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3 Keys Essential to the Art of Forgiveness

When I met Sara, we had an instant connection. Not only did we enjoy doing a lot of girly things together (shopping, hair, etc.), we had a friendship based on faith. We attended the same church and often discussed the merits of living for God. So imagine my surprise when I found out that she had slept with my boyfriend.

The pain of this knowledge hit me like a poisonous dart. How could she have done this to me? I thought we were friends. I thought we both were trying to live lives filled with integrity. I meditated on these thoughts regularly and broke off the friendship with her and my boyfriend. For a long time, I was angry at both of them. However, through my pain, I realized something important. In spite of what had been done to me, I needed to forgive.

The weight of the anger and hurt was dragging me down. I couldn’t think properly, pray or even enjoy one full day. As a result, I began a journey that I continue today on the art of forgiveness.

It’s been a challenging path for me because I don’t believe it is a natural segment of my strong personality. However, I’ve found it necessary to live a joyful life. Although I’m still a work in progress, I’ve learned a few essential keys that help me forgive others. Now, I am going to share them with you along with a few solutions.

1) Make the act of forgiving a priority in your life. You will never be able to forgive anyone if the act of doing it isn’t important to you. Maybe you feel you have a right to stay angry or it yields you a certain amount of power over a person. Understand that forgiving someone is a way of releasing a burden on your heart. Studies have proven that people who make forgiveness a part of their life are less stressed and happier. Also, if you think about the number of mistakes you make a day and how you want people to treat you, you’ll see that forgiveness is a great gift to give to anyone.

Solution: Talk to a person who practices forgiveness and let them mentor you. Pick a person you can confide in and who is generally interested in helping you. Make sure it’s someone you respect and who will take the time to take you from start to finish through the process of forgiveness. The person just needs to be someone you respect and will guide you through the art of forgiving another person.

2) Don’t rehearse it. If you’re like me, when someone does a horrible deed to you, it’s hard to forget. As a result, you not only tell everyone you know, you also think about it for hours. Unfortunately, this can be a trap. The more you remember, mull over and speak about an issue, the harder it is to get past it.

Solution: Limit the amount of time you speak and think about a misdeed done to you. Tell a good friend and then let it go. Also, when it starts to come up in your mind, deviate from it. Sing a song. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Pray. What am I saying? Get it off your mind.

3) Don’t let your feelings trick you. A lot of times it’s hard to let go of a hurt because of how you feel. Your heart hurts. Mentally, you’re in pain. You could even feel physically ill. The person in concern really got to you on a deep level. However, although how you feel is vital, it’s not the bottom line. Just as you practice dragging yourself into work or to the gym when you don’t feel like it, you must exercise the same discipline when it comes to forgiveness. Forgive regardless of how you feel.

Solution: When those old feelings come up about a past hurt, don’t rest in them. Remind yourself that you don’t live by your feelings and you can control them. You are a human being, not an animal. You don’t live life based on instincts alone.

In conclusion, the art of forgiving is a talent that will help you live life on a higher level. Practice it on a regular basis and watch how big your heart expands and easier you breathe during the day.

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3 Inspirational Teacher Movies for Back to School

A great movie makes you laugh and cry. It provokes empathy for the characters and leaves you emotionally moved. For those of us who invest our lives in the classroom, it is inspiring to watch a movie about a teacher in a seemingly hopeless situation–fighting against bureaucracy and culture–who succeeds in getting through to the students. Here are some teacher-inspiring movies, based on true stories, that will make you cry quietly and cheer out loud.

Lean on Me

This biographical drama is based on the story of Joe Clark, a teacher and principal in New Jersey (played by Morgan Freeman). After being branded as a “radical” teacher, Clark is assigned to an failing inner city school plagued with drug dealers and violence. He immediately takes radical action–expelling 300 students on a single day, locking school doors to keep drug dealers out, requiring all students to sing the school song on demand. Despite the animosity of teachers, parents and students, Clark continues his clean-up campaign and eventually the changes begin to happen. Prepare for a tearful moment at the end of the film.

Stand and Deliver

This is another inspirational movie based on a true story. Jaime Escalante is hired as a math teacher in a troubled school filled with low-performing Hispanic students. When he sees that conventional teaching methods are not working, he decides to shake things up and challenge the students to prepare for higher level math competitions. His demands are eventually appreciated by students and parents, and his classes begin to taste the joy of success. Once again, the maverick teacher finds ways to get through to his students.

