pan


Oatmeal (not instant)

This looks awful but is very effective and leaves any type skin nicely soft.

In a small sauce pan or in the microwave, mix 1 Tablespoon of honey with 5 tablespoons of water. Stir to dissolve the honey in the water. Check and stir every 5 seconds.Should take no more than 10 to 15 seconds .Remove from the microwave or stove and allow to cool for 1 minute.

Measure 4 Tablespoons of Oatmeal into your container for holding and mixing the scrub

Add gradually, mixing continually, your honey and water liquid.

Apply generously to the face, avoiding the eye area.

Using your finger tips , gently massage the mixture on your skin for one to two minutes.

Rinse completely and pat face dry.

Notice how soft your skin feels.

Follow with whatever toner or moisturizer you usually apply.

You will have had the pleasure of not only improving your skin but having made your own all natural product.

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3 Inexpensive Vacation Sites for Educators

Smart Source and Red Plum coupon inserts can be an educator’s best friend. I can save $1.00 on Kellogg’s cereal, $2.00 on Axe deodorant, and another buck for Reynold’s aluminum foil. But these Sunday inserts do not have coupons that can assist me when it comes to expensive vacation planning. A $500 off coupon sounds nice in theory, but when I wake up from this reverie, all I see is a Pamper’s diaper savings with a smiling baby proud of his accomplishment.

So where can an educator hope to spend a week or so without taking out a second mortgage on their home? These three possibilities cover the full scope of what vacationing is all about; from adventure to relaxing and from bright lights to culture. A trip for two can be claimed for as little as $1000 if one puts forth the time and effort.

1.) Viva Las Vegas!

No, do not click away from this article just yet! I understand and the past thing some teachers desire after 10 months of craziness and chaos in the classroom is a location that thrives on both. But some educators, myself included, enjoy being immersed in this scene and will relish the neon lights and pulsing casinos. And Vegas, in all of its glitzy glory, can be the least expensive break imaginable. Last year, I flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Las Vegas, secured a cozy 7 night stay at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, and nabbed an economy car for $920. No tricks, no gimmicks. Not even a coupon code for Expedia or Orbitz. The key here is to consider traveling on days in the middle of the week, as opposed to the more popular days like Sunday or Monday. Keep a close eye on airline fairs and popular travel sites. Compare and Contrast; there exists at times a large difference between prices site to site. Las Vegas for educators offers a place to cut loose, see live shows and eat at fantastically cheap buffets, without the dread of bumping into parents and their chief desire to make impromptu conferences while you feast. Financial restraint needs to be addressed here though. While this city does offer extremely inexpensive hotel and car rates, the assumption is that you will be ponying up your hard-earned teacher checks at the poker tables and slot machines. Bring a set amount of “play money” and do not go over. One does not want to “lose their shirt” and be relegated to teaching summer school or tutoring to cover steep gambling loses.

2.) Montreal, Canada

Is Las Vegas too fast-paced for you? Do you instead want to make your vacation a learning experience? Play the role of student again and visit the Musee du Chateau Ramezay. Dwell upon the jaw-dropping architecture of the Cathedrale Christ Church. Science teachers will especially be enthralled by Biodome de Montreal, complete with splendid and true-to-life rainforest and polar environments. This out of country gem may set you back a bit more if you need to purchase a passport, but the cultural offerings are second to none. One can save by not bothering with a rental car, instead opting for subway and bus services in this majestic city. Summertime offers many educational experiences for teachers, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, which runs from late June to early July. A vast majority of concerts are free of charge. Street performances for the “Just for Laughs” comedy fest are also gratis and run most of July. What you save on entertainment can be spent at a potpourri of corner bistro’s and restaurants that range from Portuguese to Chinese a welcome change from the cafeteria mystery meats and tater tots on a plastic tray presented in schools. Temperature is comfortable during the summer, unlike portable classrooms set to easy-bake oven heat.

3.) Dominican Republic

Is Las Vegas too crazy? Is there too much walking in Montreal? Care to rest your exhausted feet from marching down the rows of desks six hours straight? Perhaps you want little more than a tropical paradise, the soft breeze waterside, a cocktail in your hand. Resting on a bed by the beach and reading a thick novel sounds like a little slice of heaven to me, and every educator can relate to that feeling of the world being lifted off weary shoulders. The Dominican Republic gets a bad rap at times, much like Mexico due to screaming headlines regarding drugs and violence. But dismissing an entire country because of “bad areas” would be as irresponsible as giving a thumbs down to the ideology of public school education based on low standardized test scores. offers almost unheard of deals that will make the weary teacher dream of Pina Colada’s and margaritas. And the divine beauty of it? Two words (or maybe one with a hyphen, if you want to get technical): All-inclusive. I let a 3 ½ star resort slip through my fingertips a month ago that would have cost only $1240 for two. This included airfare. Hotel. Food and beverages. Nightly entertainment. 6 days and seven nights. The greatest danger, according to many reviews of the area, was the plethora of timeshare representatives that mill about the location. If you know how to say “no,” and this word should be ingrained in every educator’s vocabulary, this paradise can be your ultimate salvation and escape from paper grading and parent conferences.

Teachers nationwide: Follow your own advice to students. Do your homework and evaluate your options carefully. These three vacation locales will help you forget your troubles. It is a well deserved week away from the madness and chaos. And, best of all, it is within your budget.

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3 Ideas for Homemade Mother's Day Gifts (That Exclude Breakfast in Bed)

Looking for some good ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts? I love homemade gifts making these homemade mother’s day gift ideas is more than half the fun!

Each of these homemade mother’s day gifts and ideas are perfect for mothers of all ages as well as soon to be mothers!

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas #1: “LOVE” Candle Votive

Buy simple pre made glass candle votives ( or use left over food jars). You will also need some glass paints, ceramic paints, or stained glass paints.

First, pour some paint into each candle emotive or jar and swirl about to coat. Pour the excess back into the paint jar. Let these dry.

Now, on the outside of each jar or candle votive paint one letter on each jar to spell out “LOVE,” “THANK YOU” or what ever you wish. Have fun with the font and try cursive, calligraphy, or type writer looking letters!

Mom can use these candles in the kitchen, bathroom, and throughout the home ot know how much her family loves her!

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas #2: Stained Glass Flower Vase

I know a lot of people who give their mother flowers for Mother’s Day. Why not make a home made vase as the gift and fill with wild flowers or fresh flowers from the local florist. This is a hand made touch that any one of any age can use as a homemade Mother’s Day gift.

You can buy stained glass paint at your local craft store and art supply store. Map out your stained glass design on the jar sing tape. Paint in the areas with the stained glass paint.

Let the paint dry. Peel the tape ff and then paint into the lines left by the tape with black glass paint! This will look like and mimic the lead on stained glass!

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas #3: Homemade Chocolate Fondue Mix and Kit

You can buy pre made melting chocolates at your local grocery store and dress them up for the perfect homemade gift for Mom this year! Take yoru melting chocolates and pour them into a cute clear bag,, candy bags form the craft store work great!

Now, get on the computer. Print out a fun label you can make with clip art, form old photos, and even photo shop. You can write in something like “Mom’s Secret Chocolate Stash” n the label.

Peel each label and stick it to the front of the bag. You can also package marshmallows this way with gram crackers. She can melt the chocolate and dip the other goods in for a sweet dessert all for her!

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