Miracle Worker

Although Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller’s tutor, is not usually thought of when discussing great teachers, this movie is an inspiration for those working with difficult demanding children. Annie cannot break through to Helen’s obvious extremely bright mind because of her pitying parents. When Ms. Sullivan convinces the family to let her teach in an environment where Helen must be totally dependent on her, Helen begins to make a breakthrough. Of course the great moment in the film is when Annie, utterly exhausted and feeling that she has failed, spells into Helen’s hand one more time, and Helen “gets it”.

So, why not take a break from putting together bulletin boards, reorganizing supplies and making lesson plans? Go rent a good movie and get re-motivated!

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3 Liberal Norms with Questionable Origins

Quite often, people are criticized because they oppose progressive causes. Many have come to believe these programs will benefit society, but they forget the corrupt historical roots and precedents involved.

Because of this, it makes sense that we should look at the following three planks of today’s liberal agenda and compare them to their counterparts that existed under horrible regimes of the past.

1. Gun Control

Joyce Rosenwald, of, writes: “As a result of the 1928 Law, all firearms and firearms owners were registered. To take firearms from anyone they distrusted, the Nazis simply did not renew permits… [they] could now easily confiscate all firearms and ammunition from any, or all, selected groups. The gun law of 1928 had served the Nazis well. It made almost all law abiding firearms owners known to the authorities. The 1928 law on firearms and ammunition helped destroy democracy in Germany, by disarming the law abiding majority…”

In the United States, it is also the law-abiding citizens whose freedoms are threatened by well-meaning but delusional people, who actually believe that rendering honest people helpless will bring the criminal element under control. For more information about the 2nd Amendment, please refer to my article, “A Well Regulated Militia: The Military or the People?”

2. Defiance of the Right to Life

In the world of tyranny, Jewish people and others were considered sub-human by an arbitrary standard. In the world of the free, the yet-do-be-born are also considered not to be living souls by an arbitrary belief.

Many within the medical and scientific communities argue that life begins at conception. Since there is so much controversy, why can’t the benefit of the doubt be granted, and why can’t we “err” on the side life?

Both belief systems appear to be rooted denial, with stubborn or selfish motives involved. For an overview about abortion, please read my article, “Convenience Abortion: A Choice for Wrongdoing.”

3. Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

Under the system that overtook Germany, one could be greatly penalized for speaking the truth. Because of socialism in our land, much free speech has also been eliminated. If you don’t believe this, try placing an ad in your local paper using the wordage of your choice. The newspaper company will inform you of the small amount of free speech you actually have.

There have also been numerous attempts to enact a so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” which is nothing more than an attempt to silence those broadcasting reality over the airwaves.

To read more about free speech, please check out my article, “Freedom of Speech: The First Amendment Explained.”

There are other examples of how liberal programs come from dubious beginnings, but these three represent the most flagrant examples of what jeopardize the rights of the innocent today.

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3 Kitten Care Tips

Cats have the reputation of being one of the “easier” pets to care for. But there are certain things you need to know in advance before bringing home a kitten.

They’re Energetic

Whoever first came up with the expression “bouncing off of the walls” most likely lived with a kitten. Kittens are almost sparkling with energy until they are about eight months old, where they start to settle down and behave in a more cat-like dignified manner.

Although kittens are usually weaned by eight weeks old, in the wild they would still hang about the mother learning how and what to hunt. They originally needed all of that energy to build up their muscles for survival. It’s good to get into the habit of playing with the kitten and continue this even when the kitten becomes an adult cat. Cats need to be active in order to be healthy.

Don’t let kittens play with yarn, string, or anything they can swallow. These things may not pass through the kitten’s digestive system and cause a blockage which may require surgery to remove.

They Get Into Everything

Of course, your kitten is already in your heart, but they also will wind up in the laundry, the cabinets and inside of a swath of destruction if you leave them alone unsupervised in the house for too long. If you have a small kitten, get in the habit of shaking out each piece of laundry as you put it inside of the washer or dryer, because kittens think piles of laundry are great places to nap. Also, check inside any appliance before turning it on and double check the refrigerator before going out.

Kittens are smart enough and wriggly enough to get into any cracks of the home. If you have any pathways to the inner workings of the house, they need to be secured or you will discover the kitten caterwauling inside of the walls of the house and may need to rip a wall down in order to get her out.

Kittens are also smart enough to figure out how to open cabinets. If you don’t want them doing that, install child-proof locks on the cabinet doors.

They Eat Almost Anything

Kittens are not born knowing what foods are good for them and what aren’t. For example, cats generally like the taste of antifreeze, but just a swell swallows are enough to kill a full-grown cat, let alone a kitten. Don’t leave any of your medication or your candy or small objects lying about because the kitten will bat it about and then eat it.

When kittens get older and stop growing (and stop bouncing off of the walls) their appetites will dramatically slow down. But until then, do not get into the habit of giving the kitten a lot of human food treats like dairy products, lunchmeat or fried meats. The kitten will start to expect this food all of the time. Kitten food and the occasional treat of baked or broiled unbreaded chicken or boneless fish will be more than enough.

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3 Key Steps to Achieve Life and Business Success

Many people spend a lifetime searching for the secret to success when it is in front of them the whole time. There really isn’t a magic secret to being successful it just requires purposeful action. Purposeful action means that we behave in a fully conscious manner and think about every action that we take. We don’t leave things to chance, except when appropriate, and we purposefully do things to improve things about ourselves. We don’t let life happen to us, we make it happen.

Thinking successfully requires that we re-program some of our previous thought patterns. We benefit from consciously moving past the messages about not being successful or having to rely on others for our fulfillment. We also purposefully leave behind the self-talk about not being able to achieve greatness or not deserving a good life. Our new way of thinking allows us great freedom because we get to create success by simply doing things that lead in that direction.

The following steps will help you achieve what you want in life but there is one condition: You have to do them. Take some time to walk yourself through these ideas slowly and deliberately. The answers will lead you toward your dreams and aspirations.

1. Identify something you want to achieve in life.
2. Brainstorm different tasks that will help you achieve your goal.
3. Pick one task and follow it through to completion. Assign yourself a realistic time limit.

When you are done with these three steps repeat them by going back to your brainstorm list and working on one of the other ideas or by starting at number one again. Use these steps to keep moving and continue taking action toward your dreams. Here’s what the process might look like as you answer the questions.

1. I want to start my own business . (This is where you identify your dream).

2. Tasks involved in starting my business: (This is where you brainstorm ideas).
a. What kind of business.
b. Taking a class in starting a business.
c. Making contacts.
d. Talking to business people.

3. I will decide what kind of business really excites me. I will do this within the next week. (This is where you choose a task and complete it).

When you complete number three then simply repeat. Success is based on continuous movement and action and going through these steps helps you keep going. If you don’t actually do stuff you never get beyond the idea phase, you benefit greatly from completing tasks. Before you know it you will be on your way to completing one, two, ten, forty, fifty tasks and you will be moving down the road you used to only dream of.

People get stuck because they keep repeating the same actions over and over. These three steps allow you to interrupt that cycle. With each action you complete you become stronger and more successful. Don’t worry too much about what goal you choose or what action to take, it is the act of doing things that creates the change in your life.

Take care,

Life Coaching for Kind People

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3 Mind Reading Tricks You Can Do to Impress People

Mind reading tricks have baffled and amazed many a person for the last hundred years. And who wouldn’t be? These techniques have proven themselves to be astounding (and even entertaining) to a lot of people.

As a matter of fact, many mind readers or “psychics” have become advisers to kings, queens and the privileged throughout history, even though they don’t possess any real powers.

These days, they are more accessible to the masses. And instead of giving advice on battle campaigns and strategies, so-called psychics today seem to be more focused on a person’s individual interests and issues.

Here, I’ll share with you some of their tricks that are being used today.

Mind Reading Trick # 1: Cold Reading

Cold reading is when the mind reader makes use of his powers of observation to get a feel of who you are. For example, are you dressed nicely or shabbily? Are you male or female? Everything about you – from the age to the mannerisms – count in cold readings.

From his observations, the “psychic” can now more or less form a mental image of what you’re going through or have gone through in life. Of course, cold readings demand the mind reader to subtly ask his subject for cooperation and compliance, so don’t be so surprised when he says something like, “I’m going to describe what I see here, but this may mean more to you than it does to me.”

Mind Reading Trick # 2: Aura Reading

Aura reading is one of the more complicated tricks in the playbook. For some, it can be as natural as reading words from a book. For others, however, it takes a little more practice.

Basically, aura reading is when the “psychic” tells you about the color of your aura. A clear, bright and clean aura speaks of a person with good intentions. A murky, gray aura, on the other hand, speaks more of distrust and unclear intentions.

Mind Reading Trick # 3: Body Reading

There are many ways by which a person can read your mind, but one of the easiest ways is to read your body language. Are your lips set in a stiff frown or are they relaxed? Do you have trouble looking at people in the eye or do you stutter? Your body reveals a lot more about your mind than you might realize.

Mind reading tricks have been around for ages. They can be helpful for sorting out personal issues, as well as for entertaining people. When used correctly, they have a very significant impact on people’s lives.

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$3 Million in 6 Months with Adsense!

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3 Microwave Cleaning Tips

Everyday use of your microwave can leave it dirty. With the splatter and boil overs, it doesn’t take long for it become as messy as your stove or oven.

Tip One: Boiling Water Method

Place a microwavable container, such as a class bowl or measuring cup, with water and run the microwave for at least two to four minutes on high for minor cleaning. For moderate cleaning, run the microwave for five to eight minutes on high. For a heavier build up, run the microwave on high for twelve to seventeen minutes.

Once the microwave has finished the timed cycle. Take a warm soapy wet cloth and wipe out the interior of the microwave. Once you remove the gunk. Wipe out the microwave with a damp clean cloth. If the stuck on goo don’t come out, repeat the process until removed. After you washed and rinsed the microwave, dry the inside out with a dry towel. By following this cleaning regime, it will also help kill and prevent any farther bacterial growth.

Tip Two: Vinegar and Peroxide Method

Using a cloth dampened with white vinegar, wipe out the inside of the microwave to remover the caked-on goo. Once you have removed all the grime from the inside the microwave, use another cloth dampened with peroxide and wipe out again. The combination of the white vinegar and peroxide can kill most of the bacteria without the heat of running the microwave.

Alternate Vinegar Method

For those who would rather not use the peroxide in their microwave, you can use the following method instead.

You can add three to four tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl with a half cup of water. Heat the vinegar and water mixture to a boil. Run the microwave for the same amount of time mentioned in the boiling water method. Wipe out and dry the microwave in the same manner as above.

Also, you can replace the vinegar with a lemon, orange, or lime wedge. The acid from the vinegar, lemon, orange or lime wedges helps with the cleaning process.

Tip Three: Easy Off Microwavable Oven Cleaning Packs

The Easy Off Microwavable Oven Cleaning Packs can be found on the cleaning isle of any retail store. You place one of the packs in the microwave for the time mentioned on the package and let it run. The cleaning pack will “explode” or pop open once the bag has hit the right temperature to release the cleaners into the microwave. Once the timer stops, remove the wipe from the pack and wipe out the inside of the microwave.

Personally, I wasn’t too impressed with the cleaning packs. The Easy Off Microwave Cleaning Packs didn’t hold up to the regular sprays that you use in the oven. It took all three of the packs for a one time cleaning for my microwave.

I personally have found the first two methods to work the best. As the steam from the water loosens the gunk from the microwave.

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3 Musical Instrument Crafts Using Recycled Materials

Are you an avid crafter? Do you like green projects? Make 3 musical instrument crafts using recycled materials. We’ve got three easy crafts you can make with household leftovers. You’ll love these simple crafts. So will kids. Add a couple of extra supplies and share these musical crafts with craft loving friends.

Toilet Tissue Roll Shakers

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make this toilet tissue roll shakers. It’s the first of our 3 musical instrument crafts using recycled materials. One toilet paper roll, construction paper, white glue, 2 rubber bands, aluminum foil and one teaspoon of uncooked rice. Cover the toilet tissue roll with the construction paper. Use whatever color you like. Secure it with some white glue. Cut a four inch square out of heavy duty aluminum foil. Cover one end of the total toilet tissue roll with the foil and secure it with a rubber band. Be careful not to squish the cardboard. If you have the time you could secure it with glue instead. Add a teaspoon of uncooked rice to the tube. Repeat the previous step and secure the other end. You could attach some crepe paper streamers to each end for fun.

Tin Can Drums

Here are the supplies you’ll need for the second of our 3 musical instrument crafts using recycled materials. At least three tin cans that are clean and free of sharp edges. Choose tin cans in a variety of sizes. Then you’ll need a hot glue, hot glue gun, craft paint and brushes. Don’t forget some newspaper to lay on your workplace. Use your craft paint or spray paint to color the tin cans. You could get creative and paint geometric designs on your tin cans. Then lids up, glue the cans together. How simple! You’ve got tin can drums! Use your hands to bang a rhythm on your drums. What a great craft for kids and teens.

String Harp

This craft is a little more technical. As it involves a hammer and nails you’ll need to supervise kids. You’ll need at least ten nails at least 2 inches long each. Then you’ll need a hammer, small board and some yarn. Don’t forget a ruler and pencil. Using your ruler create dots on your board where you want to put the nails. Make sure your board is smooth and free of snags and splinters. Then using your ruler to make lines on the board in varying lengths. Start with a long one on the outside to a shorter one inside. Then run your string from nail to nail, one end of a line to another. You’ll find the different lengths make different sounds. Make sure your string is pulled taut but not too tight to break. For fun, you could add construction paper to the nail heads to make button covers. Or use clay! For a more colorful string harp paint your board before nailing it.

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